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Fantasy The Yule Ball (A Companion RP to The Four Courts) (Accepting)

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This RP is a companion to the Four Courts universe. I am accepting guest characters to enter for this holiday special. If you are interesting in bringing a character, please visit the sign-ups and create a character sheet. : )

Further, characters from other RPs (including The Haven and Overworld) are also permitted.

The rules for this Christmas special are as follows:

1) No controlling other people's characters
2) Be respectful to the other players and their wishes
3) All RPN rules apply, including rating restrictions on MA content.

This RP is meant to be fun and a parody/spinoff to Four Courts. It is not canon to the actual story and the characters are meant to be random/sometimes OOC. Deceased characters have been revived, and both friends and foe will be dining at the same table without trying to kill one another. OP characters are fine.


It is already dark on the streets of Sanctus Heights' central square. White holiday lights are strung on every tree, and even the ginormous dragon automaton has been decorated ornately for the holiday season. A cluster of school-aged children from the Sanctus Heights Academy have gathered around the square to sing, Christmas carols echoing throughout the night whilst hundreds huddle around to listen. Their cheeks rosy and noses red from the cold, bundled in flamboyant scarves and coats seemingly suited for the upperclass residents. Further into the city rests the Grand Cathedral, its splendor rivaling that of all Regalia combined. The two guards posted at the door were dressed as elves, their spears wrapped in red ribbon to resemble candy canes. Inside an orchestra played jovially, everyone seeming to be in a cheerful mood. Whether it was the Christmas spirit or the good wine, no one particularly knew. And yet, it was a joyous Christmas Eve, the night of the Yule Ball.

For the first time in a thousand years, the Grand Cathedral's doors were open to the general public, all mages and non-mages alike invited to join in the ball hosted by the High Priestess, Mabel Atelier herself. Lords and ladies from all over Regalia have arrived, and even those from farther lands came to rejoice and celebrate. You have arrived by invitation, and it is up to you what you choose to do. A grand feast is being prepared in the kitchens, while in the Great Hall a massive Christmas tree has been decorated extravagantly. The tree is at least ten feet tall, presents in abundance resting below it. The names are of many different mages, and some are addressed to names none within the land has even once heard of (after all, who is Eliltari?).

A large room has been cleared out in preparation of dancing. The orchestra plays alongside one wall, while drinks and refreshments cover a long narrow table on the other. Some have already gathered, whereas others are scattered throughout the cathedral and out on the streets.
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Child of the Pale Mistress
While some of the children had joined in the square to sing christmas carols, another traveling group had stopped their carriages and put on a performance. The Radiant Melody Performing Troupe, as they were apparently called, were reaching the end of their tale. A tale of two worlds and a brave party of adventurers. The tale was being told by one green haired woman in a cream colored dress with green and gold around it, who, by the look of it, had two horns sticking out from each side of her head. If they were real, or just an accessory, no one really asked. Neither if she was cold only wearing such dress.

"And so, in the Floating Lands of Istrora, after the brave party had saved both worlds from the clutches of the newly born god, both humans and fey joined together in the City of Everwinter, Exire, to celebrate Winter's Blessing, where, if you were good for the whole year, you would get one small wish granted thanks to the brothers and sister of the Order of the Silver Cross."

Claps erupted from the onlookers that had gathered to hear the tale of the saviors of the two worlds, the performers all gathered together and bowed to their public, just as the people went back to their routines. Two girls, similar in appearance, joined at the green haired woman's sides.

"This was such a success. It is interesting how people love these kind of tales," one of the white haired girls, the pale skinned one, said.

"Grown ups like them. Children loved them. It's perfect. And it's even better now that the cathedral has been opened to the public for the ball," the other white haired girl, the tanned skinned one, said.

"You can go and enjoy this ball, children. Meanwhile, I will stay here and enjoy the carols." the green haired woman said.

"For someone as old as you, Miss Ancient Green Dragon, sorry, Miss Faloan, you love to watch people quite a lot." said the girl on the right.

"Worry not about poor old me, Iseult Mylis, for I will be fine. Some hot cocoa and some churros and I will be able to enjoy this sight. You and Eli here can go and enjoy the festivities yourselves," Faloan said, "me and the rest of our merry band of misfits will be fine. See? I'm the only one left. Everyone already left to see the city."

"Fine, fine. Me and grumpy over here will leave you alone. Well, not alone, you have the automaton to make you company. The two of you do look kinda the same!" Iseult said.

And without waiting for an answer from Faloan, Iseult took Eli's hand and pulled her away. It took some time to reach the cathedral, and even more when Iseult made it obvious that she wanted to get a taste of every food stand on the way. At some point, both girls found themselves in front of the beautiful christmas tree inside the grand cathedral.

"This is were you can put your present, Eli. As you can see, there are lots of them under the tree already," she said as she looked at her twin image, "and don't bother denying it. I know you've been working on that present you are hiding under that cloak of yours. Anyways! I will go and look for Rose. I don't know if she will be here, or if she was going to stay in Eirika's ranch. She is not one who likes such large celebrations and huge groups of people, but you never know. Have fun, Eli. See ya later."

And once again, Iseult waited for no response as she disappeared among the crowd, leaving her twin image, Eliltari, standing in front of the christmas tree, holding a medium-sized wrapped present. Which she slowly put under the tree, making sure that her present wasn't blocking any of the surrounding ones, but giving it enough space so the one who the present was meant for could see it. The tag simply read "Yevgeni" in very beautiful elvish calligraphy.

At that same time, two more women were entering the cathedral, one wearing a beautiful high neck, sleeveless, celeste coloured dress with subtle white highlights, a white silk cloth around her arms. The other one wearing a black sleeveless dress with golden trims and complicated beautiful patterns in gold threads that reached almost to her shins, black fingerless gloves that reached past her elbows, and a golden hairpin with a ruby holding her hair in a bun. She thought that maybe the magitek prosthetics would make people stare at her, but, apparently, they were more focused on the festivities to actually pay attention to those details. These two women were the Maestra of the Court of Somnum, Thea Nero, and a mage from the Court of Umbra, Diane Corbeau. The Umbra Mage was carrying several presents as she was being watched by the Somnum Maestra.

"Are you sure you do not want me to help you, Diane? You must be tired after-" The Maestra said.

"It is quite alright, Maestra. There is no problem with me carrying all these presents. The tree is over there." Diane said flatly.

Nero smiled and rolled her eyes just as they reached the christmas tree, where Diane made sure to place the presents without disturbing the others. At this point Nero caught sight of Eli.

"Ah, Miss Ar-feiniel! What a surprise is to see you here. I didn't knew you were going to be in town." Nero said as she kissed Eliltari's cheek.

"Greetings, Maestra. It is good to see you are in good health," she said as she looked at Diane, "Same for you, Miss Corbeau."

Diane simply nodded at Eliltari's comment. The three women then moved out of the way and towards the sound of music. The orchestra sounded lovely, after all.

Endless Thundaza

Jynn Venas - Grand Hall

Behind the first visitors followed the Vivifican mage, Jynn. He takes notice of the Somnum maestra. He was unsure who the third guest was, but nonetheless, he greeted them with a smile. “Greetings Lady Nero and Diane. Merry Christmas.” He faces Eliltari. “Greetings, and happy holidays to you as well. Name’s Jynn, mage of Vivifica.”

He places his gifts under the giant tree, before placing a small box atop the larger presents he had, meant for the host of the event herself. The mage wipes his forehead. “Whew, carrying these all the way here was a pain in the neck.”


The Destined Undestined
A combined effort between Mystics Apprentice and myself: Blue for Mystics and Red for Yours Truly

~ The First Santa Kai ~

Reclining in a high-backed seat of red velvet sat Invidia, scratching his artificial long beard with annoyance. Above his head streaked a banner reading "SANTA," and as such he was seated to meet and greet all the little boys and girls, who lavished him with all of their frivolous wishes for Christmas. It was not his preferred position, but he didn't think he'd be welcomed into the party with open arms as Invidia, so . . . . Santa he was.

It did not take long for Jari, already partially blurry-eyed from the drink but still standing, to witness his dream come true. Santa had come to visit the Christmas ball! He did! He did! Setting down his drink from his elegant location in the far back, he made his way over to the Santa chair and, after battling a few kids to get to the front, climbed triumphantly into Santa's lap. Invidia might find that he weighed a little more than the average child, and the discomfort of a stiff fox's tail would be a little odd.

"Hi, Santa!" he shouted jubilantly, smelling of sugar and a hint of alcohol. "I know what I want for Christmas. I thought about it long and hard, and I want nine -- no, make it seven 'cause I know you are busy and other kids need some -- fox tails, all live and attached to me, not fake. Please! Pretty please!"

The Santa impersonator wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Thought about this long and hard, did you?" He tried to mask his voice in a gravely tone, chiefly because he recognized the fox boy from an earlier encounter and didn't wish for Jari to do the same. The smell of alcohol rang strong to his nostrils, causing them to flare as he shifted in his seat in an attempt to get Jari's "tail" from digging into his leg.

"Do you not think you're a little old to be making requests of Santa?" he asked, irritation creeping into his tone.

"Pssh, my grandma still sends letters to you, as you know, 'cause you're Santa!" Jari responded without delay, still giddy and hugging Invidia tight.

"Look, I am sure that you're a very nice man," he started, feeling slightly faint as Jari squeezed him ever so tight. "But surely you can't be serious about all of this! You must be at least twenty-something. By now you must know that Santa's not–"

"GWA HA HO!" shouts a very merry man, his red, built-up, and very real beard showing up from beneath a flimsy cotton Santa beard. "What have we here? Another Santa in my seat? Out of a reclining position, imposter! You don't belong in this world!"

"Santa . . . ?" Jari asked, looking between the two incredulously. "But . . . there can't be two of you!"

"Exactly! Vacate the chair enshrouded in festivity at once, outlander!" continued Daruk, his voice carrying quite the bark.

By then Daruk had managed to attract quite the amount of attention. The meet-and-greet Santa section of the room hushed, children wide-eyed and staring out at the scene with anxiety. Tension filled the air, and for a moment all that Invidia could hear was the rushing of blood in his ears.

"Why, you couldn't possibly be Santa," he boomed, standing up from the chair, whether Jari was ready to rise or not. He plucked a candy cane from a nearby garland, brandishing it at Daruk with a sneer. "There can only be one Santa, and that is I. I will not surrender my seat, so sally on back to the South Pole, or wherever it is that you came from."

Jari fell to the ground butt-first, first fleeing to the sanctity of the crowd of children before rubbing his aching posterior. He did not know who to cheer for, so he just shouted out, "Go get 'im, real Santa!"

Daruk raised to full height himself, as far as his eggnog-filled gut could allow, and huffed furiously. His finger stabbed out accusingly like a pointed gun.

"If you will not relinquish the seat, then I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"

Invidia rounded his shoulders, giving Daruk a cold stare with violet eyes. He extended his gloved hands in front of him and cracked his knuckles, artificial belly drooping slightly from his movement. "But we are not Fire Nation," he said, confusion calming his irate tone.

"Eh, er, uh, GAH!" came Daruk's response, unsure of how best to recover from this. The fake was right. They were not Fire Nation like in that glorious animation, but he was an Ignis, and he was larger. Without thinking over things much, the Maester gave the man a solid belly slam, establishing a full-on belly-to-belly war that shall be the talk of Christmas conventions for all of the current generation.

Jari watched the Santa war from the sidelines, his eyes wide, his jaw dropped before he swooned from excitement and nerves. He had always wanted to see Santa in action, but to defend himself against his double and claim his rightful throne in a Santa Kai? That was more than he could stand to witness, and he could watch Game of Thrones!

(For all those not yet involved, feel free to interject on this sumo contest.)


Random Schemer
{Gerik Lockford}
Gerik finished signing some paper work, then handing it to an assistant to be taken to the proper recipient. He leaned back in his chair and looked out the window at Sanctus Heights. He had a good view from the room in the Cathedral he had taken over as his office for his stay. But it was currently making matters worse as he still had work to do. Running the Umbra Court didn't just stop because of the holidays. His mages were some of the finest in the world. They were also the biggest trouble makers. Thus, his work was never truly done.
It wasn't even that he liked the holidays that much. As a child, he had put on a show of liking them for others, but they had just reminded him of how little the actually had. Now, he was continent to ignore it. While not one to say "humbug" to Holiday cheer, he thought of it as something for other people. But that was precisely why he was having trouble focusing now. Other people. With the Halloween Ball cut tragically short, he had not been able to spend time with friends such as Anya or Professor Nero. Most of it was just keeping up appearances, but still.
"No." he thought. "I have much more work to do. I can't put these reports off any longer."
He leaned over his work again, selecting a report and starting to read it. After a few lines he stopped, looking out the window once more. He could a trio in the Square handing out presents to the local children. He looked back down at his work.
"Well, a short walk shouldn't be too disruptive." Gerik said aloud, standing up form his desk. "Just clear my head then back to work."
"WHat a noble goal." the Maester mentally mused, as he gathered his hat, coat, and scarf. "I almost bought my own lie."
Donning his outer wear, Gerik proceeded down to the ground floor of the Cathedral and headed for the door.

A finger dug into Jari's side. Upon investigation, the owner of the offending digit was a young woman in a strange tattered dress, pure white skin, a tangle of black hair, and eyes that seemed to have every color imaginable in them.
"Odds are on the one actually trying to look like Saint Nick." She said, words coming out fast and furious. "Should I put you down for half a glass of egg nog?"

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
The battle of the Santas was certainly a sight to behold. Kolm drew in a breath as he poured himself a glass of champagne, interested in the drink more for its fizz than the actual taste. He held the glass for a while, the handle of which grew frosty from his touch. He wore black dress pants and a silk turquoise shirt, over top of it being a long coat dyed in an ombre fashion, ranging from a silver and darkening to a deep charcoal at the hem. The collar was of a turquoise satin, as well as the cuffs of his sleeves. For the ice mage, this was as colorful as he wore, considering the varying shades of black that he normally adorned himself in.

His eyes scanned the crowd, seeking a certain Ignis Mage that he'd first met in the infirmary, though he had yet to see her. He cursed himself for wishing that she were there, and yet he did.


"Really?" drawled a voice from behind Jynn at his complaint of carrying all of the gifts in. "Do you not have a horse that does all the heavy lifting for you?"

Behind Jynn stood a tall man dressed in a robe of emerald green velvet, matching his eyes. Long blonde hair fell neatly down his back, and between locks stood pointed elven ears, unlike any within Regalia. He continued to watch Jynn expectantly, as though thinking that he had something to say. Perhaps they once knew each other in a different life, or he thought Jynn of Vivifica was someone else entirely.


The Umbra mage, for once, did not wear a haughty expression. Adorned in a voluminous dress of lavender, Everyth stood to the side, watching as the ballroom filled with guests. A smile lit her ruby lips as she watched one happy couple after the next share a dance, wishing more than anything that her childhood dream would be fulfilled, that her own handsome prince would sweep her off her feet and take her to the dance floor. And yet, out of all the awkward and sometimes awful relationships she'd endured, none of them ever were romantic.

And she'd never danced. Once.

A sigh escaped her as she attempted to dissolve into the crowd, a plate of cheesecake in her hand while the party went on around her.


Endless Thundaza

Jynn turns face the man talking to him. “Well...... yes. But I could not bring him to the entrance. So I had to carry them myself.” Odd. Something seems familiar about this man, but Jynn knows he has never seen him in his life. “I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but.......... have we met somewhere before?”
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The Destined Undestined
Jari, feeling the driving force of a finger in his gut, groaned and looked up to find someone he was not familiar with. Whether this was due to the fact that he drank a bit of wine or the fainting spell, he did not know, but such was the case. He blinked at her in confusion, trying to parse her speedy wording before speaking.

"Um, a glass of water, please," he commented, righting himself. "I think I need to lay off the heavy stuff for a bit." He studied the young woman's attire and smiled whimsically, finding her refreshingly untidy in the middle of a kempt ball. "Pardon the question, but are you part of the help or a guest? If a guest, maybe I can return the favour for the water."

Endless Thundaza

As the celebration goes on, two individuals step inside the Grand Hall, though one of them appears to have a feline-like appearance. The cat looks up to his friend. “Your royalishisness, you sure this is the place? This looks a lot similar to the world below.” The man looks around the hall. “Indeed it does. But I believe we are in the correct coordinates.”

The man looked incredibly identical to Jynn. The only difference is an eyepatch covering a large scar on the newcomer’s left eye. The mage notices, and it peaks his curiosity. “Hey. You look a lot like me!” The stranger also takes note. “The same could be said to you. Who are you?”
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Child of the Pale Mistress
"Hello Jynn, I am Eliltari Ar-feiniel, it is a pleasure to meet you." Eli replied as she bowed slightly, followed by Diane.

"Hello, Mister Venas, and Merry Christmas to you too," Nero replied, "do be careful with that amount of presents, or they might fall down. And I'm sure one person would be sad if that happened."

Nero bowed at Jynn before following her two companions. It was not common for her to talk with these two particular guests, and so she wanted to catch up for a little while.

"I have to say that your ensemble is quite beautiful, Eli. Where did you found such a beautiful piece?" Nero asked.

Eli looked at herself in the reflection of one of the mirrors, the dress she was wearing was a silver white dress, very elegant looking, with a silver earring on each ear, each one with an intricate pattern, and one necklace that held a stone that glowed faintly, as if a star was resting there.

"My sister in law made it for me. She made another one for Iseult, a black one. Said we were the two sides of a looking glass," Eli replied, "she also said it was for a special occasion."

Nero and Eli were the ones doing most of the talk, Diane was listening as she looked around, there were many people already on the cathedral, and even more were expected. While walking around Nero noticed people gathering to see some kind of fight. A Santa fight. The trio got close and, to Nero's surprise, one of the Santas was none other than Daruk himself. Her own student, Jari, was also there. While Nero and Eli looked at the current event, Diane managed to see the retreating form of a fellow Umbra mage, one that she had seen sulking many a times while she wandered among the shadows of the court grounds. She silently made her way towards the Umbra mage, avoiding bumping into anyone.

"No matter what time I see you, you still have that look on your face. As if something was missing. As if you were longing for something. Or someone." Diane said as she approached Everyth, "perhaps some company would be good? Only while you wait for that something, of course."


The Yiling Patriarch
A black cat would be hiding under the table. Small paws would reach out at anything that fell and he would shove it into his mouth, enjoying every taste. When no one was looking, he would pull down plates full of food that he could reach, and then some. Yael was not one to socialize as much, not when such delicious food was around. Yael sighed when he finished some of the salad, crawling out to reach for another piece of pie. That is, until a hand grabbed a hold of the paw. Yael whined as someone pulled him up, and then held him by the scruff of the neck. Yael hissed, and was about to scratch when the young man with white hair watched him. "My my. You are a smart one." He teased. Yael stared, his ears twitching. The young man frowned. "You..are like me." He asked. Yael smirked, wagging his tail. "It would appear so." A puff of smoke would cover them both, and Yael, now human again, would wrap his arms around Helios, picking him up in his arms. "Lets eat together!"

Arkane was wearing a black and red suit. He had done something he never thought he would do; he cut his hair. He now had it slightly short, and was around the ball searching for some entertainment. He was playing with his glass, watching as people interacted. He made sure to wear extra perfume just to knock off the undead scent! He took a sip of his drink, sighing as he watched Yael being annoying, as always. He walked over only to see two Jynns...he looked between the two and then looked down at his drink. "Who spiked this?"

"Agreed. Such a frown is unfitting on you, lady Everyth." Vincent and Arun walked up, smiling at the two. Vincent seemed to blush at the sight of Diane, clearing his throat. "Diane...ah...you look...amazing." He smiled, feeling a bit of burning on his cheeks. Arun smiled at Everyth. "Hm. If you are waiting for someone, how about a dance, madame? It can spend the time faster." He offered, in the background two cats running around. The white one trying to get away from the black one, specifically,a s one of them seemed to be bullying the other.


Child of the Pale Mistress
"Thank you, Vincent, that is quite flattering," Diane answered, glancing away for just a split second, "the Maestra thought that it would look good on me and, after helping her with her own dress, she gifted this one to me."
That had been a strange day. Diane had been on an errand to Somnum when the Maestra suddenly took her on a shopping trip. It lasted most of the day and by the end of it she had obtained a dress for herself. One picked by the Maestra herself.
"You look quite dashing as well," she said to Vincent, "but I suppose this is a very important event for all of Regalia. It is one of the days were all four courts and the rest of the citizens join together to celebrate, after all."

Endless Thundaza

“I’m Jynn. A Vivifica mage.” The humanoid feline’s eyes widen, and starts wheezing. “Well! It’s a Jynnception! Haha!” The man offer his hand for a shake. “Well, I’ve seen more awkward situations. I am Jynn as well. King of a faraway land called Kilkes Seres. My friend here is named Dawson, an ex monster hunter, now a chef. He has just opened a canteen in my land.”

The King turns his attention to the stranger with blonde hair. “I’ll assume you’ve met Yevgeni.” Jynn the mage tilts his head. “You........ know him?” A long sigh escapes the monarch. It was clear that he did not have good things to say about Yevgeni. “Unfortunately. One of his underlings slew my mother, the previous queen of Kilkes Seres, under his “last resort” command. After that, he tried to use a forbidden power to achieve his own goals.”

The Vivifican mage looks back to Yevgeni. “That’s awful. Why didn’t you execute him?” Dawson immediately interjects. “Yevgeni is the king’s uncle. But it would still be wise if he kept his act together in the king’s presence.”

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
At the Vivifica mage's question Yevgeni blinked, clearly surprised that he didn't know him. "You must be joking, surely." And yet he searched his face for the humor in it, and it did indeed seem that he was unknown to this Jynn look-alike. At last he gave a knowing nod, his demeanor relaxing slightly.

"Forgive me, you look very much like–"

Before he could finish the Jynn he sought made his appearance, introducing himself as well as Yevgeni before he could introduce himself as he saw fit. His demeanor, which was once lax, stiffened, his lips twisting into a smile that much resembled a grimace.

"I'm still here, you know," Yevgeni muttered irritably as the two jabbed about him, as though he were not present to hear the insults that they shared. He glanced toward his nephew and proffered him a curt nod. "I would not go so far as to say that I sought this 'forbidden power' for my own goals, but rather your grandfather's. When you make vows to the people you love, it is hard to separate yourself from them.

"But I am trying to make amends. I am trying to change, which, clearly, you are not."

He gave a respectful nod to the Vivifica mage, a look of wistfulness on his face. Was he perhaps wishing to get to know his nephew, on a level that he never would know Jynn of Kilkis Seres? Perhaps, or maybe he was just looking forward to meeting someone who didn't know the full extent of his story. At last he turned toward King Jynn with a critical eye. "But alas, I will not bring my lowly unworthy presence into that of the High King. I bid you adieu."

With that, he stormed from the Christmas tree, accidentally knocking an ornament off in his wake.


Everyth's gaze flickered from the crowd and onto Diane as she approached. There was no denying it: the lich was very beautiful. She straightened in her position, making an attempt at changing her expression. "I'm not waiting for anyone," she lied, smoothing her dress down. "It's just, everyone looks so busy and I, well, it's silly, really, but I was wondering what it would be like to dance."

She offered Diane a rare smile. It wasn't often that she'd interacted with Gerik's right-hand woman, though never did she think the woman cruel or unkind, which she couldn't say about every mage in Umbra. She started to move closer to her, but before she could say anything more Vincent and Arun arrived. Ignis mages; always so cheerful, and yet seeing an Ignis Mage just made the pit in her stomach harden.

"You'd want to dance? With me?" She threw her head back and laughed. "Ah, I am flattered, truly, but you don't know what you're getting yourself into. I don't know how to dance."

She chewed the inside of her cheek. Of course this was what she'd dreamt of. A handsome man striding up to her, offering up a dance without her having to beg, plead, or–in worst cases–threaten. And yet, why was it not what she had in mind? Why did it feel so . . . wrong?

"You're doing this out of sympathy, aren't you?" Her face fell, hand frozen in the air as she was about to join hands with Arun. "I am the odd one out, alone, and thus you hope to cheer me. Why? Because you're a good person, but not because you have an interest in me."

She withdrew her hand, her expression bitter and oddly closed off. "Well, I'm fine, thank you. You should dance with the woman you have an interest in, not the charity case."


In a dressing room on the East Wing sat Mabel Atelier before a large mirror. A servant girl was bringing her bronze hair up in a low bun at the nape of her neck, fingers chilly against her already cool skin. She hardly recognized the girl within the mirror as herself. Mabel, always dressed modestly, wore a silver ball gown, with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a low, plunging neckline. The bodice wrapped snugly around her torso, while the rest of the gown was voluminous and sweeping in shades of silver and white. It reminded her very much of a swan; perhaps that was the look that the designers were going for.

"There, High Priestess! You look wonderful!" The servant girl smiled, resting her hands on the young woman's shoulders while grasping her hands as though to pull her up from her seat. "Now, you should go and enjoy the night! It's not often that opportunities like these present themselves."

A soft smile stretched her pallid lips. Despite the gown and hair, she wore little in the way of makeup. "I suppose you are right," she said finally, hitching up her skirt and sliding out from behind the vanity. She clasped her hands in front of her before offering the servant girl a low nod. "Thank you for helping me. I hope that you find some time to enjoy the ball as well."

With that, Mabel turned the corner and left the room, moving toward the staircase to join the bustling party in the center of the cathedral.


The Destined Undestined
Impeccably oddly enough, Arkane was correct. Someone did spike his drink, and she batted her long fake eyelashes at him from afar, wondering if the aphrodisiac of toad mucus and young hyena's tears was going to work its magic and make the unappealing blob she was as delightful as she promises and cannot deliver. Yes, Jimbette was scheming, and that was nothing too out of the ordinary. She was quite the tricky individual.

Shuffling through the crowd in a dress that did not quite befit her musclebound figure, the lioness fast approached her prey, but did not quite expect to be cut off by someone she knew. Pali glared up at her with a venomous sneer, his usual getup reinforced with a wraparound cape of red and a green Santa hat -- he lost a bet with Vlad and had to wear the hat for 24 hours, dear viewer.

"Going somewhere?" he asked dryly.

"Yes, though it's none of your business!" huffed Jimbette, trying to shove the man aside but finding him as immobile as a statue weighing in at 20 metric tons, which is precisely what he wished for under his breath.

"I see you eyeing my affiliate like he is eye candy. I also see that you even have had the drink vendor spike his . . . well, whatever he ordered."

"You saw all that and you didn't stop it?"

"No, but my guess seems to be right. That perfume I gave Arkane seems to be working still. But riddle me this . . . what was that in his drink? Ground knockout pills?"

Jimbette was frowning for a great while, the expression very visible from all angles of her head except from directly behind, but it soon turned into a grin.

"Wouldn't you like to know? If you are a gifted chemist or try some yourself, you might come up with something to help, but take your eyes off him for one second and I'll snatch him away."

"I'd like to see you try," yawned Pali, glancing down at his pocket watch and replacing it in his coat pocket. "Now skedaddle and save yourself some face. I have a mystery potion to resolve."

As soon as Jimbette left the area in a very frumpy and grumbling manner, Pali turned toward Arkane and started off with a grin and the following: "Well now, you look different today."

Endless Thundaza

Yevgeni charges off in response to Jynn’s explanation. The monarch sighs. “That’s great that he is reforming, but I don’t think he quite realizes how much pain he has caused me. I cannot simply forgive someone who planned the death of a beloved family member.” The Vivifican mage tries to comfort him. “I’m sorry to hear about all of this.......” The king reassured the saddened mage. “Don’t worry about me. What happened has happened. Nothing can be changed.”

“Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.” Before Jynn could say anything, he heard footsteps climbing down the staircase. It was Mabel, clad in a beautiful silver dress. The mage’s jaw dropped in awe. The monarch takes interest in his reaction. “Now.... who is that lovely lady?” He grabs a small drink. The Vivifican mage leans in. “That is Mabel. High Priestess, hostess of this event, and.......... the love of my life.”

King Jynn takes a sip of his drink and smacks the mage’s back playfully. “If that’s the case..... what are you doing hanging around us for? Go to her!” With that, the Vivifican mage approaches the bottom of the staircase. “Hey Mabel. You look........ beautiful!”

Meanwhile, King Jynn and Dawson enjoy some of the food. Dawson takes a bite out of the turkey, but immediately spits it out. “Ugh this is awful. Jynn, try it.” Jynn looks in Dawson’s direction. “What is it? Turkey?”

“You gotta try it, it’s terrible.”

“I don’t want to try it if it’s terrible.”

“It’s so dry!”

“No thanks. I don’t want to ruin my palette.”

“Just try it!”

“Dawson. If it’s so bad, why don’t you go in that kitchen and teach them how to cook a good turkey?” There was a short pause before the feline is intrigued by the idea. “You know what? I will!”
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The Yiling Patriarch
Vincent was chuckling, smiling at Diane. His face was burning as he was complimented as well. "T-Thanks. Well, it is an important event, is it not? I was wondering if you would like to dance?" Vincent asked, offering his hand to Diane, even bowing down a bit.

Was it a bit hot in here, or was it just Arkane? And that was not a flirting joke. He was genuinely feeling a bit heated as he stared down at his drink and looked around the room. Everyone was well dressed, having fun, enjoying their time. There was a gentle flush on his cheeks, but it was barely notable. However, a familiar voice did bring him back from distraction. He looked up, eyes landing on Pali. "Pali. Good evening-" He spoke, pausing at the sight. What the hell was he wearing? He tried to hold back the chuckle that escaped his lips, moving a hand to cover them. He was smiling genuinely, merely surprised at the sight of the usual serious mage wearing such a festive get up. "My apologies, I did not expect to see you with such clothing...it oddly looks well on you." He moved some strands of hair behind his ear. "Who did you lose the bet to, Pali?"

Arun was...genuinely confused. He frowned at her and her expression. Arun was usually a shy person, he just had a bright personality. "I asked you if you wished to dance because you are the first person I feel comfortable asking, lady Everyth. But if you do not wish to dance, then I will not push...but...I do not know how to dance either." He smiled, offering some sort of sympathy.

Two cats were running around, only for them to transform into ferrets. Prince Jynn would find a couple of ferrets landing on him, running and crawling around his body and well dressed suit as one was trying to capture the other. Eventually Yael managed to catch Helios, pressing his paws against his head to squish him. "Come eat with me!" Poor Helios was whining.


The Sleepy Magician
Aquilla nervously watched the chaos unfold from behind a chair, she seemed to be trying to not be seen... not wanting to make a scene like usual with all the fainting and dizziness and such. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to preform magic tonight in. Aquilla herself had on a red dress that accentuated her figure but flowed out near the bottom giving it a sort of flower like appearance. It hung off her shoulders and carried an icy white design at the top. A pair of white heels added a bit more flare to her outfit. Hanging from her neck was a now red star Shaped jewel, it radiated with a faint heat of fire magic. Lastly the Ignis mage had her pink hair in a thick braid resting on her back tied off with a red and white bow. “Why does everything run so chaotic every time we have a party? at this rate ill end up in the infirmary again...” she whined.
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Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
The sound of her name snapped her from her reverie. Mabel lifted her head, eyes locking upon Jynn. A warm smile lit her lips as she picked up the pace dismounting the stairs.

"Hello, Jynn." Her heels click onto the marble floor as she takes the last step off the flight of stairs, hands clasped in front of her regally. "You look rather fine yourself." She hesitated, as though wishing to say something more, before finally settling with. "I'm so glad that you came. I hoped that I would get to see you again."

She turned, taking in the many guests filtering around her. So far it seemed as though everyone was having a grand time. Despite the elders' warnings, everything seemed as though it were under control, and no attacks seemed to be in progress . . . yet. Gingerly she placed a hand on Jynn's upper arm, offering him one of her warmest smiles that she reserved just for him. "So, made any new friends here?"


"Coming here was a foolish idea," Yevgeni uttered under his breath, putting as much distance between himself and the Jynns. Why did his nephew have to introduce him like that? Would his past always dog him, even in other worlds? Perhaps, though it was a shame. Sometimes he thought the path of redemption was even more turbulent than the path of the villain. Would it be worth it? Even he was sometimes uncertain. He was rather bad at being good, after all.

The Santa Kai caught his eye as he entered the ballroom. He froze, eyes narrowed on the combatants, though didn't say much except, "Fight the good fight, men," as he passed. His next stop happened upon Jari, the fox boy whom he knew and yet did not know. It surprised him to find so many people from his home world here, in Regalia. Ones that would continue to haunt him of his past. No words escaped his lips this time, passing by Jari without a word as he slipped further into the room. He began to pour himself a drink, not particularly minding the fact that he were alone. He didn't realize that he was standing alongside Jimbette, however, who could make things rather interesting for him if she chose to.


A sheepish blush crossed Everyth's face. "Oh," was all that she said, fingers fidgeting with her dress. She stood slightly straighter, moving toward Arun marginally and extending her hand once more. "My apologies. I guess I just am not used to receiving any kind of positive attention." She offered him a faint smile, one that felt forced, even to her. "In that case, I would very much like to dance with you, so long as you are not opposed to the possibility that we may be off to everyone else on the dance floor."

With that, she would allow Arun to lead them away, and once away from Diane and Vincent, she would ask the awkward question. "So, Ignis and Umbra. It seems that our courts have been silently feuding for so long, but is there even any merit to the feud? For so long our courts have avoided befriending one another, and yet I have come to encounter quite the friendly mages from your court."

Of course, there was one mage in particular that came to mind as she said this, but she didn't elaborate, and probably wouldn't unless urged to.


"Not if I can help it."

Behind Aquilla stood Kolm. His expression was pleasant, though he didn't exactly wear a smile, either. He held two glasses of champagne, one which he extended out to her. "Would you care for some?"

He took a sip from his own glass, silent for a moment before chuckling to himself and gesturing toward the Santa Kai. "If I didn't know better, I'd say one of those Santa sumo wrestlers was your maester."

Kolm seemed slightly distracted that evening, perhaps fidgety. It seemed that something weighed on his mind, but he was determined to have a good time.


Child of the Pale Mistress
"Dance? I haven't danced in, well, years, I suppose," Diane said as she tried to remember the last time she had done so, "I usually prefer to stay out of everyone's way. Sorry, I'm rambling. As for sharing a dance with you, yes, I would love to."
Diane watched as Everyth finally agreed to dance with Arun. Even though she didn't interacted much with Everyth, or anyone in the court for that matter, it made her happy to see the members of her court enjoy the celebration, even when there was a small hint of something behind Everyth's smile. She then focused on Vincent once more and extended her hand to allow Vincent to lead her to the dance floor.
"Forgive me if I make some mistakes, I need some time to get used to this again," she said calmly, "So, it's been some time since the last time I saw you, Vincent. How have you been?"


While the Santa fight was still happening, and Nero was watching with a bemused face towards Daruk, Eli noticed a particular person of interest walking among the crowd. A familiar blond haired person. For a few seconds Eli wondered if she should excuse herself from the Maestra's company, but before she could even ask, Nero spoke first.
"Don't mind me, Miss Ar-feiniel, the night is young and we can always catch up later. It's not every day that the cathedral is opened to everyone, after all." Nero said.
How did she . . . the Maestra reminded Eli of the Tide Mother. She knew things that she shouldn't know, she only needed to take a look. It was quite an interesting parallel between the queen and the maestra, but she was not one to question the similarity, not tonight. She bowed slightly and got lost among the crowd. It took a couple of minutes to find the person she was looking for, even with her skills as a ranger. If only for the huge amout of people around.
"I feel that each time I see you, you have such a serious face, Yevgeni Malachite," Eli said in a calm tone, "this is a party, you should be enjoying it, not staying away from everyone."

Endless Thundaza

Jynn looks down at his attire in response to Mabel acknowledging his appearance. “Eh. I could do better. My outfit is nothing compared to yours. But I digress. Your opinion is more important. If you say I look fine, then I won’t fuss.” The mage was as humble as ever, but he could not help but admire Mabel and her dress.

The Priestess then goes on and shows her appreciation for Jynn’s presence. He gently grabs Mabel’s hands and intertwines his fingers with hers, offering her a smile. “Of course I came! I cherish every moment I spend with you. And Christmas is all about spending time with friends, family, and of course, the ones we love.”

“I met a couple of new people, but I think we will make lots of new friends tonight.”


The Sleepy Magician
Aquilla nearly jumped sky high in a panic. Kolm’s sudden appearance shocked her, which, if you knew Aquilla well enough, wasn’t surprising. “K-Kolm! What a surprise.” She shuddered nervously before taking hold of the glass that was offered to her. “Thank you... I um... yeah... That is my maester, sadly.” She looked back at the two Santas going at it. She looked terribly embarrassed to the point her cheeks were bright red. She shook off the sight and looked back to Kolm. “What are you doing here?”


The Yiling Patriarch
Everyth agreed, and the young mage was happy to oblige. With one hand holding hers, he led her to the dance floor. Once there he placed his free hand on her lower back and began to dance. He had no idea how to dance, but he just followed everyone's steps and made sure he did not end up stepping on her toes. "I figure that the animosity is in regards to the fact that the two courts could be considered opposites of one another. Ignis is open, Umbra is more reserved. Ignis is sun, and Umbra is the moon. But it is these differences that make them the perfect support for one another, would you not agree?" He asked, gently spinning Everyth as they continued the dance. "Are you waiting for someone, lady Everyth?"

Vincent could feel steam escaping his ears as he took Diane's hand and led her to the dance floor. With one hand holding hers, and the other placed on her lower back, they proceeded to join the others. "It is fine. I am sure most of us have but basic idea on how to dance." He reassured. He watched her, the blush still eminent on his cheeks. "It has been a while, has it not? I have been well. The number of commissions have increased. But I am currently working in correlation with some other engineers at Sanctus Heights. We have a been planning on creating some new systems to aid the local police deal with any magical disturbances magic based individuals may offer. They have gotten bold, so I hear." He mused, gently twirling Diane before bringing her into his arms once more. "What about you, Diane?"

Yael and Helios eventually jumped off Jynn and ended up collapsing on the ground. Helios transformed back into his human form, wearing a much formal attire compared to what he was used to, courtesy of his majesty. A white suit with silver buttons and laced designs, a light blue dress shirt and a bolo tie, his hair slid back with a single strand standing out. Yael was less proper. He wore what would be a black suit jacket, but wore no shirt underneath, and instead of dress shoes wore his high heeled black boots. Yael ended up catching Helios before he fell, holding onto Helios' hand and the two glaring at each other. "You will dirty my suit." "Do not be so picky."

Endless Thundaza

The kitchen doors burst open. “ALRIGHT! WHO MADE THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE OF POULTRY?!” It was Dawson, holding the turkey that was offered outside. “This bird is way too dry, it is almost inedible! I want to see the degenerate who cooked this!” A muscular man steps forward. “I am the one who made it. Is there a problem?”

The feline steps up on the counter and flings the turkey at the man’s face, causing the latter to attempt to strangle Dawson, only to be parried, and slashed by claws, leaving three gashes across the man’s face. Dawson grabs him by his apron. “If that is what you call a turkey, then you are an embarrassment to the High Priestess Mabel!”

Dawson then kicks him down to the floor. “Get up! And make it again, under MY instruction! I’ll make you cook a turkey fit for a KING!”
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