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Anime & Manga Who Is YOUR Favourite Anime Character?

My favorite is Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! I guess he's my favorite because he has a nice little arc across the series that works really well with everything that's going on! I actually found out about Greed through spoilers thanks to a friend who thought I'd seen it, but I didn't mind because it gave me something to look forward to! I can't say that I pair Greed with anyone except Ling platonically - I think they make really nice friends!
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ef984897ae675dbd0b8397b3869d9c1b.jpg Yato from Noragami

It's been a while since I watched anything, as I've been busy doing other things and took a break from anime, so I don't really have much to say about him. I do remember I loved him a lot, and I still do.
If you haven't watched Noragami yet, please do! It's a good series and the openings (especially the one from season 2) are really great.


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None other than Riza Hawkeye from FMA Brotherhood!

1.) WHY are they your favourite?

She's just one of the best female characters in anime. She's strong, loyal, brave, a complete badass, but still sensitive and caring in her own way. I've never seen a woman in anime that was so unsexualized--I mean it's literally part of her character that she shows as little skin as possible to hide her scar!--while simultaneously still considered beautiful and attractive. I really love how she's allowed to be herself, if that makes sense? And you can't help but respect her unwavering conviction, and how she's made peace with her past but is brave enough to be willing and wanting to face consequences for it. And that's not even getting into her off the charts chemistry with Mustang.

2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?

My brother watched Brotherhood first and told me about Hawkeye and Mustang. I didn't think much of it until I watched the series myself but I loved it immediately.

3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?

I honestly don't think you can watch the show and not ship Riza and Mustang. Their chemistry is amazing! Those two would literally die for each other. I was ride or die for this ship since the episode where Riza thought he was killed by Lust. I don't care what the author of the manga says, those two will get married one day.
Nyanko-sensei or Madara from Natsume book of friends,
a great ally with a sense of humor, loyalty, and more powerfull that he appears to be,
i do have a lot from this anime, but Nyanko and Misuzu are my actual favorites.

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I've got a lot of anime characters I like but if I am to only choose one, I'll have to go with Yukinoshita Yukino from Oregairu.

1.) Why are they your favorite? - My fondness for the character is actually because of my fondness for her source media in general. I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of Oregairu and liked almost all the characters there including the side characters there even if the anime doesn't show a lot of them. Plus, I also like seeing the subtle development from S1 Yukino and Zoku Yukinoshita. She and Yui are ultimately tied for my most favorite characters from that show but ultimately, I'll go for Yukinoshita since I prefer her design and because she's voiced by my favorite seiyuu Saori Hayami.

2.) How did you find out about them? What anime are they from? - She's from Oregairu and Oregairu Zoku. I actually found out about them...by running a generic anime image search because I was running out of FCs to use in a forum RP once. Didn't mind her too much at first. Then I got this stupid Facebook poll on my feed where people are comparing "waifus" and the round was Yukinoshita vs. Tohsaka Rin (the previous title holder for me). I grew interested and watched the series and didn't regret it. It was a good watch.

3.) Do you pair/ship them with anybody in particular? - Hmm...not really. With the way the story is written, I don't really foresee her being with anybody other than her possible canon ship with Hachiman. Plus, I'm not big on shipping in general. I just let canon ships be canon ships.

Runner-ups would be: Rin Tohsaka from Fate, Kirigiri Kyouko and Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa, Lelouch from Code Geass and Bit Cloud from Zoids: New Century.


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At my utmost top, Shouto Todoroki (SUPRISE!!!!) from My Hero Academia, and Rider/Iskandar from Fate/Zero.

1.) WHY are they your favourite?
For Shouto, mostly that I just find him the coolest in the class (No pun intended) and also because he looks like Zuko and I am an Avatar nut. For Rider...well...he's just awesome. I can't even use words.
2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?
It started after catching on to the MHA craze. I seen several videos about it, and was wondering what it was even about. Then I see Todoroki and I was like "Oh gosh, he looks like Zuko," and here we are.
Before that, I was also one day in a "tired of anime pretty boys" phase (which is kinda ironic as of now) and found a thread on another site for manly anime characters. Someone posted Rider, and that pretty much brings me here.
3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?
Eeeeehh…...I mean, I guess Shoto/Momo would be nice? I am not too big on fanon ships most of the time


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Gotta go with Genkai, as you can see. (Kurama gets a close second though.)

She's feisty and deep down, is a big softie. She is also a gamer and puts up with little to no BS from her students. Her background is tragic and I find her to be agreeable (more neutral than good or evil) in many situations. She's the kind of granny I'd love to have.
Kenji Harima

1.) WHY are they your favourite?
He's a big, hairy, intimidating badass who's secretly a hopeless romantic with a soft heart. I can sympathize with being on the wrong end of an unrequited crush, and acting like an over dramatic dork because of it. Also, he canonically talks to animals.

2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?
That dizzy romantic comedy, School Rumble!

3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?

Harima x Tenma 9ever
It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but for now I'll go for...

1. Saiki Kusuo. He's an idiot with psychic powers. He thinks he's better, but at the end of the day he's still a teenager and he can't hide it.

2. First saw him in J-stars Vs., but I really didn't pay much attention to him because I personally didn't like the character design, but then years later (this year) I notice his anime was on Netflix so I decided to watch it and damn I loved the anime instantly.

The name of the anime is "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K." (斉木楠雄のΨ難 ー Saiki Kusuo no Sai-Nan)

3. Not really but if I had to, I guess Teruhashi is fine.


This might sound silly but my favorite character is Iruka Umino from Naruto. It's like he has no special qualities compared to anyone else, and yet he was the most crucial part of one boys life. It just seems so fascinating to me, his nurturing side. I feel like such qualities really pull me in to certain characters.

I pair him with Kakashi mostly. I find their banter hilarious and sweet especially as they grew older but I do like others too.


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Vegeta alexander Anderson and alucard

Why vegeta because he's the prince of privilege and isn't a bitch (if you do not know the YouTuber I got that from your a minority also got that from him)

Why Alexander Anderson the character is just humorous that's all and badass

Why alucard well why not he's a badass

Vegeta is from dragon ball z and alucard and Alexander Anderson is from hellsing ultimate

Jean Otus

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Ryner Lute

Despite being an extremely plain looking anime boy with powers that sound like they're from someone's middle school OC, Ryner holds a special place in my heart. First and foremost he is a representative of the brown hair/eyes population that is rarely allowed to be the star of an anime. Secondly, his character is very human, and in spite of his bland exterior, he has a lot of heart and quirkiness that plays really well off of the other characters.

I found Ryner in the dumpster that was labeled "Anime on Netflix: 2013" along with some other hidden gems that resulted from a surplus of time and access to the streaming service. I was instantly engaged by the colorful world of fantasy and danger that he was a part of.

(Ryner x Ferris) is the true word of the gospel, anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.


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Satou Kazuma - protagonist of Konosuba
1. He's a complete subversion of every anime protagonist ever; talentless, with no special abilities; perverted, with no such thing as chivalry ever in his thought process; a total gender equalist who sees no issues in dropkicking a female opponent or defending himself from a cliched misunderstanding. Also, the fact that unlike most protagonists, he has zero plot armor. He dies a total of five times in the Light Novel and only lives through resurrection spells cast by an ally. Despite that, he is not just a "failure," as he is an excellent tactician, has good fortune in games of luck, and can put his limited skill repertoire to good use.
2. I watched Konosuba. He's from Konosuba.
3. No, and he's better this way.

The gifs speak for themselves:



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Honestly, I can't decide, LOL, so I'll pick one of my favorites, Kenshin Himura.

1. I love his wise and pacifistic nature, as well as his heroic virtues. His inner struggle with reverting back to the cold, murderous assassin he used to be is incredibly entertaining to witness. It also helps that he's a BOSS and seeing him in action never tires me. The contrast between his shrewd swordsman demeanor and bumbling, hilarious day-to-day mannerisms is also great.

2. Ruruoni Kenshin/Samurai X.

3. There was some pirate character he got tangled up with for a few episodes, back in the first season I think. I forget her name but she was cool, and the show heavily hinted at her having feelings for Kenshin. So if anyone, I ship him with her.


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Ruka Urushubara from Steins;Gate is literally.my.favorite character to ever exost and who will ever exist. I relate so.much to *her* as she and i struggle with alot of the same issues.
You see... Steins;Gate is an anime (and a vn game) about time manipulation, and Ruka is a trans girl. Well... I found out about her due to searching for trans girls (and *not* traps) in anime. Ruka spoke to me from.the moment i saw an image of her. It's a tragic story with her really... In the anime/true end..i think it is anyways. But Ruka is such an adorable character and i love her very much. (As a reflection of myself)

And, to top it off, i ship them with one of the vn's potential endings. Spoiler ahead.
In the ending Rula is in a timeline where she is actually a BORN female (not trans) and marries the main character Okabe. I ship them so hard.


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It's pretty difficult to say, but I'll say Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam.
1) Char is just an interpretation of a classic and likable villain. While he doesn't seem like much in the original, he is a even more likable character in Zeta Gundam. Saying he is there can't even be a spoiler, it's one of the most memed things in the whole fandom.
2) Found out about him thanks to my brother who shown me a gif of him kicking another suit in his Zaku II. Made me watch the original, and I must say I don't regret it.
3) Not anyone I remember, no.
mine is a tie between Itachi Uchiha from Naruto and Yato god from Noragami. Itachi is really powerful and calm at the same time. But yato is a fun and lovable guy. So i really can't choose.


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1.) WHY are they your favourite?

2.) HOW did you find out about them? What anime are they from?

3.) Do you pair them(ship?) with anybody in particular?

So, after piling up a compilation of candidates I realized I just type in for one. So I decided to go with a top five and some honorable mentions. Without further ado, here we go!

1.Hikigaya Hachiman
From Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Hikigaya Hachiman is a character that always resonated with me, and just reaches me on so many levels that I can't even begin to put it all together, but I'm going to try anyway. The first is that, as a loner in real life myself, his troubles as a loner are rather relatable to me. That said, I am a bit more open than he is, and if it was that simple it wouldn't mean much. It wasn't simply the fact he is a loner, but his attitude towards his loner-ness that make me relate. He tells himself he doesn't need to make new friends, and covers it all with an analisis of the process of socialization around him, but he'll jump to conclusions, he is quick to accept company while remaining cautious of the approches because he was hurt by jumping for it. In the first episode, he explains "any guy could misunderstand just form being talked to" which I feel really encapsulates this, being both an admission of this misunderstanding and of the newfound caution towards it. This feeling of his is also at the center of his excellent character arc on opening up and learning to value himself.

Speaking of which, that's another thing that makes the character resonate with me immensely. The Hachiman's plans often involve the element of self-sacrifice. he think little of himself or his situation, so he is always willing to pile more on when it comes to solving the problems of others. I just absolutely love stories of self-sacrifice, and this is a prime one. Not only that, but his plans are actually pretty well thought out, and follow a certain agreeable logic. However, they are also flawed plans that don't account for the full scope of their own consequences, connecting Hachiman to one of the many themes of Yahari. This unique character, through his actions and characterization, truly embodies positions within those themes and helps the audience explore their own stance, offering and being a critical view on all sides.

Lastly, I love the comedy that is brought forth by his presence, especially those inne monologue/commentary types.

From the Monogatari Series

Shinobu is a really cute lil'vampire, but no less of a badass because of it. While this seem, intuitively, like a contradiction what makes Shinobu so great is the fascinating way in which her character weaves supposed contradictions like those into one cohesive whole, tied together by her solid characterization. Her ego and pride that define her the most are justified but not entirely, creating a love-hate relationship with the MC for what he did to her but also the attachment that she grew towards him. Her willingness to help out with her long-held knowledge and understanding of things contrasting with the adorable child-like side of hers, the comic relief moments she produces and yet her tragic existence.... All of these blend in a way that's hard to describe, but is so harmonious one just wouldn't find it pratically anywhere else. It's perhaps the fullest ranged character, in terms of reaching all kinds of storytelling and tones and ideas, all while flowing naturallly and remaining her own character.

To top it all off, there's even more to her. She is a vital element of the plot, and her concept is flat out fascinating, as an ultra-powerful vampire, now tied down as a shadow of her former self for reasons I won't spoil, and now with her very existence and many of her traits being tied to a certain person's perception of her.

3.Tohka Yatogami
From Date a Live

Much like Shinobu, Tohka's character shows the coexistence of adorable and cool, but the approach to this in her characterization is one much less explorational of parallel contrasts that an inhabit one character, and moreso the elements steeming from one another. Tohka's naivety and child-like approach directly as a result of her lack of contact with the world and lack of affection in her life due to her extreme power. On the other it's also this attachment and readiness to accept things that makes her come through when the time comes. The character weaves as a whole, and while I still find it hard to fully translate into words, it's the characters in date a live that make me able to watch it over and over again without getting exhausted of it at any point. Tohka's design is also absolutely stunningly crafted, especially in her spirit dress and to top it all off, she is also a great source of comedy. All in all one absolutely excellent package.

4.Takamachi Nanoha
From Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (series)

While Nanoha is a pretty amazing character, the reason why I left her at fourth place is that the shine of the character doesn't really become clear until you're two or three seasons in, and for a typical audience that's a pretty big hurdle to pass just to get an amazing character. And yet oh man is she an amazing character. An excellent hero with elements of self-sacrifice, but whose consequences are explored and whose childish naivete fades over time but not being completely eliminated from her character either, however. A progress from small child thrown into a magitech world with magical beams and interdimensional spaceships alike, growing up to become an ace among aces among mages and an instructor for the next generation, revitalizing old clichés back into well executed scenes, being a general badass and going from cute to gorgeous. It's not every character we get to truly experience growing from childhood to adulthood in such an organized yet organic manner that doesn't forget the spectale in between. Furthermore, her character's personality though not the most uncommon, is certainly one of the most well-executed of her type that I know, and she ccan also act as a vehicle to help us dive into the fascinating multiverse of Lyrical Nanoha.

From Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is an anime that doesn't pull it's punches when it comes to really incorporating real tragedy and every side of life into it's comedy, and in my humble opinion, Anzu is like the very crystalization of that aspect of it, especially in contrast with Hina. Now, most of what I have to say about Anzu has to do with her character progression, so my hands are a bit tied when it comes to being able to talk about her without spoiling things. As such, be warned, spoilers ahead in the next paragraph.

Anzu is an experiment subject taken in by a secret organization that studies and contains individuals with psychic powers. The details of their treatment at the organization aren't made very clear, but at least it seems to be somewhere these girls can call "home". When Anzu is introduced she is a snotty entitled brat who thinks that having power gives her the right to take what she wants without consequence (not because she doesn't think there won't be consequences, but moreso because she thinks there shouldn't be any). After losing in her confrontation with Hina however, she realizes she is a fea compared to her psychic powers and agrees to go home without causing more issues. However, due to a previously established matter, she ends unable to go back or communicate with that secret organization, meaning she is now essentially a wanted criminal with nowhere to go, and she feels she can't return to Hina and her guardian for help either due to having just made a whole scene about leaving and all. Fortunately she comes across a friendly homeless man and ends up being helped by him and slowly integrating into a small local homeless community. The experiences she has within it are what makes her character truly shine, giving the opportunity to explore this marginzalied group as real people and her as one of them as she slowly but surely grows to truly appreciate the things she onc took for granted until the day in which she is adopted by a family and her character can become far more cheerful again, with her now fully appreciating what she regained. It's a character arc beyond words honestly and I believe it shows the strength of the whole show in that one progression.

*Noel from Sora no Method : Cutest little adorb loli

*Sorata Kanda from Pet Girl of Sakurasou : This character embodies one of the most challenging flaws to handle in a character, but also one that truly resonates with me, envy. There's isn't really a justification to envy someone, to fill ill towards them just because they had it better than you, but feelings aren't so simple as to always be justified and in my opinion, a character that does a true exploration of a person that goes through envy both recognizing it's futility but also that people that experience it aren't necessarily cold-blooded monsters is deserving of praise, especially done with this kind of emotion, subtlety and I'll just stop here before I go on even more of a rant.

*Altair from Re:creators : Much like any villain who seeks to destroy the world, Altair is a bit hard to grasp as a villain. However the genuine emotion in the way the character was excuted, the fact she brings a whole new level of meta to the show, and being just a extremely well executed OP villain, with a intelligent way of defeating her but a lot of cool factor in betweeen makes her truly superb.

*Mamika from Re:creators : I love the way they explored the magical girl in the real world idea with her and the metacommentary she brought, as well as the sheer importance she had for the story with her whole excelletn character arc that didn't break the character.

*Issei from Highschool DxD : Surprisingly for the kind of show he is in, Issei is extremely well-characterized and just a great protagonist in general. His perviness and general attitude aren't made any secret off and do truly motivate his actions, to the point of his libido the source of his power half the time. This is both an excellently written character and a MAJOR source of comedy. The plans and powers which he possesses, as well as his armor's design are also rather interesting, and again at times hilarious. Lastly the fact he is energetic, helpful and naive really helps going along as the plot is pushed forward.

*Souji Mitsuka from Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu: The reasons are similar to those of Issei, however, it's a bit more one-note and flimsy with Shouji, with the perviness being replaced with an obsessive love for twintails. However he beats Issei in that he turns into an adorable girl (with twintails).

*Ban from Seven Deadly Sins : Not only are his powers just amazing in of themselves and amazing to watch (immortality, stealing stuff, stealing physical power, fights with nunchunks), and his general attitude being very entertaining to watch (both when he gives beatdowns and he is given a beatdown, since he is immortal he makes for great commedy), but the melancholy of his story is truly moving.

*Kyubey from Madoka Magika : I just generally appreciate the construction of this villain. It's not evil, in fact it could be argued he is actually doing something a hero would do, saving the universe. It just so happens that we empathize much more with the victims inherent to the process of saving the universe.

*Karasuma from Konosuba : A great, intelligent and hilarious character, plus I love the inner commentary.

*Emyia Shiro from Fate/stay night : The whole thing with Archer, plus the general exploration of his character. Won't say more cause major spoilers.

*Shiro Kotomine From Fate Apocrypha : Shiro Kotomine may just be the best villain I've ever encountered in an anime. The reason for this is simple: His plan had to be devised within the rules of an existing system with precedent yet he managed to create one out of the goodness of his heart that would bring happiness to all of humanity- and the best part? It actually COULD have worked. This villain was powerful enough to be badass, he was also clever and did some heinous things but also some likeable things, and most of the heinous things were either done to unlikable characters or as a direct result of his plan to bring everyone happiness. This plan of his also helped to bring a hard to explore topic in general, happiness without choice, it's not good versus bad, but something with much more depth. On top of that, this villain was a fair representation of a villain that is a christian and adresses such matters in a manner that isn't completely idiotic or biased. I'll leave it at that for now, cause it's just an honorable mention, but believe me, there is a lot more to be said about this guy.

*Shakespeare from Fate Apocrypha: I just love the nonchallant attitude, the sheer craziness in this interpretation of Shakespeare. He's a delight to have on screen.

*Yoshino from Date Alive: First Waifu

*Lelouch vi Brittania from Code Geass : His intelligence and plans , as well as his last act on the series are just plain awesome to watch.

*Mikan Rise from Action Heroines Cheer Fruits : One of the handful of characters that managed to make me cry, and the character whose conflicts most resonated with me throughout the series, as well as the one that made me fall in love with the show to begin with.

Now, I do want to mention, this list was a bit rushed (despite the size of the content). I watch a LOT of anime, so it's hard for me to really account for all those casts and at once, especially in enough detail to rank them. Furthermore, I'm usually looking more at the interaction characters have with other characters, the setting and the plot than at the actual characters comparitively to one another.

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