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Think your strongest? "Show me what you've really got..."

Mr Kraz

Who knows what's out there.... GHOST LEVIATHANS!!
A man with a red jacket steps into a seemingly endless room. The ground stretches for hundreds if not thousands of miles on end. The surface is as smooth as glass and completely bleached white. Welcome to the Room.


No stupidly OP characters. They CAN be incredibly powerful... HOWEVER they must have at least one major weakness.

No Adding extra strengths to your character. This is common in many of these roleplays and i don't want it happening here... AT ALL.

Finally... Have fun!


is the important Question
A2 enters the room with two large blades holstered.Floating next to her is a silver box, a pod that has a wide arsenal.With her flowing silver hair blowing away from her she faced the man

Mr Kraz

Who knows what's out there.... GHOST LEVIATHANS!!
"I see you have arrived. Let us... BEGIN." And with that, the man's sleeves are pulled back to reveal arm gauntlet guns. (Basically a rifle strapped to his arm but much more refined.) He raises his arms up and begins to shoot at you with the gauntlet guns.
A levitating man appears before A2 as he came to save her back. "you're mine!" He uses his incredible telekinesis to freeze the bullet in the air and revert the direction at the mysterious man. "Telekinetic bullet attack! Now go!" The countless bullets being shot are now returning to the owner at an incredible speed no slower but faster than before.

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