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Multiple Settings F4A playing M- Looking for roleplay partners! OCxOC type stuff!


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Hello, I got a boring little post for you guys since I'm totally inexperienced with forums- I hope this doesn't deter you though!

Hello friends! My name is Rai, I write in 3rd person and write 2-6 paragraphs usually leaning towards 4 on average but it depends on what's going on, I'm looking for a roleplay partner who will bounce ideas off with me and be patient with my indecisiveness! I personally am a big fan of romance (medium or slow burn), and fantasy! Although supernatural is super cool too (vampires and such, don't hit me with that twilight stuff though). I will say, I can be convinced to do almost anything if the plot is intriguing enough! I won't do IRL SOL, CanonxCanon or CanonxOC roleplays (the expectation to write someone else's character is way too terrifying) so please if that's what your looking for I am not your girl. Also I am willing to learn how to use this site for roleplay so if we do, please be patient. But I do have discord and use it frequently, and I recently started doing a roleplay on google docs and I like it and am willing to use it in the future!

I do have a few requirements for a roleplay partner and they are

  1. No one liners unless it's like necessary such as dialogue, matching my length is totally fine, it is also fine if you write more than me, maybe it'll motivate me to try and write more! (2-6 paragraphs)
  2. Be around 19-25, I am 20 myself, it's a little weird roleplaying (especially romance) with a person much older than myself. No minors, since I am not looking for a lawsuit.
  3. Be okay with ooc, I am a big fan of video games, anime, manga, and dnd so please do talk to me about these things if you are interested in them as well!! Speaking on that, do be okay with "anime" face or "drawn" faceclaims, I'm an artist so sometimes I'll draw my character or I'll find ones on the internet. IRL faceclaims are too weird for me.
  4. Be willing to communicate-please do tell me if something isn't working, if you need to take a break for the day or a week, just let me know; being in the dark or being ghosted sucks.
That's it! If this sounds all good with you send me a message, I don't bite!
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