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  • I'm trying to get replies out soon.
    Currently working 12 + hours a day. no days off. Covid is getting bad with 31+ deaths a day. v_v
    Really REALLY heat running the covid unit.
    *offers hugs. Virtual hugs. Because social distancing over the internet is easy*
    If you're happy does it really matter what other people think?
    You don't need other to validate your happiness or well-being.​
    The world is going to judged you no matter what.
    So you might as well be who you are rather than who you're not.
    Life is more fun that way.​
    It's remarkably easy to confuse who you are with who you want to be. The easiest way to live a miserable life is to continuously chase after who you want to be, without ever stopping to appreciate who you are.

    What if Bob Ross was a serial killer?
    And all those locations he painted where places he hid the bodies.
    "Just happy little accidents."​
    I hope one day you are no longer scared of the mirror.
    That one day you can fall in love with the person you see.
    I know what I'm asking is hard.
    Just remember, you are wonderful the way you are.
    Demons and all.​
    😓 I'm sorry to everyone waiting on a post. Between no days off for a while. 12-15 hour work days, and depression kicking my ass, I'm just having a hard time. I'll get post out tomorrow.
    I hope you get some time off to recover and kick depression right back!
    Hang in there!

    Just because your path is a little different (or alot)
    Doesn't mean your path is the wrong one
    Or that your lost.​
    Nope, not going to adult today.
    My GIVE-O-DAMN button is broken.
    Leave a message and come back tomorrow. Preferably with coffee.​
    I am the one and only me.
    Just like you're the one and only you.
    Be proud of that fact. Own it!
    Cause there will never be another you again.​
    Counter: There are only so many possible combinations atoms can configure themselves into before they're forced to repeat so in a couple million years there may very well be another me.
    counter counter? But the likely hood that the other you would have the excite same life experiences to make them look and act 100% like to is 0. So you are still the one and only you. XD
    Fair point, but genetically it is still me complete with several similarities both superficial and deeper. We'll both have naturally blond hair and sort of blue-ish gray-ish eyes. And we'll both have ADHD and Dysregulation disorder which will help inform our choices and actually might push us to make similar choices, depending on how things go.

    The only thing that will be naturally different is the fingerprint for complex reasons.

    Also, I refuse to believe that there is any version of me who would dislike Kirby.

    Q: Why do post some of the stuff you do? You seem to have it pretty well together.

    A: Cause I'm just as broken as the rest of you. This is stuff I try and tell myself every morning before facing this world.​
    Honey cakes it's OK. Just lay there for a moment and breathe. There is something you should have been told a long time ago.

    Life is going to try and knock your butt out. And when you fall you have to get up again.

    Only, it doesn't matter when you get up. Just that you do.

    So take a moment, breathe, and don't be afraid to ask for a hand when you're ready to go another round.​
    If you shirt isn't tucked into your pant
    Then is your pants tucked into your shirt?​
    Now a days its hard to be a person.

    People say...

    Skinny= drug user
    Fat= ugly
    Dress up= your conceded
    Dress comfy = your a slob

    Nothing you do is right?

    Well I say forget them. Let me beat them for you. Cause you're perfect the way you are!
    When life wants to kick your butt and put you through the ringer
    Don't sit there saying "WHY ME?"
    Be the epic bad ass you are and say "TRY ME!"
    I'm more like an epic fat ass, but I think I know what you're saying ;p
    XP epic fat ass doesn't have the same ring.
    Still epic though!
    Know why people like the bad guys?
    The hero sacrifices to save the world.
    But the villain will sacrifice the world to save you.
    Cause you're worth it.​
    When someone says "You can't do it."
    Do it TWICE!
    Then take a picture!! XD​
    I took your advice and robbed two banks!!! Thank you! ;P
    See works every time. XD now where's the picture?
    Big girls don't cry... They pop a couple Xanax, wash it down with vodka and set your car on fire...
    I've decided I need 3 things to function.
    and Reese's
    I can relate to two of those. Since I do not drink coffee. I drink green tea! 😁 You must think I'm insane to not drink coffee, but I have never had a taste for it. No offense to you. The rest of my family drinks coffee, I just don't.
    Nothing wrong with a smirnoff fruit beer or tea. But I'm not really a drinker and I don't smoke.

    I know, such a fuddy duddy.
    I want to be a fuddy-duddy now lol
    I have one cup of coffee each morning just to start the day off right.
    The other cups are to keep me out of jail, help me form sentences, and fuel my razor sharp wit.​
    Hey YOU!
    Your wonderful, fabulous, and amazing. Surely you should know that by now.
    So stop hating and love yourself a little.​
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