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"I'm just not sure what we could do. I could offer you weapons and armor, maybe gold if you need it, but I can't help you much any other way." Callum said. "Do you even know if it has any weaknesses?"

"No, my lord." Ferron replied.

"I'm sorry, but it's too risky. Maybe take a scouting party and see its habits. Then come back to us."
"My lord, we only have perhaps four days. The fact that it's risky is all the more reason for us to need more help - as much as possible." Then again, it didn't seem like the demon would attack anyone else, just Ferron. But for her that was enough reason to mobilize the king's whole army.
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"It would take a week just to locate our... demon specialist. I'm sorry, but the only help I can give you is maybe a handful of men. As you know, demons are powerful, and I'm unsure if we can afford to make one mad."
"Thank you for your time." Ferron said when it was evident there was no convincing him. After a few more words they exchanged, Ferron left the castle with Arryn, as he said, "It's okay, we'll find some other way to stop this."
Arryn said in Northern, "Lords are supposed to protect their people. He clearly didn't want to help us at all!" She sighed and took his hand and squeezed it, whispering, "Ferron, I can't lose you. We need any advantage we can get."
"Arryn, his hesitation is understandable. Neither of us have faced one before, and we don't even know if he's beatable." He sighed softly before adding in, "You won't lose me, we'll beat this together. Maybe we can find some way to trap it, make it easier to kill."
"And if we don't win?" Arryn asked quietly. She didn't like this setup, them facing something supernatural. Sure they had defeated demons before, but both times had been close calls, and she couldn't help but compare this to the banshees.
"Well you mentioned an abandoned castle. Or we could find an isolated glade, I know of a few, depending on the terrain you want I can get us to one in time," Arryn offered.
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Ferron didn't waste any time, and went off in the direction he knew the castle was in. After a long hike, the two of them made it to the ruins, and to Ferron's enjoyment, the gate was still there, completely functional. "Now, we prepare."
Arryn nodded and started setting up a rope attrached to the chain holding the gate up so it could be slashed easily mid battle. This jury-rigging took some time, but was effective.
They had spent a rather long time getting everything prepared, making sure they had backup plan for their backup plans. When it had finally been time for Ferron to make his payment, and when it was evident he wasn't going to, they stayed in wait in front of the gates to the castle. "Just be careful, take things slow." Ferron reminded Arryn as they waited.
Arryn nodded and stood just a step behind him and to his side. She was scared - if this went wrong, her Ferron could die and she would be left alone again. That thought terrified her. She wore the armor he had gifted her, and had her shield on her arm. Knowing what they were facing, she braced herself for the pain she knew would radiate from her scars because of all the dark magic.
Almost as if on cue, the man Arryn had answered the door to earlier made his way through the brush, standing just beyond the gate. "Ferron, we warned you. The deadline was reasonable enough. You broke the deal, and failed to bring your half - so I'll break mine. Goodbye Ferron, I hope you made amends with your family."

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