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Realistic or Modern Valendor: College for the supernatural beings… and humans?! {Reboot}

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LGTBQ, Realistic, School, Supernatural


Creator of my own little Universe
In a world very much like our own, beings, that are nothing like us, hide in plain sight. These beings are only told about as being myths, legends, stories and most of all, supernatural and therefore unreal. Yet, nothing is less true. However, the humans of Nibenor are nothing wiser than we are. Or perhaps, Nibenor is no different than Earth after all, we will never know…

For as long as the citizens of Dolgas can remember, there have always been two colleges. The first one being Dolgas Academy, a bit on the East side of town. Just your normal everyday college, nothing special about it. Very easy accessible with a train station just a ten minute walk away for students from outside of Dolgas. The other college however is a completely different story. Valendor is hidden away in the heart of Vlidale, a forest north of Dolgas. There is only one road towards it, and it is a good hour drive from Dolgas. The citizens of Dolgas never really bothered, those who tried to venture the ground where stopped at the gates before seeing much. So it goes without saying that Valendor is a rather exclusive school, only open for those who are invited in. And the few rare glances the people did get of Valendor students only confirmed the suspicion it is a school that requires quite some money to get into.

However, disaster strikes! A storm rages over Dolgas and while most of the city is spared, Dolgas Academy is brought down to nothing more than ruins. Luckily, it happened at the first weekend of winter break, so only few students are still staying at the Academy dorms. And fortunately, all of them had been evacuated to the hospital in time. Though this is no place where the students can stay. Valendor comes with an answer as the school, for once, allow the gates and doors to open for these students while Dolgas Academy is rebuilt. And the students of Dolgas will, or will not, quickly find out that Valendor is indeed a very exclusive place to be. Not because of high scores and super intellect and not by being insanely wealthy. No, Valendor is exclusively for the supernatural… And not all of them are happy these humans suddenly roam around…
Due to real life happening, some players had to step out of the roleplay. So I am trying to get some new interest for this (ongoing) roleplay. Please do not be frightened by the fact we are already on the fifth page of writing, you do not have to read up on what has happened so far. (Though you are of course welcome to.)

We are looking for some (boring) human characters, since currently we only have one human left. Other interest is welcome as well, but be aware that we might turn you down. There is also the option of playing a Halfblood (supernatural being + human). However it would be highly unlikely for a Half-blood to not know they are not fully human and thus not attending Valendor already. However I would make an exception for this, just please send me a PM on beforehand.


First and foremost, all rpn rules apply to this thread and any other parts of the roleplay! So romance is allowed, but keep it all PG-13. Be respectful towards each other and just be a good person!

For easy communication and ooc chatting there is a discord. So if you want in on this roleplay, make sure you have a discord. It is free and all that. Once it is set up, I will send out the invitation link to my server in a PM.

As far as posting and frequency goes, like I said I want this to be easy going. Currently the rp is a bit slow, due to personal circumstances of players. Ideally it would be a posting frequency of once every two weeks. At least two paragraphs would be very nice! Longer is accepted, but do keep in mind it should still be fun for everyone!

I was thinking about this being a group of maybe 10 players. I will start on setting up the discord and the signups as soon as I have at least three other people interested. I will definitely not allow more than 12 players, for that will simply become too much and too messy. Character wise you can have as many (or as little) characters as you want. However make sure you can keep up with all of them, and if you make several super natural beings make sure there is room for others as well to play a being of their liking.
Interest Check: That is where you are right now
OOC: I will PM you the invite
Characters: You can find that right here!
In Character: Right here


Creator of my own little Universe
I also might be interested, would it be possible to play a monster hunter type character?
That depends on what kind of monster hunter you were going for? If they are part of some sort organisation or order or whatever that just keeps a check on the supernatural that go crazy by making too many (human) victims or are a big threat to the supernatural or human society, I would be fine with it. Or maybe even as some secret hitman kinda thing, you know?
But if it is just 'all supernatural are bad. Need to kill them' than rather not.


unborn child making a ruckus
If more people are still welcomed, I would be interested in this!

+ I would make a human character

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