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Other Where did you roleplay before you came to RPNation?


Yahoo chat -> Yahoo messenger -> proboards forums w friends -> The Keep -> Bleach Asylum -> RPGW -> email -> Fantasy Sandbox -> discord -> RPN

Quite a few of those I still use. :) yahoo chat was where I started.

Also you can mix in tabletop RPs in there somewhere.


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My first role play site was called Neko Kugyay. While I didn’t want to leave it became a site that got over run by people not interested in roleplay. They created so much spam the owners of the site decided after having to redo the site so many times to just shut down the entire site once and for all

I miss my old site but have found so many friends and role partners here that I wouldn’t give up.


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Undead labs Forums, in their "games" section. It was a close-knit community, and still operate another forum, as that one closed down. Though, the RPing started to die out a year or two before the site actually shut down for good.


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I first started off on Gaia Online. Tried going back on there but nobody is really on there RPing anymore which is a little sad. How times have changed lol!


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Eyeboards from 1999 - 2003. A message board about The Tribe. Had a small rp section that I used to frequent every day.
Latinagurl on Proboards from 2005 - 2016. Rped The Tribe.
GleeForum before it was closed. 2012 - 2016. Rped Glee and multiple fandoms.
BlueMoon from 2017 - 2018. Rped multiple fandoms.
Elliquiy during 2018. Rped multiple fandoms.
Black Dahlia from May 2018 until July 2019. Rped multiple fandoms.
Discord from January 2019 - now. Rp multiple fandoms.


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I used to RP on Quotev, and if you don't know what that is, it's simple. It's like Wattpad but never getting an App and aren't able to make creative story images. It used to be a free-for-all kind of website, where you can make public groups, have colorful writing, make quizzes and polls, and stories. The public groups can be used for fan clubs, anime, and character ideas- basically this. However, over the years they got less "fun" I guess is a way you can say it. They took off the colorful font options and TOOK OFF THE PUBLIC GROUPS. It slowly died and, from what I hear from my friends on there, have lost contact with several people. The only way you can get into a rp group is if you personally know the person and they accept your request.

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Gaia Online, just tons and tons of threads on there for years. And then I got sick of the place and tried other websites but nothing really stuck.
I was in gaiaonline for a long while and it is there that I gain experience in how to write and not be utterly cringey.

The site before it that introduced me to roleplaying will not be mentioned out of utter shame. I was really bad, back then.

I moved to spacebattles, though i never partake in their rp and more a quest participant and a new emerging type called: Round Robin.

I am unsure still about this place with hoe there is so much I am unfamiliar of.


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I used to play alot of Mount and Blade roleplays, it was great fun but there were multiple moments of people being combat-focused vultures. Someone would play as a Nord and so every joke in their direction was replied with: "You what?" before combat warnings, muggings and/or insults were thrown around at the slightest attempt to appear confident around them. Playing as a merchant? Prepare to be robbed by random characters, the town guard themselves or a noble with nothing better to do... you can't accuse someone of something otherwise it's a death sentence as you are a filthy commoner and they have multiple OOC friends to get them out of trouble at the drop of a hat. There was an awful lot of the same few people in positions of power and so the same people would mess about at everyone else's expense with little to no repercussions by Staff ~ Who either were within that close-knit gang of power-hungry, combat-focused vultures or simply let anything slip by because they're well known on the forums as a meme.

I know me telling of this is in a rather negative way, I used to really enjoy the first few months I joined the community but the same people were causing the same issues.. and it just drained my love of the community which were rapidly becoming a breeding ground for toxicity and immature behavior in and out of the game.
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I've been in and out of RP sites
Dramachan (which is dead now I think), Ponychan during my brony days (haven't watched the series since season 2), Discord (still do this one), F-list
Been roleplaying since I was in late highschool, but been making characters and thinking of story ideas since I was a very young child


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I haven't read through any other posts on here but I wonder how many people got their start on Howrse like I did.


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And now I'm having flashbacks to my first RP. It was a Minecraft server called Creative Fun, on a Saturday. I was bored, then I saw in the chat an advertisement for an RP. Looked up what the heck an RP even is, then I hopped in. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun. And I was hooked. After I got some experience, I wanted something more literate and "theater of the mind," which led me to RP Repository. That place wasn't nearly as regulated as I wanted, (multiple guys were looking for some things that would not be OK here,) so I ended up over here. And boy, am I glad I did.


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I started on a website Cartoondollemporium around the age of like 7 or 8 (talk about super super super cringy stuff...). It shut down due to inactivity and they tried moving the like 5 remaining people to a website that I, for the life of me, can’t remember the name of. I eventually moved to Figment from like age 14 and up. They eventually shut that down, too. So now I’m here lol.


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A lot of different places. I've been role playing for years. I think my first place was on livejournal. I'm not sure how I ended up there, but ended up on some group role plays there, and then mostly switched over to one on ones after I found that group rps came with a lot more OOC drama than I anticipated.

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Back in 1996, I used to roleplay on a website called snap.com and it was mostly fast textbased where everyone was a merry sue. LOL. We mostly started to apply rules such as no looping aka no actions before the poster's actions. The reason it was called looping because it always ended up with two people trying to one-up each other. It has been so long since I last RP. The last-placed I role played was at Gaia Online. I am mostly checking out this place right now.

Snap.com (Shutdown - Refugee) - MSN Chatrooms - Forums I Can't Remember - Gaiaonline...
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