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VTM anyone?

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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Sheherezade was a fictional Persian princess in the Thousand and One Nights. The King, having been cheated on by his wife, and being a very rational, ethical person, decides he's going to marry a new virgin every day and execute her the next morning before she can cheat on him. Eventually the Vizier can't find any more virgins for the King and offers up his own daughter, Sheherezade. Sheherezade is having none of this whole 'being executed' nonsense, so she starts making up a story to tell the King. It's so compelling that, when she ends the night on a cliffhanger, he can't bring himself to execute her until he finds out what happens next. She repeats this for the next thousand and one nights, continually making up a new chapter of the story by the seat of her pants so gripping the King can't bear to execute her until he finds out how it ends.

Mmm, right, characters. Well, let's see, it's a giant Masquerade violation if this bloke bites it, and there's clearly some arcane nonsense going on here, so how could the Tremere not stick their noses into this? I like leaning into the Vampires as secret masters of the world angle (Let's just forget Mages exist for a moment, since they're clearly way above Vampires in the secret masters of the world competition when they exist), so Tremere troubleshooter, former Australian SASR, embraced in Afghanistan after seeing some shit no man was meant to see. I'm guessing the big government power clans like the Ventrue and to a lesser extent the Tremere use intelligence agencies and armed forces to hide ghoul teams, and to recruit capable mortals for embrace. Counterterrorism operations are a great way to SWAT some Sabbat. This character was probably being groomed, or was possibly already part of, a ghouled black unit used for Tremere special operations around the world. Someone needs to go dig up those arcane relics and shoot anyone who tries to stop them. He's obnoxiously cheerful, has the traditional Australian irreverent attitude to authority and black sense of humour, and thinks fighting Cthulhu is a rowdy Tuesday. He's not what people usually imagine when they think of 'blood sorcerer', but sometimes a Chantry faces a problem that calls for two white phosphorus rounds to the chest and one to the head, shoot first and interrogate the corpse a distant second.

As far as he's concerned, he's gone from fighting for one secret cabal extracting the blood of the earth (petrol) for an immense arcane ritual (modern industry) to fighting for another secret cabal extracting the literal blood of people for an immense ritual, only this time the things he's shooting are usually somehow worse than the cabal.

The Chantries aren't big fans of other people releasing ancient evils without consulting them, and they probably definitely think everyone else will fuck this up, so either the Prince has requested help, a local Chantry has sent him help, or a Justicar/Archon has taken an interest in rural North Carolina not blowing the Masquerade into itty bitty pieces.

If that's a bit intense I can tone it down a bit.
Ah! I didn't know her name but I am familiar with the story! Indeed she seems to be my spirit animal here.

As for your guy...

I do love the Tremere! One of my favorite clans. Having one of them could certainly help when it comes to needing to some arcane experts.

As such, you would come with some knowledge of it explained to you as it was the Tremere clans that helped with unearthing this plot.

The thing being sealed is an evil spirit, along the lines of what the Garou call a Bane. It was very old and very potent. And while normally vampires wouldn't give two shits about such a creature being released (save for the masquerade violations and Tremere pride), the particular interest comes from the banes nature. It is a defiler of the highest kind. And from what the Tremere could find out, vampires had helped the mages see it sealed due to matters of self preservation. As this spirit was capable of fatally affecting vampires by rendering their poisoning their food.

The seal that was placed was a powerful one that was tied to the thirteen mages that sealed it away. Only when their bloodlines are dead will the seal be released. And if the Tremere are correct, then only four humans remain alive, compared to the one hundred and thirty six last year.

They haven't been able to identify those responsible for this plot, but that is in the works. You suspect a wyrm cult or Sabbat plot but don't have the evidence to point the finger.

You are being sent to look after one of these humans. You expect it to be an easy job, as these humans aren't exactly easy to find and with the Kindred being on alert, you should be able to stop any would be assassin. Still, to be safe, requests have been sent out to the Prince's of the inhabited cities to send some support.

Jon Cherro, the Prince of Asheville has promised a couple kindred to aid you. Meanwhile he is having other coteries try to track down the problems directly in his area. All you have to do is keep the human alive. While keeping the human alive is considered a priority above the masquerade, it is highly cautioned to not push your luck as recent events in the city may already be attracting unwanted attention.

I'm fine with your character concept! I'm all for making it work, though I may need your help in getting it to work snoothly since it would involve clans and groupings and hierarchies I dont fully understand yet.

That said, I can make use of such a char to help keep things on target and a bit more combat and mission focused expertise could help keep the detective alive. While I'm would prefer a smaller scale, I'm not above using it as an opportunity to learn more. Enough so that I'm willing to forgive you ruining the little harem of troublesome redheads I had going on.

To give you some time to set things up, you can already be watching over the detective, so can enter play when we meet him.

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