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Anime & Manga Who Is YOUR Favourite Anime Character?


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My favorite is Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! I guess he's my favorite because he has a nice little arc across the series that works really well with everything that's going on! I actually found out about Greed through spoilers thanks to a friend who thought I'd seen it, but I didn't mind because it gave me something to look forward to! I can't say that I pair Greed with anyone except Ling platonically - I think they make really nice friends!
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ef984897ae675dbd0b8397b3869d9c1b.jpg Yato from Noragami

It's been a while since I watched anything, as I've been busy doing other things and took a break from anime, so I don't really have much to say about him. I do remember I loved him a lot, and I still do.
If you haven't watched Noragami yet, please do! It's a good series and the openings (especially the one from season 2) are really great.


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None other than Riza Hawkeye from FMA Brotherhood!

1.) WHY are they your favourite?

She's just one of the best female characters in anime. She's strong, loyal, brave, a complete badass, but still sensitive and caring in her own way. I've never seen a woman in anime that was so unsexualized--I mean it's literally part of her character that she shows as little skin as possible to hide her scar!--while simultaneously still considered beautiful and attractive. I really love how she's allowed to be herself, if that makes sense? And you can't help but respect her unwavering conviction, and how she's made peace with her past but is brave enough to be willing and wanting to face consequences for it. And that's not even getting into her off the charts chemistry with Mustang.

2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?

My brother watched Brotherhood first and told me about Hawkeye and Mustang. I didn't think much of it until I watched the series myself but I loved it immediately.

3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?

I honestly don't think you can watch the show and not ship Riza and Mustang. Their chemistry is amazing! Those two would literally die for each other. I was ride or die for this ship since the episode where Riza thought he was killed by Lust. I don't care what the author of the manga says, those two will get married one day.
Nyanko-sensei or Madara from Natsume book of friends,
a great ally with a sense of humor, loyalty, and more powerfull that he appears to be,
i do have a lot from this anime, but Nyanko and Misuzu are my actual favorites.

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I've got a lot of anime characters I like but if I am to only choose one, I'll have to go with Yukinoshita Yukino from Oregairu.

1.) Why are they your favorite? - My fondness for the character is actually because of my fondness for her source media in general. I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of Oregairu and liked almost all the characters there including the side characters there even if the anime doesn't show a lot of them. Plus, I also like seeing the subtle development from S1 Yukino and Zoku Yukinoshita. She and Yui are ultimately tied for my most favorite characters from that show but ultimately, I'll go for Yukinoshita since I prefer her design and because she's voiced by my favorite seiyuu Saori Hayami.

2.) How did you find out about them? What anime are they from? - She's from Oregairu and Oregairu Zoku. I actually found out about them...by running a generic anime image search because I was running out of FCs to use in a forum RP once. Didn't mind her too much at first. Then I got this stupid Facebook poll on my feed where people are comparing "waifus" and the round was Yukinoshita vs. Tohsaka Rin (the previous title holder for me). I grew interested and watched the series and didn't regret it. It was a good watch.

3.) Do you pair/ship them with anybody in particular? - Hmm...not really. With the way the story is written, I don't really foresee her being with anybody other than her possible canon ship with Hachiman. Plus, I'm not big on shipping in general. I just let canon ships be canon ships.

Runner-ups would be: Rin Tohsaka from Fate, Kirigiri Kyouko and Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa, Lelouch from Code Geass and Bit Cloud from Zoids: New Century.


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At my utmost top, Shouto Todoroki (SUPRISE!!!!) from My Hero Academia, and Rider/Iskandar from Fate/Zero.

1.) WHY are they your favourite?
For Shouto, mostly that I just find him the coolest in the class (No pun intended) and also because he looks like Zuko and I am an Avatar nut. For Rider...well...he's just awesome. I can't even use words.
2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?
It started after catching on to the MHA craze. I seen several videos about it, and was wondering what it was even about. Then I see Todoroki and I was like "Oh gosh, he looks like Zuko," and here we are.
Before that, I was also one day in a "tired of anime pretty boys" phase (which is kinda ironic as of now) and found a thread on another site for manly anime characters. Someone posted Rider, and that pretty much brings me here.
3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?
Eeeeehh…...I mean, I guess Shoto/Momo would be nice? I am not too big on fanon ships most of the time


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Gotta go with Genkai, as you can see. (Kurama gets a close second though.)

She's feisty and deep down, is a big softie. She is also a gamer and puts up with little to no BS from her students. Her background is tragic and I find her to be agreeable (more neutral than good or evil) in many situations. She's the kind of granny I'd love to have.
Kenji Harima

1.) WHY are they your favourite?
He's a big, hairy, intimidating badass who's secretly a hopeless romantic with a soft heart. I can sympathize with being on the wrong end of an unrequited crush, and acting like an over dramatic dork because of it. Also, he canonically talks to animals.

2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?
That dizzy romantic comedy, School Rumble!

3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?

Harima x Tenma 9ever
It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but for now I'll go for...

1. Saiki Kusuo. He's an idiot with psychic powers. He thinks he's better, but at the end of the day he's still a teenager and he can't hide it.

2. First saw him in J-stars Vs., but I really didn't pay much attention to him because I personally didn't like the character design, but then years later (this year) I notice his anime was on Netflix so I decided to watch it and damn I loved the anime instantly.

The name of the anime is "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K." (斉木楠雄のΨ難 ー Saiki Kusuo no Sai-Nan)

3. Not really but if I had to, I guess Teruhashi is fine.


This might sound silly but my favorite character is Iruka Umino from Naruto. It's like he has no special qualities compared to anyone else, and yet he was the most crucial part of one boys life. It just seems so fascinating to me, his nurturing side. I feel like such qualities really pull me in to certain characters.

I pair him with Kakashi mostly. I find their banter hilarious and sweet especially as they grew older but I do like others too.
Vegeta alexander Anderson and alucard

Why vegeta because he's the prince of privilege and isn't a bitch (if you do not know the YouTuber I got that from your a minority also got that from him)

Why Alexander Anderson the character is just humorous that's all and badass

Why alucard well why not he's a badass

Vegeta is from dragon ball z and alucard and Alexander Anderson is from hellsing ultimate

Jean Otus

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Ryner Lute

Despite being an extremely plain looking anime boy with powers that sound like they're from someone's middle school OC, Ryner holds a special place in my heart. First and foremost he is a representative of the brown hair/eyes population that is rarely allowed to be the star of an anime. Secondly, his character is very human, and in spite of his bland exterior, he has a lot of heart and quirkiness that plays really well off of the other characters.

I found Ryner in the dumpster that was labeled "Anime on Netflix: 2013" along with some other hidden gems that resulted from a surplus of time and access to the streaming service. I was instantly engaged by the colorful world of fantasy and danger that he was a part of.

(Ryner x Ferris) is the true word of the gospel, anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.


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Satou Kazuma - protagonist of Konosuba
1. He's a complete subversion of every anime protagonist ever; talentless, with no special abilities; perverted, with no such thing as chivalry ever in his thought process; a total gender equalist who sees no issues in dropkicking a female opponent or defending himself from a cliched misunderstanding. Also, the fact that unlike most protagonists, he has zero plot armor. He dies a total of five times in the Light Novel and only lives through resurrection spells cast by an ally. Despite that, he is not just a "failure," as he is an excellent tactician, has good fortune in games of luck, and can put his limited skill repertoire to good use.
2. I watched Konosuba. He's from Konosuba.
3. No, and he's better this way.

The gifs speak for themselves:


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