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Fantasy The White Rabbit

Sub Genres
Adventure, Horror, Magical, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural


The Lonely
Magnus is a planet lit by purple moons which give the skies an eternally purple color.
Magnus has no sun. But two twin moons known as Phobos and Deimos.

Magnus has 5 continents.
Mysticroft. Capital of Magic and The Human wizards and Witches all visit this place in their lifetime
Amityville. A series of ghost towns and villages once threatened by werewolves. This was once united as a kingdom under a tyrant named Sepulchre.
Blackmour. Homeland of the Werewolves
Dawnwall: The Holy City of Bureaucrats. The Homeland of the Fae.
Hallowed Fells. The Homeland of The Vampires and The Capital of Science.

The world of magnus is inhabited by Gods, Demons and Demigods.

But primarily by the four main mortal races.

The Werewolves.

The Vampires.

The Humans.

The Fae.

For thousands of years the events of Magnus has been dictated by the immortals and mortal and the existence of powerful artifacts known as the nemesis artifacts.
But the world is changing. The existence of Science has been on the rise, threatening the balance of the world.
Dangerous individuals have long since threatened magnus and many are on the rise.
A witch named Lilith who is creating an army of zombies.
A Demon Knight named Sepulchre who has appeared after being gone for centuries.

A group of heroes have been called upon by the Goddess Akroa to restore balance to the world and deliver a rabbit known as the white rabbit to the edge of the world.
Perhaps you're a werewolf.
Perhaps a vampire.
A Human.
A Fae.

Lore: (Extremely detailed)

Main IC:





The Lonely
yes but I've created a new interest check. We're kinda trying to find people in hopes of getting this to be more alive as I'm down to 2 people in the RP including myself.

You can find the threads: CS, OOC, RP all up top.

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