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"It exists, it's just rare. I had one in my possession when I made the deal. When the next time came that I owed, I purchased another from a close friend of mine. But he only had one, and neither of us had seen any others."
"I doubt it. Mine was a family heirloom from eons ago. The one I bought a few months ago was found in ruins older than the mountains. I'm not sure where else we could even find another, let alone enough to keep them alive long enough for the deal to be over."
"My family is dead. All of them." He told her suddenly. "Every last member who shares my blood died. I caused it. I... made a deal with a demon, and I brought them back. That's why I owe this debt." Ferron rested his head on the table, thinking deeply and staring blankly at the wall.
Arryn stared at Ferron in shock. How had he caused their deaths? And what in the world would possess him to make a deal with a demon? "Ferron..." What was there to say? Why would he keep this burden from her? Was she in danger too?
Ferron didn't reply as he tried to think. "I... don't know. I have no clue where we'd even look for one. It's a crystal unlike anything you've ever seen before. I'm not even sure what it was, or what it was called."
Ferron tried to think for a moment. "I'm not sure. I truly don't know. The only guess I could even make is if we kill the demon, but I've never done anything close to fighting one of those before."
"Like that guy and the mages? Maybe. Well, what if you tried making a new deal? If the demon maybe wants something more accessible," Arryn said, though she knew it was a long shot.
Ferron nodded slowly as he stood. He kissed the top of Arryn's head before saying, "We'll try Lord Callum's castle first. If not, we might be able to go to the abandoned one on the hillside not too far from here as a spot to hold it off." He gave her hand a squeeze.
The journey to Lord Callum's castle was long, giving the two of them plenty of time to talk and reflect on what was happening. Ferron expressed multiple times his concern of being able to kill it, but also felt it was a better option than just letting it attack them. When they got to the castle, they were ushered in to the hall. "There they are." Lord Callum said to Emmalia as he turned. "Welcome back, it's good to see the both of you."
Ferron didn't waste any time explaining. "I'm in a troublesome situation. I owe a demon something I don't have, so I plan on killing it, or at least stopping it from coming after me. I was hoping you two would know someone who could help us hunt it."
Em slowly looked over at Callum, then quietly asked, "Can we reach Daniel...? Maybe you could find out...." She didn't want him going after a demon again - last time he had come home with those scars on his face.

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