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The Elder

August 29th, 2022, 9:00 AM

Three full months have passed since the madness event of May 23rd occurred. Parts of the world and the people within it are still recovering from the destruction that the madness had caused, both physically and mentally. The evil within have taken this opportunity presented to them to make their moves within the shadows. All the while placing their influence in different parts of the world. Monsters are banding together and ancient evils are waking up from their deep long slumbers. The students of the E.A.T. class is called to action with yet another school year looming ahead of them. Their three month break of recovery is now over, whether they like it or not. Each returning student had to go through a small psych exam with Professor Juri to make sure that they were fit to return. The past events had caused a lot of trauma with the students of E.A.T. and Lord Death wanted to make sure everyone was at least mentally stable enough to continue. As long as they could wield a weapon successfully, their trauma was something they would have to come to terms with and overcome on their own. The students of the E.A.T class are called to the courtyard to meet up with the professors and receive their partners, teams, and participate in today's exercise. Each student will arrive at the courtyard, where there will be an orientation table. On that table will be laminated name tags and dry erase markers in a variety of colors. Meisters will grab the red name tags and weapons will grab the blue. Each student will write their name and whether or not they’re taken. 9 O’CLOCK SHARP! DON’T BE LATE!!!
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The Elder

First Day!!
tumblr_26af30b0be4d20711f6413cbeea96ba2_22122b88_2048.jpgHer alarm blasted through the room waking up the young Yang. She awoke slamming her hand around trying to find her phone to turn off that blasted alarm. After a bit of searching, she finds it and snoozes the alarm. “Five more minutes.” She says, and three minutes later another alarm goes off. This time from her laptop across the room. She let out a groan of annoyance as she threw her covers off of her and stomped over towards her laptop closing it shut. She huffed as she plopped down in her bed trying to go back to sleep, but two minutes later her phone went off again. She groans in defeat, grabbing her phone. “Fine, fine I’m up.” She says turning off her alarm. She scrolled through a bit checking the weather, her notifications, and even her social media. She saw a post from the DWMA page, announcing the first day of school. That’s when it finally clicked. “Today's the day!” She says quickly setting up. “I gotta wake up Gracie.” She leaps out of bed, completely naked, and grabs her red silk robe as she waltzes down the hallway. “Gracie!!” She called out. Approaching her door, she knocks three times before entering. “Gracie, Gracie get up, it's time for school. It’s time for us to go show E.A.T. class our awesomeness.” She says as she shook Grace trying to wake her up. “I’m finna go get ready, you better be up and getting ready yourself by the time I come back.” She says waltzing right back out of Grace’s room heading straight for the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, the girl took one look at her hair and her face turned to complete disgust. “I’m not looking forward to fixing you.” She said speaking to her terrible case of bed head. The young weapon starts her morning routine with a steaming hot shower. The entire time she couldn’t shake her excitement for starting her classes today. After joining E.A.T. and partnering up with Grace, she couldn’t wait to start doing missions and learning new things. These past couple of weeks Grace and her have been training, putting up postures for the band, and trying to get to know one another. She did wish they could go on a mission, but she simply respected Grace’s three month mission restriction for her RnR after what happened last year. She will say that Grace has been looking a lot better than when she first saw her in that music room; she was looking like a complete mess. Speaking of the music room, she did not enjoy the repairs the two of them had to do. Especially with Ikora watching over them like a hawk. Her excitement grew at the thought of everyone within E.A.T. she’ll meet, and hopefully bond with. She needed a bit more friends outside of Grace. Ending her morning routine, she waltzes right back into Grace’s room completely ready to go, and her hair is done and fixed into two buns. “Gracie!? You ready to bounce?? Oh and how do I look? Do I look good or what??” She asked, posing a bit with a big smile. After all that was said and done, the two of them were off to the DWMA!! _Line 213 _Line 213


Elvena Stein

Today was the day that marked the first day of her second year at the DWMA. Oh how different it was from the first day of her first year. No jumping for joy, hardly able to contain the excitement. No twin to irritate and drag around. While others would probably be nervous with anticipation or thrilled to be joining the class, Elvena was indifferent. As long as she was with Takeshi, the rest didn’t matter. The gray haired woman hadn’t slept a wink the entire night, instead she stared off at the scattered about papers all over the huge table that was plopped right in the middle of her lab. About an hour before it was time to get ready, which honestly didn’t consist of much, she had trudged up the stairs and found the form of her partner. Soundlessly she draped her entire body atop of his, akin to a blanket of sorts, and just sighed outwardly before closing her eyes. The time passed much too quickly for her, the curse of time as it always stole the precious moments hastier than the others. “ Shi… “ She whispered out as if afraid to end the silence they were enveloped in, admittedly hungering for more. Her body shifted slightly and she found herself straddling the man beneath her, those scarlet eyes inspecting the sleeping face of her partner quite intently. Those lips drifted off to form a worried expression until she felt him begin to stir, his own golden hues meeting hers. This caused a genuine smile that was reserved for few to take over the previous look she’d been wearing.

Up~! “ She chimed out as if her voice would act like a splash of cold water upon his face. Elvy took her own word to heart and straightened back up, wobbling slightly. To say she hadn’t slept the entire night would sound completely normal. People pulled all-nighters all the time. In reality, Elvena hadn’t slept in at least two weeks and it was beginning to show. She shrugged out of her lab coat and hung it in its usual place before sauntering off towards the closet. There was little care when it came to attire and it showed as she plucked out a random article of clothing off a hanger blindly and slipped it on. Her movements seemed sluggish as she let her soft steps take her to the bathroom so she could peer at her reflection in the mirror. It almost looked like she was looking for something in particular, those eyes squinting as she leaned forward. She could’ve sworn that she saw the image of herself smile back at her but if it had, it was fleeting. Too quick to confirm. Her fingers made their way through her messy strands of hair, flattening and fixing wherever they wandered.

Sword… “ She muttered as she peered in the mirror again and fixated those tired bloodshot orbs on her bare hip. Those same eyes, now frantic and filled with life, immediately went searching, scanning the room as if she literally had zero idea as to where it was located. However, as she looked around, the room appeared different. The walls seemed to be fading and flowing like an old photograph. Elvena stood still for a while, just watching, until something in her head clicked and she bolted out of the room and sprinted outside. Her hands reached out to scoop the sword up off the bench she’d laid it on when she had trained with Takeshi the previous day. She cradled it close to her chest, bringing her cherished possession inside with her so she could begin finishing up her routine now that all the traces of panic had vanished. It was a simple routine which consisted of gathering food for both Takeshi and herself, securing her sword to her person, and waiting by the front door for him.

After everything she’d been through, travelling without him had no longer become an option. Not that she had to ask for him to accompany her, it was a mutual desire. She shifted slightly and part of her jacket slid past her shoulder, exposing the porcelain skin beneath but it didn’t seem to bother her so she made no correction on the dishevelment. Once her partner joined her it wasn’t long before the two were on their way, retracing the usual path that led to the academy and making no detours along the way. The glare of the cackling rising sun blinded the meister a bit but she looked up, which only made her eyes more luminous than usual. If it bothered her, it wasn’t visible. Elvena shifted Takeshi on her back slightly and began the ascent up the many, many, stairs that loomed before them. They’d arrive not late but also not early, clearly not caring to be either of one of those types of people.

There was a table off to the side that caught her eye and she couldn’t remember if that had been there during the last orientation. Usually she was a stickler for the details but in this rare instance everything was a little blurry. She walked straight past any earlier arrivals, carefully weaving around them and making sure as not to knock into anyone with the giant weapon strapped onto her back. Soon she approached the 'new' table and slid her gaze down to the blank tags, reaching out to collect the respective ones. Finally, she dragged her eyes across each color in silent contemplation, hoping one of the many choices would scream “ pick me! “ to her. None of them seemed to hold much interest or sway over any of the others, to her dismay. Elvena ultimately settled on the black, completely naïve to the pun behind that choice, and scribbled the word ‘mine’ on one and ‘theirs’ on the other one. Simply that. She slapped the ‘theirs’ to her coat haphazardly. Quite the contradiction as she delicately smoothed out the ‘mine’ along the vast surface of Takeshi’s flat side with an eerie smile to accompany her actions, as if she was thoroughly pleased with herself. The marker rattled upon the table as she discarded it and swapped it out for a much more cherished pencil and her handy notebook.

After being at the school for a year already, Elvena had found a few places that she enjoyed wandering off to. Without pause she started sprinting towards the side of the building, hair whipping about like a wild winding river behind her. To the untrained eye it would seem as if she'd crossed the courtyard using teleportation but to those with more experience she'd appear moving as a visibly blurred figure. She angled her body as she kicked off the ground, boots firmly planting onto one of the ledges that she’d landed on, only to further use this to propel herself towards one of the giant candles that jutted out conspicuously. She landed with an amazing show of balance which had been tediously practiced over the many times she'd escaped to this spot. The small satchel at her side that held a few items she deemed extremely essential came to nestle against her thigh as she sat down upon the curved surface beneath her. That notepad she was grasping with those piano-like fingers was opened slowly as she flicked through each page that had countless notes jotted upon them. As she teetered the edge of coming to the end of the book she finally happened upon some blank ones. “ Now we watch. “ Elvena said as those dangling legs began to kick back and forth, loving the freedom they were being given. Within moments she was madly scribbling away, leaning to the side as if expecting Takeshi’s body to be directly beside hers and no longer in weapon form.

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_Line 213

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Grace's Place
Interacting with: Yang ( The Elder The Elder )

At times, Grace could hear the sounds of birds chirping just past her window, the sounds hovering at the edge of her consciousness as her mind ignored the light and drifted in and out of sleep. Despite her sensitivity to sound, the girl was a heavy sleeper; perhaps her musical choices had something to do with that. As had been inevitable for quite some time by that point, however, her room was originally disturbed by a sound she couldn't quite ignore--the ecstatic voice of her weapon partner, and, for the past few months, her roommate.

Slowly, she opened a single eye as Yang jostled her every which-way, quietly fixing it on the girl for a few moments before closing it again. "...Yeah. Okay. I'm coming. Whatever," she said, half-awake as her grogginess caused her already-mild voice to croak slightly. It wasn't until several minutes after Yang had left the room and her radio-alarm had clicked on that she actually sat up, shifting some of her hair out of the way of her eyes and rubbing at her face with a loud sigh. For a few more moments, she simply sat that way, hands on her face and rubbing at her eyes. For some reason, it had felt as if she hadn't gone to school for an entire year; usually summer was the sort of season that passed by quickly, leaving as soon as it could and never returning until it absolutely had to. Maybe it was dread, or perhaps her brush with madness had messed with her sense of time, dragging out the days and lengthening the nights to the point where the only indication of a changing season were subtle shifts in the weather, rather than the day on the calendar.

She finally pulled her hands away, glancing toward the nearby picture sitting on her bedstand--one of the only mementos from the last time she could definitively say she was happy. A smiling opera singer, a proud flutist, and between them both, a young girl, beaming, a violin clutched tightly in her soft, rounded hands.

The meister took in a deep breath, quietly taking in the reminder of why she was there in the first place. It took effort, but she finally pulled herself out of bed, flat white t-shirt and pastel sleeping boxers clinging to her form.

Grace ruffled her hair on her way out of the room, the sound of Yang in the bathroom trailing out lightly into the common room as she made her way to the kitchenette, plucking a dirty bowl from the sink and washing it out before adding the cereal left out on the counter and some of the milk from the fridge. The heavy crunching of the rounded, sugary cereal managed to put her mind at ease; there was at least one benefit to being out on her own--the ability to eat as much of whatever junk she wanted, however often she chose to. Her eyes slowly trailed to the bathroom door--the water had stopped for a while by that point, but the door was still closed. At that point, Grace felt she knew the weapon well enough to guess that she was probably doing her hair--something that always took a while.

Grace herself never really bothered. Her hair fell however; sure, from time to time it could do with a comb-out or a pat-down, but that was it. Why waste the time?

And how much time it was to waste. Grace finished her cereal, slipping the bowl unceremoniously into the sink once again as she returned to her room, claiming a few elements of her standard getup from her drawers, before sliding open her closet's door as she pulled out her usual coat and rifled through a few different shirts, flicking their hangars back and forth in a brief, yet ultimately half-hearted decision-making moment. Her chosen shirt was simple enough, a grey one several sizes too large (as she preferred them) emblazoned with the simple logo of a band named Amp 11.

"...Yeah, sure. Never a bad day for prog-rock." She swiftly shut the door.

Clothes in hand, she paused. Yang was still in the bathroom--how much time did they still have? After a few moments, she realized it didn't really matter; Yang hadn't eaten yet, she could tell that much from the unchanged state of the kitchen. And so, with clothes in hand, she moved to the common room, lying down on the couch as the sound of the radio reached out into the living room. For a moment, the meister almost fell asleep again, before the click of the bathroom door brought her back to her senses. At least one of them was ready now.

"...Yeah, you look fine," she said, offering the highest compliment she could give as she rolled her legs off of the couch and pushed herself to her feet, her clothes slightly flattened by the maneuver. "Get something to eat, I'll be out in a few moments," she said, grogginess remaining in her voice as she shifted past Yang, claiming her time in the bathroom with the clink of the lock behind her. Her own time within was strictly utilitarian; she was in the shower, out of the shower, and brushing her teeth in less than five minutes, hair only a few levels away from dripping wet--and only because Grace didn't want to make her clothes uncomfortable right out of the gate. Hopefully Yang hadn't decided on cooking a full breakfast or anything like that--though even if she was, it was no skin off of Grace's nose if they showed up late. After what Ikora had put them through over the summer, anything less may as well be a slap on the wrist, and it wasn't as if she could really top making them repair an entire room on their own.

She spat, rinsed, and stepped back out of the bathroom looking practically no different from when she had gone in, save for her changed clothes and damp hair. Having left her jacket on the couch, she quickly slipped it around her, tossing her sleeping clothes into one of the laundry baskets nearby. "We can get outta here now," she stated casually, not giving much more regard to the time.
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Knight boi


John Adams

The night sky was calm, as the wind blew peacefully, the moon has just rose up from the afar horizon, it was quite peaceful right now, though what the acts he was about to commit was far from that, it was time to get to work. In a few months he would have a long day, and a tiring one, once the students figure out what he was and who he was, his life could possibly be in danger though that didn’t cross his mind to much, he knew the teachers would be protecting him but also keeping a close eye on him tomorrow. It wasn’t his fault who his dad was though right? Right. John stepped from the shadows of a sound coming from the middle of what appeared to be a descendent alleyway of sorts. The sounds of a man who was currently tapped up and stripped of clothing besides his underwear was currently freezing right now. He then grabbed a nearby gallon of gasoline as he walked toward him calmly.

So, Mr.Leon, your in a tight situation aren’t you? Your in debt y’know, you owe me father a lot of money, but still because you think he died you get to get away with it huh? Well your wrong, let’s see what you have to say for yourself.

“Please sir! I’m begging you let me go, what do you want? I can give you anything! Women! Alcohol,Drugs! You name it!”

Your propositions mean nothing to me.

“Please sir I have a family!”

“Your family means nothing to me.”

“I can get you the money in a weak! No no! Half a week!”

“I can’t believe my father never killed you when you were in debt, perhaps I should cut your tongue off.”


“Enough. I’m tired of your begging.”

As he then backed away from the man’s face, he took of the strap of cloth that was used to muffled the man’s cries and screams, he couldn’t Beckie his father was this generous, though he wasn’t his father, he’s been hunting down everyone who was in debt by him after he died, and this was the last one.

He grabbed the gallon of gasoline, before returning back to the man , before pouring it all over his body making sure to get every part of his skin covered in gasoline. The cry’s getting louder and louder.

After he was done he stepped back to see the man soaked in it, he then reached down his pocket before pulling out a cigarette putting it into his mouth, then reaching further down and pulling out a match and lightning it.

I would say it’s been a pleasure but, we both know what’s going to happen next.

He said before he then threw the match onto the gasoline quickly going up to flames along with the man who started to be lit on fire, he violently shaked as he tied down onto the chair, his screams louder and louder.

He then sighed as he then puffed out the cigarette and the returned back to his mouth before walking away.

John Adams stood in the bathroom mirror, looking at himself, he was thinking about something, most likely how his day would go and turn out, he knew he would most likely be enemies with everyone at the school, it was almost a certain fact how it will turn out, maybe even destiny.

He looked at himself, then his body, having multiple scars and old injuries shown across the skin everywhere, he then let out a long sigh before stopping his observation and pulled out his shirt tying the buttons together.

Your lucky you got my good looks you know~”

A familiar voice appeared as he then turned his head at the direction of his voice, but it would be his father, though he knew he was dead, for some reason he still heard and saw him alongside with his mother.


“What’s for the long face? Aren’t you excited for school son?”



John signed as he finished putting on his clothes, and then leaving the structure that he lived in, making his way towards the school he would be attending for this year, hopefully the first day wouldn’t be too bad right? Yeah right, that would be a fools dream to think that, though he eventually had made his way to the school, keeping a low profile and not bringing unwanted attention to himself.

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It had only been about a week since Cain arrived in Death Vegas Nevada, the location of his ancestors alma mater and the main branch of the DWMA organization; the branch he would soon be attending after being transferred over from the Oceanic branch. Presently residing within the Aria Hotel, Cain had for the most part been out and about the town, re familiarising himself with the city itself. Having not been here for several years; his memories or Death Vegas were quite foggy and vague and in reality quite a bit had undoubtedly changed since he was last here. So a quick refresher was vital if he was to now live in Death Vegas.

Of course this meant that Cain had stopped by 'The Bellagio'; the nightclub owned by his Aunt Rivera Evans and his Uncle Elton J. Evans as was the normal thing to do between family. In their kindness and generosity they had offered to let Cain stay with them, even if only temporarily, hoping to catch up with their nephew. Cain however would politely decline their offer, having already paid for a week's stay at the Aria hotel. Whilst it was the natural thing to do, visiting his relatives, Cain had an ulterior motive towards the trip. As part of his agreement to transfer over to the main branch of the DWMA, Cain had taken it upon himself to personally visit his cousin, the musical prodigy of the current generation of Evan's and the current failure of a demon weapon that had within the last year been decommissioned and rendered unfit to be out on the field. The mere thought of a Demon Weapon from the Evan's family being this weak had caused quite the stir within Cain; the idea of their family name being dragged through the mud was a feeling he could not shake off. It was embarrassing for Cain.

That being said, Cain in his attempts to confront his broken cousin had come as close as the studio room door; a room at the back end of the building which had recently been converted into a private area for staff. From within the confines of this locked room, the faint sound of a piano could be heard playing from within, soft fingers caressing the bone white keys of the ancient instrument; its manipulator shrouded in darkness as the crestfallen figure tapped away purely on instinct. Rooted to the spot just outside the door and with his hand inches away from the door's handle, He could feel the eyes of RIvera and Elton digging into the back of his head; their piercing gazes unrelenting as they watched Cain approach the locked door. Whilst they did generally love Cain as their nephew, they were not oblivious to the type of person he was. "Sorry Cain, that area is off limits. I'm sure you understand' was all Elton would say before ushering Cain back to the main area where they would resume their general gossip.

Besides that visit to the Bellagio, the rest of Cain's week had been nothing more than simple sightseeing up until the first day of the new year.

Tucked away under the hotel provided Duvet, Cain had found himself in absolute bliss as he continued to stay in slumbers grasp; his body on its side as his face was pointed away from the hotel's window. Not even the daring ray of sunlight that dared to intrude upon his sleep was enough to awaken him; at least not without the gentle yet effective assist that rung from his mobile phone that had been left upon the bedside counter. No, it was not the alarm that had proven to be the deciding factor; rather it was a message from one of his former acquaintences from the Oceanic branch; a simple 'Good Luck :)' from Cassidy Bowman.

Sighing and returning the phone back to where it was moments ago placed, Cain's futile attempt to recoup some sleep was thrown out the window as the alarm finally went off; the annoying tone finding an appropriately annoying time to start ringing. What was the point of the alarm when some other force was already attempting to awaken him.

As if fate itself was conspiring against him, Cain had finally accepted the futility of his situation and got himself out of bed, the half dressed boy heading straight for the bathroom where his morning routine would soon begin.

An hour or so would pass before Cain would be out the front door of the Aria; having made a stop at the hotel's cafeteria for a quick morning coffee and breakfast.


It wouldn't be that long before Cain stood before the large steps leading up to the academy; the sight of several other students already making the arduous climb up the challenging obstacle; one he would have had no issue with if he were alongside one of his former meisters. Alas, that was not the case today and Cain would begin to make the climb; his mind not even putting much thought towards whom may potentially be his latest meister. Rather, even if he wanted to think about it he could do little more then hope that they were at a level where he would not be hindered by their limitations. Ideally someone of Arthur's calibre yet geniuses like him were seldom available this late in the year and he doubted he'd find a meister as gifted as Arthur was.

Sighing at the thought, Cain did have to wonder whether this next partnership would end in eventual failure; whether it be due to their lack of talent or some unfortunate outside circumstance. Whatever the case, it was probably best he kept this new partnership strictly business.



Don’t fear the reaper
Izuma Arkane
An alarm was blaring across the room. It felt loud enough to wake up the entire block. It’s piercing noise soon fell silent as Izuma pressed the snooze button. He sat up in his bed and looked at the calendar on his phone next to his bed. “Ah! Today’s the first day of school.” He quickly got up from his bed and into the bathroom. He couldn’t help but feel excited to enroll in the DWMA, despite his family’s track record with it. After a few minutes of washing up, he looked at the mirror. There he could see his chest, riddled with scars from his father’s brutal training. Although they’ve healed, the physical and mental marks were still there. He huffed and splashed water on his face so he could snap out of it. “Remember, first impressions are everything.” He said to his reflection. He sighed and left the bathroom. He yawned as he re-entered his room. His room was quite tidy, as he always tries his best to keep it that way so that he doesn’t get kicked out. He rummaged through his closet to find clothes that aren’t dirty. “Aha! Finally.” After getting dressed, he headed downstairs to grab a pop tart.

A figure covered in a black-greenish substance stuck out from the kitchen. Izuma almost jumped at the sight of it. The figure laughed as he wiped his face off.


“Don’t worry. It’s just breakfast I made for myself. Want some?”

“I’m good, Uncle. Remind me that we should order takeout for dinner.”

“Whatever you say little Izu.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

Izuma walked out the door and into the city. Taking in everything around him. As much as he wants to go around and explore the city, he must focus on getting to school on time. The school itself wasn’t that far from where he was living according to the map on his phone, so walking to it was not a problem. As Izuma was walking to the school, he couldn’t help but to look around and see the numerous buildings and houses. He looked at them in such awe due to being unfamiliar with the setting. To most people looking at him, it would seem that he was a tourist visiting Death City. A few minutes later, Izuma found himself at the stairs the DWMA in all it’s glory. He looked up at the building and gulped. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t intimidated by it. The whole structure felt huge. He fears that he might get lost in the hallways. Nonetheless, he walked forward, ready to start the day.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Ferra and Torr

Location: DWMA
Interactions: Anyone at the nametag table

Ferra couldn't of possibly been more excited than she was today, okay maybe when she had convinced Torr to go with her to the DWMA...she wasn't sure. They were pretty darn close! Either way the young blonde woman's journey to Death Vegas had been quite interesting. Torr was a big fella after all. Driving there with him wasn't exactly an option, not conventionally anyways. Nor was a plane trip. Travel for the pair had involved hiking, hitch-hiking with Torr on the back of a flatbed truck, a boat trip, more hiking...you get the picture. Luckily, her gargantuan companion was as resilient as they came so they toughed it out with minimal complaint.

Getting a stay in a hotel until school opened up was another set of problems of its own...mostly the big man having to squeeze his large form through the doors. Thankfully for the most part they could accommodate him with some effort and minor damage to the door itself. For the most part they stayed around the hotel room due to the ordeal involved in going in and out, but today they had no other choice. "Time to wake up!". Ferra cheered as she leapt off the bed and onto the mighty behemoth sleeping beneath her...at the crack of dawn, earning a grumble from him. Bright and early was an understatement for the meister, it wasn't bright but it was sure early! Wakey wakey.. She insisted, gently stomping on Torr's chest which in reality was essentially roughly poking him awake. She had to do it like that! He was too big otherwise to really respond.

Had it been anyone else they'd likely of seen themselves tossed into, and possibly through, the nearest wall. "Let me sleep.". A deep and rough voice sounded, followed by a huff from Ferra. "Fine, ya big baby. I'll go wash up but I expect your big butt to go shower right after me.". She retorted, poking her tongue out and walking off to the bathroom. Unfortunately for her Demon Weapon, Ferra was a notoriously quick bather. The blonde appeared within five minutes wet hair and all with little more than a towel around her petite frame, gently nudging Torr in the side a bit. "There. Shower is on so just climb in.". She spoke, the shower itself being a simple walk-in.

Torr groaned in reluctance and slowly sat up, staring silently at Ferra before groaning once more. His head shook as he stood not seeing any point in waking up far earlier than needed. All they would be able to do was sit at the hotel and eat breakfast, at-least and not sit at the academy waiting for hours. Nonetheless, he walked to the bathroom and undressed. Briefly he stared at his grizzled and mutated form in the mirror, his face scarred and stiched in several places,before simply cleansing his body. He took his time unlike Ferra who had been long dressed by the time he was done in the bathroom. "Jeez it's about time! It's six already.". Ferra whined, not happy they'd nearly spent an hour total getting ready.

Torr just shrugged,"Breakfast?". He offered choosing to ignore her complaining. He knew Ferra was just far too excited for this while he was dreading every second. He was sure many would be staring, whispering among themselves about him, asking uncomfortable personal questions such as "Why is that sack on your head?. Truthfully...part of him was used to it by now. Though not entirely. It still bothered him a lot, sometimes more than others. But thankfully he had Ferra there for him by his side ready to stick up for him. Though on the outside he was tough and imposing he was far more fragile and self-conscious on the inside. "I guess we should probably eat...you have a big walk ahead of you after all.". Ferra agreed with a little nod. The thought of the walk alone caused him to groan softly and almost reconsider this whole endeavour....almost.

Either way the awkward shuffle to squeeze himself out of the door soon ensued, the pair exiting the hotel room and heading downstairs. More awkward squeezing and they were finally outside where Ferra was quick to climb up onto his back and peek out from beside his head. The blonde looked around a bit before pointing out a buffet for the pair to go to, one breakfast buffet later where Torr ate well over a reasonable amount as per usual they looked around the city for a while. She had never been to a place like Death Vegas before, it was fairly interesting! Though sightseeing would come later. The weapon and meister duo would make their way for the DWMA, Ferra giving Torr a reassuring pat at the steps.

Students and faculty making the intrepid journey upwards all of course stared warily at the beast trudging up to the school with the petite female on his back. "It's okay! He's my weapon!" She insisted reassuringly, more than a few times, not wanting him to be mistaken as a baddie. It was certainly quite the journey to get there but they soon reached the area the tables were set up at, Ferra hopping down and looking at the name tags. Torr stared at the, compared to his hands, miniscule markers, briefly. Several people watched. Surely, he would snap it like a twig by accident. Ferra just smugly grinned in a knowing manner as the large hand of her weapon moved to deftly grab the red marker with gentle finesse, neatly write down his name...and jab the marker through the edge of the table when he put it down.

Ferra burst out laughing while she put the nametag on his chest, as did several other people nearby, poor Torr quite embarrassed behind his mask. She quickly scribbled her own name down before climbing back up on his back. "Don't worry big fella. It's alright." She assured him. Though she laughed she knew her weapon was nervous which is why that marker was now a table fixture. Torr just slowly nodded and made his way to a bench to sit down...crushing it entirely underneath the bulk of his weight. Of course, followed by more laughter.

Off to a great start!


The lord of randomness and the warp
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first one they disappeared
the second on slained
third a different path layed

number 4 would they last or will the pressure begin to seer

things had been… interesting Akron had gone through another partner after the raid on that strange bunker complex a kind of annoying melancholy having in for there wasn’t much to do. He’d fallen back into some of his older habits, currently sleeping more or less upright, though he’d not really slept well, to begin with despite the fact he really should have been up earlier, but instead he was just snoozing in the rather adorable looking onesie that even with his poor mood he still wore to bed. Only Juri bursting through the door of his room and yoinking him out of bed woke the boy up exclaiming they were gonna be late if he didn’t hurry up. “Oh sorry mom..” Akron replied with a small grimace Upon his face.. realising he’d not really have time to get changed properly, he’d rush over to his armour managing to get the chest plate and helmet on before he really needed to get going, if anything it looked incredibly stupid with the onesie legging and arms sticking out of the metal-plated torso imposing helmet adding to that look of silliness, of course, Akron simply cared about hiding his face.. there was bound to be more girls for this new year.. and he didn’t wish to be noticed by them… though the male's total ignorance of how goofy he looked didn’t much help the situation.

but with that he was off to school, he really needed to consider getting a drivers license at some point because having to run to school was.. annoying but eventually, he got to the huge stairs walking up them his head turning to the side the beast sat perched on his shoulder chatting and growling… for it hadn’t sunk its teeth into anything for a while Akron just rolled his eyes at the thing. “let's just wait and see how well we work with the new one” Akron said quietly the image of the beast fading away as he finally reached the courtyard helmeted head turning up towards one of the candles on the building he’d just give a small wave to Elvy, before turning his attention to the other new students as he went to grab a name tag. the one that stood out the most was the fellow how was even larger then Akron and seemed to be at least 80% muscle mass wearing a mask on top of that. they were named Torr the name tags did seem like a good idea.. at least Akron wouldn't need to introduce himself not that he would have gone up and said hello anyway the girl near them had already made Akron intend to say well clear of less he attract their ire, once his name tag was acquired the semi Armoured male stepped away from the larger group to find a nice little corner of the courtyard to observe the others from. only to spot another large male with a mask on at this point it prompted a sharp exhale from Akron his form a rather muted laugh, it was as if the world had decided they required more people like himself and thusly the world provided, for now, he'd just wait and observe but for anyone else... they'd see an odd half armoured dude wearing a onesie so.. there where some laughs to be had at Akron's expense not that he really cared.


The Flake
The Galants

The Ayame Household

A soft ringing bell echoed throughout the confines of a small room for several minutes before it was finally silenced by a lethargic hand smashing carelessly against the button. A deep sigh cut through the now quiet room, followed very closely by the rustling sound of moving sheets and the light creaking of springs as the occupant pushed themselves up to a sitting position. The solitary blue orb fluttered open as it attempted to blink away the last vestiges of sleep and settle its gaze upon the room. The first thing to cross Llewellyn's mind was the sheer wrongness of the sparse room. This place, wherever he was, was not the young man's home. The walls were a different shade, the floor was hardwood instead of carpet and the closet was larger than it had any right to be. Panic settled very quickly into his being as Llewellyn allowed the adrenaline to pump freely throughout his body, waking him up fully and kicking his senses into overdrive. He had to find Alice and Hitomi quickly or failing that, discover where he had been taken. Though, before he could pick himself off of the admittedly comfortable bed Llewellyn noticed something familiar, a small stereo. Wait, no that could not be right. Llewellyn did not have a stereo back at Alice's house, so this surely couldn't have been his...right?

The young man walked over towards the device quietly, taking care to refrain from making excessive noise in case he was in a hostile area. It was ovular in shape, had a handle that would allow it to be picked up and presumably contained a CD Player function as well if the album cases stacked neatly on the floor beside it were any indication. Is this... mine? Llewellyn wondered as he picked up one of the album cases and gave it a look over. Upon opening the case Llewellyn noticed that the disc was missing. Before the blonde could think to check the stereo to see if the disc was already inserted into the CD Player, he found his finger had pressed the device's "Play" button. As the music began to fill the room, Llewellyn found his panic begin to paradoxically wane in this strange and foreign area. Then it hit him, this place was his home now.

Llewellyn did not feel particularly embarrassed over his forgetfulness. Instead, the blonde longed to have his panic from earlier return, if only to drown out the sorrow he felt now at remembering the events and circumstances that led him to this house. The young man tried to distract his mind from wandering back towards those unwelcome memories by preparing breakfast for both himself and the other occupant of the house. Unfortunately, Llewellyn's efforts were in vain for his eye caught several picture frames of a very familiar black haired girl, who was not Alice, scattered about the front rooms. "Does the worm miss his peasant?" A taunting voice whispered from within Llewellyn's very mind. The voice began to cackle when Llewellyn turned up the dial on the small stereo to futilely attempt drown out the Master's words. Everything would get better once he was at the Academy, Llewellyn would make sure of that by pushing himself to exhaustion, maybe then he would be too tired to worry about any troubling thoughts.

DWMA Courtyard

Lacey was not having a good morning so far. Her idiot brother woke her up way too early with his music and while Llewellyn did make it up to her with the delicious morning meal he cooked up, she couldn't fully enjoy the food. The young woman had been up all night worrying over how today would turn out for her, preventing her from getting a good rest. Unfortunately, Lacey could not simply head back to bed to rest for a few extra minutes because of the start time for the DWMA's orientation for new students like herself. So, after dressing herself for the day the blonde reluctantly trudged up the large steps leading to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, yawning the whole way up. I am not ready for today. Could the professors have set this up tomorrow instead? Bloodshot green eyes glanced about Lacey's surroundings, taking notice of the multitude of other bodies making their ways up to the Academy. If she were in a more cognitive state, Lacey might have thought to attempt to memorize their faces for later. As she was now, the best she could do was stand on her own two feet as the physical activity gradually pushed her body into a more wakeful state.

When Lacey and Llewellyn both reached the top of the steps, the blonde girl was feeling considerably more awake than she had been earlier but she did still feel unsteady on her feet. Her idiot brother must have noticed because he dragged Lacey by her wrist all throughout the Academy. The young woman let out an embarrassed squawk, yet she did not say anything more. She couldn't when Llewellyn was ultimately helping ensure that Lacey was present for the orientation since she would have most assuredly tried to sit down to rest her feet after the trek upwards, which would have led to Lacey succumbing her desire to slumber. Llewellyn only further proved his usefulness when he took one nametag of each color from the orientation table in the Courtyard and plastered it to her shirt with her own name written in her sibling's scrawl. "Thanks." The blonde girl muttered more than a little annoyed that Llewellyn still retained a small portion of the servant like behavior she was used to dealing with. Lacey expected her sibling to respond with the usual bow Grandma Helena drilled into him, which is why she was surprised when Llewellyn instead gave a small hum of acknowledgement and then proceeded to wander over towards one of the Courtyard's entrances. That was... new. Green eyes trailed after her family's living doll for a few moments before Lacey decided to just let the matter be for now. Lacey had more important things to worry about, such as looking for a familiar face among the incoming EAT class students.

A considerable amount of time passed, so much that Lacey nearly nodded off more than once. Though, once a familiar flash of white hair crossed her vision, Lacey perked up. "Lia!" Her feet were already moving over to the other female, as a relieved smile made its way onto her face. Lacey was so excited to see someone she knew that she threw her arms around her prickly peer without taking Lia's comfort into consideration.

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The Flurry of The Dancing Flames
Kimberly Artain


The blaring sound of Kimberly’s alarm woke her from her deep sleep. Kimberly took the large pillow and chucked it at the alarm, however that did not help in the slightest. “Fine, I'm up, happy now ” She shouted at the alarm, begrudgingly getting out of the bed to shut off the alarm. “Man, that thing is so annoying.” Once she was full awake she took a quick glance around the darkened motel room looking for where she had put her clothes until she realized they were in the bathroom. She finally remembered what today was. “Oh yeah I get to go to the academy today” she stated to herself as she bolted into the bathroom to get ready and get the day started. In rushing to get dressed Kimberly accidentally put her shirt on backwards and forgot to brush her hair. When she was finally done getting dressed she exited the bathroom and looked back at the clock. “It’s eight o’ five. I'm going to be late. I got to go!” She darted out of the room rushing past the snack-bar, picked up an apple and ran outside. She was staying on the outskirts of the city and had to walk to The DWMA . Kimberly pulled a map up on her phone and found the way to go. “Okay, I got it.” She looked up from her phone and stared out into the city. “Look out everybody, Kimberly Artain is on her way. This is gonna be a blast.” Kimberly shouted as she ran off to the Academy.

When Kimberly finally reached the top of the stairs she was out of breath from running all the way from the motel. “That… was… a lot…of stairs.” She said pantingly. She had to wait a full 5 minutes before she could grab her bearings. “Now what time is it?” She said as she pulled out her phone and checked the time. Apparently she had made it here in thirty minutes and it was only 8:35. “Are you kidding me? I ran all the way here and I’m early. I thought it was gonna take longer!” She said angrily, shoving her phone back in her pocket. She finally got a chance to look around and noticed everyone around. There were a lot of interesting looking people here. Not wanting to be noticed yet, Kimberly quickly walked up to the table for weapons to grab a name tag.She then proceeded to write her name and place it on her shirt. She then went back to scanning the area to look for anyone interesting. She would be attending the Academy with these people and is gonna have to be around them daily so she might as well make friends. She looked around until she saw the mountain of a man sitting with a smaller girl on a nearby bench and decided to approach. Kimberly quickly marched up to the duo “Hello.” She exclaimed, looking at the girl's chest to find her name tag. “Ferra, huh, nice name. Name’s Kimberly. I’m new here, you too?"

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The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist

Nik | Death City | DWMA

There was something strange about this place, this was what Nik had come to believe.

It was night, yet for some reason he could not see as clearly as he should have been able to. Where normal human eyes could make neither heads or tails of anything in the dark, his could pick out shapes and forms in a decent level of detail. Like being in a dimmed room. Here, he was as blind as any regular human in the dark. If it weren't for the rare pillars of light that marked the street now and then, he might as well as have been lost. But he was not concerned about the threat ahead. There were five of them against one. Tracking these monsters down would be simple. In one hand he carried Lars; The short spear Demon Weapon capable of extending his range through his secondary form was silent, but given the situation he could not blame his oldest partner. Two days since the first assault against a team of Meisters and Weapons had come back hospitalized, and the Tsar had ordered a high alert. Lars had expressed his concerns before, he could understand his silence now. To keep an eye out for strange activity while on missions had been the command from above. It was exactly that 'strange activity' they were investigating now.

Guarding his throat sat Nami. Though her form was unconventional, a pendant set within a metal collar, considered useless in battle- what others had looked at her with disdain for, he had been right to welcome her among their number. Despite the rumors of the orphan of dubious origins flitting around the school, 'rumors' had never bugged him. Nik had welcomed her in against Lars initial concerns, and had been right to do so. Her magical gifts brought them an awareness in their surroundings. And though her skills in perception and her magical aid were far more useful than her past meister's had given her credit for- it was clear that this area they were in was messing with her abilities....somehow. He wasn't sure how that worked or if it was possible for areas like this to affect a Demon Weapon's latent magical power but that seemed to be the case now.

On his hip, Ian sighed. Feeling his sense of boredom with the situation at hand through their link. The Demon Weapon that had been the last to join, right behind Nanami, who rested on his back in her own form, was restless. He had told them that this was a waste of time- and that if something was messing with Nami's senses, it was probably for the best they retreat. However recent reports had said there was some odd activity going on that the locals here were avoiding open discussion about.

They needed to investigate, had been his argument. Nanami had been the only one to support him. But as the Meister of the team- the hesitance of his partners had faded with his firm resolve.

Patience, was all he had said. They would find their target. Or it would find them. And either way, they would win. Just like they always had.

The darkness that surrounded them was suffocating as they moved through the empty streets of Samara, and the moon above smiled a dark, twisted smile, grinning maniacally as it watched those below. Every few minutes Nik would check with Nami to see if she had picked up on any movement within her range, sensed anything peculiar- but the answer would always be 'no'. Her powers of divination were practically useless here in this place of suffocating darkness and vague silhouettes and in the past, with Meisters before him, Meisters that had sobbed her for her lack of traditional form- it would frustrate them. Yet here, and now, that did not frustrate Nik. She was doing her best, and Nami was more capable in her support than she was in pure offense. It was a game of patience here. They pushed onward, until Nanami shouted from behind for him to look out.

On his back, in her shield form- she shifted. The magical bullet that would have pierced the opening was knocked away by her shield.

Wheeling around, Nik made to grab Ian's whip form, and then found he wasn't there. He blinked. Made to attack with Lars instead- thruster aimlessly, then looked to find he was gone too.

One moment he had all his partners- the next- all of them were gone.

He was alone. It took him one second to realize he was alone. Stuck in a place he was unfamiliar with.

There was a flash of light, Nik looked up- a spell came rushing to meet him-- with a start, he awoke silently. His body tensed, muscles ready. His eyes shot open and in the dark he saw details. Where the pitch black brought vague shapes, the dim darkness brightened by early morning day, made his surroundings more visible to his unique eyes. Where a normal person might struggle to see in this lighting, he saw as clear as day.

Blinking bleary eyes from slumber, with a turn of his head on his pillow, he looked at the digital clock that sat on the dresser to the wall of his room.

5:01 a.m.

He sighed. Today was going to be a slow day, he could feel it. Morning, and the inevitable hour of his new beginning could not come sooner. Nik, laid back in bed. Staring at a blank ceiling, trying to relax.

Found he could not after several seconds of staring in a place he had become familiar with since arriving in Death City, one month ago.

The Ferri were old family friend's of his father, from when he had schooled in Death City for a program between the branches that allowed students of different branches to experience what it was like in another branch of DWMA outside of their regional quarters. Owen Ferri and his wife, Gale, were good friends of his father when he had been in the US for the period of a year, and had maintained contact ever since. The fact they had been told of his unique situation, and not only were housing him in their manor, was a kindness he could never repay.

Perhaps the rumors of his misfortune had yet to affect them like it had affected others. Perhaps, the bond between his father and the Ferri's was just that strong to ignore such rumors.

Nik found himself frowning, discomfort blooming within his chest. Even if he had lost most of his reputation, it hadn't been that which bothered him the most- he could've weathered the barbs and the challenges, or the fact that team led by Ethan Wickers had basically put him in a tight spot on one of those missions that had ended some of them in the hospital, but the fact that two out of four of his partners had abandoned him to save their own face- still stung. Sure that had been months ago, seven to be exact- but it still stung to recall it. Like cold, unforgiving alcohol poured over an open wound. It had been a shock- a slap that had not been dealt physically, but mentally.

Whomever he was going to be partnered with now, was up in the air. In any case, Nik did not doubt that whomever his partner was, he could work up a rapport with them on some level. Only made easier by the fact news of the event that had kindled his reputation spiraling down, would never reach this side of DWMA. As his guide, the Ferri's third child, their daughter Luna, his peer, had assured him as a member of DWMA's Intelligence branch, that everything that had happened over in Russia was being kept quiet, and only the highest members would be aware of what had happened over there to avoid further stressing the agents of EAT.

He checked the time, it was now 5:06. There was no point laying here like a lazy lout, it was time to get up and do something.

So he figured he'd start on his routine.

The routine began with a small breakfast. The Ferri's had stocked up on his arrival and upon entering the lengthy corridors and going down the winding staircase a butler bowed low, Sir Ken, always the earliest of the staff to be awake. With a simple polite request, Tea, a orange, and some bread were delivered- and in a few minutes Nik was done and with a word, gone. Once outside the barely sunlit sky, he took off at a jog, then began picking up speed.

Without even willing his wavelength, he leaped onto the railing of a building adjacent him, and with a heavy push, he launched himself up towards the shillings and rooftop, flipping himself on and taking off at a run.

Warming up the muscles for a bit would do him good. And also would give him the time to think about...well, everything.

Madame Juri. His first meeting with her had been...something. She was certainly kind, and just like Luna had said- was aware of everything regarding his situation. Meetings with Madame Juri had occurred infrequently. His arrival had been sudden, despite the planning with the Ferri family to host him here in America- the DWMA had only been made aware of his immediate situation as he had landed in America.

Regardless, he liked her. Despite the brief analysis conducted to test his own mental states, the other meetings had gone by with the discussion of their own differing or similar palettes. It was interesting to know that the singer was also as big an eater as he was. Given her figure one wouldn't think it- but size and form mattered little when it came to chowing down. He was a perfect example of that, and so was she.

As he moved around on rooftops, Nik contemplated what his future in this branch of DWMA would be.

"According to Luna, no one knows anything about my situation. Any details about the events were kept on lock. I suppose that is good. It means I will hear less insults from those that think that whispers cannot be heard when I pass. And I suppose it will make it easier to find a new partner this way." He assumed, not that he liked this part of the arrangement. It was unfortunate he could not have brought the only two partners that had remained with him to America. But he understood that they could not simply be transferred with him so suddenly given the situation. No amount of status would force a transfer like that so quickly and not raise eyebrows and draw attention.

It was unfortunate, but compromises had to be made.

With a backflip and pivot using his hand, he landed on the rooftop of an apartment building. Feeling the build up of sweat under his clothes, Nik checked the time on his iLogic Watch. 6:12.

Perhaps it was best he go back. Getting a look at how far he'd travelled, he could see the silhouette of DWMA not too far away. Looking at it, the building really was something.

And he'd be climbing those steps and accepting his new life in just a few hours. Whether he wanted it or not, this was home now.

He sighed.

"I can at least take comfort in the fact I will be under watchful eyes." With that said, he turned, and began the journey back to the manor.

The garage doors opened, and without a second to waste, Nik shot out the doors. With a rev of the motor he was down the streets with a screech of the tires on the Suzuki model that had been shipped ahead of his arrival. He was at DWMA with an hour to spare and then waited a distance away from the stairs for Luna to arrive after sending off a text that he was at the meeting spot. The moment she appeared, they were off. A short tour through the school was in order.

First she showed him where he could park his bike. A ticket issued, and his bike stashed away. Once his bike was stashed, they moved through the parking system back towards the front entrance, and then raced up the stairs. While he was no Hoshi or Star, like the infamous members of those clans- the Bang's had prioritized their capability in movement, and even as they climbed the stairs, Nik had to slow his pace for Luna to keep up without shooting ahead. They reached the top of the stairs in a minute, and then made their way around DWMA, giving him a brief, short tour that would ultimately lead him to the DWMA Courtyards. Once there, Nik and Luna parted ways. With a fist bump and a high five, they separated; the later wishing the former good luck.

Taking a moment to breathe in, then out. Nik looked up at the clear sky. "Today is the day..." he muttered. He'd been doing that a lot nowadays now that he thought about it. Talking to himself that is. While he was at the Courtyard, he wasn't yet at the meeting point. He knew it wasn't far in, but he still needed a second to just....adjust. In a month, everything had changed so quickly. And now here he was in America, basically starting all over again. All the hard work down to zero.

For the first time since this all began, he felt frustration. From ground zero, and now he'd be getting a new partner. As if it wasn't bad enough he'd had to give up two of his own before- now here he was picking up a new one.

On some level- that irritated him. At least back home he'd had the chance to interact with his potential partner before they had made it official. He didn't know if they'd get that chance here considering what Luna was telling him about some of his potential classmates. Already he knew the names of several and he was already aware of what had happened on some basic level here months before his arrival. Three months since the big event that had put some of his new colleagues in quite the state. Some kind of raid or troubling situation that had involved some of the members of this group he would be joining in today.

Taking a clenched fist out of his pocket and looking at the healed scar that went down his hand, disappearing into his long sleeves- he sighed. Maybe we'll bond over our scars.

An amusing thought, but it hardly made him laugh. Somehow the prospect of being made to interact with a new student body, a new class, a new group, wasn't as exciting as he had convinced himself over the last three weeks now that he was here. It felt more like a nuisance, but it was a burden he would have to deal with. A lot of trouble had been put to making this possible, the least he could do was swallow his frustrations and do what needed to be done.

"No point wasting anymore time then I guess." He checked his phone. It was getting to that time. Just a couple more minutes to 9. Without wasting a beat, he marched in. Hands in his light jacket pockets.

On instinct, like Mama had taught, he attuned his senses to his surroundings and focused his hearing on what was around him as he moved. The gentle drum of heartbeats that were usually faint to his ears, became louder. Instantly, he could pick out the beats of multiple living things. Which was what made it easy to count off the number of people that had already gathered ahead.

One...three...six....nine...eleven. Twelve people so far. More coming from a few different directions. But...there's one... His eyes followed his ears, going up to the heartbeat meters above them all. The girl. He squinted looking up in the figure's direction. Where they--she-- sat precariously on one of the candle structures. Looking up at her, with his eyesight, Nik caught the telltale signs of silver or white hair and could just barely make out some sort of hairpin that looked almost like a screw?

"Stein." The Stein family's progeny. While Luna's description of his peers had been detailed- there were few he could say he had recalled perfectly. Stein was the exception, among others. If memory served her partner was called Takeshi.

The question now was: What is she doing all the way up there?

Well, he would get the chance to learn about her eventually. Once things began, she'd have no choice but to come back down.

Continuing through the entrance he had selected, Nik found himself walking into the field, where each heartbeat matched out the number he had counted. As he walked towards the table that held the colored tags, he noticed a blonde girl call out a friend and embrace her. At the same time, he also caught sight of another girl approaching a giant and his companion. Dwarfing the female next to him who radiated positive energy in contrast to her giant friend, Nik eyed the giant 'masked' man for a moment, admiring his size- then turned his attention back to his surroundings. Deciding that the sight seeing could come later, he focused on the simple task of following instructions.

Name on tag. The habit of writing out his full name, with all his titles, gave him pause. He settled for simply writing 'Nik Bang'. Casual and simple, as Angel would say.

Eyeing those nearby, he caught sight of those that added to the growing group, and those already present. As he made his way around, Nik, eyed the armoured individual whose tag read Akron. The giant named Torr and his friend Ferra who sat next to Kimberly. Then there was Cain Evans.

An Evans? He really was getting a chance to see the great family names. Not bad he had to admit he was attractive, but then again- his eyes scanned the surrounding area, so were the others. Having seen the Evans, Nik continued eyeing anyone new that entered- using his sharp eyes to keep an eye out for the names and actually committing the names to the faces.

All and all, it was only a matter of time before things started. Honestly, he was more interested in learning about who his next partner would be and wanted to see what activities were planned.

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The Elder

We Have Arrived!!!!
__xinyan_genshin_impact_drawn_by_frenchvanillu__8924de9e7bcf30804ec4dca79791b766.jpg"Great!!" She said towards Grace, as she complimented her. But then her smile faded as she mentioned eating. Yang had completely forgotten that she needs to eat something before leaving. It was clear the excitement was getting to her. "Oh right! Breakfast!" She walks right towards the kitchen as Grace got herself together, and pours herself a nice bowl of frosted flakes. She stood in the kitchen doing her little happy dance as she ate her cereal and hummed a song that was stuck in her head. It was more than safe to say that Yang was excited for her first day within the E.A.T. class. She knew for some of the returning students that this may be a bittersweet moment, so she may have to tone her excitement down just a bit before getting there. It didn't take long for Grace to step out of the bathroom, compared to the time it took Yang. "You look nice Gracie." She says with a genuine smile. "And I'm guessing you're letting your hair air dry." She says as she feels on a couple strains from Grace's hair. "Luckily it ain't winter time, and hot outside. You're hair is gonna dry nicely. Now!" She says grabbing her hand. "We're off to the academy!"

Yang led the two of them the entire way towards the academy, and even climbed the large stairs like it was nothing. Reaching the top, she looked around in awe at all the students that have arrived so far. Some of the ones she knew from seeing them around school last year while she was NOT. There was Akron wearing just his helmet and a cut little onesie, and then someone who fits the description of Llewellyn. There was rumors that he lost an eye last year and even started training with Professor Armstrong. He looked a lot different than what he did last year. A complete 360. Yang approached the table where the name tags were. Grabbing two of them, she offered to fill it in for the both of them. However, instead of saying Grace's partner, her name tag said Gracie's partner. Yang looked around some more at some of the new faces. Out of them all there were two that really stood out to hr. There was a giant with a paper bag over his face, and a creepy masked dude standing off to the side. That one in particular really peaked her interest, due to some of the rumors she's heard about the raid three months ago. "Uhh Grace..." She says pulling on her shirt. "Who's that??" She asked softly gesturing in the direction of the masked man with her head. "I've never seen him before, and that mask is giving me a weird case of the heebie-jeebies."
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Arriving at the summit of Death Nevada's very own Everest, Cain with pocketed hands would begin to glance around the plateau stretching out before him; the flat surface expanding several yards before finally stopping at the entrance to the grand yet archaic entrance of the DWMA's world renowned Western Branch. From his spot at the top of the stairs, he'd begin to observe the passing students and faculty members as they made their way towards the building, his eyes scanning them for any noticeable traits or characteristics that stood out.

It wasn't lost on him that someone had been watching from above; the tell tale silhouette of someone or something sitting precariously on one of the large candle like protrusions of the buildings exterior. Partially obscured by the light behind her, Cain could just about make out the shadowy outline of long hair. Beyond that the figure above was nothing more than a black outline of a person. Cain paid her little more of his time as he returned his attention to the area immediately around him, more students and faculty members now appearing from behind.

While the majority did little to warrant more than an iota of his attention, Cain did find that a handful of these arrivals had quite the 'air' about them. This wasn't including the obvious height disparity that quite a few of these arrivals had when compared to him. "God damn giants" cursed Cain under his breath, clicking his tongue as he did so. As if god above had decided to personify the phrase 'opposing ends of the spectrum', the first duo to stand out to Cain were none other than that of Ferra and Torr; two individuals whose names he would later learn once he made his way to the courtyard. The blonde haired Gal was not so much of a problem for Cain; Ferra standing several inches shorter than him. It was her partner however that had ignited an old peeve of Cains. He was no stranger to being shorter than most guys his age but this behemoth of a man following closely behind Ferra was literally 'taking the piss'. Face obscured from view via his mask; the garment only added to the imposing figure of the 7ft 5 wall of muscle that hulked behind the shorter girl. Cain doubted that his height would even equal the width of the man such was his girth. Cain sighed, naively hoping that he was just an anomaly among the current roster of Weapons and Meisters and everyone else would be within reasonable figures.

Wishful thinking that would soon be quashed by the arrival of 'Sir Onesie'. Cain did raise a brow as he began to see the top of a knights helmet appearing from the stairs; the gradual pace of his arrival leaving Cain with the boyish expectation that this person would be clad completely in medieval armour. There was just something about ancient armor that appealed to the inner boy inside of Cain. Alas, disappointment would soon wash over Cain as the only armour beyond the helmet was a 'onesie'. Cain glanced away almost immediately, having no interest in seeing the man's figure beneath the tight cotton apparel. It didn't help either that this man was another tower; shorter then the first yet still far taller than Cain was. Another click of the tongue could be heard as Cain began to leave the spot at the stairs; his hands still pocketed as he headed towards the courtyard where not one... not two... but a 3rd god damn sky pillar was present.

Torr, Akron and John stood out among everyone else that was presently in the courtyard; literally. Among the growing group of normal sized people; these three were the most obvious from afar. Cain wanted nothing more than to play some irl whack-a-mole with them; to bring them back down to acceptable human heights. At least this 3rd behemoth was not flaunting his height in front of everyone. Out of the three, he seemed the most 'normal' of the lot, having neither questionable attire save for his mask or muscleception all over his body.

Attention now upon the courtyard inhabitants; Cain having no desire to fixate upon the three towers had began to scrutinise the other gatherers; eyes looking them up and down like a predator would his next meal.

Blonde hair and blue eyes, a once upon a darker time favoured genetic trait. Red name tag pressed against his chest, Izuma would garner Cain's attention for a few seconds before the amber eyed youth focused elsewhere; the sight of a man dragging along a woman with him. The man in particular appeared to share the traits of Izuma; long blonde hair and what appeared to be dark blue irises; though the latter Cain could have mistaken given how one eye had been hidden beneath an eye patch whilst the movement of his long hair obscured the sight of his one remaining visible iris. Between both blondes, this second arrival appeared to be the more battle hardened of the two; his black eye patch hinting towards a past perhaps painted with a bit of darkness. His acquaintance however appeared to need the basics done for her as the one eyed man took charge of everything.

With the basics sorted Cain would watch as they split up; his eyes drawn in a particular direction before eyes fell upon Kimberly. Her name in blue. The short white haired girl was presently in conversation with Ferra; the sight of both of them being near Torr being quite hard to digest. Cain wouldn't have been surprised if someone had reported the sight of a large man looming near two young girls to the authorities.

Cain however resisted that urge and merely walked over to the two tables; noting the meaning behind both colours provided. A smirk spreading across his face as he mentally organized who was who and who was what in his head. He did find it odd that some had red names and some had blue, but having now arrived at the orientation table those questions were finally answered. Who would have thought that that Giant among giants was a weapon and his companion a Meister; probably an established pair considering they arrived together.

Reaching for the blue marker, Cain unlike his cousin the year prior had proudly written his name upon the provided name tag; 'Cain D. Evans'. He'd have written his stage name 'Devourer' instead had it not been a requirement that he put his proper name on the tag.

'Tagged' with his name upon his chest, Cain made his way over to the far side of the courtyard, his back now pressed against the wall behind him as he repocketed both hands; his head lowered slightly so that the black cap he wore obscured his eyes from the others. He intended to maintain his studious gaze upon each and everyone, noting who was weapon and who was meister. Whilst there was the innate curiosity to see what type of demon weapons were here, his attention was shifted more towards the meisters. Which one of these people gathering here would he be required to rely upon?. Would they meet his expectations? Would they even come close to measuring up to Arthur's potential?. Where they just another temporary band aid to momentarily fill the role of his meister?. Cain signed again; eyes darting from this side of the courtyard to the far end.

Aside from scouting out who his next meister may be, there was a second motives to why he was fixated upon reading the meister name tags. 'Camilla Crimson', similar height with crimson red hair and violet coloured eyes was how Alcross's parents had described her; the woman who was once the meister of his broken cousin. Needless to say, Cain felt it his responsibility to make contact with her, on behalf of that blue haired failure. Apparently she had not yet arrived.

That being said, eye contact had been made with one particular individual; the air around Cain momentarily tickled by a flash of static electricity that radiated off of himself; the act almost as if to say 'What are you looking at?'.

'Nik Bang' Cain noted the name. The Bang family were quite well known, around parts of Europe; though Cain himself had never met one of their bloodline before. If memory served him right, their family would once in awhile produce a child with a particularly rare type of wavelength. That being said, it wasn't the potential of a rare wavelength that seemed to make Cain wary of him; rather there was something else he could not discern that made Cain feel particularly on edge about him.

Alas, their moment of eye contact would quickly dissipate as quickly as it had appeared and both parties would be left to their own devices. It was as his attention fell off Nik that Cain saw another pair arrive; two dark haired women; one of which had an air of 'coolness' about her whilst the other seemed more 'wild' given her appearance. Again they would be revealed to be a weapon and meister; hinting towards another established pair.



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Katerina woke to the sound of her alarm. Groaning, she sat up and hit the off button. Noting the time, she quickly realized she didn't have much time lollygag and proceeded to use the shower in the room she had been provided. Staying with her maternal uncle and his family had been...interesting to say the least. While they lived in a penthouse apartment much like the one she had grown up in, they were an eccentric lot. Practically the whole family were scientists of some sort and to call them the absent-minded professor type would be very accurate. All in all, she realized why she understood why she never interacted with them before the incident, her father certainly thought them unworthy of his time as is, and with the revelation of her uncle and two of her cousins being weapons like her any remaining goodwill between the two sides of her family had been quashed.

After getting out of the shower, she put on the outfit her uncle had provided, which was a traditional weapon outfit her great-great-grandmother had picked up during her childhood in China. It fit surprisingly well, considering the last person who wore it was her older cousin who was not nearly as busty as she was. The only thing she had a slight problem with was how high the leg slits went, she'd have to be careful not to accidentally flash her peers. After putting her hair into its usual style, brushing her teeth, and otherwise making herself presentable, she grabbed a couple of granola bars from the kitchen and headed to the elevator.

Exiting the elevator on the ground floor with the final bite of her last granola bar in her mouth, she headed out the door of the upscale apartment complex and began making her way to the academy.

Getting to the academy's location turned out to be the easy part, the hard part was the stairs up to the academy proper. When she finally got to the top she stopped to take some deep breaths and muttered, "Stupid stairs. Couldn't the school invest in an escalator or even better an elevator?" After getting her breath back, she immediately made her way to the tables with the name tags and filled her's out being conscious to put it above her breasts, so no one had an excuse to stare.

Crossing her arms, she made her way around the courtyard and observed her new classmates. Her eyes were drawn first to the absolute behemoth of a man whose name tag read "Torr" and his cute little companion who despite being not much shorter than Katerina herself seemed infinitely smaller next to Torr. As she continued to wander she couldn't help but chuckle at the tall guy in a helmet and a onesie of all things. She saw the silhouette of a woman sitting on an outcropping on the building but couldn't make out any details other than her silver hair. Next, she noticed the guy with the smiley mask on who seemed suspicious. She also noted the excited girl with black hair gesturing to him to get the attention of her dull-eyed friend. Then, she noticed the two blondes who arrived together the male of two had an eyepatch over one eye and whereas his companion seemed like a fairly normal, if very tired, girl. Then she noticed the tiny girl speaking with Torr's companion. Finally, she took note of the redhead with piercings and the short blonde boy who had briefly locked eyes with each other. Well, at least she wasn't the most unusual-looking one here despite her odd choice of attire.

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Once John had walked onto the DWMA premises, he was then shot with multiple whispers of people as he walked by them, and even heard some threats, and even some dangerous staring from people interesting. Though he had no surprise of this, after all, someone would be wise not to approach him, if they knew who he already was, but mostly people didn’t know who he was besides the faculty staff members, who were now keeping a very very close eye on him. But he expect things to worsen when everyone figures out who he’s the son of.

He caught an eye of a sudden pillar as he continued to walk around the entrance area of the DWMA premises, he would decide to rest there, he walked towards the pillar and leaned on it, before digging in his hands and reached for a cigarette, then grabbed a match and dragged it across the box, putting it on lit, then slowly grazing it on the cig as it catched on flame, then slowly putting it in his mouth before he used his fingers to hold the cig in place. He took a breath as the smoke blew out the hole of his mask, and started to do a pattern. Hopefully the teachers would mind if he smoked but most likely they won’t allow it, but who was to stop him for now?

As he continued to smoke he watched and observed quietly as he saw more and more people arrive, seeing a tall man in half armor and a onsie, interesting….

Good grief….

So far, John wasn’t appressed from the school, all he saw right now was laziness in a form, though one thing he was impressed by was the schools very unique design, it was a true sight to see, he continued his observations as he waited patiently for the school to open and start the exams

Another thing he was thinking about was his soon to be weapon, what could it possibly be? Who would want to be his weapon? And how would they decide? All he hoped was for it to be unique in a way, a gun was his most skilled weapon he used, he was born with talent with guns it would help that his father made him train with one often. But he was also spectacular with hand to hand combat and close range so it’ll be a fun time for him.

He was also excited for the exam wanting to show off his strengths and what he was great in, though it would be embarrassing to see what he was bad in, though he also had some…..different…skills. Though that was for another time or if he was captured by an enemy while out in a mission. Though that was for another day……

Focusing upon the topic, be sighed as he took another hit of the cigarette, the light slightly glowing in the shade as fog came out of his mouth as he continued to observe. He slightly looked over from the shadows as he looked over to see groups starting to slowly form with one another, perhaps he should…..try talking to someone?

Hm, maybe, you know what why not? He then took one last and final puff as he then flicked it into the ground before stepping in it putting the flame to rest. Walking over to her as he then gave an awkward wave, his dad never taught him how to be not awkward though.

Erm….Hello…..uh…I’m John…..but you can call me……whatever you want?”

He said confusingly as he hoped that wouldn’t be wrong wait he wasn’t being scary right? Or alerting?


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Izuma Arkane
Location: DWMA courtyard

Izuma looked around the courtyard, surveying his surroundings. Looking at his future classmates. The first one that caught his eye was a tall man wearing a mask, like most people he wondered what was behind it, but if it’s a personal thing then he won’t go digging into something he’s not supposed to. As he looked around some more, he noticed a somewhat short student with bright yellow hair staring at him before going on to meet with his partner: A redhead with piercings. As his eyes wandered yet again, he noticed something rather big in the corner of his eye. He turned to the direction of where he saw it, only to find a hulking giant of a man. “That’s a student!? And I thought Akron was huge.” He said to himself. He noticed that the large figure was accompanied by what seems to be a short girl, and they seem to be partners. Izuma was never the one to judge people based on their appearance, he just felt caught off guard by the giant student. He caught a faint glimpse of the giant’s name tag, “Torr”. “Maybe I should talk to him later…” He sighed and approached the table with the name tags and markers. If he ever wants to ‘Break the ice’ and get to know his classmates better, might as well start there. As he was writing down on his name tag, he still had the feeling of being stared at by something, or someone. Just the thought of it sent chills down his spine. He shrugged it off and put on his name tag, yet he still felt uneasy. Once he put on his name tag, he looked up at the building once more. He felt like there was someone up on the building, but couldn’t make them out. “Must be my imagination..”

As Izuma walked away from the table, he noticed a familiar figure in the corner of courtyard. He noticed that the figure was actually Akron, the armor pieces on the onesie was a dead giveaway. Yet, it seemed the he was wearing a onesie. Nonetheless, he was relieved that he found a familiar face among all the others. As he approached Akron, he bumped into a girl who seems to have got here shortly after him. He quickly turned to her. “Ah! Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.” He looked at the girl’s name tag. “I’m guessing your name is Katerina.” Izuma said in a nervous tone, he never really talked to anyone in Death City other than Akron and his Uncle. So this was a bit new to him. “My name is Izuma Arkane. If you can’t tell by the name tag.” He chuckled nervously. He held out his hand for a handshake. “Nice to meet you.”

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Grace's Place
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Grace's trip to the school was one of acquiescence rather than true willingness, practically (and sometimes literally) dragged along by her partner through the streets of Death City. Plenty of city crowds already made their way through the streets, heading to their own forms of work or school or simply enjoying the late-summer morning in their own way. Every once in a while, the pair passed a familiar lightpole, flickers of colored paper stuck to them and cut into rippable tags at the bottom.



Grace sighed over the music blaring through her headphones. Barely any tabs had been taken.

The Academy loomed far above the rest of the city even before the duo were even all that close, their consistent upward climb putting a toll on the experienced meister. Maybe she was still feeling the aftershock of her sudden awakening, or maybe not having to make the journey every day for the past few months had done a number on her readiness. And yet, Yang didn't seem to run out of energy at all, the weapon not even a little winded from the long flight of stairs that formed the walk's final climb. Another sigh came as the duo made their way through the school's grand entrance; Grace reached a hand up, smoothing her hair back only for it to fall back into the same position it had been in, the motion serving more as a marker of transformative readiness for her own sake as opposed to anything that actually changed her appearance, meaningfully or otherwise.

Some of the faces that had begun to gather in the courtyard were familiar, while others very much weren't. It made sense--the raid on the city had taken a toll on many more students other than her. Maybe some didn't really have a reason to stick around after something like that. The meister's thoughts briefly flashed back to her own uncertainty that morning; even with her many bouts over the summer unconsidered, she had been mere seconds away from making a similar call herself.

She followed her partner one last time, ending up near the sign-in table. Her own nametag had a single name on it--Grace. The less attention pulled to her last name, the better, she had always figured. She had never expected the other students to be all that enthusiastic about the classical music scene, but all the same, the less trouble she encountered, the better.

"...You're not a groupie, you know," Grace said as her lidded eyes spotted Yang's own nametag, pasting her own onto the outside of her coat as she spoke. There was that 'Gracie' nickname again; it wasn't as if Grace herself had issued any sort of a correction, but Yang had stuck firmly to the name since day one. It was...fine, she figured--though hopefully it wouldn't become popular among the others.

"Uhh Grace..."

The voice of her partner pulled her out of the beginning of her rabbit-hole. "Uh-huh," she said, an absent-minded tone to her voice, even as she swiveled her eyes to the guitarist directly.

"Who's that?? I've never seen him before, and that mask is giving me a weird case of the heebie-jeebies."

Her eyes swiveled to the indicated figure, her posture freezing as she took in his full visage. Her eyes shot open--a rare indication of unmitigated surprise rather than her usual focus.

"--That bastard," she muttered between grit teeth, her body far more tense than it ever had been before. Was no one else seeing this? What were they doing here, why would the school just let them waltz right in? Despite all of her senses screaming over the sudden sense of peril, Grace activated her sixth, scanning his soul quickly. No--this was someone different. Different, yet...still all too similar...

He put out his cigarette, sauntering casually toward the pair. Grace clenched her jaw even tighter. Had he caught them staring?

Immediately, Grace stepped in front of her partner, narrowing her eyes coolly again as she eyed the mystery man. Her mind entirely disregarded the awkwardness of his opener, focusing directly on his mask as she spoke. "What's the big idea, tryhard?" she spat, an edge to her still-low voice as she stared straight into the pits of mask's shadowed eyes, "walking in here and wearing that, huh? Are you insane, or is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke?"
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Nicholai Balakin
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a relativly large white fox sat curled up upon a bed all content its nine tails curled up around it as the adorable looking animal snuggled Into the sheets. That was until an alarm rang ears and head shooting up one gold one blue eyes looking towards the time before letting out a sigh of relief, they had over an hour before they needed to go. Fully hopping up and jumping off the bed with a flash the fox turned into a silvery haired boy wearing a overly formal suit and tie, of course this was none other Nicholai who would readjust his tie a bit before stretching. “New year new.. partner.. suppose“ he‘d say to himself, since last year Nicholai had been without a weapon for a rather long time and he had begun to miss Gabriel a lot it was just not the same without the Brit around, but at least he could finally get a new partner this time around. With a small sigh a smile formed on his face as he left his room. “khorosho mama ya prosnulsya ne spal v eto vremya” he’d call out in his native tongue as he walked into the kitchen promoting a chuckle from his mother. “good good now make sure you don’t go getting distracted on way There breakfast on table“ she’d say patting Nicholai head before leaving. Of course nicho wouldn’t get distracted that never happened.

ok so Nicholai did actually get distracted by a bakery on his way to school a scone in had half eaten even tho he did have breakfast he was just still kinda hungry so… yeah. Reaching the stairs the Russian would hop up the steps cheerfully with a few exaggerated twirls for good measure but getting up to the top there was a creepy feeling he could exactly shake like someone was watching him… but he’d ignore that till it became an issue. And entering the courtyard there where a lot of interesting people of course the death stare of Akron was instantsy apparent even if he was hyper comical in a half plate armour half onesie look. And A guy even larger then Akron but far less intimidating especially with the tiny girl that seemed to be paired with them at least they actually move… another set of new classmates basically ran into one another Prompting a small chuckle from Nicholai.

however the next face he saw prompted a wide eye‘d shocked expression from the Russian rubbing his eyes before looking again he really didn’t believe his eyes, running into a someone from before he moved to amarica was unlikely but even more unlikely was someone he knew better then just a passing acquaintance. Nik Bang. A grin on his face he’d walk up to them “ochen' udivlen, uvidev tebya zdes', nik, davno ne bylo, ne tak li?” (well suprised to see you here nik been a while hasnt it?) he’d say with a cheerful tone hopefully Nik wouldn’t be as… hostile as the others after the whole incident that made him have to move.

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Nik | Death City | DWMA

In his island of shade, Nik had turned his senses back on. Like second nature he inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly.

Heartbeats came alive once more, and with them, the presence each individual gave became visible to his senses. Though his eyes could not see the soul trapped within the living, he felt them. Each individual here carried their own 'presence', the slang in American however would be: each person here had their own 'vibe' so to speak. The very air around people vibrated, distance not mattering in the slightest. And these vibes told him things. It was this vibe that made him prolong the abnormally held stare between Cain and himself and it was the same vibe that told him Cain's own sense of curiosity at his lingering gaze. Though in general honesty, the reason his gaze had lingered was more because he found the Weapon attractive, at least from this distance. However the longer they stared- the more he found himself uncaring of the aesthetics, and more interested in the nature.

Back home he had walked with many both within his peerage, and outside of it. He'd never had the opportunity to meet any one from the most noble of lineages in DWMA; the Stein's, Stars, Hoshi, and Evans- had all been families that were outside his specific branch. Though his relatives who worked in other branches had the chance to interact with them- Nik personally never had. So he was curious in all honesty, having heard so much about them even in Russia, from their fame, to what the greats themselves had done when they had been in their shoes- he had to wonder- did these people live up to their legacy, honoring their family?

Or did they end up misfortunate snobs as some of his peers back home had become when they realized name alone could carry a large social weight? He certainly hoped they did not fail to impress. It would be disappointing to say the least.

The static that peeled off the Weapon, judging by the blue tag Cain wore, told him that this Weapon had an elemental attribute to him. If he had to admit- it was interesting- though ultimately meant nothing if they weren't partners by the end of the exercises and set up. But there was something about the general response that Cain had to their shared stare, that couldn't help but make Nik break standard protocols and let his mask of neutrality slip to allow the small smile make its way across his face.

As their locked eye contact faded, his attention turned to the two new heartbeats that had joined. Eyeing them- Yang on one side, Grace on the other, Nik focused his senses on them.

Grace seemed...ambivalent was the word. The vibrations around her gave the feeling of mixed feelings, disinterest that hinted at interest, uncertainty. Somehow there was a beauty he found in her. He wasn't sure if it was the way she walked or the strength of her presence, but he was certain, she was no newbie at least that's what he could read from her surface vibes. If memory served right, Luna had mentioned a Grace before involving the raid, and Yang was indeed her partner if his memory was correct. While Grace's vibrations spoke of possible ambivalence, Yang's, the equally attractive Weapon, unleashed excitement and a refreshing level of energy.

He hummed in thought, curious to see what sort of interactions they would have with the others.

All of that shifted quite suddenly when Yang peered at the masked fellow who like him, had chosen to stick it out alone. Smoking his cigarette. Drawing her meister's attention to him.

Nik's brow rose at the sensation of the sudden, violent shift in both the Meister and Weapon upon spotting this young man. As if they'd had cold water dumped on them out of nowhere, their chi shifted instantly. Perhaps they had bad blood with him from the previous year? He didn't know. He watched from his spot silently with interest- but then turned his eyes away briefly to get a look at the new person that had stepped into the courtyard.

Katerina his eyes going straight for the tag. Alone, and a Weapon. The attire she wore certainly wouldn't have been something allowed back home that was for certain. Wearing something like that would have gotten a instructor on you in an instant and the immediate demand to go and change, such clothes usually fitted for more open events when they were held.

Dah, but I must say, I am beginning to like the freedom this branch allows with its choice of clothing. Akron in his armor and Onesie would have been kicked out of the class for being irresponsible in his clothing choice and given a spare of clothes with the order of coming back when he was 'properly dressed'. Exceptions could be made with permission, but that onesie and that armor? Forget it. Here it didn't matter though. It was odd, but refreshing.

Katerina's attire while unethical back home, was perfectly fine here since no one even looked at her with a disapproval. He certainly wasn't complaining. It suited her. Fashion being something he had had to grow up with, and even if it didn't look brand new- she fit it nicely. His attention however, turned away from her- both to avoid drawing ire for the possibility she might assume he was staring at her goods (which he had peeked at anyway) and also to quickly focus on Yang and Grace as he felt the pressure around Grace suddenly spike up with the telltale signs of growing anger.

From where he sat, Nik was too far away from them to hear anything. But that would have only been the case if he had normal human hearing.

As he watched John approach the girls, he heard every single word they said clearly, whether muttered or grumbled. And was curious to see just what it was about John that had infuriated Grace so much as she verbally questioned the meister on his...choice of clothing perhaps? It was clear to him that John had never met either of them from how he spoke, and from how Grace spoke in response, she was familiar with him on some level- but clearly not on a personal level.

He was focused on hearing more- till his ears picked up yet another heartbeat and out of habit- he glanced with the intent to focus his senses on the conversation between John and the girls; he glimpsed and caught the brief sight of a male in a suit and then turned his attention right back to the confrontation playing out. Had it not been for Nicholai calling out to him- he probably wouldn't have given him a second glance.

Hearing his voice alone, made Nik look in the direction. He recognized the voice immediately, and when he saw him, he shouted.

"NICHOLAI!" Any signs of his etiquette gone in an instant. The twinkle in his golden eyes should have shown how happy he was to see him and chased away any concerns Nicho might've had initially. "HAHA, ya sovsem zabyl, chto ty pereyekhal syuda!" he responded in their tongue. (I COMPLETELY forgot you moved here!) He was already moving up to him to greet him. "Idi syuda, gigantskiy pushistyy komok. YA dolzhen nadrat' eti ushi za to, chto zastavil menya proyti ves' put' tuda." (Get over here you giant furball! I should box those ears for making me walk all the way over there) he yelled at him even as he closed the distance.

Under normal circumstances, he would never have done this but etiquette took a back seat now, the fact Nicholai was here, someone he hadn't expected to ever see again at all since they lost contact more than a year ago, this single friendly face compared to a sea of strangers he hardly knew, this made him feel good. It lessened the pain he had no idea he'd been smothering this whole time.

He clapped Nicholai's hand with his in a firm handshake, beaming, and pulled him forwards into a side hug patting him on the back. "I did not even think I would see you here, I am so happy to see you my friend, it has been so long!" His sharp canine grin and the way his smile never faded really putting those words to the test. "It is good to know I will have at least one familiar friendly face here." He said genuinely, patting him affectionately on the back, minding his strength as he did so.

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Rue Sivogn

Wisps of azure hair poked out from underneath a blanket, a pillow haphazardly discarded off to the side of the bed that was clearly too big for the silhouette of the small frame beneath the covers. There was a soundless shift before a foot slid out, probably searching for some relief from the heat. A couple minutes later and the woman finally sat up, arms outstretched as she finally emerged from the cocoon that had bundled her in warmth and comfort. An array of colors swirled about her eyes as her gaze rose towards the window, the first sign of the sun peeking through the thin curtains being what naturally awoke her. Rue never understood the need for an alarm forcing someone awake but everyone was different. While she lacked a standard buzzer of sorts, she had the next best thing; J. Today, however, he hadn’t barged into her room, completely disregarding her privacy. Admittedly she wasn’t sure that brought her a lick of comfort. Probably more concern than anything and it sure as hell was not for his well being. The first few times he’d blatantly burst into her space she had quickly reacted with all kinds of violence but after J’s excessive ceaseless laughter during the entire ordeal, the weapon caught on that he was finding way more amusement than punishment in the situation. Now she just accepted her fate, but not without a very long glare that was every bit the definition of icy. It hadn’t even been her idea to have the meister live with her. The school made one singular mention that pairs could house together and the next day he had shown up with a bag in his hand, face contorted into its usual silliness while he bounced around. Rue, however, was not the type to turn someone away so she had held her tongue and stepped aside, allowing her partner to dart past her. The next hour or so consisted of him hooting and hollering as he explored her quite vast, but temporary, home while she attended the DWMA.

A wary sigh tumbled past her lips, body shifting out of the blanket as her feet planted themselves on the cool ground. She remained silent for a few more minutes, still as a deer trying not to be seen, while she listened intently for any sign that J was awake and about. Nothing. She scrunched her lips up and off to the side, finally letting it go but still on guard for any impromptu jump attacks. Living with J was like walking through a dang horror house. He loved appearing when she least expected it and she always felt like he was watching her, waiting for the next opportunity to jump scare her. Light steps brought the woman to the bathroom, a normal morning routine following that swallowed up the next thirty minutes or so. As for attire, usually Rue wore something with a more elegant flair but she still needed to get a morning run in which meant for something way more breathable and flexible. She settled on a pair of skin tight running pants, sneakers, and a sports bra that crisscrossed across her shoulder blades. Mina was already in the kitchen, the woman smiling cheerfully towards the weapon as she approached. Rue met her smile with a bright one of her own, clearly a morning person, as she grabbed the egg sandwich off the plate and plucked up a nectarine. “ Thanks! I’d stay and chat but I have to get in my jog before I head to the academy. Leave that there, okay? I’m going to clean it up when I return this evening. “ Rue insisted, giving the woman across the island from her a stern but playful look. While the housekeepers were there, Rue did her best to lighten their load and take care of herself a majority of the time. Unlike her parents, and most of the royal family, Rue was the exception in not wanting to be catered to and waited on day and night.

After a grin and a reluctant nod from Mina, Rue was off into the world, finishing up the food she’d grabbed on her way out. She’d opted for just running into the city, taking the time to admire the sights of the jungle of a town that was laid before her with endless places to explore. Even while she kept a steady pace, breathing slightly labored, her eyes were on the lookout for her meister or even anything resembling a dumpster fire that he might have caused. Before she knew it, she was standing at the bottom of the staircase that led up to the DWMA. Those hands came to rest on her knees as she took a few moments to recoup, lively eyes peering behind her with a bit of surprise that she’d cleared that much distance in so little time before flickering over towards each student that waltzed by her. No familiar faces yet, Rue thought with a bit of dismay. After the incident last year, a bunch of the class she’d been thrown into late with J, was simply not the same. It had infuriated her at first when she’d learned of the details of what they’d been through but eventually that fire died down to a flicker and she tried to be there in any way that she possibly could be. They didn’t need someone to be angry for them, that wouldn’t change the circumstances or trauma. They needed an outlet.

Rue took each step with a casual air to her steps, clearly in no hurry to get to the top, but wanting to keep herself moving forward. The most fatal mistake people made was stopping during the ascend upwards. It made the tedious walk up that much harder. Finally, more consumed her vision than just the stairs as she peered towards the gathering of students whom had already arrived. Some were together and others stood off in various places off to themselves. It was easier to pick out the new students this way, their first instinct to separate since they didn’t know much of anyone only being human nature. While some faces were fresh, she did recognize a few people from last year but they were of those she hadn't had the chance to really talk to or get to know. Enrolling late and then running off to defend her kingdom during the last madness outbreak incident left little time for her to be around them. Those ever-changing colored eyes slid from face to face, admiring the height of some who were clearly classified as giants, and smiling warmly at the unique air that the others held. They were certainly going to be an eccentric bunch, each in their own right, but this only instilled a jolt of excitement for her. She bit her lip, expression shifting to momentarily display a little disappointment as one of the people she was looking forward to seeing wasn’t present yet. That disheartenment was hastily snuffed out as she picked Llewellyn out from the bustling bodies that were growing in number. “ Hey Llewellyn! “ She called out, voice carrying itself across the courtyard in a chiming manner that would ring pleasantly in the ears of anyone who heard it. While her partner was a nuisance to most, an entity of unhinged energy and unrivaled antics, Rue was the soothing side of their partnership. Something about her presence usually kept people at ease. How her soul bonded so well with J’s was definitely a mystery and even she didn’t understand it. While it was enigmatic, it was also strange the way her soul had reached out for his own like it ‘needed’ it. It didn’t just come down to compatibility, there was a buried desire there for a taste of the chaos he promised.

How are you feeling about today? “ Rue inquired, peering up towards the other weapon that she’d come to stand by. “ Your sister sure is excited. “ She pointed out, lips curving into half of a smile as she watched Lacey run off to embrace a friend. It had to be a bittersweet day for Llewellyn. He’d been through so much, endured more than most should, and even though his weapon form was a shield… Rue felt a tinge of sadness when she thought about the fact that nobody had ever shielded him and protected him when he needed it most. However she was immensely proud of the man standing beside her. He’d taken all that trauma and used it to propel himself forward, shaping the battle hardened figure who stood there today. It didn't take a meister to sense the shift in the atmosphere as Grace started to spit out a more venomous and hardened tone, that was definitely not of character for the usually lax girl, a short distance away from her. Rue swiveled in place slightly, peering over towards the three, attention harmlessly grabbed but taken nonetheless. A boy in a mask stood before the pair, one she'd never seen before. She knew of Yang and Grace, a meister and weapon duo who truthfully kicked ass musical wise. Honestly, she'd torn one of the strips from their flyer, slipping it into one of the tiny pockets of her leggings, as she snaked her way through the alleyways of the town to reach the academy and had planned on calling later that night. The boy adorning the mask however was completely new to her and the animosity she felt coming from Grace was also new.

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Meister Returns to the DWMA
The meister has been up all night wondering how their first day back was gonna go. Would they be welcomed with open arms or stares of hate for not saying anything earlier? Whatever happened they were prepared for it, they came to terms for the consequences of their actions the moment they decided to make the decision to remain silent. And of course with a few people already knowing wouldn't make their situation any better than it already is. The meister simply sat on the roof of his apartment building watching over Death City scanning for each and every soul, making sure nothing out of the ordinary was happening. They didn't want a repeat of last year to happen all over again. The meister sort of declared themselves as the neighborhood watch, with their best friend joining in as well. Tonight was his shift, so the meister simply sat there and listened to music watching over Death City, and every now and then they'll check on the souls of the ones most precious to them. The ones the meister mostly check on were their two weapon partners sleeping beneath him in their rooms. Their souls was currently a relaxed, steady golden yellow, meaning they were sound as sleep. Usually when they are aake, they are energetic and lively, so as usual, the meister tired out his partners before placing them to bed. As the meister sat there, they started noticing the sun rising from the east, meaning it was nearly time to get ready. They sat there until their alarm went off @7:00am, meaning it was finally time. The meister made their way back inside the apartment and went straight towards their partners’ room. Flicking the lights on, the meister turned towards the bed as their two partners awoke. "Aniki, turn the lights off." They said simultaneously in a whining manner as they lift the covers over their faces. The meister's partners were a set of young twins from Japan, Nami and Maki Sato, that transferred here sometime during the summer. They were no older than 10 years old. "No its time to get up girls." The meister said snatching the covers clean off of them. "Aniki whyyyy?" They said in an even more whining tone moving around the bed in a small tantrum like fashion. "Why?? Because it's the first day of school, that's why. Didn't y'all say that y'all can't wait for school to start. Can't wait to meet everyone. I think y'all did right?" The meister said with a sly grin looking at the twins. As the meister spoke, the girls slowly calmed themselves looking right at their Aniki, before leaping out of bed with excitement. Just as the phrase goes, 'the calm before the storm', the girls displayed the meaning perfectly. "Alright alright settle down girls. Start getting ready and I'll get breakfast started. Shower, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, and get dressed. You're clothes will be laid out by the time y'all come out the bathroom. I'll even cook breakfast." The meister said sounding almost like a parent. "Yaaaaaay breakfast!!" The girls screamed circling around the meister before running off into the bathroom. The meister were lost for words and all they could do was smile laugh and get the day started.

After setting out the twins clothes, the meister went into the master bathroom and started getting themselves together. They weren't gonna take as long as the twins were. They were in and out of the bathroom within seven minutes. Teeth, and body clean and smelling good. Walking into the bedroom, the meister got dressed putting on a black t-shirt, basketball shorts, orange fire resistant coveralls, and black steel toe boots. From there the meister processed to makes a small yet decent meal for the twins and themselves. On today's breakfast menu, were blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs and cheese, beef sausage, fruit, and orange juice. By the time the meister finished cooking for the three of them, the girls came out the bedroom fully dressed and ready to go. They were clean, and apparently did each other's hair. "Breakfast time Nami!" Maki said running towards the table. "Breakfast time, breakfast time." Nami repeated following behind her sister. "Aniki, is it ready yet?" The two of them called out obviously ready to eat. "Yes, yes the foods ready. Nami go get the juice, and Maki get the cups." The meister said bringing out three plates and sitting them all down. "Okaaay." The girls said as the left the table grabbing the cups and orange juice. After the meister finished setting the table, they poured them all a glass full. "Thank you for this meal." They all said together before eating and enjoying each others company. Laughs and goofiness was shared throughout the table as the three of them ate. The meister stared at the twins, smiling as if they were looking at something precious to them. "Aniki, we're full." Maki says as the two of them slouch in their chairs rubbing their stomachs. Obviously something they picked up from the meister. "Yeah, well Aniki's full too." He said with a smile, getting up from the table going to grab all the plates. "Aniki...did you taste the food this time?" Nami asked innocently. Hearing those words, the meister paused for a second as a look of sadness washed over them. Pushing the feeling to the side, the meister smiles and looks at Nami. "No not this time, was it good though?" The meister asked. "It was delicious Aniki, thank you for breakfast." Nami says. "Thank you Aniki." Maki says adding in her appreciation as well. "Anytime girls. Now help Aniki cleanup so we can go." "Okaaay." Without any hesitation, the three of them worked like a well oil machine and cleaned the entire kitchen and dining room table, making sure everything was spotless. "All done girls. Now to the academy!" The meister says causing the girls to cheer in excitement. "Do you think Aneki, and the Princess will be there?" Nami asked. "Well there's only one way to find out right. We need to get going before we're late." The meister says before leading the two of them out the door.

The trip from the apartment towards the academy was a bit excited one. The girls were constantly stopping to say hey to most of the shopkeepers, and tell them about their excitement. Then if they weren't doing that, they were running around during tricks and flips. The meister could barely contain them. They were just excited for today. After months of training building up to this moment who could blame them. Everyday they were training with their meister, and helping with their meister's recovery. The weekends they spent together rewarding each other for their hard work during the week. They either had a dance party, game or movie night, played princesses, or even played scientist. Anything the girls could do with their meister makes their day. And now after months of silence from other students within the DWMA they can finally reveal themselves and their awesomeness. Their words not mine. Approaching the steps the girls were about to rush on ahead, but their meister stopped their tracks right before the first step. "Aniki??" Nami called out to the meister. Currently the meister was taking a moment to process this moment, it's been months since they step on these very steps, since the tragedy. And now they were about to do it all over again for the first time. Soon enough the meister felt the hands of the twins intertwining with their very own. "Together Aniki." The twins said looking up to their meister. "Together." The meister replied before they all took the first step together. After that first one, the rest became very easy. Reaching the top of the stairs the meister took a deep breath and looked around, releasing the hands of the twins. Instantly the meister felt someone eyeing them from above. Snapping their head in that direction, they spotted no other Elvena stein. A grin formed on the meisters face they waved up to her. They even told the twins, and they instantly started waving with excitement.

Scanning the rest of the courtyard, the meister say plenty of new faces and souls, as well as familiar ones. The first to peak their interest was Princess Rue. As the meister stood their, they scanned her framed from top to bottom taking it all in. Their very soul started to burn bright just by seeing her, literally. And standing next to her was Llewellyn looking completely different. The meister's attention was torn away from Rue and Lew as they noticed a confrontation take place between Grace, some new girl, and.....a masked man. Seeing the masked man before started to cause a major headache for the meister. Their head was banging hard, until they took their eyes off of him. The meister groaned in pain for a moment before coming back to their senses. "I gotta avoid him." The meister said looking away. "Aniki look. It's the princess." Nami said point out Rue. "Can we go say hi?" Maki asked. "Of course, but first we gotta do our name tags." The meister says before walking up towards the table. He grabbed the two blue ones and wrote the girls names on them, then for themselves, the meister grabbed and wrote their name. When someone looks at the name tag, it'll read Marcus Rung, Zombie. For those who knew of him, his appearance wasn't much of a difference besides him bulking up since his death. His soul however, was much different from before. Compared to its once neon purple look, its fiery orange with scorch marks, and a fire burning within it.
Nami and Maki Sato (left-right)1642104209252.png
Once finished, Marcus told the girls to go say hey, and without hesitation they ran past everyone and right up towards Rue. "Princess Rue! Princess Rue! we're here!!" The said together as they ran up towards her hugging her. "Your fellow princesses are finally here Rue." Marcus said with a grin while walking up to her and Lew. "I hope I'm not too late. It's a bit of a hassle getting these two up in the morning. But once they're up, they're up." He says with a grin. He then looks off at Lew. "Hey Lew. Long time no see." He says pausing a bit. "I know Hitomi told you about me, but still sorry for being MIA. I had to get myself together mentally, spiritually, and physically. And I can see you've definitely changed since the last time I saw you. You look completely different." He said giving an awkwardly laugh. Clearly he was nervous, this was his first time talking to Lew since he was brought back to life, so no doubt this was a bit awkward for him. He didn't know how Lew or even the other would react. "Uhh girls how am I doing??" He asked looking at the twins and even Rue. The twins seems to think he could do better, cause they gave him the shaky hand gesture as if to say 'so-so'. He simply sighed. "Great."
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Marcus Rung Returns

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Roselia "Lia" Rae Rain

Lia tossed her hair over her shoulder to get her long white strands out of her face and her vision as she was writing her name in the red provided for her. Instead of writing out her full name like a couple of the other students, she simply wrote “Lia Rain” in pretty yet sturdy cursive. Her thoughts wandered as she peeled the sticky name tag off of the plastic and slapped it firmly onto her left breast. Her mind hadn’t quite caught up with the present, so she was still trying to process that her change from the NOT class to the EAT class was real and not a cruel trick like she was led to believe. So much had changed in so little time, and she was still doing her best to adapt to all of the new changes that were laid before her.

Lia glanced around the courtyard to try and see if there was anyone she recognized. Her orchid orbs danced about as she spotted many students who were unfailiar. Though her eyes came to a stop as she recognized two specific individuals in the courtyard. She recognized Akron and Camilla who were both from Morika’s ViewTube channel. They appeared to be busy so she didn’t think to approach them, lest she make a fool of herself or make them feel awkward in her presence. Tearing her eyes away from them, she continued to peer around the courtyard until she heard a familiar voice calling her name and then a set of arms around her waist.

A squeak tore from her throat as she felt herself be pulled into an embrace, her face flushed lightly as she squirmed in her captor’s hold. “The hell? Let go!” Lia couldn’t quite place who was holding her hostage, though it must have been someone she knew or else they would have let go by now. Turning her head slightly, she caught a flash of gold and she immediately knew who this was. “The hell, Lacey? I thought that rich people were supposed to look others in the eye when they said hello.”

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Ferra and Torr

Location: DWMA Courtyard
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With an entrance like theirs it was only to be expected they'd quickly garner attention from the others. Many people had already looked their way, a few mumblings and whisperings here and there. Though so far it wasn't anything the duo hadn't expected, if anything it was actually going better than anticipated! Weapon and Meister watched others arrive shortly after they had, included a relatively tall guy in armor with what seemed to be pajamas sticking out in various places. Ferra giggled ever so softly and nudged Torr with her elbow, "And some people say you're weird." She whispered low enough it was intended only for her friend to hear her.

It wasn't too long until a new student approached and introduced herself. It was fairly surprising given Torr tended to give off some pretty intense vibes. "Nice too meetcha' Kimberly!" Ferra replied as cheerfully as ever. "Mhm! I sure am. This big fella here is my partner Torr." She spoke patting his arm lightly to which Torr simply waved slightly. "He looks pretty intense but he's a big, shy, softie." She grinned between the pair for a bit. "Sooo...what made you decide to join up? Personally, I've always wanted to come. This is pretty exciting!" The way her face shone with excitement showed just how genuine the blonde Meister was. This moment right here was something she had longed for a great many years and it was finally happening! Even if they kinda had already destroyed and damaged property...ehh it was fine. Probably. The rather intense staring from Cain hadn't gone unnoticed either, however Torr had no idea why the blonde boy seemed rather angry at his mere existence

While neither ignored their new acquaintence they couldn't help but glance over to the altercation between two of the female students and a guy with quite the creepy mask. Not that either could just based on Torr, but hey, it was still creepy. The point of contention seemed to be the mask the man was wearing, though Ferra had no idea why it would be a problem. Sure it was creepy, but creepy wasn't exactly illegal.

Now, what did distract Ferra was the arrival of Rue. Most everyone here was attractive in one way or another, she would include Akron and possibly John had their faces not been obscured, but she had to notice Rue. With what she was wearing it was kinda hard not to! Though she did her best not to stare and focus on her conversation the small pervy grin on her lips and her eyes constantly darting back and forth to sneak a few peeks did show she wasn't giving things her full attention. Hey, what could she say? She certainly had a type.

The Elder

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The Mask
deaazbh-8dd8587e-e7bb-4cbc-85d3-3218689b9828.jpg"That bastard." were the words her partner muttered after mentioning the masked student. Her face showed just how confused she was. Knowing about what happened three months ago, she couldn't help but wonder if that mask the student wore was similar to the one dawn by the man who caused trouble for the previous E.A.T. class.Looking at Grace as he approached, the atmosphere around her started to feel tense. Her body got stiff as if she was triggered all over again. She remembered what Grace looked like when she found her, she wouldn't just let her meister fall back into that state. As the man approached, Yang wanted to be the first to say something, she wanted to protect Grace from him getting too close to her, but she was too late. Grace automatically entered her defensive state and stepped in front of Yang. Which was the complete opposite of their roles. Yang was suppose to be the one to step. in front of her meister and protect her at all cost. Was she already failing at her job?

Grace didn't hold back her words as she let the masked student have it. From her words alone, Yang realized that the mask the student wore is in fact similar to the other guy. Why would this kid put this mask on and show up here/ Does he not care of the trauma some of these student went through? Did he not care that, that mask alone would paint a target on his back? Yang couldn't fully grasp the full possibilities on why the student did what she did, but regardless of the reason she knew it wasn't right. "Joke, prank, or whatever this is man" Yang said stepping out from behind Grace, and walking in front of her placing her hand on her shoulder. "You need to get away from us right now!" She said glaring right at the mask man, no matter how creepy the mask made her feel. "It'll be best if you take that mask off too, before other students from last year realize what you're doing!" She said gesturing to everyone around her. She looked around finally noticing Elvy sitting on one of the candles and even Marcus who she thought was dead. With those two being here plus Rue, Llewelyn, and Akron a small but good amount of last year students have returned She looked back at the masked student and decided to get her point across even more. "There's a lot of heavy hitters here from last years E.A.T. class, my meister included. so if you don't wanna make an enemy out of one of them. I suggest you rethink all of this and remove that mask, and never put it on again."

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