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Think your strongest? "Show me what you've really got..."

Upon hearing that, Tickle mickle looked down at his hands. All of his fingers were broken, bleeding and bent out of shape. For some reason, the man's abs was able to tank the force exerted by his fingers, causing them to get broken. It was as if he was punching a wall with his fingers. Seeing how useless he was, he gave in. "NOOO I surrender! Please, just make me your pet dog from now on. DONT KILL MEEEEEE"
Tickle Mickle opened his mouth to speak, but he suddenly started acting like a dog. "WOOF!" He replied. He then recalled the deal he had struck with a witch back in ancient China. In return for infinite tickling power, if he were to face an opponent he could not tickle, he would act a dog and serve the opponent for the rest of his life. And so he was left to watch netflix with his new master.

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