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Fantasy Witch and the Beast - Lookin' for RP Partners

Stale Biscuit

The OG Bread Boi
Hi everyone! I'm your run-of-the-mill biscuit on a quest to stave off the boredom and would like to extend an invitation to rp to you! There's nothing much exciting about me, but I'll just say that I've been roleplaying on and off for about 10+ years now. I'm a dark fantasy junkie though I'm open to most things outside of fandom rps at the moment. I am huge on world building and plotting, so if you are too I would love to rp with you

Some More Info:
1. No one liners.
2. I am 25, so 18+ only here. Please and thank you!
3. I may be a biscuit but I am harmless and lazy af, so don't be afraid to talk to me mate. I ain't gonna bite'cha. I don't even think biscuits have the capability of doing so.
4. I prefer drawn face claims or OC art.
5. I am open to all pairings (mxm, fxf, mxf). Though, given the plot, it'll only be mxm/mxf this go round.
6. I don't care what role I play. I think rping in general has led me to play more male characters than female over the recent years, so if anything I'll play a male of some kind.

What to expect from me:
7. I tend to post an average of 3-5 paragraphs depending on what I'm given.
8. I try to post within the week of you posting. However I still have work on the weekdays, so please do not rush me to post. Though I am all for OOC chatter! If after a week I am unresponsive and have not given you any notice feel free to shoot me a PM. Metaphorically, not literally. I am very squishy to bullets.
9. I'm a biscuit, I am not the best grammatically. However, I will do my damnest to make sure that my writing is understandable and the fewest possible mistakes.
10. I will always attempt to match my partner's writing so if you write a shit ton then we'll just be two shit ton writing son of a guns. If you write the minimum well vice versa.
11. Doubling. I will play multiple characters, so I would like my partner to do the same.

A Singular Plot - Witch & The Beast:
As the title suggest, I'm looking to play the Beast in this retelling of the Beauty the Beast. In the mid 1400s in Venice, France, witches seemingly plagues the villages and towns of France. Cursed women (and in rare cases, men) who roam the country side looking for victims to cast their dark magic on. No one really knows why they do this, nor does anyone hope to find out. All that matters is ridding the world of these beast in human skin. Y/C is a young man or woman who lives in a small farming village. Life goes on as normal for you until a sudden tragedy falls upon the village, the son of the mayor dying a horribly painful death out of seemingly nowhere. No one knows the cause of his death, but everyone suspect that there's a witch hiding in their village. Frighten and scared, people start accusing one another before shifting the blame entirely onto Y/C for one reason or another. Fearing for your life, you escape knowing that failure to do so what only lead to your impending demise. You run as fast as you can as far as you can, through the fields before you are met with the forbidden forest, a place many men and women steer clear from in fear of the "beast" that lies within. Whether there beast inside the forest or not, Y/C has no clue, but there is a very real threat back awaiting you in your village if you do not escape tonight. Choosing to take the chance with the "beast" you head into the forest, never to look back at the village you once called home.

Basically, your character is accused of being a witch/warlock and you decide to run before the mayor sends for your arrest. This story will focus on your relationship with the beast and how the relationship between these two grow. The setting is a medieval fantasy where magic, monsters, and witches exist so expect their to be a lot of fantasy shenanigans to be going on in this world. There will be a lot of dark themes and adult content to be explored, from the history of the forbidden forest to the church's obsession with witches, I hope for this to be a fun worldbuilding experience.

If you're interest feel free to DM or respond here!

Business was slow today. Opening around 8 am that morning, animals big and small passed by the glass door on their way to work, school, or whatever matter prompted them up and moving at this hour. A few regulars came in seeking their normal caffeinated high, half dead faces turning into… well, Benjie couldn’t really quite describe it. Maybe a combination of terror and regret that caused them so much pain upon seeing the large canine at the cash register alone with his part-time employee, Nikki, nowhere to be seen. Some slowed back towards the door, eyes darting every which way as they came up with excuses left and right as to why they’d needed to go.

“Oh, uh, I seem to forget my uh … shoes? Yeah my work shoes! Silly me, can’t go to work without my work shoes! Haha…” Johnny, a warthog, jabbered through deep grunts as he bolted out the door. Benjie opened his mouth only to close it as the bell rang, the sound that his customer had already fled the scene. The old fella just shook his head, his eyes clearly seeing a pair of moderately worn penny loafers, a staple for professional wear in today's closed toed shoe society. This happened a few more times throughout the morning. Melissa, a Siberian husky, entered without so much as a word to the owner as she looked around, correctly assumed that Benjamin was the only one in today, and proceeded to walk back out the door.

Next were the regulars who were too nice for their own good, unable to leave due to a sense of obligation and general want to not hurt the middle aged man’s feelings. So they resigned themselves to their fate, the beagle mix swearing he could see their souls threatening to leave their body’s as they placed their orders. Were he a better man, he would shoo them away, but frankly, money kept the bills paid so he’d forgo his moral compass at their noble sacrifice. Then there were a few guests that stayed for a cup, who were either new to the café and blissfully unaware of the dangers of a Benjie brewed cup of coffee or were in for the more tantalizing pastries that sat at the forefront of the counter. Those who chose the latter left with smiles and a mildly sated appetite while those who chose the former were not quite as lucky. In his defense though, he did try to get’em to order a pastry, not wanting to lose a potential regular.

This continued throughout the morning, patrons sprinkling in from time to time with some choosing to do some work while there, or leave once their order was completed. Overall, it was a relatively relaxed day, and to top it all off, the weather was extremely nice too. This morning was cool, a bit humid from yesterday’s spring showers, but it wasn’t too bad all things considered. Now, nearing the afternoon, the sun nearly at its peak, nestled between a few clouds. There was a lovely breeze that passed through the city today as well, and if one could get past the cacophony of cars, sirens, and animals that filled the main street it was certainly a nice ambience. Thankfully, most of the noise had been drowned once the door was closed, Benjie’s personal radio turning The Ruff Patch into a snazzy jazz spot. Standing behind the cash register, he peered out onto the café floor, eyes washing over the modern decorum of the shop.

The place had a more rustic look to it, mahogany chairs and tables carved with The Ruff Patch logo engraved somewhere on their surface seated in the middle of the room. Furthest to the back against the wall were a row of booths, the seat cushion a navy blue with similar tables to the ones in the center. Portraits and pictures of coffee cups, forests, and fire hung on the walls between each booth to give in a bit more of that rustic feeling. He looked to the right to see an empty space just before the hall that led to the bathrooms in the back. Benjie’s hair bounced as he furrowed his brow, the fella wanting to use that spot for a nifty fireplace, garnering much protest from Nikki. He understood why, just the cost of adding a chimney into the building would take a chunk out of his finances, not to mention a chimney was definitely not allowed in his lease. There was the option to add a fake fireplace, but he vetoed the idea, preferring the actual charm of burning logs opposed to the crude imitation of it.

Benjie’s mind wandered a bit, the lack of customers allotting him some time to himself this afternoon. Or so he’d thought just before a lovely melody began playing from the 60’s radio station he’d been tuned into all morning. His ears jumped a bit in excitement, a wave of nostalgia hitting him as he awaited for the lyrics.

“I see trees of green. Red roses too. I see them bloom…” he hummed, his baritone voice weighing heavily on the words as he sang. Benjie continued to the tune of “What a Wonderful World” by Cooie Armstrong, as he turned to work on some dough he had set out a few hours earlier to let rise. With his gloved hands, he began to knead it onto a board of flour, slowly working his way around the dough as he began thinking what it’d turn into.

This task was designed for them to fail. Surrounded by a group of new faces who were now her officially designated co-workers, she watched as very little was being accomplished. Zara plopped an almond into her mouth as people began to branch off on their own, a young woman using her bloom to scale a building at the suggestion of another white-haired fellow while another young man shot at the scarved woman in an attempt to stop her. If anything, Zara had to admit this was an interesting bunch, though interesting wasn’t going to be of much assistance in this scenario. Digging into a small straw bag that clung to her waist, she plopped another almond into her mouth as someone else gave their input. Another white-haired man trying to get the group together while also noting that the little gunshot from earlier probably notified the opposing agents of their location, a thought she had as well. Zara gently chewed the rounded nut as she recollected their earlier mission briefing. According to the Mr. Depeer, their task was to act out a simulated situation in which they were to figure out who the villains were, what their goal was, and to apprehend them. This was something she assumed was a means of developing their cooperativeness as a newly formed unit.

Admittedly, she saw immediate flaws in this exercise. To simply allow a group of this size compiled of a bunch strangers, knowing essentially nothing about each other’s blooms, to participate in a task of this difficulty was ludicrous. Frankly, an ice breaker would have been a much better way to get them to get to know one another. At least then they wouldn’t have to worry about the impending attacks from highly trained officers. For this mission to result in anything but failure would be a surprise to her. Giving herself a small pat on her hip, she watched as the scarved woman returned, giving the group an apology, though it felt like it was directed more towards the Head of the Department than to any of them. After another round of people exclaiming that they should come together as a group, Zara decided it was her turn to give her two scents.

Raising a hand, Zara spoke. “If I may interject, I do agree with the two men over there.” she paused, trying to remember their earlier introductions. “Liam and Matthew I believe.” she stated, hoping that she had matched the names to the right faces. “As Matthew stated before, I’m pretty sure they are aware of our current location, and if they didn’t before they certainly do now.” she stated bluntly, referencing the gunshot from the ebony-haired fellow … Malcolm, she recalled.

“I think our first plan of action should be to immediately relocate. Though a group of this size walking together would do us more harm than good.” she admitted, thinking of how to remedy their current predicament. Zara thought that separating to even groups may be the most optimal path to take, but without knowing everyone’s blooms, it’d be difficult to come up with a sound strategy. However, there was no time to hesitate if she wanted to make any leeway in this operation.

“This may not be the greatest plan so please bear with me.” She apologized, maintaining her usual workplace smile. “I believe the best course of action is to separate into two groups and move to a new location. I believe this young woman, hmm Jojo, if I’m not mistaken...” she gave her a hearty smile before continuing, “has found a bar. Though I’m not familiar with the surroundings, we at least now have a rendezvous point. Jojo could direct the group of its location via headset.” she tapped her ear to remind them all of the device. “On the way, it would be great if we could also communicate our blooms as well, so we are aware of our assets. ” she stated.
“This is a large gamble, but seeing as we are running out of time I think it would be our best bet.” she reaffirmed, her hands resting on her thighs. Zara was not one to play the leader, but she also didn’t enjoy disorganization nor was she interested in utilizing the amazing blooms of the medical team here. With that she awaited to see if anyone would disagree with her for she was sure they’d have some thoughts about it. However, they would have to hurry seeing as she was sure the criminals would be so nice as to let them situate themselves to fight them.

“Oh, I’m Zara by the way. Nice to make your acquaintance!” she chirped, reintroducing herself.
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Hey! I am so interested. I am 22, so in your age range. Also I love art to portray and OC and would love to make one, especially for this rp. I'd like to rp on discord as it is more convenient for me. Here's an example of my writing:

Celia's small, tentative smile had yet again morphed into a slight frown. She was experiencing quite the flip-flopping of emotions today. The young heir did not allow herself to feel fazed, though; her father forwarned her this would happen. It was to be expected, anyway. This was a completely different environment for the sheltered Celia.

"Yes. He was my cousin, Jasper. We grew up together; he taught me how to braid my hair into a crown," her eyes began to redden. Her childhood memories flooded back, washing over her in a wave of grief that threatened to knock her to her knees. "When we were little, he told me he dreamed of moving to the big city and studying fashion. Jasper had such an eye for art and creating beauty out of the mundane. That sweet boy was not meant to be an heir. Often I think neither am I."

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