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Resource What's This? Gen Does Coding? [WORKSHOP]


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Gen Learned How to Code

Greetings, fellow members of RPN! As the title says, I recently rediscovered a certain love of coding. As such, for the past few attempts, I've been coming up with things that aren't completely trashy (LOL).

I'll be putting up my codes from way back in--what? 2016? Wow, that long ago?--until recently, if only so I can see for myself how much progress I've made. Of course, every single one of my codes has some sort of variation to it, whether it be for different roleplays or just simply different color palettes and fonts to match different characters, I'll be finally sharing with the world what codes I have managed to create.

These codes aren't really free to use--they're more for my crappy self-esteem--but if you have a question on how I did something, feel free to ask! I will try to sound smart when I answer!

For future reference, I get most of my color palettes from Design Seeds, which was once recommended to me by a dear friend of mine whom I have yet to thank for doing so (OOPS). Seriously great site if you want a palette to match a certain color.

Thank you so much for looking at my codes! I hope your eyes didn't bleed too much... ;x;

Table of Contents
Interest Checks
Code #1
Code #11
Code #18

Character Sheets
Code #2
Code #5
Code #7
Code #15
Code #16

In Character
Code #3
Code #4
Code #6
Code #8
Code #10
Code #12
Code #13
Code #14
Code #17
Code #19
Code #20

Code #9
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Gen's First Code...

Am I going to get emotional about this? Probably not. But still, I have to say: this wasn't too bad for a very first code. The entire time I was asking my poor friend for help because I was such a noob. XD

This is the code I've used the most on this site, but this first draft was way before I knew to put a credit on it (I added one in now, but...). If you recognize this style of coding--good, because I used it in a lot of the RPs I've run in the past. I still use it for interest checks mostly, but I have since edited the style of it so it's less cringey and clunky.

Because it is.

Very cringey.

And very clunky.
Uncaged Blood

In a World Ruled by Vampires

The Fonteyn family, a bloodline of vampires, has ruled over the kingdom of Fontenell for nearly one thousand years. Under their rule, humans have lived in relative oppression. Vamps can take blood whenever they want, and should they choose to take someone as a blood slave, they can't object. Thus, the humans live in fear of attack by a common vampire or even one from the aristocracy. Though the life of a blood slave entails luxury, it's not freedom. There have been far too many unsuccessful revolts in centuries past; the vamps are just too powerful. But this time, the rebels have an advantage: help from within the castle.


The elder Fonteyn son and heir to the throne, Aleron, greatly supports the ideology that has ruled Fontenell for a millenia. Vampires are clearly the superior race, so why shouldn't they rule? Phoenix and Lyllith, his siblings, disagree. They've seen how the humans suffer under the rule of the vampires. They're not happy, and they never have been. The younger prince and princess know this needs to change. But how to do it?

On a secret jaunt outside the castle, Lyllith meets a rebel, in turn finding the Uncaged Birds, a rebel faction that has operated without the monarchy's knowledge for five years. They welcome her with open arms, thinking her to be a poor girl living on the streets. But some random misstep, they discover she is indeed the vampire princess, but the rebel she met before stops them before they can do anything to her. He reasons that having someone within the castle, and the royal family to boot, would be of great help to their cause. The Birds grudgingly agree and accept Lyllith into their ranks, as well as Phoenix, who had secretly tailed his sister on her adventure outside.

If they overthrow Aleron, they'll finally free the humans from vampire oppression.
Of Fonteyns and Uncaged Birds...

Aleron Riskel Fonteyn (23)~Open
Aleron is cold and calculating, much like his parents. The dignity of his race matters the most to him, and he believes his siblings to be incredibly naive to support the side of humans. To servants, he's harsh and demanding, and his brother and sister are nod different. His parents dote on him, much to the ire of the second son and first daughter.

Phoenix Edmond Fonteyn (19)~Open
Phoenix is young and reckless but also very thoughtful. He chooses his words carefully and tends to think through things before deciding on an action. Though his parents favor Aleron, they praise him on his skill in war strategy and critical thinking. He's often consulted on how to fix a problem within the kingdom such as natural disasters, crime sprees, and other concerns.

Lyllith Violeta Fonteyn (17)~ @AnimeGenork
Lyllith may seem weak and girly, but she's tough if given the chance. She picks fights with Aleron because of his obviously wrong ideas, but she's closer to Phoenix than practically anybody. Her parents treat her as inferior due to her status as the youngest sibling, and they insist that she marry an aristocrat. She'd rather marry someone she actually cares about, though. That's what leads her to venture outside of the castle and into the kingdom.

Duncan Mauntell (25)~Open
Duncan is the leader of the Uncaged Birds. He's highly respected and trusted among his subordinates, and everyone takes his word as law. In their eyes, he's the wise leader who should take the throne once they overthrow the Fonteyns, but he'd rather leave it to someone else. Out of everyone he trusts, his lieutenant is the one he trusts the most.

Lyra Coffyn (24)~Open
Lyra is Ducan's lieutenant and the secondary leader of the Birds. Duncan is the only one she truly trusts, but the others are very much like her children. She's the first to scold mischief makers and she's very no nonsense. However, there's something very vulnerable about her, and that may come from the secret that no one knows: she's a vampire.

Kentin Monteacute (18)~Open
Kentin is the rebel Lyllith met in the city, and he's the one who convinced Duncan and the others not to kill her on the spot when they found out what she was. He doesn't particularly care for vampires, but he does value the rebellion and if there's even the slightest chance that this strategy could land them a victory, he'll take it. Normally, he does the scouting for missions the Birds carry out.

Cassiana Alington (17)~Open
Cassiana is the weapons expert of the Birds, and she's the first to make it clear to Phoenix that he's not welcome here. Duncan is her idol, and she looks up to him. Some say she has a crush on him, but she always denies it vehemently. There's no room for love in a rebellion.
Other Records

The plan is, this will be a detailed RP. It's based on plot, yes, but character development and relationships between characters will be important, too. (And yes, I'm hoping for some sort of romance in places where it seems most apparent.)

If there's enough interest, I'll let people make other rebels or even servants in the castle, but I'd like to fill the roles in the character list first and foremost. Go ahead and ask me any questions about the characters and the plot.

As this is detailed, I expect at least two descriptive paragraphs per post. The story depends not just on me, but also on you. I need everyone working together to move the story along. That's the only way we'll truly have fun with this.

To make sure no one commits to something they can't do, I will require that those who want to join are committed and can do at least one post per week. (I have a life, too.) And for those of you who want a specific part, I will need you to PM me a sample of your writing from another RP or something in the point of view of the character you want to play. Sound good?

Please comment with the phrase "Maya Angelou" if you read everything. If you don't, I will most likely ignore you. DO IT. (Sorry if that sounded mean.)

Coding by @AnimeGenork



The Duck Overlord
Variations of Code #1

As I said, my first code is the one I've used the most on this site. It's not that I liked it too much (I was just proud that I coded something). Really, it was just handy, especially for an interest check. And I had many, many interest checks.

So this post is dedicated to the variations of this code I made for my various interest checks. The last three look somewhat different because I changed the size of the accordion to make it look cleaner.

Below the interest check versions of the code I'll put the other variations I did for different purposes, such as my Creativity thread where I posted little poems and short stories and the code I entered into that one competition thing that I had no chance of winning anything in but tried anyway. ; )

Note: There is only one variation missing that I used for my Fairy Academy (Fairy Tail) RP. I would go and find it since I deleted it from my Private Workshop, but I'm not particularly worried about it.
Interest Check Versions

  • Digimon: Destined Incarnations

    Long After They Saved the World...

    The tale of eight children being transported to the Digital World has become mere fiction, nothing more than a bedtime story for little children. All that remains of the story is a vague idea and fleeting memories from those too old to remember if those instances were real or not. Digimon are a foreign concept now, in the twenty-second century. To those who know the term, they never existed to begin with.

    But what if it was all real?


    Eight teenagers, all with different backgrounds and personalities, attend Tsukishima General High School, which according to legend was the alma mater of a few of the original Digidestined. Of course, that's nothing but hearsay nowadays. These eight teenagers have nothing to do with each other, and yet, they all somehow end up in the school's computer room at the exact same time. One of them happens to notice a computer going haywire, but when they all gather around it, they're engulfed in a beam of light...and transported to the Digital World.

    As they try to figure out where they are and what's going on, they realize the tale of the Digidestined was indeed the truth. One by one, they receive a Digimon partner as well as a Crest which corresponds with one of the children of legend. It's only when all eight Crests have been found that the children discover the truth: they are the reincarnations of the original Digidestined, sent here to save the world once again.

    All of their enemies from their past lives have returned all at once, and all of them--Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, and the Dark Masters--have teamed up in hopes of fulfilling their goals of taking over the Digital World as well as the real world. Do the Digidestined have what it takes to save the day once again?
    The Digidestined

    The Digidestined

    Crest of Courage (Taichi "Tai" Kamiya/Yagami)~Open

    Crest of Friendship (Yamato "Matt" Ishida)~Open

    Crest of Love (Sora Takenouchi)~Open

    Crest of Knowledge (Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi)~Open

    Crest of Reliability (Joe Kido)~Open

    Crest of Sincerity (Mimi Tachikawa)~Open

    Crest of Hope (Takeru "T.K." Takaishi)~ @AnimeGenork

    Crest of Light (Hikari "Kari" Kamiya/Yagami)~Open

    Return to the Digital World

    As this is detailed, I expect at least two descriptive paragraphs per post. The story depends not just on me, but also on you. I need everyone working together to move the story along. That's the only way we'll truly have fun with this. While this is mostly based on plot, I'm hoping for character development and some changing relationships between characters. (I encourage romance, too, because why not?)

    To make sure no one commits to something they can't do, I will require that those who want to join are committed and can do at least one post per week. (I have a life, too.) And for those of you who want a specific part, I will need you to PM me a sample of your writing from another RP. You will also need to have a basic knowledge of the first season of Digimon. If you haven't seen Adventure 02 or Tri yet, no worries! Most of the material referenced is from the first season anyway. But please, if you don't know Adventure 01 of Digimon, don't bother to comment. Explaining something as vast as that is too much, even for me.

    Please comment with the phrase "Kouji Wada" if you read everything. If you don't, I will most likely ignore you. DO IT. (Sorry if that sounded mean.)

    Coding by @AnimeGenork

Miscellaneous Versions

  • Genork Likes to Try
    Fun Quotes About Effort

    "All the effort in the world won't matter if you're not inspired." ~Chuck Palahniuk

    "Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought." ~Napoleon Hill

    "Effort is not a responsibility of a guy, it's willingness of a guy to make his girl smile." ~Anonymous

    Something I Wrote

    “And then Victor offered a flower to the bunny, Maman! Isn’t that silly?” a little girl with wavy brunette hair bounced on her mother’s lap, blinking up at her with gorgeous hazel eyes.

    Her mother smiled gently. “Your brother takes after his father, I’m afraid, Noelle.” She eyed the man sitting across the table from them with a teasing glint in her own hazel eyes. “Isn’t that right, Castiel?”

    Castiel looked up from his flower arranging with a grin. “What can I say? Our son’s a natural flirt. To his credit, bunnies are adorable.” He stood up and walked around the table to kiss his wife on the cheek. “Just like you, Avril.”

    Noelle giggled, but another voice complained, “Papa, not in front of us kids! We’re too young to witness that stuff!” A slightly older girl with curly black hair stepped into the room, her hands on her hips. Though she looked impressive, she was still far shorter than Castiel. She was the youngest of four, but her sass outmatched even that of her eldest sibling, Victor.

    Avril chided, “Now, now, Rafaella. Don’t be mean.”

    Rafaella flounced over to the table in a very Avril-manner. “Yes, Mama,” she replied obediently, her voice holding the same accent as her father. Victor’s voice matched theirs, while Noelle and her twin, Jacques, sounded like their mother. Their friends often marveled how the four were related at all.

    Castiel ruffled Rafaella’s hair. “I thought I told you to go up to bed.”

    She stuck out her tongue. “I’m not tired.” It was then she yawned.

    Avril stood up with Noelle in her arms. “I think we should put them to bed ourselves, Cassy. Vic’s probably reading one of your botany books again.”

    Castiel sighed. “Like father, like son, I suppose.” Nevertheless, he picked up Rafaella and led the way upstairs, passing the boys’ room, where Jacques was already sound asleep and Victor was reading by the light of his bedside lamp. “How is it that the boys are better behaved than the girls?” Castiel teased, tickling Rafaella under her chin.

    It took some effort, but Avril and Castiel managed to get the girls under control and tuck them in after reading them a bedtime story. Though Noelle was a few years older than Ella, she adored having her parents read to her.

    Once back downstairs, Castiel flopped down on one of the couches in the living room. “I’m exhausted and I only spent five minutes reading that book.”

    With a smile, Avril laid down beside him, curling up against his chest. His arms wrapped around her and his body curled around hers. When she lifted her head, he kissed her, and they both smiled serenely. She played with his hair and asked, “Have you heard from Olly or Sky lately?”

    His eyes half-closed as he gazed down at her, Castiel nodded. “Olly’s coming to visit in two weeks with Ivy. And Sky… Avie, she’s engaged now. To Ezekiel.”

    Avril let out a breath. “Thank goodness. I’m so glad she’s found her happily ever after.”

    Kissing her cheek, Castiel murmured, “Hers can’t possibly be happier than ours.” Pulling her snug up against him, he continued, “I love you, Azucena.”

    With a giddy grin, Avril pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and tucked it around them, feeling Castiel’s warmth envelope her. She kissed the tip of his nose and said, “Je t’aime, aussi, Cassy.”

    He smiled brightly and kissed her again, bringing images of sunny meadows and colorful flowers, of warm smiles and joyful tears. Never had Castiel Valdez and Avril Cavallon been so happy, even when their parents were alive. But if their ten married years had taught them anything, it was that they were happier with each other than they had ever been apart.

    About This Code

    Simply put, I originally worked for about two hours on this code for my roleplay,
    Uncaged Blood, which soon died off. I hope to reboot it of course, but anyway... I ended up using this code for just about all of my roleplays after UB, including my character sheets and interest checks and stuff. I'm proud of it since I now don't have the time to just code. It's simple, but its simplicity is what makes me so proud of it. :)
    I hope those who look at it like it too! ^^

    Coding by @AnimeGenork

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Gen Is So Clever... >.>

I'm not really that clever, but I did make a CS code out of the above interest check code. It's not really that impressive--just a matter of adding slides to the accordion--but at the time I was pretty impressed with myself.


So this is basically the same code as above but with more slides.

So feel free to laugh at me here (not to my face).
Character Sheet


Name: (self-explanatory)

Age: (given next to character names in their description; if making an different character, choose one similar to other roles)

Role/Position: (prince/princess/etc)

Hair Color: (self-explanatory)

Eye Color: (self-explanatory)

Appearance: (a more detailed description; include their attire)

Personality: (what they're like)

Skills: (what they're good at)

Likes: (self-explanatory)

Dislikes: (self-explanatory)


History: (their past, basically; might require some collaboration with others)

Weapons: (what type of weapon do they use/are likely to use)

Relationships: (what type of relationship do they have with other characters; probably needs collaboration as well)

Other: (anything else you want to include)

Coding by @AnimeGenork



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Variations of Code #2

Just like before, I'll be posting the different versions of the above CS code. Since I had multiple for some of them, I'll put them under the same tab. Unfortunately, I never finished some of them, so I won't be putting those up here, until I finally get them out of my head to use for another time. (Though in some cases I probably won't use them again.

For the most part, the order of the variations will match up with the variations from Code #1. Since I didn't have the Fairy Academy version of the above code, I'll be putting the Fairy Academy CSs at the end of the variations. : )

  • Lyllith Violeta Fonteyn


    Name: Lyllith Violeta Fonteyn
    Age: 17
    Role/Position: First Princess of the Fonteyn Family

    Hair Color: wavy, chestnut brown
    Eye Color: pale, sky blue
    Lyllith, while petite, has an air of confidence around her. Her posture is nearly perfect, and her eyes are sharp and observant. Wavy chestnut hair tumbles down to halfway down her black, and she chooses it not to style it in a fanciful arrangement except when she goes out to meet the Birds (in which case she ties it back in a ponytail). Her skin is an almost creamy white with freckles dotting parts of her face from time in the sun. Normally, her face is free of makeup, as she believes that being required to wear it is absolutely ridiculous.

    When in the castle, Lyllith will wear the fancy gowns and jewelry expected of her station, though a frown often accompanies such outfits. When she ventures outside of the palace, however, she wears a tightly fitted tunic and pants tucked into boots. Sometimes she'll wear a corset instead of a tunic, but either way, she wears a cloak over the outfit to hide her face. As she's still young, her fangs are rather unnoticeable, and she's started to master the art of retracting them.

    Lyllith is naturally rebellious and headstrong. Within her family, she's belligerent and opinionated, especially when dealing with her elder brother, Aleron. In front of the court and the aristocracy, however, she plays along to the part of the perfect princess, with lovely manners and decorum. She collects gossip she feels is important and ignores what she doesn't, in hopes of being able to pass them on to the Birds.

    Despite not being the direct perpetrator, Lyllith feels terribly guilty for the oppression vampires have inflicted the humans with, which is why she wants to do everything she can to help the Birds. Though she doesn't hate her kind, she hates the rules of the monarchy. She knows that somewhere out there are other vampires who feel the same way she does about it, though they're too afraid to show it. This is half the reason she's so close to Phoenix; he understands her views and helps her with the Birds' rebellion.

    She knows she's not fit as any sort of leader or fighter, but if she can help in any small way to take down her parents and Aleron, she'll take the risk.

    -gathering information
    -acting like she doesn't care/does care
    -arguing with Phoenix
    -the Birds
    -wearing pants
    -Aleron and her parents
    -unfair treatment of humans
    -being looked down on
    -stuffy aristocrats


    From the moment she was born, Lyllith's parents knew they'd be able to marry her off to some aristocrat to strengthen their relations with the court. As a little girl, she had a strictly regimented schedule full of lessons on manners and decorum, not to mention how to properly act as a princess. Lyllith despised these lessons with all her heart, and she would often try to escape them. The time she got with her brothers was precious to her.

    This was a time when Lyllith still looked up to her older brother, who seemed so mature, so responsible. Yes, she spent far more time with Phoenix, but Aleron was always the silent figure she watched with awe. That is, until she learned of the oppression of humans. It was just a small word from a servant, and with kind and gentle urging, she discovered what life was really like for humans outside of the castle. Fontenell had somehow managed to pull this off for a millennia, and that didn't sit well with Lyllith.

    From then on, Lyllith committed small acts of rebellion, from refusing to punish a human servant for a mistake to arguing with Aleron over how to rule the kingdom. Her position wasn't ideal--she was expected to marry an aristocrat, after all--but that didn't stop her from trying. Finally, she decided to leave the castle one night under cover of darkness. The darkness her kind took so well to.

    With a cloak to cover her face, she sneaked away from the castle and into the capital city. The more she explored the city, the more she realized how terrible life for humans was. There was the occasional scream of an attack by a common vampire or a human being dragged away to be a blood slave. On the streets, Lyllith met Kentin, who, thinking she was a lone human, took her to the base of the Uncaged Birds.

    Lyllith was amazed by the organization. Everyone seemed lively and dedicated, certainly more than she'd ever been to her duty. She begged to join, and the Birds seemed to consider it. However, someone tripped over her cloak, and her hood was thrown back, revealing gaping mouth and therefore her fangs. The Birds were ready to kill her right there, but Kentin stopped them. He proposed an idea to let her join them and spy on the castle for them. She agreed to the terms, and she became a Bird. (Phoenix did, too, since apparently he'd been following her. He got a sound scolding later.)

    Lyllith will defend the Birds to her last breath, and she will do anything to help them succeed in overthrowing Aleron.

    Lyllith isn't trained to use any sort of weapon, though she does carry a letter opener at all times and has been practicing how to use daggers. ("Only a real lady uses a letter opener to defend herself.")
    Lyllith cannot hold her liquor. She's extremely giggly and flirty when drunk.

    Coding by @AnimeGenork



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GM Posting

Because why not have a completely separate code in order to do GM posting and move a story along? Why use my characters as the GM posters when I can just do some narrator crap?

That, I think, was my philosophy when I made this code.

To be perfectly honest, I think I was just experimenting with scrolling, which is fairly more simple than accordions. (At least in my eyes.) It's when you try to expand the scrolling into something cooler-looking that it gets more complicated.

I think I was most proud about the border around the scroll, if I'm being honest.

Making the pictures smaller and keeping the rest of the code intact was actually harder than it should have been, which is why it's so huge.

A Meeting of Rebels...

It is time for the weekly meeting of the Uncaged Birds. This time, however, they will welcome two new members: Princess Lyllith Violeta Fonteyn and Prince Phoenix Edmond Fonteyn. Much to the surprise of some members, their leader has accepted members of the vampire royal family, their very enemy, into their ranks.

There is no guarantee the rest of the Birds will fully accept Lyllith and Phoenix right away, but the royals are in fact their key to taking down the monarchy. Now, the Birds shall gather in a tavern one of their members owns to discuss future plans with their fledgling vampire members...

Back at the castle, Lyllith and Phoenix attempt to escape unnoticed by their parents as well as their brother, Aleron. After all, he is the one they are plotting against...

@Aukanai @arkadia @Bella:D @Blue Jay @Tori Bradley @Kirito Kei

Coding by @AnimeGenork



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Variations of Code #3

There are very few of these, probably because half of my RPs rarely ever take off XD Cue sitting in the corner Nevertheless, there are a few of them. And they're just as lame as the first one.

If I ever use this code for other RPs, then I'll add to 'em. But I'm starting to use characters as GM posters, so I highly doubt there'll be more variations of this than there are...

Again, not caring about my Fairy Academy variation of this.

  • Away to the Digital World...

    The Digital World has become mere myth, a fantasy. None have seen it since the legendary DigiDestined children saved it so long ago. At least, that’s how the stories go. Now, the world lives on in blissful ignorance, unaware of the parallel world it has encountered countless times before.

    Today, eight students of Tsukishima General High School will all find themselves drawn to the computer lab for reasons of their own. Once they arrive, they will find one of the computers leads to somewhere else…

    Your characters will simply arrive in the computer lab. They may interact until all arrive, but until then, wait until my character notices the computer going haywire. Then all shall gather.

    @Nico @Acethekidd @PhantomMelody @Misuteeku @H0lderOfH0pe @Shadowlugia711

    Coding by @AnimeGenork



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My Cleverness Returns

One thing y'all should know about me...

...I really love editing a code to suit a new purpose.

Even with my newer codes I do this, so naturally I did it with this one, too. It came in handy when I didn't feel like scrolling through RPN to find a cool-looking IC code for a character because I needed to post realllllll soon.

So... yeah.
This happened

Skylie Lavigne
"Can we all just not today?"

Well. That went to shit fast.

Skylie would’ve given Jacket the satisfaction of reacting to being called crazy or being a “bitch,” but she’d been called worse by far meaner people. She’d sulk about it later. Right now, she was mostly regretting letting go of one of her precious daggers. Eesh. Later, she’d figure out how to get it back. Screw what anyone else thought of her crossing the river.

When the kid showed up, Skylie’s scowl deepened. She searched all that time for him, and now he shows up? What rotten luck. But still… There was something not right about the kid. This whole situation was too cliché. It stank of overplayed plot twist.

And if she was right, something bad would happen before long.

Apparently, Prissy Girl’s Digimon thought so, too, because he immediately attacked Darya’s brother. The boy turned into some huge wolf Digimon. Honestly, it was pretty badass. If it wasn’t so dangerous, Skylie would’ve tried to adopt it and take it back to Philly. That would have to wait.

Green dove at the monster and tried to help, and Blue’s Digimon turned into the cutest little bunny thing. Not that she noticed. So much for crossing the river on the fish bridge the seal thing had made. The purple-haired girl from dinner the previous night did manage to cross, but that didn’t mean everyone else had the opportunity.

Shit. “I have to do something.”

Agumon gave her a hard stare. “I thought you didn’t care.”

“I don’t.”

The dinosaur Digimon smirked and said nothing. He was starting to understand the subtle nuances in Skylie’s harsh demeanor.

“Agumon, I’m going to throw you.”

Okay, that was still a surprise. “WHAT? AGAIN?”

Skylie glared at her Digimon partner. “The seal thing and giant bug can only do so much, and the purple dragon thing—I seriously need to learn all these names, sheesh—doesn’t have much of a strategy going. They need backup, and since Green is pinned down, someone needs to distract that wolf. So I need to throw you over there.”

Wow. She’d come up with that all on her own? Would he ever figure out how much was in that head of hers? “Fine.”

Skylie picked him up again, and he curled into a ball so he would fly farther. She threw him with all her might, and as he flew through the air, he slowly uncurled himself so he wouldn’t land on his face.

He did anyway.

As Skylie sprinted across the fish bridge, Agumon scrambled to his feet and faced Fangmon. (Naturally, he knew its name, but he didn’t dare correct Skylie…yet.) How to free the green-haired girl without hurting her… It seemed she was trying her best to free herself, but it wasn’t working. Hm…

Taking a deep breath, Agumon used his classic attack: “PEPPER BREATH!”

He’d made sure to aim at the top of Fangmon’s leg, which would hopefully burn him enough to startle him, thereby releasing his hold on the girl.

Skylie finally got back across the river just in time to hear Green yelling to Jacket to throw her the knife he’d stolen. He refused and started getting everyone to retreat a safe distance. Despite herself, Skylie quirked an eyebrow. Jacket didn’t know how to use a knife, and he wore a jacket like that? That…was disappointing.

Marching over to him, she snatched her dagger out of his hand. How’s that for a crazy bitch? She growled, “If you don’t know how to use it, don’t take it. You’ll hurt yourself.” Turning away, she sprinted back toward danger, as she had done for years on the streets.

She got as close as she dared (which was damn close) and shouted, “Green Hair! You know how to use one of these? Take one!” For the second time that day, she threw her dagger, but this time she aimed for the ground next to the girl. Even if she couldn’t reach for the knife, maybe the wolf would step on it and hurt his foot? A foolish plan, but Skylie never prided herself on her brain. She left that to other people.

A glance behind her told her that Blue was retreating and Existentialist Crisis was protecting Prissy Girl. (Okay…she really needed to learn everyone’s names…this was getting sad.) Maybe Ravyn would come up with a better plan than whatever was going on right now. She seemed smart. Or at the very least badass.

Skylie had to do something. She had to make sure that they could all get out of this alive, or least give Green the chance to escape the monster’s paws. Running into the thing’s line of sight, she rolled into a crouch. It wasn’t a defensive crouch, but more of a cat-like stance.

It was a stance she took when she was about to purposely take an attack.

In her few years of fighting on the streets, Skylie had rarely used this move. She only used it when desperate to win a fight. With this strategy, she took a few punches, and when her opponent thought he’d won, she’s strike and take him down. This time, however, she’d take an attack to provide a distraction for the Digimon to do something. Blue wanted the cute bunny to get him into the water, which would be no easy feat, and then perhaps the insect thing would be able to electrocute him. A good plan. Maybe her distraction would be key to seeing that plan through.

Well. One could dream.

{This is a post I never got to post, hahaha....}

Coding by @AnimeGenork


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Variations of Code #4

I didn't actually use this code as much as I think I did, so there are some random variations. They don't all match up with other RPs because sometimes I'd just puts tabs or use a fancy font rather than an entire code.

For a couple of the variations, I floated an image within the scrolly text box, because why not? I was feeling fancy when I did, and rightly so, because I felt like a boss scrolling through it and seeing these floating images.

The little things make me feel like a boss.

Note: There are probably variations that I totally forgot about and never actually found.
Which is unfortunate.

  • Suzume Kirisawa
    "The last person who told me he cared about me nearly killed me."

    Suzume pretended to care about whatever the teacher was talking about. She was telling some dumbass story about her personal life, and really, Suzume didn’t give a damn about any of that.

    Finally, the final bell rang, and Suzume slung her bag over her shoulder and left the room. Whispers followed after her, but as always, she ignored them, despite the ache in her chest that resulted from knowing that people were talking about her in a most likely unfriendly fashion.

    Shoving her hands into her skirt pockets, Suzume turned toward the computer room. Since she really didn’t feel like dealing with her less than caring mother (although she’d been considerably nicer ever since the Incident), she figured she’d do some homework at the school before heading home.

    She entered the computer lab and settled down in a far corner, just in case someone else came in. Better she not have to deal with anyone.

    In the corner, one of the computers beeped.

    Coding by @AnimeGenork

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While in France...

Funny story, I actually figured out this code while I was in France. I don't know what possessed me to spend an hour working on this, but I did, and then I used it a lot for a while. After a while, though, I started to cringe every time I used it, as my self-righteous "I'm clever" thoughts went away...

That was a sad day.

But it served its purpose, and because of this code, I stopped using other people's codes for a while, which I think is the ultimate goal for myself.

Even though I still don't get hidden scrolling.

It's fine, I'll figure it out eventually. ;-;

And yes. This was the first one I made. Keaton is my baby.
Keaton Landau a.k.a. Emperor Kuzco
(Face Claim: David Henrie)

He Was Born and Raised to Rule

Name: Keaton Samuel Landau
Nickname: Keat, Your Gorgeousness
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Based Off Of: Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove
No One Has Ever Been This Cool

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Body Figure: Athletic...the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
Clothing Style:
Distinguishing Features: Small Scar on Right Cheek
He's the Sovereign Lord of the Nation

Narcissistic, Egotistical, Boastful, Haughty, Lonely
Self-Confidence, Friendliness, Compassion, Honesty, Sincerity
Adventures, Llamas, Pasta, Parties, Himself
Big Cats, Silence, Doing Nothing, Arguments, Work
dances instead of walking most places, plans all his entrances to places so they're DRAMATIC!
his dramatic entrances, runs his hand through his hair obsessively when he's talking to people
He's the Hippest Dude in All Creation

As a kid, Keaton always begged to be taken to the zoo. His fascination with animals was exhausting to his parents, but charming all the same. Though he was born to a well to do family, he wasn’t spoiled in the sense that people normally associate with the word. Rather, he was quite vain and obnoxious—but that didn’t mean he didn’t care.

Animals meant the world to little Keaton, especially the llamas. Staff at the zoo were always amused at the fascination he showed whenever he was with them, and the opposing fear he felt whenever he came close to the big cats. Panthers especially were terrifying to him.

One day, Keaton turned around to smile at his mother, a kind and honest woman who found his ridiculous antics adorable. But she was nowhere to be found. Panicked, Keaton ran around the zoo, calling for her with tears in his eyes. But she was gone.

The zoo staff attempted to calm him down and find his parents. But his mother and his father, for unexplained reasons, had packed up and abandoned their son at the zoo. Keaton was devastated to hear it, but it explained the look in his parents’ eye whenever they watched their son up to his usual shenanigans.

Keaton wasn’t entrusted to the foster care system, as one might expect. Rather, a member of the zoo staff, the woman normally in charge of caring for the llamas. He was instantly taken to her, mostly because she put up with his ridiculous behavior…and because of the llamas, of course.

As he grew older, people really couldn’t understand why he was so weird. Strangely, though, they began to see he wasn’t really that bad of a guy. Something about his oddness was amusing, and it drew people to him like magnets. Some girls thought him to be a jerk, but even they were won over by his incredible…oddity.

Keaton took on dancing, as it made his dramatic entrances far more dramatic. Jazz dancing was his specialty, and he took to it like the prized student he was. Deep down though, he kept the pain of his parents’ abandonment locked away. He feared it happening again, but this time with the many friends he’d made, as well as his adoptive mother.

Yet, he lives on, unable to stop caring for animals, and somehow finding it in him to care for others in the most indirect way possible.

Theme Song: "I Don't Dance" from High School Musical 2
What's His Name? KUZCO! KUZCO! KUZCO!

Year: Second
Elective(s): Theater, Dance
Major: Dance
Club(s): Disney Fraternity, Glee Club
Relationships: Here
Crush: Himself

Coding by @AnimeGenork


The Duck Overlord
Variations of Code #5

I already apologize for how many variations there are of this. I have been a part of a few different Disney-based roleplays, so unfortunately the CS changed for each one. Sooooo that resulted in A LOT of code and A LOT of variations of said code.

So the tabs represent the different RPs, and there will be "sub-tabs" holding each variation/character. If that's confusing... I'm sorry. I really have no idea how I can make this easier for myself. XD

The last variation is from an RP that I shut down manually because I was a lazy ass and never got around to finishing my characters for it... which was entirely my bad. That was a WHOOPS on my part.


    • Richard Stockenberg a.k.a. Ron Stoppable
      (Face Claim: Billy Magnussen)

      We've Heard of Bueno Nacho, Chimerito, and a Naco

      Name: Richard Malachai Stockenberg
      Nickname: Ricky
      Age: 20
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Heterosexual
      Based Off Of: Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible
      Rufus in My Pocket, Can't Stop It, Can't Top It

      Height: 5'11"
      Weight: 166 lbs
      Hair: Blond
      Eyes: Blue
      Body Figure: Athletic
      Clothing Style:
      R O N
      Distinguishing Features: Somewhat Large Ears
      Rufus and Ron Stoppable and Our Best Friend, Kim Possible

      Complaining, Doubt, Naivete, Unruly, Vulnerable
      Affectionate, Dependable, Humility, Playful, Mellow
      Nachos, Girls, Naked Mole Rats, The Color Red, His Younger Brother
      Dangerous Situations, Bullies, Homework, His Ears, Summer Camp
      falls in love with every girl he meets, regards naked mole rats as unearthly beings
      eating nachos as a meal, shoving his hands in his pockets when feeling awkward
      We're Not Afraid of Any Attack

      Richard liked being an only child much like most children do, but when he was six, he was extremely excited when his parents told him he was getting a little brother. Baby Reginald, or Reggie for short, was a blessing to the entire Stockenberg family. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for them to figure out that Reggie would never utter a word to them, for he was mute. Despite this, Ricky loved him above everyone else, and he was the best big brother anyone could ask for.

      Though he was a hero at home, Ricky was the typical bullied kid at school. Somehow, he was just an easy target for those stronger than him. He sought refuge in books and movies, a distraction that worked quite effectively. His mind settled into analyzing these books and movies down to their basic concepts, which is what got him into the major he chose for college today.

      True to form, Ricky’s interests spanned a great deal, for one of his favorite destinations was the zoo, where he could watch the naked mole rats scurry around for hours. Even he wasn’t sure what he found so fascinating about them, but for some reason, he felt a sort of kinship with them and other rodents. They were often ridiculed for being who they were, much like he was, which was probably why he refused to use mouse traps anywhere. To him, every person and every animal had the right to enjoy life.

      Above all, Ricky put Reggie first. As his younger brother grew up, he could tell life was hard on the mute boy. People didn’t understand at first what was going on with him, and it took weeks and even months to convince them that Reggie wasn’t rude; he just couldn’t speak.

      There was only one time when Ricky snapped on Reggie’s behalf. He was a senior in high school, and Reggie was in middle school. Every day, Ricky would pick Reggie up on his way home from school. But one day, his brother was late in meeting him. Suspicious, Ricky got out of the car and went searching for Reggie. When he found the younger boy, he’d been cornered by some larger boys, and they were beating him up, taunting him to speak and defend himself against their insults.

      Ricky lost it. He dove in and did to the boys what they had done to Reggie. Then, he took his smaller brother in his arms and took him to the hospital. Because the bullies themselves were bigger and more physically fit, they didn’t retain nearly as much damage as Reggie did. Ricky refused to leave his brother’s side the entire time he was in the hospital.

      From then on, Ricky promised to protect his brother better, so that he would never suffer as he had before. If it was even possible, Reggie was even more timid than he had been before, and he clung to Ricky more tightly than he had even as a baby.

      And if Ricky could help it, that’s the way it would always be.

      Theme Song: "All That You Are" by Goo Goo Dolls

      Year: Third
      Elective(s): Japanese, Photography
      Major: Film Studies
      Club(s): Student Activities, Disney Fraternity
      Relationships: Here
      Crush: Every Girl on Campus

      Coding by @AnimeGenork

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At This Point, Is It Really Clever...?

Yeah, yeah, at this point I know I'm not as clever as I make myself seem. When I achieved my proudest coding moment in France, I also ended up turning that code into an IC code.

That's just my thing, I guess.

Eventually, the image floating thing became a problem because my smarticles ran out with changing image sizes, so if the variations below start to look real wonky, that's just entirely my bad--I got lazy.
Keaton Landau a.k.a. Emperor Kuzco

I Was Dragged All Over Those Hills And I Did Not Hear Any Singing

Mood: Perfect. Duh. | Scenario: GOOD MORNING, WDU! | Location: Dorm > Cafeteria | With: Jim, Pace (formerly) | Tags: Blurp | Outfit: This
Considering it was his second year here, Keaton was not surprised at the mixed reactions from the students in the cafeteria. Some simply could not handle the pure, unadulterated awesomeness that was Keaton Landau. Though if he was not mistaken, there was a freshman girl sitting with a freshman guy looking at him as if he was the sun--which, of course, he was. It seemed he'd already won her over. Kudos to him!

Having received his breakfast, Keaton decided to check on the only being worthy of being his wingman--Leo King, the true King of Partying. Out of the corner of his eye, he'd seen his friend give him the finger, and his enemy for Leo's wingfections (wingman affections) had made a snarky and misguided comment. So what if he'd forgotten some had hangovers? He hadn't drunk a drop of alcohol! It was hard to remember this type of thing when you never indulged in the drink that caused such crippling morning problems. But c'est la vie.

Keaton decided it was best he check on Leo--on a normal day, his friend would never make such a rude gesture at him. As he made his way over to the table where the "Hunks" were sitting, Keaton remembered again how terribly offensive it was that he had never been invited to bear this title. Wasn't he attractive? Of course he was. So why had his wingman never extended the invitation. It was all terribly upsetting.

Not to mention... it reminded him how truly alone he was.

No. He was not going to go there. Not now. But before he could shut it down, the memory surfaced anyway.

~ ~ ~

Llamas were great. Keaton had loved them from the moment he saw them. So that day, he was busy watching the llamas at the zoo walk around, being llamas. His favorite llama, Bernard, looked right at him, and he turned around to tell his mom--

But she wasn't there.

"Mommy?" he called, but she didn't magically reappear from the crowd. Now he was starting to get worried. "Mommy?" he screamed, pushing his way through the crowds, tears starting to run down his round cheeks. "Where are you?" His shoulders shook as he tried not to cry. He was a big boy, and big boys didn't cry, but he just couldn't help himself, he was so alone.

Finally, he found himself back in front of the llama enclosure, and he glanced at them for reassurance. Bernard simply blinked back, almost sadly, as if confirming what Keaton had already feared.

His parents had left him here. Alone.

And eventually, everyone else would leave him, too.

~ ~ ~

Well, gee, that was pleasant to relive in the middle of the cafeteria. Keaton could only hope no one had seen the fear on his face. Whenever he relived that dreadful day at the zoo--the anniversary of which was thankfully months away--Keaton's body went into autopilot, meaning his face would go blank for a few seconds. Any cracks in his armor risked his reputation as a confident god. Mistakes were something he could not afford.

But anyway. Back to Leo.

Keaton arrived at the table just as Sergio left with Lilith Monroe. (Okay, Keaton had to admit, if he wasn't so infatuated with his own beauty, he would be admiring Sergio. No wonder he was part of the Hunks.) That left him an opening to set down his tray slightly apart from the rest of them. Megan was there, cuddling up to Hook--not exactly a ship Keaton had ever thought would sail, but GOOD FOR THEM! he thought--and Jin was trying to convince Leo to eat.

"Apologies if I offended you, Leo," Keaton breezed, nodding to the Ibuprofen bottle. "I often forget hangovers exist, considering I don't drink. Everyone knows you're the real party king. I'm simply the party emperor when it comes to dramatic entrances." And making a stale party awesome again, he added silently.

"As for your exorcism, I believe you'd need some holy water, which I don't happen to have, and you need some sort of priest. I'm the closest you've got to that, considering my adoptive mother insists I practice Catholicism. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're out of luck on my end. Though I did snag this for you." He slid a small bottle of Powerade across the table. "That's supposed to help, and since you refuse to eat the eggs Jin oh-so-wisely suggests you consume, that's the only assistance I can offer." He shrugged, as if it didn't really matter to him if Leo accepted his rare genuine aid. And truthfully, the narcissistic side of him didn't care. His help was obviously going to be accepted by somebody--he was Keaton Landau, for God's sake!

And yet, the part of him that had relived the worst day of his life feared that maybe Leo was starting to leave him.

Coding by @AnimeGenork


The Duck Overlord
Variations of Code #6

Once again, I used this for a lot of things, because for a while I was too lazy to come up with anything else....

Also, I was a little too proud of this.

I'm not now.

Just kidding.

If anything, the accordion part was my pride and joy, since I'd seen it in so many things. But anyway. Here they are!

    • Korey Hughes a.k.a. Kovu

      I'm a Rogue. Judge Me Now, For Who I Am.

      Mood: Hella Confused but Ready for Action | Scenario: I'm...a Lion? Or an Ocelot? | Location: Magic Kingdom Plaza, "Partners" Statue | With: Maggie, Iris, Everyone Else | Tags: @AnimeGenork, @Arkytior | Outfit: This
      Korey wasn’t really paying a terrible amount of attention to the girls’ conversation, so the strange pull towards the center of the square didn’t have to do much to convince him to follow it. Maggie was right behind him as he went to join the gathering crowd around some blond guy.

      He claimed that everyone in the plaza was a Disney character or something, which caused Korey to snort. As if. This guy was raving mad. Was he drunk? But at least he seemed to understand how outrageous his claims were. This is complete bullshit.

      Which was why he wasn’t expecting to be singled out.

      The blond met his skeptical gaze with a serious one. For some reason, he felt as if he should know this guy, which was startling, since he’d never seen him before. The boy started saying something about him being a lion, and the heir to Pride Rock. His name had been Kovu? Like from The Lion King 2? HOLY SHIT THAT WAS REAL? Korey’s eyes widened as his mouth dropped open. Was that why he felt concern for someone he probably didn’t know? Because of the whole Kiara thing? Holy shit.

      It was then the boy said he could turn into cats.

      Korey glanced down at himself, thoroughly confused. He’d never known anything about have magical powers… or, he thought he didn’t. Maybe that was all different, as the boy was saying. He pictured an ocelot, which, for some reason, was the first cat he thought of. When he opened his eyes, he was staring at a pair of paws. Maggie, above him, gasped, and he jumped in the air in surprise.

      Maggie immediately picked him up, and they listened to the rest of the boy’s speech. When the boy asked who was with him, Korey leaped out of Maggie’s arms and sprinted toward the bench, hopping onto it in his ocelot form. By thinking about his human form, Korey shifted back. Facing the crowd, he grunted, “I’m in, too.”

      Coding by @AnimeGenork