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Think your strongest? "Show me what you've really got..."


Master of Messing Up
D: You think you can DARE to imply that you can defeat me... Then steal my TRADEMARK BURNING EYES?!?!
D: Despicable! Absolutely despicable! You should burn in Maach, as all of your kind should!

More lightning balls are fired from the wand, faster and bigger than before.

D: Maybe this'll teach you your place, human!


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I would watch with my drone wondering whether or not to help ethire side seeing as it seemed pretty even and they were both very arogent. I would feel my power is almost at the point I want it to be and think of what I shall be using to kill them.

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

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(Katashi the Ice user is dead. Now you face Servant Saber - Muramasa (EMIYA))

Muramasa had willed his forge to open behind him and multiple katanas flew out like Bullets towards the Deity and Flame who were not too far away from his position.
Flame growled in frustration. Another one?
Another person appeared. She had white blonde hair and light blue eyes. Ah, it's you. Flame blinked. Didn't think she'd be here...


Master of Messing Up
When Flame dodged the orbs of lightning, Dooky lost sight of her. He frantically searchied the area to continue his assault, but did not observe the many katanas that were flung towards his direction. As such, he was met with a barrage of cuts to his body. The goblin tried to escape most of the damage by retreating into his cloak, but the blades were to sudden; he was forced to take every sword, and fell to the ground, faceplanting in agony.

D: Argh! Who in Maach was that? Why I'll..

He looked around for his weapon, but could not find it.

D(thinking): Huurthalker! I must've lost my wand in the chaos of the battle. I'll, I'll....
?: Looking for this?
D: What?

Dooky took turned his face from off the ground to the direction of the voice. It was a girl, human this time, who seemed to be in her late teenage years. Everything about her seemed quite off; her hair was bleached, but the ends were tipped blood red. She had a pale face with grey, baggy eyes. Her clothes consisted of a simple white jumper but it seemed stained brown. She also had an excess of knives tucked away in different place on her person.

And she appeared to be twirling Dooky's weapon in her hands.

D: Oh... it's the EDGELORD...

Dooky planted his face back into the ground. The girl frowned in response.

?: I told you not to call me that.
D(voice muffled in floor) Shut up, shurrgn'wold hyr! Give me my wand back.
?(surprised at the foreign word) Did you just call me an assfuc-
D: Give. It. Back.

Dooky slammed his fist.

?: Oh, okay. So you insult me, then whine like a crybaby...

Her sentence was interrupted by a random assailant, who she quickly offed.

D: I won't pay you this month, Scraven. Give it back.
She tosses the wand back to him.
S: You're a real ass, you know that? Acting all high and mighty, making every freaking person do work for you...
S: Heck, that "weapon" of yours carries all your combat ability. You're a nothing without it.

Dooky caught the wand, and zapped a horde of enemies who were making their way towards the two.

D: I may be one. Learnt it from you. Whatcha' gonna do?
S: You...
S: When you've had your fun, I'll gut you.
D: You can't do that and not face the consequences.

Scraven looked away at the comment.
S: You know what? I'll murder everyone here so you won't get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.
She leaps away.

D: Yeah, good luck with Mr. Sub-Zero, dumb flame girl and Anime Swordsguy.
D: Shurrgn'wold hyr.

(I'll make sure this makes sense tommorow morning; I need to sleep rn)
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Flame watched, amusement glittering in her eyes. She began thinking about her dorm in college, and her roommate.
Don't think about that, Flame. It'll only make you weaker. Flame winced, as memories flooded her already cramped mind. She punched the wall, the pain shooting through her arm meaning nothing anymore. "Stop... Thinking... About the past!" She gritted her teeth, enduring the pain. Her knuckles turned red, as blood pounded through her head, and she turned around, daggers at ready. Flame was ready for any challenge that she would face now- she hoped.

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