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Okay So I Lied

I guess the next two will technically be bullshitting you all, but in a way, not really. This next one, while also an In Character type of code, is also set in its height, and that's because of the height of the image. I basically got real obsessed with my collages, and I decided it was cooler if you could see the images for the characters as well as their name. They're small differences, but in a way, posts made with this are easier to read because the text doesn't need to be small here. (The code above is one of those things where you have ITTY-BITTY text and it's annoying to read unless you're someone who loves that type of thing.)

Skylie Dyer

“What the hell…?”

Skylie Dyer hated the fact that she was going to a university. She didn’t really see the point in it, seeing as she couldn’t care less about her education. But… the art classes here weren’t all that bad. It was possibly the only worthwhile thing at this school.

This morning marked Skylie’s second year at this strange school, full of even weirder people. She wasn’t sure what made it weird, and she couldn’t put her finger on it, but something about this place felt… off. It gave her an odd feeling, which was saying a lot, because she was the girl who could see freaking auras, but nevertheless, it wasn’t a very pleasant feeling.

The moment she stepped outside the dorm (which she unfortunately had to live in, since she was refusing to speak to her mother and therefore couldn’t demand an apartment for herself as a substitute), she regretted it. Colors, colors everywhere. As much as she loved painting with all these colors, she couldn’t stand them so early in the morning, before she’d had any sort of sustenance to fill her belly.

Shutting her eyes, she leaned against a tree, driving back the incoming headache. Oh, how she hated this strange ability she had. This was why painting was okay. Painting never gave you a headache when you were just trying to eat food. Painting never made you shudder or cry when you read too deeply into it. Painting didn’t give you a glimpse into other people’s goddamn emotions when you were trying not to give a damn!

Sliding down to the ground, Skylie put a hand against her forehead. This morning was already a hellhole, and she’d barely taken a few steps outside.

She hated people.

Location: Outside Dorms | Scenario: People Suck | Tags: N/A​
Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork

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Reverse Reverse 2.0

I went backwards again, but this is a completely different size from the ones above. I had fun with collages again, like I did with the one above, but I also did the thing I did for one of the ones farther back, where the only "cool" thing - the different sections - is the basic subtitle code. So. Y'know. It's not that cool, but I like it because of how simplistic it is.

The rule of thumb for Gen: simple is best. Also different colors.

Sky Acedia
Sky Collage.jpg
"If I told you I wish I could have done things differently, would you believe me?"

BasicsName: Sky Acedia
Nickname: Sleepy, Lazy
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Fallen Angel Turned Demon
Occupation: Council Member, Owner of Largest Hotel in City (and Some Smaller Ones)
Council Chair Ranking: #6
Birthplace: Heaven
Birthdate: She'd like to think it's May 13, since that's World Sleep Day.

AppearanceHair Color: Light/Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue (look darker in certain lighting)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 136 lbs
Distinguishing Features: Pale Skin
If you've ever met a shut-in, then you probably understand what Sky looks like. With her tousled brunette locks and hooded blue eyes, sometimes Sky looks like a zombie, complemented by the shuffle she uses as her gait. Even when she gets her allotted hours of sleep, her eyes bear dark circles and appear half-closed and cloudy. Her hair is rarely ever brushed, which annoys at least some of those who serve her, and her skin is so pale it might as well be translucent. When the Council meets however, she at least attempts to look well-polished, with her hair waving and falling halfway down her back and her eyes wide open and aware. She has a decent figure, though she often hides it behind baggy sleepwear.

As to be expected from the living embodiment of Sloth, Sky is lazy as they come. When she's not sleeping, she's sleeping. And if she happens to not be sleeping, it's because someone woke her up. This annoys her, sure, but since she honestly could care less (her surname, Acedia, is Latin for "without care"), she takes to using her powers to stop those who would interrupt her sleep. Unless it's something important. But there are very few things to her that seem more important than sleep. So, again, she's found sleeping about 90% of the time, or chilling in her bed or hammock doing other things that allow her to be lazy to her heart's content. (Does she have a heart? That's the true question.) And that is the barest bones of what one can expect from Sky.

There are times when she can be serious. If the other Sins are involved in any way, Sky will lift her head, quirk her eyebrows, and wonder why in Eloid her fellow Council Members would waste so much effort doing other things. This is particularly why she allows her assistants to do most of the work when running her hotel... the only expertise she really has in the matter are sleeping arrangements. Perhaps there is some level of fondness for her fellow Sins that Sky could glean every once in a while, but for the most part she cares about not doing anything taxing. Which is why she actually detests Council meetings--they require movement and going places and--ugh--caring.

Sure, most of this paints Sky in a negative light and makes her seem like most of her existence is apathetic. Well... It is. Sorta. Sky is chock-full of emotions that she doesn't quite understand, besides her overwhelming desire for sleep and relaxation. She is insecure about these flaws and shrinks away from those who point out her uselessness. Most of all, she wants to be useful, to prove that she could be helpful if she really tried. Unfortunately, her Sloth usually wins, and she goes back to her habits that got her down here in the first place. Sometimes, she wishes she could reverse whatever she did to receive this punishment, but then she looks at her plush bed and her comfy pillow and forgets all about it. The closest she ever comes to showing her true colors is when she is expressing kindness towards hotel customers, her assistants (they receive the "gratitude" facet of her kind nature), and other citizens of Eloid. Of course, this kindness isn't too well received, as she's one of the Council Members... but she can still hope that someday she'll be able to receive a smile in return.

Likes: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Have We Mentioned Sleep?, Her Pillow, Pajamas, Days Off
Dislikes: Council Meetings (Interrupt Naptime), Being Awake, Dresses, Alarm Clocks, Loud Noises in General, Firm Pillows, Perfectly Made Beds

Sky doesn't remember the exact details of her birth--after all, what angel does--but she does remember how calming everything in Heaven was. She loved the feeling of clouds and the light dancing over her wings, and she would often spend her days (Were there actually days? Probably not, but don't tell her that.) napping or relaxing and sometimes casually observing God's creation.

Then, one day, she heard... something. A niggling. A feeling. Something. Something was telling her that she could sleep as much as she wanted, laze around all she desired, and do absolutely nothing forever. Sky didn't know it at the time, but it was Lucifer whispering to her, tempting her with her own traces of Sloth.

And so she fell to temptation.

Without knowing how or why, Sky was cast out of heaven, but she did not really mourn. No, she was going to be able to sleep for as long as she wanted. Once on Earth, she became a demon, though not much about her changed, save for her wings, which eventually fell off due to neglect. (Sloth.) She and her other former angels found each other and formed the Council, which Sky doesn't remember agreeing to, but maybe one of them told her she'd be able to sleep, so she probably went along with it. That was how Eloid was formed... or something? Let's just say Sky's memories get a bit hazy there since she's basically been sleeping the entire time she's been on Earth.

The city grew, and so did Sky's influence, and before she knew it, she was one of the figureheads of the city. Does she care? Not really. Does it bother her that she's such a low rank on the Council? Hell no. What she does care about is that none of the other Sins mess with her sleep. They can deal with all their vengeance crap over there.

Sky had no way of knowing that was about to all go to Hell.

Powers and AbilitiesPowers:
1.) Sleep Manipulation
As one might expect from the incarnation of Sloth, Sky is able to manipulate the sleep patterns of others. This mostly just means she can induce sleep in others, usually at the snap of a finger. This, however, comes with the side effect of draining her own energy, which... makes her fall asleep. But that's usually why she uses it, so maybe it's not that bad of a drawback...?
This power also includes the ability to control how long someone sleeps and whether they have pleasant dreams or nightmares. Sky doesn't often use this facet of her abilities, as she could really care less sometimes (Sloth, remember?), but when she does, it's even more draining then putting one or multiple others to sleep.
2.) Dream Walking
With this power, Sky has the ability to enter the dreams of others, and even daydreams, if she senses they are occurring. However, she can only enter dreams when she herself is asleep as well, and the same goes for daydreams; she herself must be daydreaming. With this, she experiences what is happening in the other's dreams and daydreams, and, if she's not paying attention, she may retain any injury she may receive once in them. Can you tell why she doesn't use this often?
3.) Dream Manipulation
Using this power, once Sky enters dreams--this power does not work in daydreams--she can manipulate them and bend them to her own desires. This can be used to turn a dream into a nightmare or a nightmare to a dream, depending on her preferences. This stands to weaken her and have her succumb to her own machinations, specifically if she induces a nightmare that she herself falls victim to. The only way to avoid this is for her to be fueled by determination, which, being Sloth and all, does not happen really ever. On the bright side, if she induces a good dream, she probably won't wake up in a cold sweat... probably...

1.) Sleeping
Um. Yeah.
2.) Avoiding Responsibility
Oh, what's that? You need her to do some paperwork? Oh, that's funny, uhm... *runs away* (She's quite good at avoiding having to do work.)
3.) Yoga
Provided she actually motivates herself to do it, she's quite flexible in this. She's mostly in it for the meditation, though.
4.) Interior Decorating
She's mostly just good at picking out good bedroom decor. And she would know, wouldn't she...?

ExtraAlignment: Sleep
(Sky couldn't really care less. Just let her sleep and everything's all good. She's pretty lenient, but will most likely side with whoever can get her back to bed faster.)
Crush: "Um... does my pillow count?"
Weapons: "Um. Do I... Do I need to know how to use one?"
Miscellaneous Info:
On average, Sky needs about 14 hours of sleep per night.
Sky could sleep through the world ending, so the rumors say.
Rumor also has it she is the source of the "Princess and the Pea" fairytale... except she was able to sleep with the pea under the mattress.

Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork

warning: hidden scroll (click on bottom right corner to begin scroll)
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My Latest Masterpiece

This code marks many firsts: first accordion with hidden scrolls in the slides; first time using an image div to make squares instead of ovals; first time using a background div in a certain area instead of the entire code... Basically, this was a pretty bomb-ass thing to compose in one night. But, y'know, it's one of those things where you didn't mean for it to happen, but then it does and you're proud of it anyway.

As this is my most recent code (about two weeks ago, actually), this is my final update for the day. Now we're all caught up with Gen's coding! YAY! I mean, I nearly put this other thing here, but it wasn't actually my coding, it was something someone else taught me sooooooooo

Thanks for bearing with my spam, everybody!


Come Closer, Dear Child

There were once two kingdoms, one of blood and one of moonlight. Tensions between these two lands were higher than the atmosphere, as the species of each kingdom had been warring for centuries. In light of these tensions, members of the royal family would meet informally once a year, mostly to keep up appearances, but to also bring some semblance of peace to their kingdoms, if only for a day.

Now, the royal families have arranged for a formal alliance, a marriage between the kingdoms' heirs, who are of similar age. This alliance will finally bring the conflicts to a close and allow the kingdoms to interact peacefully. To celebrate this new alliance, the royal families will host an engagement ball in the halls of Sangue's castle.

But the night of the ball, before the festivities can truly begin, a messenger bursts into the room, and he has a shocking announcement...

...the Vampire King is dead.
I'll Tell You a Story

Hey everybody! Gen again! So this is a slightly modern, heavily royal roleplay about vampires and werewolves! There are two kingdoms: Sangue and De Lune (guess which one's which). This story will cover the events before the ball, during the ball, and leading up to the wedding. Meanwhile, our characters will try to figure out who is responsible for the Vampire King's death (maybe it was one of them O.o ). During all of this, of course, there is drama and intrigue, as none of these characters are what they seem...

I won't bore you with rules, but it comes down to this: please be committed if you're expressing interest, and don't drop off the face of the Earth if you can help it. And if you do, please tell me.

There are 8 roles, and they are NOT first come, first serve. I will most likely ask for a writing sample along with your characters, but if not, there will be one of those fancy application processes. Because I like being in control of those things for once. Maybe my character will get in, ey?

Realistic face-claims only here. Everything's better with gifs and beautiful people. ; )
Of Darkness Unfolding and Sinister Plots Gory

Vampire Princess
The princess of Sangue, set to marry the prince of De Lune. She does not love him, nor does she expect to...because she's in love with someone else.

Werewolf Prince
The prince of De Lune, set to marry the princess of Sangue. He has other plans for his life, and many of them don't involve a vampire wife.

Vampire Prince
The second child of the vampire royal family, and the only one who knows the truly sinister nature of this alliance--that is, that the Vampire King and Queen want this alliance so they can invade and kill off the werewolf royal family once and for all.

Werewolf Valet
Personal assistant to the Werewolf King and Queen, the youngest to hold that title. Through some circumstance or another, he is currently having a steamy affair with the Vampire Princess...

Vampire Maid
The princess's primary maid. Bears a striking and yet vague resemblance to the princess...maybe because she is the true princess?

Vampire Butler
The prince's right hand and closest friend... not that they're allowed to be friends.

Werewolf Butler
The prince's secret twin who wants nothing to do with the crown.

Werewolf Maid
A half-breed who was taken into the castle only due to the butler's influence.

Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork

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An Idea From Long Ago...

Interestingly enough, I came up with the idea for this one MONTHS ago, but only finally managed to do it back in January. I was feeling fun one night and just coded a bit to bring to life these ideas that were... actually really simple.

Don't you love when you think an idea's fancy but it's actually not? :')

Anyway, this is pretty similar to some of my other codes, save for the fact that you need a specific gif to use and the "header" stays in place (HAHA! I'M LEARNING!), but you know.

Hikiko Kamiya
~Daughter of Courage~
Well, she'd gotten to the bay. But now that she was here, she wasn't sure what to do. Glancing around, Kiko didn't really see anyone. Unless...

There was someone running. They had pink hair and-


Kiko's face went blank when she spotted her sort-of cousin, Kohaku, whom she'd never liked, despite liking everybody. Why was she running after this girl with pink hair? Had... had they heard the whistle too?

She called out, "Wait!" Running toward the two girls, she waved the Digivice she'd received in the air. "Did you hear the whistle too?" A part of her groaned at the thought of having to talk to Kohaku, but it could be worse. Why was it that they despised each other, anyway? Uncle Matt was awesome! Even Aunt Sora was cool, although her mother often joked about the time she dumped Tai... but that was irrelevant.

Skidding to a stop, she pointed at the Digivice, hoping she'd gotten at least the pink-haired girl's attention. "Did you get one of these, too?"

Location: Odaiba Bay | Scenario: The Person I Least Wanted to See | Mood: Confused / Full of Dread | Outfit: This (But Orange) | Interactions: Yoki, Kohaku | Tags:
Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
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This Is Kinda Wacko...

This was my other idea from months ago that I managed to whip up in about fifteen minutes back in January. It seemed better in my head, but I haven't experimented with sizes yet, so...

I tried to do some hidden scrolling for the tags bit, but that had to constantly change. Because of that bit of the code, I put a warning about hidden scrolls for the second/third time in my coding life. xD

The first tab is what I coded first, to help test the different aspects, and the second tab is how I used it. So it could theoretically be a CS code at some point, but its PURPOSE is to be an IC code.

I don't know when I'll do another NEW code (or newER), but thanks to everybody who's checked these out and taken even a little bit of interest in what I've been doing. It's been great!

Hey, maybe I'll even start to learn divs! Yeah right...

  • Violet Evslin
    ~Daughter of Sunlight~

    Angelina Collage.jpg

    Full Name: Violet Catherine Evslin
    Nickname: Vi, Sunshine
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Godly Parent: Apollo
    Face Claim: Hailee Steinfeld
    AppearanceHair Color: Wavy Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Tattoos/Markings: Sun-Shaped Birthmark on Neck
    Distinguishing Features: Her Sunny Smile, Birthmark, Burn Scar on Left Hand
    Violet is your typical nice girl. She's kind and helpful to just about every camper, regardless of whether or not they like her. After all, being part of the Apollo cabin, and thus having duties as a healer, she can't discriminate with her patients. Around those she's known for a while, she's playful and sweet. Along with her helpfulness comes a wise and calming personality that gives solid advice in most social situations. She knows nothing of love, but she's willing to try to help her friends with the problems they might have.

    It takes a lot to make Violet truly angry. But if you threaten or hurt her friends, or harass one of her siblings, she will go Mama Bear on you. Camp Half-Blood means everything to her, and messing with it and its campers is taken as a personal insult. It's only when she's truly angry that she's willing to fight for the sake of her family. Her siblings mean the world to her--she clings to them like a lifeline--and she'd do practically anything for them, even if it meant sacrificing herself for them.

    While working on a patient, Violet is focused and no-nonsense. Going against her wishes as a "doctor" is probably a bad idea, since she will end up tying you down and forcing you to take your medicine. The only people she'll listen to while in this mode are her siblings who are also healers, as she believes any second opinion on such matters to be valid. However, her kindness still shows in that she tries to make her operations and treatments as painless as possible, so as to make things easier for the patient in question.
    Virtues: Optimistic, Generous, Sweet
    Vices: Clingy, Vulnerable, Tough Love
    Quirks: Tends to fall asleep in the infirmary, Has once or twice tried to heal an animal
    Likes: Sunny Days, Kind People, Healing Other Campers, Camp Half-Blood, Her Siblings
    Dislikes: Cold Weather, Mean/Selfish People, Violence, Enemies of the Camp, Fire
    Violet had a fairly standard childhood, despite being raised in the foster care system. At first, she'd been raised in an orphanage, in which she was loved by practically all the children and caretakers for her kindness and willingness to help in most situations. Soon enough, she was submersed into the foster care system for "better opportunities." Thankfully, the first family she ended up staying with took a shine to her, and she stayed with them from the time she was five to eight years old.

    Why did she leave them? She didn't. They, in a sense, left her. Violet's foster sister, Nadia, was only two years older than her, but they became fast friends. The girls were rarely ever separated, so it was especially devastating the night their house set on fire. Violet's foster father ushered a crying Violet out before going back into the house to find his wife and daughter. However, they didn't make it out in time, and Violet had to go to another foster family.

    From then on, Violet started seeing strange things. The night of the fire, she could've sworn she saw something crawling away from the house. She never told anyone about these visions, however, as she didn't think anyone would believe her. Her second foster family was nice enough, but she still missed Nadia and her parents. This family understood her grief and gave her the space she needed to heal.

    One day, a year after the fire, she was approached by a twelve-year-old boy, one of her new neighbors. He whispered to her, "You seem them, too, right?" and when she asked what he meant, he gave her a serious stare and said, "The monsters, of course." Finally, she'd found someone who understood what she was seeing and didn't think she was crazy. The boy's name was Kevin, and he became the center of Violet's life. He was the one who told her of demigods and convinced her that she was one. She finally understood why she'd been feeling so strange this past year.

    After a few months, Kevin convinced Violet to run away with him and a friend of his, Doug, who claimed to be a satyr protector of demigods. Though Violet was wary at first, she agreed, and she left a note for her foster family, saying she was going to find out who her parents were. That wasn't entirely a lie, but she still carries the guilt to this day.

    Kevin, Violet, and Doug managed to make it to the outskirts of New York City before the major monsters came. If they could talk, the monsters called Kevin the "son of Love" and Violet the "daughter of Sun" whenever they escaped their clutches. Kevin quickly figured out that he was a son of Aphrodite and Violet was the daughter of Apollo, and the floating symbols that appeared above their heads then confirmed their suspicions.

    The two demigods didn't have any training in any type of fighting, so they had to stick to elusive tactics when dealing with monsters. In this way, they both became fairly agile. Doug used his panpipes in emergencies, but otherwise, they survived without any help. Soon enough, they reached the base of Half-Blood Hill, and that was when the hellhounds came. Doug brought out his panpipes and Kevin found a thick branch, and the two fought the beasts, urging Violet to go on ahead. Tears streaming down her face, she did what they said. As soon as she crossed the border, she cried for help. She was barely ten years old at this point and was terrified at the thought of Kevin getting hurt.

    Other campers noticed the kerfuffle, and they rushed to her aid. Or, rather, Kevin and Doug's aid. Violet herself was wrapped in a blanket and given some nectar. To her surprise, it tasted like fruit punch. She waited anxiously at the base of the hill until finally she saw campers stumble over the camp boundary. Doug, with the help of another camper, carried Kevin over the hill. Violet rushed to his side as he was laid on the ground to be inspected by a healer. To her surprise, when she touched him, she could sense where he was hurt...which was everywhere. He was bleeding badly from multiple wounds. She looked into Kevin's eyes, and he instantly knew he wouldn't make it. Taking her hand gently in his, he murmured, "Don't cry, Vi. I promise I'll always stay with you." He took off the ring he always wore on his finger--a gift from his mother to his father--and gave it to her. A few moments later, he was gone.

    Violet stayed at the camp from then on in the Apollo Cabin. Though she was indeed disheartened and full of grief after Kevin's death, she moved on and became acclimated to life at Camp Half-Blood, training in archery and learning how to control her demigod powers. Her siblings and fellow campers became her new family, and every now and then, she still got to see Doug, who still beats himself up for losing Kevin. It wasn't long before she became the counselor of her cabin. Now, she tries to set an example to both her siblings and younger campers, as well as other counselors. In her eyes, all of them are in the same boat, and as such, all of them are needed to keep the ship sailing. She still lives by that philosophy.
    Theme Song: "Fly" by Avril Lavigne
    Powers and AbilitiesPower:
    Radiant Sun
    Sometimes, in the right conditions, Violet can shine with the light of the sun and blind her enemies. If she concentrates hard enough, she can bend the light and refract it to shine in a desired direction. However, she has yet to master this power, and it will not work in conditions where there is no sunlight.
    Violet is significantly weaker on rainy days, since there is no sunlight. It's not like she won't be able to function, but she won't be as good in a fight, nor will she be able to use her powers. Basically, she's a walking solar panel.
    Vi isn't the sharpest sharpshooter, but she's no slouch when it comes to the one activity that connects her to her father.
    For the most part, Vi is one of the top healers at Camp Half-Blood.
    True to the image of her father, Vi uses a bow and arrow. However, because she's not the best with fighting or even archery, she really doesn't like violence of any sort and chooses to only use it during emergencies.
    healing, using bow and arrow when focused, sunlight power
    cannot use bow under duress (too emotional), barely active on rainy/dark days, falls asleep should she work too hard healing people
    A standard Camp Half-Blood bow. She practices her archery at least three times a week, since (as she says) she's average as an archer. She carries it plus a quiver of arrows at all times on her back.
    Portable First Aid Kit
    Like all good medics, Violet carries around a First Aid kit in case someone needs a band aid or needs on-the-spot assistance. This is strapped around her waist. She restocks it weekly.
    Charm Bracelet
    When Apollo and Violet's mother first met, he gave her a charm bracelet. Later, when her mother gave her up, she left that bracelet with her daughter so she'd always remember that her mother did indeed love her. Violet faithfully wears this every day and rarely goes anywhere without it. She likes to think that she carries a little part of her mother and father with her everywhere she goes.
    Kevin's Ring
    Violet wears the ring Kevin gave her to this day. It's a simple gold band with floral design on it. She never has the heart to explain where it came from to those who don't know.
    Camp Beads
    Violet has a camp necklace with eight beads for every summer she's been there. She never takes it off, and she can often be found twirling the beads when deep in thought.
    Location: bathroom | Scenario: fuck | Mood: drunk | Interactions: everyone | Tags: goldie
    Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
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Gen Will Still Be Learning?

I'm not sure why exactly I'm posting, other than to say I'm not sure where I'll be going from here! Obviously, I didn't use any fancy schmancy things like some of the absolute goddesses on here (*cough* deer deer and apolla apolla and constellation constellation and natasha. natasha. and blackout blackout and any others whose threads I obsessively stare at with wide eyes *cough cough*), but there is a chance some of my div-y bits might still work! Still, I don't want to risk anything, so it looks like I'll be backing up everything regardless of complexity!

Hopefully, when the smoke clears, all my codes will still work and I'll still be able to say, "Hey, look, I did a thing!" but for now, thanks to everyone who even bothered to look at this thread and think I was doing something cool!

I'll see you all on the other side! (I wonder how long it will take me to edit the shiz out of this thread and my Private Workshop...)


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Revamps of Some Oldies

I wanted to still be able to use some of my codes for certain roleplays, so I fiddled a bit with them until I revamped them without any divs necessary! So here they are!

I revamped #9, which was my relationship code, as well as #13 and #15, an in character and character sheet code, respectively.

(I didn't revamp them in that order, but it keeps me sane to remember them this way.

  • Skylie Dyer a.k.a. Iris

    Name Here
    God Awful Half-Brother
    Note to Self: Images that are 1200x1500 look best. Use Pixlr and see if that will help out. c:

    Name Here
    God Awful Half-Brother
    Note to Self: Images that are 1200x1500 look best. Use Pixlr and see if that will help out. c:

    Name Here
    God Awful Half-Brother
    Note to Self: Images that are 1200x1500 look best. Use Pixlr and see if that will help out. c:

    Coding by AnimeGenork AnimeGenork
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Not Exactly New, But Not Exactly Revamped

So with the takeaway of BBC+, I needed to re-code just about all of my character sheets in my Private Workshop, soooooo I took the accordions from my favorite CS code (#7) and made it into something simple. It also helps out with my character thread (The Flutter) to keep it relatively organized and have a general code for those that aren't my "most important" characters.

But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, so here it is!
Skylie Dyer
(Avril Lavigne)

Basic Info

Full Name: Skylie Aveline Dyer

Nickname: Sky, Skittles, Rainbow, Rapunzel (by her father)

Age: 19

Birthday: November 15

Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Religion: Methodist/United Methodist

Country of Origin: Canada

Reincarnation Of: Iris


Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110 lbs

Tattoos/Markings: N/A

Distinguishing Features: Her Signature Scowl, Her Eyeliner


Sass her, she'll sass you right back. Skylie is a live wire with a vendetta against the world. She's pessimistic, cynical, and makes sarcastic comments whenever she can. Her dry wit is often unmatched, and she's honest to a fault, as well as blunt. There is a permanent bored look on her face, a product of a boring life filled with boring people. Along with this honesty sits a deep-seated need to find real friendship, not some phony relationship like all the other teenagers in the world. If you encounter her when she's vulnerable, she'll lash out, unless you give her a reason to trust you.

Skylie's favorite type of music is rock, and due to this, she often sits in a corner, listening to Fall Out Boy or We the Kings. She's shut herself off from the rest of the world, opening up to pretty much no one. In spite of this, she's perfectly adept at surviving situations, and if give a good enough reason, she's capable of handing out logical advice given from an objective point of view. When alone, she paints. Unlike her wardrobe, these paintings are colorful, as if reflecting something deep inside her that she doesn't want anyone else to see. Only her art teachers have ever seen them; not even her family knows.

Love is very precious to her, as she hasn't had enough of it in her life. Unfortunately, this means she won't know it if she ever encounters it, and won't know how to handle it.

■ Being honest
■ Knowing the difference between clearly right and obviously wrong
■ Painting

■ Doesn't have honesty filter
■ Her bluntness often seems harsh
■ Very sensitive to what people say to her

■ Will stand in the middle of a rain shower, face tilted toward the sky
■ Carries around Eiffel tower keychain
■ Will tell you what she's thinking, if you ask

■ Painting
■ Rock Music
■ Staying Up Late
■ Rainbows

■ Sports
■ Hip-Hop
■ Waking Up Early
■ Hurricanes/Tornadoes

Skylie is deathly afraid of being alone for the rest of her life. The thought scares her so much that she will wake up in a cold sweat.

Her most secret desire? Easy. Skylie someday hopes to see what's at the end of the rainbow. Okay, okay, she actually wants to find someone that will see her for who she is, and cherish her forever. (Yeah, it's cheesy. But can you blame her?)

Skylie's boyfriend was very abusive. She never told anyone about how he'd beat her, and though they ended it, thanks to him losing interest, she still hasn't told anyone about it. She would rather not tell anyone, especially about the day he raped her when she tried to fight back.


Unicorns and rainbows. From the day she was born, Skylie was expected to fit into a stereotypical girl archetype: in love with the color pink, obsessed with princesses, and a big fan of unicorns and rainbows. But that just wasn't her style. She liked wolves and foxes, as well as black. She scoffed at all things girly and refused to wear dresses and skirts no matter how much her parents begged. Her crown was a fedora given to her by her uncle, her kingdom the forest in her backyard.

Skylie's mother resented the fact that her daughter had no sense of fashion or even cared what she looked like. Her father, comparatively, always said, "I'm proud of you," and would ruffle her hair, causing her to give him a gap-toothed grin. She clearly favored her father, and so, her parents often fought about it. Dad would always say Mom was putting too much pressure on Skylie, while Mom would accuse Dad of brainwashing her into thinking that acting this way and never really making friends was acceptable.

When she was seven years old, her parents divorced, with her father taking custody of her. With the absence of his wife, everything fell into disarray, until he became prone to sitting in front of the TV with a beer in hand, mumbling at the TV as if it was the cause of all his problems. Skylie saw this, and realized her father didn't care about her anymore. With Mom not around, he had no reason to defend her. Saddened by this thought, she packed up her things and walked out the door at age nine, sick and tired of being ignored.

She lived on the streets for about four years, toughening herself on the outside while she built impenetrable walls around her heart. Instead of being simply a tomboy, she was a tomboy street urchin, willing to do anything to survive. Finally, at age thirteen, someone found her and told her that her father had died of alcohol poisoning, right on the couch where she'd left him. Of course, she'd seen this coming. It was only a matter of time. But now that she'd been found, she'd have to go with her mom.

Life there wasn't much better. Her mother ignored her, often pretending she didn't exist unless it was absolutely necessary. Skylie lived this way for three years, until the day she turned sixteen. It was around that time she got a boyfriend named Zared (stupid name). They went out for months until he broke it off suddenly, and she retreated into herself and began painting. Shutting herself off led her to become even more of an outcast than she already, and she's lost faith that she'll ever find anyone who will actually understand her.

Theme Song: "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson and "Rock Bottom" by Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE

Powers and Abilities

In especially humid weather, Skylie can make the water in the air form a rainbow, which, depending on what she asks them to, can be tangible or not. The tangible rainbows can be made into objects, but these only last a few hours at the most, or for a lot less time if they're out in the sun. Sometimes she can ask them to deliver messages for her.
Skylie can tell how a person's feeling by the colorful aura surrounding them. Certain colors correspond to certain emotions, but combinations are still a bit tricky for her. She chooses not to read too much into these auras that she sees, as she doesn't want to get too mixed up with people in general.

■ A lack of water source/water that is frozen cannot be formed into a rainbow.
■ If a lot of people occupy a room, their combined auras can give Skylie a bad migraine.

Alto Saxophone
Skylie plays a mean alto saxophone, though she's never really sure what this ever has to do with anything.
Street Smarts
Living on the streets wasn't a complete waste. Skylie knows things about people and how to survive that normal ninteen-year-olds wouldn't know.
Her time on the streets also gave Skylie uncanny skill in anything gymnastic or speed-related. Even she's amazed when she does a backflip and sticks the landing.

Her rainbows, her fists, and her trusty daggers

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So I didn't realize that divs were back. Surprise!

When I found out (yesterday), I went back through my codes in this abandoned-ish thread and decided to see if everything worked... and it did! Score one for Gen, who never went beyond divs in the first place!

So, if you take a spin through my thread, you'll see that everything once under a div-preserving spoiler is revived! Only one code cannot be revived, but that's because of the classes and values involved because I used that tab generator. This code may be lost to us, but that's okay! I only use my stuff I entirely struggled over anyway, haha.

I know my codes are definitely no masterpieces, but I'm actually very glad my efforts all those years ago weren't for naught. And hey, maybe I have more of a repertoire to use now! (Or more stuff to edit little things out of lol.)

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