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Knight boi


John Adam
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As John began to feel unease and start to feel normal that all got shot down when the two girls he tried to talk to gave him harsh judgment, and that wasn’t all, they sounded like they were disrespecting his family name which pissed him off to unbelievable heights, who the fuck was this girl? She’s shaking like an abused dog, she looks like she was either gonna cry or yell out in fear from him, he sent a cold glare stabbing through the two, intimidation on high levels as he began to intimidate them.

Why did he even try this, talking to people? It’ll end all the same, judgement. People like him were born to look down on by Society, almost destiny he might say. He looked at the back of her too see her meister and then back at the girl who was shaking.

What was that woman? I should grab you by the head and make you eat the stairs, ever taste concrete?

He said in a serious and intimidating tone of voice and mood. He put his hands in his pocket as he looked down upon her.

This is the last thing my father gave me before he died, though some people told me that your little teacher had to save your asses, I mean look at you, shaking like a dog, I also heard that some of your are even in the hospital? Oh boo hoo, if I were them I would’ve never even show my face again.

He said as he then reached down to look at her, eye to eye, face to face, he then whispered to her privately.

Y’know you should never disrespect my family’s name, especially my mothers, I don’t really care what you think of me, but I’ll let you know I’m very different from my dad oh and also never ever do that crap again okay woman? Good.”

He said as he then got out of her face giving her a small little head pat, messing with her in a way.

Oh, and I would like to see some of these kids your talking about, they seem remotely worthy my interest, and tell your little meister this…”

He then tipped his fedora as he then prepared to say who he was.

Some of you might know who my father is, some may not, My names Mr.Död, and my father…..is know as Nightmare, so go ahead and spread the news m’kay girl? Good, can’t wait for the new year, can’t you?

He said as he then looked directly down at them. Putting his fedora back into his black hair, and giving a ta-da hand motion.

Nice to meet you all~ Can’t wait~

After he said that he reached back in his pockets before roaming a hit of a cigarette as the puff floated in the air with no destination.
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The lord of randomness and the warp
as more people filtered into the courtyard Akron remained perfectly stationary normally he was easily mistake for a suit of armor with how motionless the boy was capable of being. However right now he just looked kind of silly like someones bad horror story monster. Internally Akron lamented the fact there seemed to just be more and more girls showing up each one would need to be carefully manoeuvred around lest he invoke there wraith of course there where a limited number of exceptions to such a rule, but nevertheless his helmet masked any slip up in facial expression that could happen. A small shift of his head he spotted number four… his current miester Izuma.. while he’d shared some details and heartfelt moments with the other male Akron couldn’t shake a underlying feeling that much like every other miester something bad would happen to them. However Izuma quickly ran into a girl with somewhat odd attire as they where making there way towards him. Of course Akron would just stay put less the blame end up falling upon his shoulder for attempting to help the situation.

Attention again drawn away by an unexpected arrival, Marcus? apparently no so dead after all… oh and two tiny over excited girls that sent a serious shiver down Akron’s spine… there was just… no.. real way to describe the uncomfortable Sensation they brought with them. Yet Akron did something he frankly considered a bit crazy moving from his spot almost silently Akron walked the edge of the court yard to avoid to much interruption but rather quickly he ended up nearby the gathering of Marcus the twin girls, Lew and Rue. “Hu didn’t expect to see you around Marcus, let me guess the dead didn’t Like how loud you played your music so they threw you out?” Akron tone was as neutral as it always was.. so despite it being intended to be a joke it could easily be interpreted as rather insulting, why he even did this was mostly just to say Hi to Marcus, and he just hoped he could slip away quickly enough to avoid offending any of the females present in the little group, already taking a step back.

Rhodus Prime

Red Sun

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Sozen awoke in much the same way he did every morning, to a foot jamming into his shin. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he slowly sat up and turned to grab his leg. As he fixed his leg into position, he briefly considered whether it might be worthwhile for him and his partner Norja to invest in a larger bed. It had been almost two months since the two of them had become partners and begun dating. It had been about four weeks since the two had moved in together. Sozen never carried much attachment to his apartment in the first place, so the decision to move in with his new partner was practically a given. At the time, sharing a bed seemed like a good idea. After all, not only were they partners, but they were dating as well. Both of them preferred a more minimalist (some might call it sparse) approach to decoration so having one less item taking up space in the rather small studio apartment appealed to both of them. Sozen had very quickly learned, however, that his new girlfriend, partner, and now roommate had a tendency to spread out and take up practically the whole bed.
Sozen stretched out his shoulders before finally standing up and making his way to the kitchenette. His internal debate with himself about furniture could wait until later. There were much more important things to be worried about, namely the orientation scheduled for that morning. He’d woken up a little later than he’d expected to, so he made the decision to go with the simple choice of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Before he’d partnered with and subsequently lived with Norja, Sozen hadn’t fancied himself that much of a cook. Sure, he could prepare a decently complex dish if he had to, but this was Sozen, and if there was one thing he hated it was unnecessary work, so he tended to skate by doing as little actual cooking as possible. Norja, on the other hand, was a ravenous eater and absolutely loved food. To keep up with her voracious appetite, he'd been forced to quickly begin learning how to actually prepare proper meals.
He grabbed the eggs and bacon from the fridge and quickly set about preparing breakfast for himself and Norja. In between cooking, he took a quick break to get dressed and comb his hair. Finally, he carried two plates of scrambled eggs and bacon from the kitchenette over to their small dining area and set the two plates at opposite ends of the table.
"Breakfast is ready, Sleeping Beauty," Sozen called out to Norja as she continued to lie in bed. "Do you plan on sleeping through the orientation?"

Norja was by no means a morning person and it showed as she basically growled loudly, thrashing about as Sozen’s taunt reached her ears. After her small show of a tantrum, the girl rolled over suddenly, something tightly clenched within her small fist. The momentum from her sitting up so quickly helped her get a good amount of speed behind the blur that was soon identified as the pillow she’d previously had her face buried in. It was aimed straight at his face and while she knew he’d most likely find a way to dodge or catch it, unlike he did with her during their first meeting, it was the action itself that brought her satisfaction. “ WATCH WHO YER TALKIN’ TO! “ She gave it her best pitch rise but the sleepiness in her voice was evidently still present, making her seem less intimidating. After catching a whiff of the smells of breakfast, Norja tilted her head up a bit, inhaling loudly and exhaling with a loud ‘ahhhhh’. “ Yer lucky I don’t bite ze hand dat feeds. “ Grumpy laced words left her lips but the eagerness dancing about in her eyes was hard to miss. The blanket was kicked off, discarded messily upon the floor as she walked over it and made her way over towards the tiny table that she’d allowed Sozen to bring into her studio. She peered down at the plate, expression lightening up only vaguely at the sight of the hot meal before her. A sluggish shift to the side was used to scoot the chair out of the way and she simply stood at the table, opting out of sitting. As was her usual routine, Norja brought her hands to her chest and looked up towards the ceiling, those messy crimson locks seeming to come alive just from the slight motion. Those eyes disappeared as her eyelids fell to a close, murmured words that were lost in translation being whispered into the room. When she was done a grin had spread, childish in nature, as she started shoveling the bacon into her mouth, completely losing whatever moment of tranquility had befallen her and swapping it out for an animalistic one.

After lifting the plate up, she tilted it and let the eggs fall messily into her awaiting mouth, those eyes peering over it as they remained locked on Sozen. “ Oi, pack zum znacks ‘n zings…I wanna let ze pups out. Zey are restless. “ Norja licked the plate clean, knowing better than to waste even the tiniest scrap of food. “ Zanks for da meal. “ Her words were cast off in his direction as she made her way to the kitchen, discarding the plate within the sink. The weapon let her hair fall where it wanted to and even though it was clearly bedhead it somehow framed her face rather cutely. After plucking up her clothes from the pile they had been deposited in the night before, she brought them up to her nose and took a big whiff. “ Zey still fine, zeee! “ She announced in a proud voice, smiling widely as if this somehow pleased her, holding them up for her partner. Her style was clearly more punkish; a black dress underlined with a muggy white that was frame forming at the top, soon came to flow freely as it cleared her stomach. There were various buckles and ribbons adorning the entire outfit, giving it that eccentric flair. A collar of sorts was wrapped securely around her neck with a zipper placed in the front that functioned to keep it fastened. Her thighs remained bare and slightly exposed as a pair of tights bearing the same buckles as her dress kept them taut above her knees. Her jacket sported the same colors as her attire but the white itself appeared cleaner and less ‘worn’. It settled loosely upon her arms to leave her shoulders exposed. If she wore it like a normal person, it was so big that it would probably swallow most of her frame. And then there were her shoes, vaguely erring on the side of girly but also not as they were clearly steel toed. She sure as hell wasn’t afraid to use them if someone gave her reason to. It was a weird mix, the entire attire, but it was simply her.

Once ready she threw Sozen a quizzical glance. “ Ye take longer zen a woman to get ready… ye realize dis, right? “ She commented on his hair, rolling her eyes quite visibly as she snorted and made her way down the stairs to appear in the alleyway. Her eyes began to glow a dim yellow, only growing in intensity and color the longer they remained that way. To anyone watching it would be rather concerning to see a short, basically disheveled girl standing there with her eyes radiating a light that was almost blinding, but to Sozen it was normal by now. Shortly after the summoning, a pair of rather large wolves, especially when standing next to Norja who was tiny in stature, appeared nestled into the sides of the girl as if barricading her off from the world. Their names were Hati and Skoll; Hati being the white coated wolf with blue eyes and symbols trailing along his back, whilst Skoll was the one with ash colored fur and red symbols trailing along their back. She placed a hand on each of their heads and let her fingertips rub into their fur with a gentle touch that was only reserved for them. “ Zey are allowed, I ‘ope. “ Norja suddenly seemed concerned, an emotion that didn’t surface often. She patted their heads once more and began wandering aimlessly, already headed in the completely wrong direction of the DWMA.

Jujutsu.Kaisen.full.3548696.jpg Sozen slid the chair back and sat down, watching Norja thrash and writhe in her mock tantrum as he began to eat his breakfast. When she rolled over, he realized immediately what her intentions were and he lazily shifted his head to the side as the pillow whipped past him and over his shoulder, hitting the wall with a muffled smack. It wasn’t anywhere near the first time she’d thrown something aimed for his face, not even the first time that something had been a pillow either. “I’ve been watching you for the last fifteen minutes,” Sozen replied. “Now get up and eat your breakfast before it gets cold”. Sure enough, the promise of food served to assuage the girl’s temper, just like it always did. Sozen had learned very early on that if there was anything that could motivate her, it was food. He’d just finished his own food in time to watch Norja bring the plate up to her mouth and practically inhale the entirety of the eggs in one go. “Did you manage to taste any of that?” Sozen asked sarcastically, meeting Norja’s gaze. “Sometimes I’m surprised you don’t end up biting into the plate with how fast you eat”. He stood up and made his way to the sink, starting to wash his plate as Norja licked hers clean. “When it comes to you, not packing snacks may as well be a death sentence,” Sozen replied as he took the plate from her and began washing it as well. He glanced over his shoulder at Norja as she started to get ready, his brow furrowing as he watched her pick up her clothes, smell them, and declare that they were still fine. Something about her earnestness, however, softened his disapproval, and he was reminded of why he’d chosen to become partners with this girl in the first place. He finished washing their dishes and set them next to the sink to dry before combing through the pantry for snacks to bring with them. Once he was satisfied that he’d packed enough to satiate Norja’s appetite once it started to emerge again in the afternoon, he slung his bag over his shoulder and went to meet Norja at the door, following her outside and locking the door behind them. “Presentation is important,” Sozen replied with a roll of his eyes. “At least when it comes to this side of the world”. He stood to the side as Norja brought out her wolves, squinting in the bright light of the summoning. At this point, much like with Norja’s other idiosyncrasies, he’d become so accustomed to the spectacle of her summoning the wolves that he didn’t even bat an eye anymore. To him it was just another everyday occurrence, like brushing your teeth or driving to work. “I’m going to have to crack some heads if they aren’t,” Sozen replied, reaching out a hand to pet Skoll’s charcoal fur. “But it will probably be fine. You know the school is that way though, right?” He asked, jerking a thumb over his shoulder in the direction entirely opposite from the one Norja had chosen.

Red strands went flying as she spun around and stared at him, eyes narrowing as she peered over his shoulder in the direction he’d motioned towards. A weird sound got stuck in her throat as she stomped past him, head held high. “ Why didn’t ye zey dat sooner? “ A scowl crossed her features as she stormed off down the alley and out into the city, not bothering to check if he was even following her. The wolves stayed close to her, their vibrant almost glowing eyes watching everything around them curiously. Some people stopped dead in their tracks to watch, others ran away in fear, and a select few were brave enough to ask if they could pet them. Norja didn’t deny any of the courageous ones, knowing full well that both the wolves thoroughly enjoyed the attention. It felt like a damn death march to the academy, the looks that some gave her only solidified that outcast vibe that she’d been drowning in since she had arrived. Zis will never be home. Norja echoed that thought within her mind, acknowledging it silently to herself and not bothering to share it with Sozen. She wasn’t the ‘pass the feelings’ stick around type.

The giant staircase that seemed neverending started to appear and Norja immediately knew that she’d gone the correct way. That simple fact had her smugly peering back at her partner with a gloating look. It remained plastered on her face until they reached the foot of the ‘mountain’ that was the only path up to the DWMA. “ Zee ye up der! “ Norja hoisted herself onto Hati and flicked her hand out to wave farewell towards her meister, preparing to make him do the trek up alone as punishment for calling her ‘sleeping beauty’. “ Oi! ‘An be swift! “ That same hand went to pat her stomach as she continued, “ gonna need a znack! “ She flashed him one of her best photo ready smiles before Hati took off, his brother Skoll easily keeping up the pace beside them. Soon they were just specks, disappearing from clear view. It didn’t take too long for them to cross what the Nordic woman could only describe as an ‘unnecessary obstacle’. However, they’d run through mountain sides and terrain much rougher and inclined than this so it wasn’t too much different. Alas even though she’d made it, Norja wasn’t entirely the biggest gremlin, maybe just a smidge, but the girl stopped Hati a few steps before they had reached the top so she could take a seat on the very last one. The wolves sprawled out around her as they all waited for Sozen to catch up, that very complacent expression drifting back onto her face the moment he started to approach.

Sozen rolled his eyes again as Norja spun and stomped past him, turning as well to continue following behind her. He was used to her getting grumpy over small things, and he knew it wouldn't be long before she moved on. As they were stopped every so often by passers-by asking about the wolves, Sozen took a back seat and let Norja handle dealing with them. He wasn't exactly fond of people in the first place, so humoring random strangers off the street wasn't something he found enjoyable. Norja, for her part, was nice enough to let some of them pet the wolves when they asked. Beneath her normal exterior, however, he could tell that something about their walk to the academy was bothering her, although he couldn't say what exactly.
Sozen’s eyes narrowed as Norja gave him an extremely self satisfied look once they’d reached the enormous staircase leading to the academy. He watched as she hoisted herself up and onto Hati’s back, taunting him as she rode her way up the mountain of a staircase. Sozen simply sighed and began to jog up the stairs after her, making sure to stay at a pace where he could still see her ahead of him. After the unbelievable hell he’d put himself through when he’d forced himself to get used to the new leg, something as simple as a huge staircase may as well have been a walk through the forest for how much it phased him. After all, one of his favorite pastimes was freehand climbing, so scaling mountains was something he did literally fairly often. As he scaled the final steps of the staircase, Sozen could see Norja perched at the top of it, waiting for him.
“I had that one coming, didn’t I?” He said in reference to her running ahead and leaving him at the foot of the stairs. He reached into his bag and pulled out a packet of beef jerky, handing it to Norja. “Lot’s of new faces around, huh?” He mused, taking a second to look around at the other students gathered in front of the academy. “Wonder if we’ll end up working with any of the-”. Sozen cut himself off abruptly as his gaze fell on something that immediately dominated his attention. One of the new students seemed to be antagonizing Grace and her new partner Yang. After what he and Grace had been subjected to during the facility incident, Sozen had come to have a significant amount of respect for her, and he would even go so far as to consider her a friend. Grace was clearly upset and Sozen didn’t have to wonder why. The mask. It was a dead ringer for the mask worn by the man behind all of the suffering the students had been subjected to last year. Sozen crossed the courtyard to where the three of them were standing, getting into earshot just in time to hear the masked student threaten the two girls.
“Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?” He asked, stepping between Yang and the masked bastard and roughly shoving him away from Yang just after he’d finished introducing himself. “Because I’m not laughing. If you’re trying to pick a fight then you chose one hell of a way to do it, and if all of what you just said was true, then we’re going to have a very serious problem”.
Kyuubey Kyuubey The Elder The Elder _Line 213 _Line 213 Knight boi Knight boi
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The lord of randomness and the warp
Nicholai Balakin
interaction: The Regal Rper The Regal Rper
The fact Nik remembered him already put a huge smile on Nicholai’s face, the response too promating a rather hearty laugh form the other Russian, yeah it had certainly been some time easily enough to forget what had happened but nonetheless it was great to see a familiar face especially one that held no animosity. “mozhet byt', ya dolzhen byl prosto zastryat' na tebe, chtoby sdelat' tebe bol'shiy syurpriz” (maybe I should have just stuck up on you give you a bigger suprise) Nicho replied in a cheerful lightheated tone, happily shaking Nik and returning the rather sudden side hug as best he could before taking a step back with an equely large grin on his face. “indeed my friend most unexpected turn but good one none the less” Nicho replied his accent Likely a lot thicker then his counterparts, setting an hand on Nik shoulder. “yes yes much better then all stranger no? So what happened then bit someone“ nicho said keeping the last part alot quieter just in case it was a sort of sensitive topic. “Eh hardly important sure you already see difference here yes? Very free on uniform policy me? Eh just force of habit looks stylish enough, oh and they are… eh a lot more open minded then back home and some a bit more touchy then others“ Nicho added turning to gesture at the gathering group of wierd and wonderful people.. however one alarming this was.. Akron they’d just disappeared suddenly from the spot they where previously inhabiting.… freaky.. “err anyway sure you will fit in perfectly“


The Flurry of The Dancing Flames
Kimberly Artain
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Kimberly watched as Ferra kept to the side to take peeks at a man in a mask and two girls. That mask is really creepy. I wouldn’t want to mess with him. Kimberly stared at the man for a few moments before snapping herself out of her thoughts, remembering that she was in the middle of a discussion.. “Oh. Well, you see, I always wanted to protect others. I want to prove that I am not just some weak child. I may be young but I can pack quite a punch. That is why I am here.” Kimberly replied, a bittersweet smile graced her lips. No matter what she did, she was always going to be seen as a child, and that would never change. Kimberly took a deep breath as she turned back to Ferra and Torr. Those two obviously knew what they were doing. People would take them seriously. The big guy alone could probably hold his own even if he was quiet. ‘No Kimberly. This is not why you are here. You are here to prove yourself and to have fun. Now isn’t the time to be wallowing in self pity or to be feeling bad for yourself.'

Kimberly took another good look at Ferra and noticed that she had a wide smile on her face. She was definitely excited to be here. Though Kimberly noticed that the other girl wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversation now. Curious, Kimberly followed Ferra’s eyes to find a blue haired beauty. Her eyes darted back and forth between Ferra and the gorgeous girl whose name she didn’t know. A mischievous grin sprouted on her face as a thought came to mind. ‘Oh. I see. That’s where her mind is. Let’s have some fun.Kimberly leaned in close to Ferra, peering over the other girl’s shoulder to whisper in her ear. “So who we looking at?”


The Flake

  • DWMA Courtyard, Entrance Area
    The DWMA Courtyard was filling up rather nicely with the newest year's E.A.T. Class, individuals with great potential and skill tasked to combat the darkness that constantly threatened the world. Individuals who, for the most part, were strangers to Llewellyn. The singular blue eye looked over the crowd critically, noting the 'fresh' feel most of the new class gave off and writing off most of the newest members as potential liabilities who would need protecting. Still, that was not necessarily a bad thing considering the length of time it had taken Llewellyn himself to reach his current level of proficiency but, it was concerning. Would any of the new additions be able to handle the Kishins? Would they be able to stomach the very real possibility of taking another human's life? Could they survive the loss of a fellow comrade or friend? Only time would answer the young man's concerns and worry yet, for the present moment Llewellyn could not believe that any of these children would be able to withstand the burden of being a part of the E.A.T. Class. In truth, I do not handle the burden well either. If I had thirty more years of training, I would be no closer to being prepared for the trials that still lay before us. A deep frown set upon Llewellyn's face as his eye strayed over to Lacey chatting with a white haired girl. I may not be able to protect her either... but I shall lay down my own life before she perishes. He would have to, Llewellyn did not think he could watch another person die, either physically or mentally.

    While he was considering his cheerful thoughts, Llewellyn did not take notice of the familiar blue head approaching the courtyard. He did, however, hear the foreign princess's greeting ring across the area which easily caught his attention. A warm smile quickly overtook the frown that had been present on Llewellyn's face upon seeing his fellow classmate. The young man then parted his lips to give his own greeting when his blue eye treacherously dipped downward to glance at Rue's apparel for the day. Her legs are lovely. Llewellyn discovered as he allowed his gaze to linger for a few seconds too long. He was only able to tear his eye away once Rue settled herself beside him. Mental note: Spandex is still dangerous. A good choice for workout fabrics but ultimately hazardous towards reason and social etiquette. Llewellyn took a deep breath to calm himself and to re-center his eye higher, to a more socially appropriate area, her face. "Good morning, Rue." The young man's smile faltered for a moment, the utterance of the other Weapon's name without her given title felt far too odd. An unearned privilege, yet one that Llewellyn did not seek to correct for the moment. The princess could do so herself if she found the informal greeting to be unfavorable. "Today will be difficult for our new peers, Lacey included. I only hope that their preparedness outmatches their excitement." The solitary blue orb turned away from the princess's form and settled upon the blonde locks of his sibling. "If I had kept better track of time, perhaps I could have offered to train her a little in hand to hand..." Llewellyn's sentence trailed off into a soft sigh as he pushed the regret from his mind, while being completely unaware of the small commotion starting to brew in the courtyard.

    The blonde's attention was once again pulled away from both his thoughts and his conversation partner, this time by two dark haired little girls rushing towards Rue. Did someone bring their younger siblings to the orientation? Llewellyn wondered, very surprised by the energetic young girls who were now embracing the blue haired princess. There was nothing against bringing visitors to the Academy as far as Llewellyn knew but, it was not usual to see anyone not currently attending the DWMA on the school's grounds. What was more unusual was that the actual children were familiar with Rue. Had the three of them met during the summer? Before the young man could think too much on the possible relationship between the three females, another voice spoke up. A familiar male voice. A familiar male voice that was supposed to be very dead. Hitomi did inform me that he was back but I did not believe it. His gaze settled upon the Meister Llewellyn knew had perished a little over three months ago.

    Llewellyn found that he could not speak as Marcus continued to ramble on. There was just no conceivable way for the other male to be alive. The blonde looked the Meister up and down, seeing nothing too out of the ordinary about Marcus. No oozing wounds or strange runic script running across his exposed skin. Nor could Llewellyn sense any malicious intent or bloodlust from the orange clad male. A hand reached out and gripped Marcus's shoulder gently, squeezing slightly to make certain that the individual before Llewellyn was truly present. "You truly are here." Llewellyn's tone was questioning, yet it became firmer as he repeated the statement. The young man's earlier smile worked its way back to his face. "It's good to see you again, my friend." Llewellyn was about to question Marcus as to how he came to stand before him today, when yet another individual decided to approach the now six person group. "Akron." Llewellyn gave the taller Weapon a short nod and an amused smile in greeting. It was difficult to not find the usually armored male's current appearance humorous. "I like the new look." Llewellyn's tone was joking and he tried to show that he meant no harm by preventing his smile from transforming to a grin. "You should dress down more often."

    Interactions: Kyuubey Kyuubey (Rue) | The Elder The Elder (Marcus) | Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 (Akron)

    Mentions: Everyone in the Courtyard, prior to Sozan's entrance Mitchs98 Mitchs98 | AxElKiNgHeArT13 AxElKiNgHeArT13 | BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage | Flintstone Flintstone | Knight boi Knight boi | GreenieBoi GreenieBoi | The Regal Rper The Regal Rper | Phayne Phayne | _Line 213 _Line 213


Socially Anxious
Rosalia "Lia" Rae Rain

Interactions: Lacey ( RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII )

Lia turned around to face her friend, a light flush of embarrassment on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest. She averted her eyes to stare at the ground, an annoyed expression on her face. ‘Great Lia. That’s real great. You haven’t seen your classmate in about three months and you curse at her.’ Orchid orbs lifted off of the ground to lock eyes with her classmate as she listened to Lacey’s questions and the slight catch in her voice. Lia’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she pondered if something had happened to her close acquaintance.

She decided to leave it be for now. If there was an opportunity later, Lia would ask her then.

“I’m good. Trained with my brothers over the summer to build up more stamina and such.” Lia paused for a moment, her eyes twitching as she leered at her friend. “What are you trying to say? That I got fat? Are you saying that I’m fat? I’ll have you know that I lost more weight over the summer than I put on! I lost 10 pounds.”

Lia stopped, uncrossing her arms and pressing a hand to her chest to calm herself down. ‘Wow, my eldest brother was right. I do have a tendency to blindly explode on people.’ She closed her eyes as she took a deep breath in and let a deep breath out. After her exhale, she opened her eyes and allowed a more relaxed expression to adorn her face. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to blow up on you.” She apologized, her voice sounding strained as she struggled to mean her apology.

“As for your other question, I don’t know. People are either paired together randomly or are assigned to each other based on their individual skills.” Lia paused, a contemplative expression on her face as she registered her own words. She shrugged and shot a pensive expression to her acquaintance. “Why? Is there someone specific you want to be paired with?”



__surtr_arknights_drawn_by_s2rid__sample-75db877fe5204060455950e8e9170080.jpgAfter waiting patiently, a characteristic very rare for the Nordic girl, Sozen finally closed the space between them. The smile she gave him, canines flashing, was full of snarkiness. “ Ye sure did! “ She exclaimed in agreement, rising off the steps to follow him up into the courtyard. It was blatantly clear that the wolves were drawing a lot of attention but there were others who were just as eye boggling, easily capturing her own admiring gaze. Blindly a hand shot out, greedily snatching up the bag of jerky, one of her favorite snacks. It reminded her of home and it was meat. Who didn’t love meat? Norja began to mindfully munch on a piece, tearing it apart with her rather sharp teeth, making no attempt to be quiet about it. Her gaze had been jumping around, taking in all the new faces as she continued to gnaw at each piece that she lifted up to her mouth. A few noises here and there, mostly from the enjoyment of snacking and her own verbal thoughts on the students she peered at. Noncoherent verbal thoughts but audible nonetheless. And then Sozen stopped mid sentence. Not only had he not bothered finishing what he was saying but when she turned to look up at him, she was met with the image of the cackling sun in his place. Norja’s face contorted into annoyance immediately as she narrowed her eyes, glaring at the big blazing ball above her that almost seemed to be mocking her. It pissed her off, truly.

Dat Sozen… “ She growled lowly, that gaze turning wild as they began their hunt for him. Thankfully it didn’t take long to spot him alongside two other girls and someone wearing a mask. She didn’t particularly get a dangerous vibe but the look on her partner’s face wasn’t to be taken lightly either. If his body language offered anything, it was the sense that something was clearly wrong. Norja wasn’t brilliant by any means but Sozen was an open book right now. Beskytte. While silent, the word echoed within the wolves minds and they didn’t hesitate to obey. Once by Norja’s side, towering her short frame, they had now crossed the courtyard to stand next to Sozen. The weapon made her way towards the altercation and stopped behind the masked guy, poking her head out from behind him to stare at Sozen and the other girls. “ Vat is ze problem, Sozen? ‘N ‘ello ladies. Is dis guy botherin' ye? “ Norja stepped into view and tilted her head so that she could examine the rather tall student beside her. Truthfully the last thing she wanted was her partner getting into a fight on the very first day of school. It wouldn’t bode well for either of them. So she tried to deflect, for his sake. “ Iz it dat veird ‘oliday already or somethin'? “ She inquired in regards to the mask, only knowing a vague amount about Halloween. Now that she really thought about it, a lot of these people seemed like they were dressed for the occasion. “ OI, DID YE FORGET TA TELL ME IT WAS ‘ALLOWEEN?! MY FIRST AMURICAN ‘OLIDAY? “ Norja’s expression was once again fuming as she pointed an accusatory finger towards him. “ Ye know, da mask is a nice touch but dat is a lazy costume. I expected more from dis ‘oliday. Look at dat armored animal zing over der, dat is more like it. “ Norja spoke to John, that once wagging finger now guiding his gaze over to one of the other giants standing in the courtyard with a group.

Oi, ver is my nametag?! “ Norja patted at her chest frantically after noticing everyone was walking around with one, head slowly turning back towards Sozen. “ If yer gonna pick a fight, ye better come back with zum dang lunch money. Makin’ me get ze tag, leavin’ me stranded ven I know of nothin'. Vat a meister, vat a guy. “ The short girl started spouting off at nobody in general at the end, making her irritation known to the group before motioning towards the wolves and sauntering off towards the table. There were a bunch of tags neatly placed upon it which was already confusing her since she didn't understand the importance of the colors. “ I pick vat color I like… “ She snatched up a red tag and shrugged, scribbling her name with a black marker in a completely different language. It looked more runic than anything. She then proceeded to snag up a blue tag for Sozen and draw a rather creative picture of a guy wielding what appeared to be one of her weapon forms. His expression was gloomy and this also amused her because it was fairly accurate.

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Rue Sivogn

Rue’s smile, unlike Llewellyn’s, did not falter when he addressed her with a more casual air. If anything, it was desired. She smiled more to reassure him that it was indeed a welcome greeting. Even though it was obvious that leaving out her title was a bit bothersome to Llewellyn, it only solidified her belief that they were indeed way past acquaintances. The sun bearing down on his serene face and disheveled hair only made her watch him more closely, as if he was standing in a spotlight. It was one of those odd moments where she felt herself admiring something other than nature. His uncovered eye still demanded so much attention as its strikingly clear azurite colors froze her in place faster than her own powers could manage. As he began to speak about the newer students, Rue broke free from the previous spell and followed his gaze to once again watch Lacey for a bit. “ I can’t imagine having a sibling attending the academy with me. Or even someone dear to me. I’d want to protect them from the horrors I know they’re bound to face too. The world is so beautiful but it can be so unforgiving. “ Rue said softly, shifting in place only slightly to rid herself of that previous feeling like shedding a winter coat as she glanced back up at him, reading his expression quite easily.

She reached a hand out and touched his arm, fingertips barely grazing across his skin as if it almost seemed foreign for her to try to comfort someone by physical means. “ If she’s on my team, I promise to look out for her. And if needed I can always let her train with me. I know it’s a bit different since she’s a meister but my offer stands either way. You know I can teach her a few things. I do recall you on your butt a lot. I think we both ended up on the ground more than we would’ve liked. “ Rue’s eyes lit up as she had flashbacks of the summer. While it had been hard to find much time to spend with Llewellyn during his rigorous training, she’d managed to find a gap in his schedule that didn’t conflict with much. Plus they spent most of it practicing more combat related techniques. So in reality it wasn’t considered a break in her eyes. He had set a bar for himself and she respected that, even if it meant more work and less play. There was no world in which Rue was ever going to step in front of someone and stop them from reaching what they were trying to acquire. If she could help, she’d lend a hand and propel them forward. If not, she’d get out of their way and cheer them on.

She was about to speak again when the sound of two very familiar voices called out to her. As if it was second nature, she knelt down onto the ground and pulled the pair of twins into a tight embrace. “ They sure are! “ She replied, pulling away so she could flash them both a beaming smile. “ You better be treating them like the royalty they are. “ Rue said, tone staggering along the lines of serious and playfulness. The twins were given a quick wink as her hands went searching for theirs. With a delicate grasp she held onto their hands and straightened back up, now offering Marcus her full attention. He’s like a different person… but he’s also not. So strange. I can even feel it in my soul that he defies the laws of nature by being here.. but I'm glad he is. Rue’s face had remained motionless for longer than she would’ve liked and she hastily tried to recoup, squeezing the girls' hands. At first, upon hearing about Marcus’s death, the princess had been distraught. And then one day she got a text on her phone, randomly midsummer, from Marcus's number. Truthfully, at first, she thought it had been a sick prank. Maybe orchestrated by J but she hoped he wouldn’t be that cruel. In the end it had turned out to actually be Marcus, back from the dead. Back from the dead. That wasn’t supposed to be a thing so imagine Rue’s surprise when she confirmed it was all true. There was a mixture of many emotions that ran their course through her. Shock, obviously. Relief, definitely. Concern, some. Happiness, immense. Rue didn’t know the details and genuinely didn’t want to, she was simply allayed of her sadness.

His question snapped her out of her thoughts and she couldn’t help but chime in with a, “ you're killing it! “ It wasn’t long before someone else joined their slowly growing group and Rue cast the half suited up guy she remembered from the beach trip a warm look. One didn’t forget someone who wandered around in armor. It had reminded her of some of the knights back at home, their choice of defensive apparel quite similar. What surprised her more was the leveled voice that didn’t falter that flowed through the helmet, saying what she could only translate as being a joke. Instantaneously a laugh started to rise in her throat, catching there only momentarily before it bubbled forth past her lips. She wasn’t quick enough but she still went through the motions of retrieving her hands and pushing them up towards her face. That sound became muffled as she giggled into her palms. “ He isn’t wrong though… If I didn’t know better, that would explain perfectly why you’re back. “ Rue held back any other noises from escaping, trying desperately to compose herself whilst her hand slowly extended towards Akron. “ Nice to meet you… “ She squinted her eyes and took mental note of the name on his nametag. “ ..Akron. I like your attire for the day, it 'suits' you. “ Her free hand was proudly placed at her chest, smiling even more from the clever pun she'd made. " I’m… " A finger began pointing towards the place her tag would have been if she had bothered to acquire one. As she stood there awkwardly in silence for a while her cheeks started to flush with a flurry of different shades of red. “ I don’t have a nametag there, do I? “ She suddenly realized, frame shaking from the laughter that was trapped inside but wracking her body. Rue bit her lip and swallowed down another laugh that dared to break free at her expense this time. “ I’m Rue. Fellow weapon but clearly not all here this fine morning.

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Grace's Place
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As the masked man's hand made contact with Grace, her eyes went wide; though the effect was invisible to the naked eye, it was nonetheless clear to the more sensitive students that the meister's soul practically short-circuited, flaring, doubling in on itself, and flaring again. For a brief moment amidst the chaos of her soul, something else, something more akin to the fluctuations she and many others in the courtyard had experienced that dark day in Death City, pushed through the forefront, vanishing just as quickly as it came.

"Don't TOUCH me!" she shouted, gritting her teeth as she narrowed her eyes at the man, more animated in that moment than she had been for practically the entire summer. She clenched her fists as he shifted past her, approaching her partner. Despite their comparative statures, she was mere moments away from making good on his threat herself. It was likely best for all involved that another student poised himself to intervene.

Grace hadn't seen much of Sozen since they had finished their respective recoveries in the infirmary. He didn't look all that different before her now, at least as far as she could tell, but Grace was far from in her most observant of moods regardless. Many of the others, if they had noticed, had decided they would rather stand around and chat; the newest of them she couldn't blame, but were the rest of the students present for the madness epidemic really going to stand by while the man traipsed about, saying what he said?

How could the teachers even let him enroll?

"The only thing I'm gonna spread is you against a wall if you don't get away from my partner," Grace growled, immediately placing herself between Sozen and Yang; she would have shoved herself directly into the masked student's face again, but with Sozen so close already, positioning herself against her weapon seemed a far better move. Her body tensed up again; the look on Jazmin's face as she struggled toward her, gash dug deeply into her back, blood seeping from her open wound--it was a vision that had never left her, even with Yang's many antics and days of cheer. She had barely gotten to know her last partner, and now, finally, finally--when it seemed like all that had been left behind, it felt like the same old corpse had been pulled from the grave to take yet another.

Her third partner. Was she a failure? Could she call herself a meister?

She glanced behind her, watching Yang for a moment. Her mind grew distant, and the heat of the July sun was on her again; they were on the streets of Death City pasting flyers to lampposts, and they were fresh out of tape. They were in the middle of the practice room, patching the wall they cut into, Yang belting out stage stories while Grace tried to coolly hide her smile. They were in her apartment, Yang kicking back on the couch and Grace pouring her fourth bowl of sugary cereal--it was past 3 AM, and speed metal was on the stereo.

Then, she was there again, in the courtyard, staring at her bandmate, her classmate, the other half of a team of two. A weapon only a single student in the school knew how to truly use. That alone made the answer clear--whether or not she could call herself a meister didn't matter. By choice or not, she was one.

She barely registered the appearance of Sozen's partner, her eyes swiveling back to the masked man in front of her, buffeted by the wavelength of a friend in front and a partner behind. She took a deep breath. She remembered what she was there for, what she had come there for all along. She focused on Yang's words. She was right--she was a second-year student now, one of only a handful that had managed to pull through. She wasn't going to let some would-be ghost get the better of her. Slowly, her breathing began to calm.

"...You're right," she eventually said, her voice returned to its usual, low, uncaring evenness, "you're nothing like your dad. He was way scarier. Probably way more competent, too."
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From where Cain stood, it was abundantly clear that the masked individual; the shortest of the 3 giants of the gathered group thus far had caused quite the ruckus. Whilst Cain hadn't really caught the trigger that sparked this confrontation, he was definitely paying attention now that it had formed quite the embarrassing scene. Here they were, professionals gathering at the start of the new year in front of the most renowned branch of the DWMA and they were acting like school yard hooligans. Had the standards of the institute dropped so far that they were allowing these volatile individuals to clown around as actual agents?.

Cain shook his head in disappointment. Perhaps it wasn't the fault of Alcross that he had failed, perhaps it was this toxic atmosphere that had corrupted him and led him astray instead. Cain clicked his tongue; brushing the thoughts about his cousin to one side and refocusing his attention to the fools making a scene. Even a blind man could surmise that the masked man was one of the newcomers, considering how the pre-established group of friends were siding with one another against the newcomer; though the fiery Yang would soon confirm that suspicion with her remark further hinting towards the initial spark by specifically mentioning his mask.

"Interesting" lamented Cain, keeping a weary gaze at the troublemakers. It would seem that John's appearance had been a cause of issue for both Yang and her Meister Grace; the pair of them unable to keep a level head. Cain shook his head in disappointment and lack of foresight. If the mask and by extension John was somehow linked to whatever happened last year as Yang mentioned, then surely the heads of the academy would have taken measures to prevent this from happening. Were their fuses so god damn short that they were this quick to lose themselves to anger and forget common sense? Were all the current roster this fucking uncouth?

That being said, the masked man was not doing himself any favours either with his overly aggressive response. Albeit, Cain couldn't really blame the man given how he had been jumped on by a group of blood thirsty piranha's. The man should be allowed to defend himself, even if his methods were rough around the edges. The swarm of hungry carnivores would soon draw more compatriots in the form of a black haired youth d. As expected, it was another member of the previous years roster and thus another to jump on the bandwagon of hazing the newcomer with threats. Not once had any of them even thought to ask him nicely, not once had any of them chosen to act in any other way that was not violent. More and more Cain was beginning to think less of this class. Given how big a group presently involved, Cain hadn't noticed the small red headed Norja amidst them being the only one attempting to diffuse the argument.

Seeing as how John was severely outnumbered at this point, Cain growing increasingly more annoyed with the previous roster would find himself walking over to the group; his hands in his pockets as he kept a cool and composed air around himself; though if pushed the cackling of electricity would soon become quite apparent.

"Um. Excuse me. I hope you don't mind me interrupting" he interrupted, coughing to get their attention. "While your little game of hazing the new guy was entertaining.. at first.." his eyes danced between the 3 big instigators; Yang, Grace and Sozen. "... grouping up to pick on the new guy is quite the despicable act don't you think?" Cain paused, a smirk spread across his face. "Such a mighty deed for the infamous 'old guard' of the current roster. To gang up on the outcast and to treat him with contempt without even getting the facts right. If you maybe kept a cool head, you'd realise that whatever the mans reasons for wearing this mask, they probably have nothing to do with whatever it is that got your panties in a bunch. Surely the higher ups wouldn't do anything like that would they?" he questioned rhetorically, before turning to face John.

"Seeing as how the existing roster of this branch lacks the capacity and basic etiquette to be welcoming to us newcomers, why don't we instead set an example eh? Us new guys have to stick together in this sea of piranha's"
Cain with his back turned to everyone else would extend a hand out to John. "The name is Cain. Cain Evans" he stated, a smile across his face. "Love the mask by the way, gives off an air of mystery however... rather then reacting the way you did and lowering yourself to their level of treatment, I'd suggest just explaining your side of the story first. Be the bigger man rather than debasing yourself for them. There is no harm in taking pride in your family lineage and if someone has a problem with that... well, that sounds like they have their own personal issues to deal with first. " he added, using his free hand to wipe away the scent of his cigarette.



He Who Sees E's

  • These past few weeks, after going on hid rampage to hunt down the filthy animals that dared touch what was his and reclaimed his precious partner, went by in a slow haze as he tried to simultaneously ensure that he was besides his partner at all times and trying to recenter and rebalance himself given the aftermath of what he did to himself to retrieve Elvena. Long gone were the days where he held a tyrannical grasp over his soul, the iron grip that he had now corrupted into a facsimile of a demonic gauntlet; still powerful and in control, but only to a degree, darkness and corruption that was once held under lock and key trickling into his being, warping and twisting him farther and farther from what he once was. And yet, he was still the lord of his castle, for if there was one thing that made Ryu a true aberration from the norm of these madness induced entities, was how beholden it was to their treasure.They, both himself and Ryu, understood that it has gotten to the point where the disposal of one of them would cause their treasure sadness in one wag or another. And so, even as he was influenced, he was in more control than ever before.

    That led him to now, his body asleep but his consciousness residing within his soul, lounged across the newly formed throne that come with his corruption, silently monitoring his connection to Elvena as Ryu himself sat atop the throne, occasionally breaking the silence with a small, barely noticeable cackle, likely from whatever conversation he was having with Hime through their own connection. Takeshi hadn't said it himself, but he was beginning to get worried for Elvena and her lack of rest, but for all his strength and skill, he couldn't destroy these mental demons for her. All of a sudden, Ryu was wrapped around the base of the throne in a rush of motion, his blank face now mere inches away from Takeshi's own apathetic visage, hissing out a gravely "Awaits us, don't they? Awaken, shall we?", to which Takeshi simply nodded once in response to.

    Closing his eyes within his soul, they snapped open to the crimson gaze of his partner locked onto his face, returning her smile with a small, gentle one of his own. Watching as she commanded him to rise and stumbled off, the smile was wiped off his face, now set into his usual apathetic look as he shadowed Elvena for a moment, and when he finally saw her properly awake and steady did he slink off to change and grab his swords, returning to the front door to see Elvena waiting for him, stepping forward and transforming into her waiting grasp. As usual, Takeshi simply let his partner navigate, knowing due to their connection and her strength that he weighed no more than a feather to her. Meanwhile, he wasn't simply resting or lazing, no he didn't have that luxury anymore, instead he kept an eye on everything and everyone around them, prepared to spring into action to protect their treasure at a moment's notice.

    Soon enough, they arrived at school, and once more Elvena simply went on without a care, getting the necessary items and then taking them to one of her prefered resting spots, amd the moment she had sat down, he was once again sitting down next to her, positioning himself so that he was simultaneously draped around her, and offering her a proper backrest. Humming in response to Elvena's statement, Takeshi was content to let her draw and sketch while he kept his gaze around them. And for a while, that was that, nothing and no one catching his attention, until for the second this day, his silence was interrupted by Ryu, who himself sounded so unbelievably furious that it took Takeshi off guard for a moment, until he processed what he said, at which his own fury rose like an inferno. It was one simple word that meant everything to the dragon-themed duo.


    A dark snarl made its way across Takeshi's face, his bloodlust and Madness beginning to slowly thrum beneath his skin, and a near silent growl rising from his throat. Steadily rising from his spot, more to give Elvena enough time to readjust herself then anything else, Takeshi readjusted his swords giving Elvena a glance as he made his way towards the edge and began stepping off, calling out to her before he began his plummet.

    "Masked filth. Hunting."

    Kyuubey Kyuubey


Elvena Stein


Elvena hummed softly; it was a soft tune that she’d heard come from Takeshi as he watched the clouds. It was a sound that kept her thoughts from spiraling erratically out of control. The distractions were necessary at this point but if there was anything Elvena was good at, it was letting the cogs in her brain work overtime. They remained perpetually turning, eerie in sound if anyone could hear them. Her hair swayed in the wind, flowing freely as the strands draped down the candle and into the empty space beneath them, her feet kicking at them periodically. Every now and then she’d stop the mad scribbling, waving that same writing hand about towards a few of the students who had acknowledged her. There was Akron, one of her closest friends, and definitely not in the most unusual attire she’d ever caught him in. She didn’t think much of it, after-all, it was Akron. He was a peculiar one but Elvena adored that about him. And then Marcus showed his face, his newer weapons in tow, small children that would normally seem plucked straight out of a horror movie. To her though, they were cute. Eager, loved playing make believe, and Elvena was more than happy to play scientist with them. Of course she left her actual tools locked away, knowing better than to put a scalpel in the hands of a child. Or did she? She’d had a surgeon set at the age of five so was it really that dangerous? In the end she settled with making them their own little white lab coats, to which they were over the moon to receive.

Genuinely, it felt weird to be around two kids. It brought flashbacks of her childhood with Elias to the surface; the good ones though, where they would play for hours and hours, never paying a single mind to the concept of time as the day slipped by. Days filled with laughter. How long had it been since she’d laughed like that? Her legs stopped their swaying, body leaning forward only slightly as she let the closest thing to a smile creep along her face, hand once again in motion as she waved to the three. It was what Marcus had needed. The transition from human to zombie had not been easy for him. He’d lost so much more than he had gained, despite what people said about him being lucky to be back. She knew it wasn’t that simple, mentally at least. Physically she’d made it seem like a simple school project, having researched and researched for weeks upon his request and reanimating him perfectly. Alas, there were things she couldn’t fix for him and things that would never be the same. However, it was a situation that only bonded their friendship even more, a deeper understanding of one another. With every ‘pro’ to his zombie status there was a ‘con’ to match it.

Over time he’d found the twins and Elvena saw his mental state completely turn around, an immense rise in progress quickly following that she was truly relieved about. For a while she felt like just a surgeon, his doctor. She’d fixed him up, physically there was nothing wrong with him, but mentally he was broken and that part was on him. She’d done all she could and there was no way for her to do surgery on his soul. Elvena sighed softly, leaning back against her partner and keeping that smile lingering there for a bit longer. Only the ones you can resonate with can truly touch and fix your soul. The meister thought to herself, eyes closing and shutting out the world for a while, that idle hand slowly closing the notebook against her thighs after she’d slipped the pencil within the pages to mark her spot. The shift in Takeshi’s demeanor was sudden and even surprised her, so much that her eyes shot straight open and her hands were thrusted forward to steady herself from the jolt it brought her. Immediately she scanned the sea of students below, locking on the student whom had set Ryu and Takeshi both off. Her soul perception followed as she looked deep into the soul of the boy adorning the mask. It brought her no sense of comfort, no alleviation, and not a single drop of sympathy was to be found in the bucket. She’d stared into the face of someone evil plenty of times and the soul dancing about the others was just as sickening. Redemption? Too far gone. This guy was teetering the edge of going down the path of a Kishin, possibly already on it, and the worst part was that he enjoyed it, she could tell. Normally she’d have to dig pretty deep to uncover someone’s secrets but his were all out in the open, as if he wanted them seen. As if he were… proud?

She caught the look cast to her by her partner and slid her notepad into her satchel, mind void of fear as she leaned forward and embraced the fall. Those now free hands reached forward as Takeshi began to change back into weapon form, skillfully scooping him up before he could clatter against the ground. Elvena was left with just enough time to pivot her body, those boots hitting the courtyard as the zanbato arced upwards across the space before her, the sharp edge masterfully snipping the constraints of the mask that kept it secured to John’s face. She didn’t break any skin, it was a precise cut made with the skills of a surgeon. It was one that she knew Takeshi would have wanted to go deeper. Much, much deeper. The Stein stared the other meister down as his mask fell off to the side in slow motion, only held on by the other strap now, to reveal the boy behind it. If Elvena functioned somewhat normally, even remotely, the trauma she endured would've come flooding back. It would've engulfed her mind and immediately attempted to drown her. She'd spent weeks, tortured, maimed, and beaten by the father of this boy. She could see and feel the similarities in their souls and while it should've done something, made her feel anything, Elvena remained placid. Her inability to process emotions probably being the only thing keeping John alive at the moment.

Takeshi’s weapon form blurred by and found itself resting against John's neck, restraint that he didn't deserve being shown as a singular trickle of blood appeared where her blade was. “ Your soul is barely human. I’m surprised you haven’t turned yet… “ She began to speak, hand remaining steeled and steady on the hilt within her grasp. “ I don’t care who your father was. Not everyone follows the same path as their parents but… I know what you are. I see you. “ Her tone dropped dramatically, eyes dangerously lowering with it. “ The real you. “ Elvena tilted her head as she spoke, gaze perused as it searched for answers. “ Now why would they allow the very evil I’m trained to fight to attend the DWMA? To battle alongside us? That is the real question and we're not moving until my question is answered. “ Elvena didn’t dare let her hues wander from their fixated place upon the boy’s face but she instead spoke louder to address anyone around them.

Someone go get me one of the professor’s, please. “ She said in a surprisingly calm tone, hand easing up on its once taut grip upon Takeshi’s hilt but not showing any sign of letting John go anywhere. Not here. She relayed to him through their bond, her own soul acting to soothe and placate the beast she felt writhing through his entire being, daring to act on the impulses he had every right to grasp. The urges she had every right to satiate.

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Mentions: John and everyone currently bullying him.

Cain would proceed to give J the side eye as he felt the man place an arm around his shoulders; the weight of the taller boy pressing against his side. "Alienating? That's rich coming from you." replied the blonde haired man. "Cause I could say the exact same thing to your friends. To us new arrivals, all this looks like is a bunch of ill tempered students alienating one of the new guys, but whatever.. Alienating you lot is a small price to pay if it means I don't have to hang with the riff raff so quick to resort to barbaric threats and violence" replied Cain as J pushed off of him. "Call it what you want, I'm merely extending a hand out to someone the rest of you are so quick to ostracize. Facts or no facts, John was allowed here for a reason and neither you or they have the right to jump on his back based on a decision that was obviously made by someone far above our heads" added Cain using a free hand to brush the dirt off of his shoulders from where J had previously placed a hand upon.

"Whatever their reasoning for chomping at the bit...that fact doesn't change" Cain pointed at Grace and Yang primarily. "Are the lot of you going to jump on each and every person that comes wearing a mask you don't like? Honestly, I expected more restraint and some modicum of control from the students of this branch. Instead all I see is that at least half this class is filled with wild animals that act before thinking. Its no wonder that even he was reduced to his current state being surrounded by you lot." added Cain, though before Cain could continue further a flash of movement had caught his eye from the direction of the building it self; Cain's instincts and experience telling him that something dangerous was making its way.

In the briefest of moments, Cain's right arm had shifted into the golden blade of his scythe form; electricity dancing across its body as he raised it up for the sole purpose of defending the incoming blow. Cain would find his body pushed backwards as he was pushed from the force; blade coming into contact with that of Takeshi's full weapon form.

The sheer difference in power between a meister utilising their weapon against his partial transformation was quite evident as he doubted his attempt to parry the blow had made any difference to the end result. Still, he stood there with no intention of leaving the scene because he was overpowered by a meister weapon duo. Heaving a bit from the force of the impact Cain was not surprised as the white haired woman began to speak; as per usual joining the growing group of students so eager to ostracize John. Whatever his story was, he sure as hell picked a bad day to wear that mask.

"Ahem. I'd appreciate it if you didn't swing that barbaric excuse of a sword in my direction, even if your attempt was to simply jump on the bandwagon of hating on John" spoke Cain, as more electricity began to dance across his weaponized arm. Cain however was not deaf to the words this white haired gothic chick was spouting, offerring a quick glance back at John to reaffirm his stance on the matter. Whatever or whomever John was, it still did not warrant such a volatile response to his presence being here.

The simple fact remained that the DWMA hierarchy had allowed him to be here in the first place. Any agent with an ounce of professionalism to would have accepted that truth, bit their tongue and waited for a more appropriate time to question it. Not during an opening ceremony where new students were brought to reinforce the declining ranks of the current roster.

"Yes, I agree with princess over here. Someone grab a professor to sort out this mess. Maybe they can do something to repair the image of the academy that you hoodlums were so quick to tarnish" spoke Cain, his eyes not leaving Elvena's. She may have had an air about her, but it didn't stop Cain from lamenting the thought that this was one of the best that this branch had to offer.

A disappointing thought, if that were true.


The Elder

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Masked Issues
.1642525241061.jpegYang stood her ground even as John made his attempt to threaten her. His words and threats only add fuel to the fire growing inside her, especially with him making fun of the chaos which took place merely 3 months ago. The wound was still fresh and John was cutting deep. During that crisis, Yang was here with her meister in NOT protecting and helping the citizens of Death City after the students of E.A.T. were sent away to the facility. She saw so many people injured with wounds ranging from minor to life threatening. Blood was all over her hands and clothes as she tried helping. She watched helplessly as someone's life faded away in her hands from a wound caused by another human being struck mad by the wavelength. Her meister in a corner crying having a mental breakdown, leaving Yang alone. During this whole crisis, Yang had manage to not break at all, something the teachers noticed allowing her to be in E.A.T. CLASS today. The crisis of May 23rd is a nightmare she accepted and moved past. However she won't stand for someone who will openly mock the students who put their life on the line to put an end to the crisis HIS father caused. "One day you'll eat those words. I promise you that" She said coldly looking right back into the empty eye sockets of the mask which no longer creeped her out. That mask, along with others, angered her.

With the arrival of Sozen, a meister who arrived late last year, and his weapon, who name she didn't know yet but face she's seen around the Rung's Deli a lot, tension against John rose even more. Not to mention the two giant wolves that arrived along with those two. Wolves, one black and the other white, here in Death City, Nevada. Unbelievable. Sozen's weapon went on a spill causing Yang to take her eyes of John. She spoke with a heavy accent and she couldn't quite put her finger on what kind of accent. It wasn't irish, definitely wasn't british. Was it scottish?? Something she'll ask later on. "Bothering us is an understatement. And that's no costume he's wearing and its not Halloween. That's at the end of October." She said simply to the weapon before she walked away towards the name tag table. She placed her eyes back on John, as her partner Grace continued to tear him a new one. Yang was still in shocked that he openly mocked the class as if there weren't students here who were effect by what happened. Is this his sort of death wish.

Expecting to just walk away from John and help Grace cool off, yet another student approaches, this time a new student. Blondie. Yang face frowned as Cain thrown the word hazing out there like they were the ones causing the issue. The issue here is John, the mask, and the fact he stood here and mocked them. Cain spoke, obviously knowing nothing of what happened, but apparently for a short guy he wants to try and be the bigger person in this situation and be a voice of reason. Despite being wrong. "Bane is it?" She asked saying his name wrong on purpose. "Clearly you must've been listening to hard or something. Because you obviously missed the part where dear ole Johnny boy over here, just admitted to being the son of someone who cause the madness crisis 3 months ago. Then openly mocked the students who were directly involved in ending the crisis and his father. So yes us having our 'panties in a bunch' is justified." She said to him interrupt his and John's buddy buddy moment. Now she was going to leave right then and there and take Grace somewhere alone to cool off. But like moths attracted to light more students came over. This time the multicolored hair devil himself, J(ay). He came in quick and spoke to both Cain and John giving them both a piece of his chaotic mind. His words were spot on getting everything right. But his final statement caused her to wonder. Incoming?? What did he mean by that? She asked herself, but suddenly felt a shift in the air. It was something she's never experienced before truly. "What is this?" She said to herself all while looking around. That's when she noticed Elvena on the move.

Falling gracefully from the candle, Yang watch as if it was in slow motion. Her partner shifting into his weapon form and her hand placement smoothly wrapping around his hilt. The two were in perfect resonance. This is just a glimpse at what truly connect meister and weapon partnership looks like. Elvena lands and makes her approach pointing her weapon at John, and for some reason Cain tried stopping it. Ultimately he failed and the straps holding John's mask up were cut causing his mask to fall. Then to Yang's eyes, her blade was instantly at John's neck. Was she really that fast? Yang was in awe as her eyes widened. Yang glanced down towards the blade at John's neck and that feeling she felt earlier got stronger. Was it coming from him? She asked herself. What is this? She thought still not knowing what she was feeling was Takeshi's bloodlust. She then placed her eyes on Elvena as she spoke. She spoke as if she knew who John was inside and out. As if she had a deeper understanding of him. This had to be the result of soul perception. A meister ability allowing one to read and see souls. Yang spoke to Grace about it briefly, wondering if she processed that ability. At Elvena's request to go get the professors, Yang took this opportunity to get Grace away from all this. "We'll do it." She says, grabbing Grace's hand and taking her with her. She finally got her away from all that, and good now work on calming her down. Approaching the door, she opened it to only be greeted by a tall figure draped in darkness giving off a trembling presence. "Lord Death." She said in confusion as she didn't expect to see him here.
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Knight boi

John Adams
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Wow the heat was really on him this time, though he remained calm as he threw small insults to people who approached him and verbally attacked him, though all of a sudden he then heard a girl with a strange accent approach the group as he turned his head to look at her, she had orange or maybe reddish? Like hair, an odd color but he was the one not to judge someone based off of appearance like the rest we’re doing. To be honest they looked down upon him like a monster though he was silly enough to wear a mask here so it was partially his fault , maybe even get him killed who knows.

Hm, Your a little to pretty to be here don’t you think.~”

He said in a calm tone sending a small flirt towards the girl, though he didn’t expect one coming back towards him but expected more of a slap or some type of,’Shutup’ like message.

He then looked at the girl who looked like she was going to die from shock by just looking at him but then eventually stopped and calmed herself to insult him, though he was impressed by how she did, going for the mental insults.

Then he looked at a guy who seemed to also be pissed of at him, though he had a reason to be, he had black messy hair similar to his.

I assure you this is no prank or sick joke, I mean, I’m standing right here aren’t I?”

He said as he then gave the attention towards the man who was trying to calm everyone down, though it was true , they were targeting him, though he really didn’t do anything besides change his appearance slightly.

It’s fine, I’m used to it by now, people were born to be looked down upon by one another, to be looked by faces filled with either mercy or disgust for bright the slightest bit of being different, it was what we were made for, so I don’t judge them, I’m sure they have strong reasons, my father told me this, but he asked me what I would do about it…..

He observed the boy, he had a strange mix of color in his hair, a mix of both yellow and orange, he could tel this would be the few people he would befriend, so he gave him a nod and a firm handshake as he then asked for his name.

Though it wasn’t fast, but was surely expect when he felt a weapon curve around his neck, quickly turning his head to see a woman who had white hair, red eyes, he zoned out observing the girl.

Though that wasn’t the important thing, was that his mask was cut and slowly began to fall off his face hearing the stapes make a loud tearing noise as it fell slowly, he looked at the girl. He already knew why she was at rage with him.

As the mask fell of dramatically, his soft yet black messy hair started to move from the current wind. Then as more and more skin was revealed, more and more scars and marks were shown showing his dads familiar torture techniques throughout his younger years or his life up to his teens where his father died.

Ah so, your the one he mentioned to me before he died, you got the description, white hair red eyes, looks slightly pail, I get bad for you, I felt terrible, just another person who would die from my father, but you managed to survive, my condolences. What did he use on you? Ah, none of my business.Me and you and more alike than I thought we would be, I give you my respect for even living through it, though it’s nothing to what I had to deal with, I’ve been tortured since I was the age of four, it was introduced to me when he told me we would play a game of simple hide and seek, at that age I was unaware of what and who he was, so I played along, he turned off the light in the ware house, I hid under a crate, all I heard was humming, it got closer and closer and closer……and then he grabbed me. He looked like he was sick or not himself, You wanna know what he did?”

Once he finished talking, the masks dramatically flew off revealing his face, he had purplish eyes, some belonging to a wild flower that was rare in the americas, if it wasn’t for what his face was like currently he would be quite handsome, though for some odd reason he still had excellent looks. Definitely coming from his mother.

He decided to make a paper Mache out of my face, oh how I remember him digging glass into my face, how I screamed and cried, how I begged for him to stop. And let me remind you this was when I was four, and this is just my face….

He said as he kept an unusual sense of calmness, he’s been in more heat with his father than a blade against his neck.

Though I’m guessing since you can see my soul, you immediately think I’m a monster Hm? I mean my mother did get murderd in front of me, I was left by myself, just me and my mothers corpse for four daysso perhaps it’s density that I am one? Or maybe not? We’ll see what happens won’t we? So it’s up to you, you can kill me right here and now and end all of your suffering……or you can let me go……what will you do?”

His purple eyes looked straight to the girls blood like color, he kept a straight face as he looked at her, though he was relatively happy that someone actually managed to live through his fathers infamous torture skills.

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Turn of Unfortunate Events
1642526058573.pngMarcus glanced over at Rue as she assure him that he was doing fine,. he even looked down at the girls were now giving him the thumbs up as they each held Rue's hand. That right there brought a smile on the meister's face. At the feeling of Lew grabbing his shoulder, he turned his attention back to his blonde friend. Marcus eyes widened as he was brought into a warm embrace of a hug from Lew. For a second his arms just floated there in air, before Marcus hugged his friend back. Lew would feel a much warmer feeling besides Marcus body heat, this feeling touched would touch his soul and seem relaxing and welcoming. As they pulled away from each other, that feeling would go away, but the effect still sort of lingering. "I truly am, and better than ever. I'm really glad I'm back. I owe it all to El-." He paused as the arrival of Akron took him for a loop. The weapon before him in a onesie while wearing his helmet and chestplate brought a grin on his face. The twins looked up to the weapon and their eyes widened in unison as the pointed up towards Akron. "Onesie Knight." The girls said together in completely awe, causing Marcus to laugh. Ironically it was right after Akron gave his attempt of a joke. Normally marcus wouldn't have laughed as much as he did for the joke, but the girls reaction made him crack. "Yes, yes Akron. I got kicked out and sent back here." He said with a grin as he grabbed the back of his helmet bringing it down bumping heads together. "It's nice to see you again. I'm glad to see that your still in this fight." He says releasing him then looks around at the others. "I'm glad all of y'all are still in this fight." He says knowing full well what he means and how he feels. From their past experiences, students have left after terrible events or a crisis. He's just glad that the ones he made some sort of connection with have stayed.

With a lot of commotion going on behind, Marcus turned his attention to the group with Grace and the masked student. Apparently not only did Sozen arrive while he was over here, but so do a short red haired girl and two wolves. "Are those wolves?" Marcus asked aloud, soon regretting that decision. "Wolves?" The twins repeated together, looking around the tall people. The moment both of their eyes noticed the wolves, they released their grasp of Rue's hand and tried making a run for it. "Aniki, doggies!" The said excitedly, trying to run over there. To the girls, the wolves weren't wolves, they were giant dogs that they could ride on. "Girls!" Marcus said sternly, causing them to stop in their tracks. They slowly turned their heads around looking up at Marcus, who simply shook his head no. "But- but, doggies." They said in a sadden tone, slowly pouting. "No. Come back." He said opening his hands out to his side. "We'll go pet the doggies later, but wait." He said to them as they walked back to his side allowing him to place his arms on their shoulders. Marcus watched the heated interaction between the masked guy and Grace take place. He didn't know where this was going and he didn't need the girls getting caught up in it. He watched as the masked man started to walking around smoking before he made his shocking announcement. Hearing those words, and seeing that mask instantly caused Marcus head to start pounding. He couldn't fight against the feeling like before. His grip on the girls shoulders loosened as he collapsed to a knee. One hand held the ground as the other held his head. He's breathing started to become heavy as his head bounded harder and harder. It was happening all over again. Marcus fractured memory was causing him to have another episode. "Aniki!!" The twins called out at the rushed to his side hugging him on both sides while holding hands. Their healing wavelength usually helps during this process. Once it starts there's has yet been a way to stop it. Marcus mind went a full frenzy as he saw bits and pieces of what happened the day of the facility raid. There was no order to this at all. One moment, he's seeing everyone standing before Madness Elvy and Alice, the next he's standing before a giant door, next his fighting guard with Elias in hand, but the final scene he saw was the Masked phantom laughing at them all.

The pain started to ease as the flashes stopped and his breathing slowed down. Marcus stayed in his current position as he tried calming himself from yet another episode. The girls were rubbing his back as they ask, "Is it over?" "Yea..its over. Thank you girls." He says as they position themselves for a group hug. Marcus stood up, letting out a sigh of relief. Looking back at the others , he simply says, "Don't ask. I'll explain later." That's all he said and not a word more. With arrival of Jay, it took some of the awkwardness he was feeling away from him. "Good to see you're still alive and kicking J." He says with a grin. "I would tell you their actual names but you're still gonna call them Minus one and two." He said chuckling. "Minus One?" Maki said point at herself. "Minus Two?" Nami said doing the exact same thing. Marcus simply shook his head laughing a bit. He looked over at J and Rue yet again as he announced he was going to go to the chaos. As expected. "I need to see this." Marcus said turning to the chaos. Even seeing the image of the masked man and hearing it from John himself, Marcus was surprisingly calm still. Was he mad, yes, but there was already a lot of anger going around and he need to keep calm while the girls are here in their human form. He needed to keep a clear head. He continued to watch when all of a sudden a familiar sense of bloodlust set off an alarm in his head. His eyes widened as he stepped out from the group he was with. The girls followed behind him, "Aniki?" They asked. Marcus mind was focus on the bloodlust, he followed it all the way to its source. Looking up he noticed Takeshi and Elvy on the move. "Oh no." He said simply watching as it all play out. Gracefully falling and landing with Takeshi in hand, Elvy moves to the chaos and quickly cuts the straps off of John's mask. "SUGE!!" (COOL) The girls screamed out in awe all star eyed. "Aneki is so cool!" Nami claimed. "The coolest!" Maki added on. Watching everything play out, Marcus followed Grace as her partner dragged her on. He turned his head towards the academy doors as he felt the presence of something powerful. "Lord Death?"


The lord of randomness and the warp
Akron tensed up a considerable amount when the two tiny girls seemed to turn around in unison with starry eyed wonder that Akron read as more so malicious behind there wide but terrifying eyes, Onesie Knight? What did they mean? Oh they’d noticed he wasn’t fully dressed as he’d normally be this sent a shiver down Akron spine yet he didn’t show it on the outside at all if anything he‘d become even more statue like due to the little girls comments.. had he managed to displease them? It wasn’t his intent but he’s made Marcus laugh at least he thought so clearly his joke landed perfectly.

but it had the unintended side affect of causing a similar reaction to the blue haired girl. His attention snapping towards her with a steely gaze as if she’d taken up most of Akron attention. she muffled her laugh only to do something rather strange.… agree with Akron? It didn’t make any sense at all why would Someone like her agreeing with him? It was very difficult to process for Akron his mind broken and twisted in such a way that the notion of a girl at random agreeing with him whom had done nothing so drastic as certain others just didn’t make any sense. There had to be an motive behind it? Noticing the hand extend towards Akron caused him to flitch backward with a Clanger of plating arms raising to over his helmeted face. only to suddenly regain his composure and return to his posture as if nothing happened the blue haired girl continued to baffle Akron with how nice she was being greeting him and complementing him? Or was it a subtle jab at how inappropriate his attire was? But the hand still remained forward and a name fourth coming to the trembling girl? another thing that Akron baffled and with a weird feeling in his stomach but he didn’t want to disappoint one arm raising itself to shake her hand gently expecting to be tossed like a rag-doll by Rue… yet nothing happened what was her angle?

this train of though was then broke by the sudden arrival of another fellow presumably Rue’s partner dropping himself over her and greeting them with nicknames Presumably his was tinman mentioning something about getting out of his cage before they rushed off again. “I didn’t have time to get fully dressed” Akron said with a muted tone J’s entrance giving him room to comment at least in his mind without repercussion. death Stare finally pulling away from rue to acknowledge Llewellyn. “new look suits you“ he’d comment softly Akron giving no further elaboration on the topic For again his attention and seemingly that of Marcus and the small girls was stripped away by the commotion going on between other students Akron hadn’t payed any mind to it for i wasn’t all too interesting only his dear friend jumping down from her perch indicated that this was at all something worth his attention.

Quickly however it became apparent why they’d garnered such a reaction.. earlier Akron had dismissed the odd masked boy for there where other things on his mind at the time. With a clearer view of them Akron felt the Beast gnash and Bite it seeming to have gotten the right idea.. already swirling ideas of particular violent ends flickered in Akron‘s mind.. for it was one thing to be some kind of monster, but even then resembling so closely the entity that had tortured and abused his Best friend it warranted such violence such a matter was probably one of the few things Himself and Takeshi could at least partly agree on… but he’d say back for it was unlikely that he’d have much restrain if he got any closer. Yet another more imposing presence loomed… lord death… to prehaps shed some light on the situation of why that figure would be present…


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Ferra and Torr

Location: DWMA Courtyard
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Ferra surprisingly had heard everything that Kimberly said despite being obviously distracted. Needless to say she hadn't expected some of the students to dress in such eye catching clothing at all. She wasn't complaining one bit though! This was certainly going to be an interesting school~. Torr meanwhile was somewhat surprised how closely his and Kimberly's reasoning for wanting to join the DWMA aligned. Of course he was here for Ferra's sake as well, though he did have his own reasons. And wanting to prove himself strong and prove he wasn't useless were two of them.

Ferra hadn't at all expected Kimberly to sneak up on her, the white haired girl suddenly speaking beside her ear caused her to squeal out in surprise and blush like mad. "H-Huh!? What..I wasn't staring at anyone!" She insistently whined. Though it was painstakingly obvious it was exactly the opposite. "I dunno her name...but I coudn't help but look a lil.." She spoke with a small pout. She didn't feel ashamed even a little but it was embarrassing that she got caught. When she heard Grace shout her gaze quickly snapped to things starting to heat up between the group around the masked man. "Any idea what their deal is?" She asked the girl beside her.

Whatever it was it was serious, anger and tensions only seeming to get higher and higher. If she didn't know any better she'd think a full on brawl was about to commence. Surely not, right? Right? Torr was ready to defend Ferra one way or another maintaining a vigilant gaze against the growing rage and chaos, a low grumble escaping the big fella. It may seem he was getting angry himself however in reality he was getting anxious. He wasn't quite sure what was causing the commotion. Be it John in a mask or that particular mask. He deeply hoped that it was the latter, he'd rather not be on the receiving end of any yelling next.

Just as things seemed to finally be calming down once Cain stepped in two more figures dropped in, one a man intent on killing John and a woman just barely restraining him. Ferra was going to suggest they intervene, even if they knew very little she'd prefer to not watch a man get beheaded on her first day here, until she felt quite the foreboding presence. Her gaze soon turned to its direction only for her eyes to widen in surprise, awe, and a bit of fear. "Woah...Lord Death..." She muttered.

Torr, even if not directly obvious, was quite terrified now. He had already been on edge enough but the mere presence of such intimidation had him contemplating running in the opposite direction. Yet he remained firm where he stood, determined to not give in to his fear.

The Elder


Lord Death

It's the first day of school at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, and so far it’s going pretty much how Lord Death had expected. All the teachers were watching from within his ‘office’ as the students all gathered in the courtyard and started socializing amongst one another. “So far so good.” Lord Death said. “Indeed Sir, but I think it's too soon to judge still. Wait until the other students see John.” Ikora stated. Looking through Lord Death’s mirror, they all saw how everything played out from beginning to in, and just as they expected it was going to be a shit show. Students from last year, all angry and still pised about it all and John’s responses are simply adding fuel to the fire.“Let’s go. I'd like to have a word with everyone.” He commanded and everyone followed as he led them from his office straight towards the courtyard. Many students roaming the halls eyed him in awe as he walked past them all cloaked in darkness, showing only a white skull. As he approached the doors, Armstrong and Saski opened them for everyone to step through. Standing before the doors were two students, causing Lord Death to pause for a brief moment. “Grace Fugue and Yang Hendrix, you two might want to stick around for this.” He spoke as if giving a suggestion, however his demeanor said otherwise. As if he was telling them to stay and go back with the others. He stepped foot out into the courtyard and at that moment he released a bit of his power causing an immense pressure to build up in the area surrounding the students. That pressure demanded attention and everyone's eyes should be on Lord Death if they knew what was good for them. “Come here.” He spoke, wanting the students to gather in front him.

He stood in the center of the courtyard with Armstrong and Juri on his left side, and Ikora and Saski on his right. Lord Death scanned around the courtyard looking at all the students gathering before him. His void-like eyes fell upon Elvena Stein as she held her Zanbato in hand. “Ms.Stein, please advise your partner to revert back into his human form. I have an announcement to make, and I'll like to look at everyone as I do it.” He waited patiently for the change that took no time at all. “Excellent. Now, it's come to my attention that some of you aren’t taking a liking to John Adams here. It is true that John’s father is the man who has caused some of you all suffering three months ago. Suffering you’re still hurting by, suffering, that with time, will fade. John is a victim of his father’s wrong doings, as you can see by his appearance. John may have a dark past and dark tendencies like his father, but ultimately he’s nothing like the man from three months ago. John is a student here under my permission and surveillance by the teachers standing before you. And much like you all, John will train here, study here, and most of all gain guidance. You all need guidance in one way or another, some may need it more than others. John is one of them. Allow him to get the guidance he needs to turn away from his dark past and prove to you he’s nothing like his father and deserves a second chance.” He paused then turned to John himself.

“Mr.Adams, a month ago when I accepted you here, I informed you that you need to display a better attitude to everyone involved in that crisis. And yet you stood here and not only did you wear the mask we advised you not to, but you mocked them as well. You definitely made a few enemies out of the students who are here to fight alongside you. It will take a lot of hard work from your part to earn their trust. Trust you may need one day. I’ll suggest this to you once again, go to therapy with Professor Juri and gain a few social skills. And try making friends with some of the newer students. I saw you and Mr.Evans hitting it off earlier. Good start. Now for everyone else, if you kill John, or even fight him without the proper conditions you and your partner will personally answer to me. That is all. If your young minds have any more questions feel free to ask your Professors.” He says vanishing before their eyes leaving only the teachers. Ikora Rung was the first to speak, stepping forward.

“Students. As you know this is your first day of school, and today is orientation. We’re currently waiting on three students to arrive. Camilla Crimson, Gwen Wheeler, and Gwenna Valery. Once they arrive we will start with today’s exercise. But for now, unpair weapons…take this time to scout out your partner. This process is something you don’t need to rush. It’s a feeling you’ll get deep down in your soul. When you think you’ve found your meister test out your wavelength connection by having them hold you in your weapon form. If it's to your liking, lock it in and inform Professor Juri so she can start placing you all in teams.” With that said, Ikora glanced off towards the twins who frowned and stuck their tongues out at her. She simply rolled her eyes and walked off towards the side of the doors with the other teachers.
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As Katerina was making her way around the courtyard, someone bumped into her and then proceeded to immediately apologize. "Ah. No harm done," she responded to the blonde who she had somehow managed to overlook earlier. Perhaps because he seemed so normal in comparison to their classmates? Regardless he introduced himself as Izuma Arkane and offered her a hand to shake. She took it and said, "Nice to meet you as well, Izuma. As you can see, the name's Katerina, Katerina Laurent."

Before their conversation could continue, however, the commotion regarding John had commenced and went on for what felt like forever. Between John, Cain, Elvena, and the duo of Yang and Grace, Katerina wasn't sure who had handled the situation the worst. She was about to intervene to (hopefully) save John's life when an overwhelming presence made itself known. "Lord Death!" She muttered in shock.

Lord Death gave his spiel and suddenly all parties involved became significantly more justified in their actions. The old guard of students were traumatized and were simply lashing out at a perceived threat. Cain meanwhile, was trying to stand up for the underdog, showing that despite his less than pleasant demeanor he was a good guy. John, for his part, was simply trying to cover the many scars on his face and seemed to wear the offending mask out of a lack of social awareness rather than malice. Plus his father was a piece of shit and Katerina could definitely empathize with that.

Now with that that was as settled as it could possibly be, it seemed that she could continue her conversation. She turned to Izuma and said, "So that just happened. Seems like it could have gotten much bloodier, so silver lining?"

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