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Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
I've got three ideas for roleplays that I'm interested in getting started. I actually have way more than that but these three are at the top of my list. It is also late so I won't go into too much detail until later.

I have an idea for a Super Hero roleplay focused on the very first super heroes to ever exist in the world. Five people maximum and I'm thinking randomly assigned powers. I've got the story flashed out overall from when the powers are first discovered to fighting the big bad villain, the in between would be fleshed out by players.

I have an idea for a Magic roleplay that focuses on magic being rediscovered by a small group of people in modern times. No secret societies or hidden monsters. Magic hasn't existed for centuries in this world. I've got interesting lore and a magic system for this one.

The last one is relatively new but I'm a bit enamored with it. A somewhat...unstable immortal girl goes around killing evil semi immortal beings like vampires and the like and collecting immortality granting items. The players would take on the rolls of semi immortal people she's saved from being experimented on, or tortured. Or anything else.

More later once I've had time to sleep. Feel free to comment and ask questions that I'll reply to later.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
Ok, I said I'd be back to elaborate.

Lets start with the Super Hero one. The idea is that you'd start as ordinary humans with faults and problems of your own. There is no observable reason for you gaining powers, though there is a story reason that I'll explain in more detail in the roleplay if it gets started. Another portion of it is that your characters wouldn't be automatically heroic types, they'd be selfish and sometimes self centered, just like any other humans, and throughout the course of the roleplay as they move towards being Heroes, they'll get more and more perceptive to the needs and plights of others.

I've got some story posts planned that I can't right until I have the team. There will be moments when I post for all characters as a group, it won't be often, but at big moments when I feel it is necessary.

Now, to why I want it to be random super powers instead of letting you choose. Most people in this type of roleplay have their powers either match the personality type or do the complete opposite. I want it to be relatively random, but still have useful powers. The dark brooding character may end up with flashy out of character powers or powers that fit their personality, or maybe they'll end up with a totally middle of the road power. I should say it'll be semi random because there are a lot of powers to sort through and some fit more than others for a roleplay, especially one where they are the first Super Heroes in the world.

I've thought about this one and the magic one the most. I've got villains planned out, life changing moments, reasons for the powers existing as well as how they got them in the first place. I'm happy to make this roleplay if I get enough interest for it.


The Magic one is a bit more complicated I think, mainly because the magic system will be self taught, I won't teach you how it works, it'll be up to the roleplayers to describe what their character is attempting to do and then it is up to me to tell you if it works or if it works in a different way than you intended. The story itself is a bit more freeform. The basic premise is that all of the characters are running away from something in their lives, abusive relationships, criminal pasts (whether they were framed or not), ect. They aren't bad people, just stuck in bad situations. The roleplay would start with the characters in an office building with no idea how they really got there. It is here that they discover how to access and use magic. I've got less of a plot planned out for this one, though I have some conflicts planned for later, but a lot of the early rp will be slice of life as this ragtag group begins to trust each other and the abilities they gain.

I've also got some pretty interesting lore for this as well, about how the universe came into existence and why magic exists in the first place, as well as about why magical creatures did exist but don't anymore. Lot of time at work running through this one.


The Immortal one, I'll admit that it is something I came up with last night and only want to do it because it makes me laugh. I'll actually put down the initial thought that made me want to do it.

---The door was open when you woke up, ripped off its hinges from the looks of it. You could hear gunfire just down the hallway before it stopped completely with a wet squelching noise. Soft footfalls came towards the door before a young red headed woman poked her head in "Oh good, your awake. What is two plus two?" you could see blood dripping from her cheek though she had no wound. Why was she asking you to do math? With a frown she begins stalking towards you.

"F-four!" you don't know why you responded. You'd been tested, poked, prodded, but no one had ever asked you to do simple math before. For a second she seemed like she was waiting for more before she nodded and a wide smile split her face.

"Alright, you are good. The bad ones can't stop counting once you get them started. Four becomes eight, eight becomes sixteen, yada yada" she cocked her head and raised a finger to stop anything you might say "Hold up"

She headed back into the hallway and the sound of gunfire shot out past her. She didn't move as bullets ripped through her body, the blood shooting out before freezing in mid air and slowly returning to her body, the wounds sealing up. With a wild grin, she reached into her pocket before she took off down the hallway "Got something for you guys!"

"Is that a grenade!?" you hear a man yell.

"And it's live mother fuckers!" you hear the girl laugh before the sound of an explosion echoes through the building. It is several seconds before footsteps come back down the hallway and body without the top steps back in.

You flinch back even as the blood, flesh, and other portions reattach themselves forming a whole person, the grinning girl from before...though now she was just topless instead of missing her upper half "Alright sleepyhead, lets get out of here. I can do this all day, but eventually they'll just carpet bomb the place and you won't enjoy that" she laughed and left without waiting for you.

For a second you considered just staying there. Then common sense won out and you ran after her.

She was pulling on one of the men's shirts before looking back to you "Good. Lets go meet the others"---

The more concrete idea is that she is a truly immortal being, incapable of being killed and doesn't age. The idea is that around the world, throughout history, there has always been Immortal Objects, things which could bestow power and Immortality through consumption, use, or implantation. Such things include; The Holy Grail, Excalibur, The Fountain of Youth, and many more objects that may or may not be considered fiction. The player characters are characters who didn't have a choice in their immortality, they were given various objects without their consent and made immortal one way or another.

Unlike my character here, Immortal Objects do not offer all around immortality. Some are simply increased longevity, infinite lifespans but not invincibility. Some are full body effects, invincibility and long life spans except for one crucial weakness (Achilles was one of these), some are like Vampires in which they steal the life from others to maintain their own.

In addition to hunting down these Objects and keeping them safe, she also kills other Immortals, at least those who have gone bad or insane from their own immortality. Insane is generally easy to find. They can't stop counting things and will avoid most math out of that fear. This is where the stories of throwing rice to distract a vampire come from. They are compelled to count the finite because they are infinite.

This portion has the most detail because the Magic and Super Hero ones have spoilers for the roleplays that I don't want to ruin, This one is more open without much of a story so I can talk about stuff in the universe more freely.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
That is three. I have been working on what powers I want the characters to have as well.

Also, for those who have shown interest and for future ones, a reminder that you don't get to pick your powers. You won't even know how the ones I'm giving you work without your characters experimenting.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
BloodInMyEyes BloodInMyEyes Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed Kwasar Kwasar PinkChiffon PinkChiffon BFabulous BFabulous You all still interested? With you five I can make the rp and we can get started.

Ocean123 Ocean123 I don't mind starting either one alongside the Hero one, but I'll need more people. Luckily I don't really have a hard limit for those two, but the minimum I'll start any rp with is at least five. I might go as little as three or four for the magic one though.

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld

This is the OOC for the Super Hero Roleplay. Has a link to the main rp section, feel free to jump on in after reading what I've posted in the ooc. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have before you post.

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