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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Xavier was very much nervous and excited. He knew what had to be done, but he wasn’t sure if he could do it. He’d never called into question his ability to do magic but this, now that they were here, was making him second guess. He looked over at Aaron with an unsure smile. Swallowing hard, Xavier returned his focus on the hoop. Destination was set, he was determined to do it, and it had to be deliberate.

Closing his eyes, focusing on the hoop, he spun. A moment later he opened his eyes and saw he hadn’t moved to the hoop. He tried again, and failed again. “This is harder than it looks” He huffed out, pushing a hand through his hair annoyed.
“This is impossible!” Aaron blurted out, throwing his hands up with frustration. “How do they expect anyone to do this? A bloody hoop?! Impossible!” he grumbled. Aaron had tried yet failed repeatedly and this lesson was quickly becoming an experience that was not enjoyable.
Xavier was right behind Aaron in frustration levels. “I have no idea! Ugh” He’d tried it five times so far and gotten nowhere. They had these lessons for the next twelve Saturdays. Xavier was slowly beginning to realize he was not going to excel at this. “Ok, one more time” He ran through each step in his mind. He closed his eyes and spun. Suddenly, he felt a whirling sensation and when he opened his eyes, he was in the hoop. “Did I just? What?” Xavier was in a state of disbelief. He looked over at Aaron with wide eyes.
Aaron was ready to give up. Perhaps he wasn’t as good of a wizard as he thought he was and he was doomed to continue to fail to apparate. Sure it was only the first lesson but he was someone who didn’t like to fail- he liked getting things right on the first try. He watched grumpily as Xavier attempted again and widened his hazel eyes as he saw his boyfriend teleport into the hoop. He had done it! Xavier had successfully apparated! Aaron blinked, looking stunned. “Blimey mate I- I think you’ve done it!” he said, a smile growing on his face. “You’re brilliant!”
Xavier was just as stunned. He heard the person from the Ministry congratulating him but his focus was on Aaron. “T-thanks” He did walk back to his starting place, he was happy, overjoyed he’d done it but stunned because the sensation was weird. Xavier decided to try it again, and he failed again. Hmm, it would take time but it was possible. “Aaron, try clearing your mind, let go and just think of the hoop” He suggested, because he had seen that he was struggling as well. The suggestion he gave was how he’d done it the first time.
Aaron smiled softly, proud for his boyfriend, but he was still frustrated with his own lack of success. As Xavier gave him advice, he just sighed and shook his head. “I HAVE been thinking about the bleedin’ hoop!” he said, irritation clear in his tone. “My mind is clear all I’m thinking about is the damn hoop Xavier!”
Xavier crossed his arms and looked at Aaron. His own irritation rising. “Hey, I was just trying to help.” He turned away and sighed in frustration. They still had half an hour in this class. So Xavier tried again, clearing his mind. The whirling sensation again and he was back in the hoop. He looked over at Aaron before turning away, a little upset since all he wanted was to help him.
“I know I know it’s just annoying!” Aaron huffed. “I fail every time and all you do is succeed! Everyone around me is always a better wizard than I am!” he said, standing and trying to get in preparation to try again. “It’s not my fault I wasn’t born into a fully magical family,” he grunted.
Xavier looked over at Aaron listening to him. “I don’t know what you want me to say. I..” Xavier’s voice trailed off, hurt in his eyes. He didn’t try to make his boyfriend feel that way. For once, Xavier was at a complete loss of words. And that was the most frustrating thing for him.
“How about you say nothing, ok?!” Aaron snapped at him, furrowing his brow angrily and rolling his eyes. He hugged as he spun around and tried it again- failing once more. “Damn it!” he shouted loudly, “This isn’t working!” he said, balling his fist. He wanted to punch one of those cold, hard, stone walls of the Hogwarts Castle.
So Xavier said nothing. He didn’t even try again. He stood there, his heart was torn. He’d never been snapped at before, especially by Aaron. Now he knew how he felt when Xaie had snapped at him their first year. Eventually the lesson was over, and Xavier walked off on his own. He was hurt, and all he wanted was to be on his own.
Aaron didn’t often snap but his temperament wasn’t in the best of places right now. He was growing increasingly frustrated with his failure at this apparition thing. The lesson concluded with Aaron having not been able to apparate. He walked out of the classroom, seething with anger and frustration as he came up short. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, especially Xavier, who he was mad at right now. He had no one to direct his rage at so poor Xavier got the blunt of it. Aaron stormed off elsewhere.
Xavier walked back to the Hufflepuff common room. He ignored the few students in the main area, instead heading up to his room. Ryan was sitting in his bed and looked up as Xavier came in. He had unshed tears in his eyes and looked over. “Xavier? What happened?” His facial expression was that of confusion.

Xaie let out a sigh. “We were doing the Apparition lesson and Aaron was having issues so I tried to help like always and he snapped at me. I had said I didn’t know what he wanted me to say and he said I should say nothing.” Xavier was 16, he didn’t cry, he shouldn’t. He did. Ryan got up from the bed and came over, giving him a hug. “You guys will get through this.” He said. Xavier wasn’t so sure anymore. He broke from the hug and sat on his bed, pushed against the headboard, and pulled his legs to himself locking his arms around them and dropped his head on his arms.
Aaron stormed off angrily to his room, getting to Gryffindor Tower and entering his dorm, slamming the door behind him. It was times like these when he wished he had someone to talk to, like Jacob. He looked over at the boy’s empty bed. Aaron grumbled and kicked his own bed hard, suddenly wincing and crying out in pain, holding his food. “Bollocks!” he shouted angrily. It seemed like this day wasn’t going right for him at all.
Xavier felt the tears sliding down his cheeks. He was sixteen and here he was crying like a first year because his boyfriend had yelled at him. He couldn’t help that magic came so naturally to him. He didn’t know he’d made Aaron feel that way. That was why he always tried to help him.

Helping Aaron was what made Xavier decide to be a professor after Hogwarts. He wanted to help students learn and grow. Now he was calling that into question. Was he really suited to be a professor? Should he even try? He sighed in frustration as he lifted his head and placed it on the headboard.
Aaron was crossed and sat on his bed, crossing his arms grumpily and seething. He was debating skipping dinner since he didn’t want to show his face. How could he? He was a failure- other young witches and wizards, Xavier included, had been able to apparate successfully. It all added to Aaron being more and more pissed off.
Xavier sighed, his stomach growled at him. He didn't realize he'd skipped lunch given how long he'd been sitting there. Ryan had stayed in the room, just on his bed reading a book. Ryan looked over at Xavier hearing his stomach. Xaie had noticed that Ryan had filled out over the summer, his hair was similar to Xavier's had been and he had to admit that Ryan had definitely gotten more attractive over the summer. "Let's go get dinner. Get you out of here and out of your head" He suggested gently. Xavier sighed again, before he nodded and slid off his bed. Ryan wrapped an arm over his shoulders, he had also gained a few inches on Xavier. Everyone had grown but him, he was short. The pair walked out of their room through the common room and out towards the Great Hall. Ryan knew how touch comforted Xavier, considering how he'd helped with the nightmares over the years and kept his arm over his shoulders as a way to sooth the upset Hufflepuff. They entered the Great Hall and sat down, only then did Ryan drop his arm, but they sat with shoulders brushing as Xavier grabbed some food, not a lot, but enough to fill him up.
Aaron was content to skip dinner but his stomach clearly disagreed with him, gurgling and groaning loudly with hunger. “Ugh, fine!” he huffed, annoyed, talking to his own grumbling gut. He hopped off of his bed and made his way down to the Great Hall. As he entered the large room, his eyes scanned the room. There, over at the Hufflepuff table, seeing Xavier. But something made him even angrier. With his arm around his boyfriend was Ryan, the red headed Hufflepuff boy that never failed to piss off Aaron just by existing. He clenched his teeth and gritted them as he saw Ryan with his arm around Xavier’s shoulders.
Xavier had glanced up from his plate for a moment and caught sight of Aaron. He watched him for a moment before turning back to his food. He'd eaten about half of his plate but suddenly he didn't feel all that hungry anymore. Ryan had removed his arm to eat his own food a few moments prior, but he stayed close. Ryan hadn't seen Aaron, he was too busy trying to watch out for his adopted brother. The two of them ate slowly, Xavier even slower than normal. Xavier made it a point now not to look at the Gryffindor table, instead looking between his food and Ryan.
Aaron quickly stormed off to the Gryffindor table, scarfing down some food before getting up and leaving it. He didn’t each much like usual but at least had something in his stomach to hold him over for the night. He wasn’t happy at all about Xavier getting all touchy with Ryan. Xavier was HIS boyfriend, not Ryan’s. So, Aaron marched over to the Hufflepuff table to have a word with Ryan. He was already angry before from his failures in apparition lessons so he was steaming with even more rage as he saw the red head touching his boyfriend.

He snuck up behind the two and placed a hand on Ryan’s shoulder, pushing him to the side. He glared daggers at the red head, his brow furrowed. He then turned to Xavier, directing his anger to him. “Oi! What’s the deal?” he demanded. “Getting all touchy and feel with the ginger?” Aaron asked. He then turned to Ryan. “Hands off my boyfriend you twat!” he hissed.
Xavier had been quiet, ignoring the noise around him, until he saw Ryan being pushed to the side. He whirled around to see Aaron, looking incredibly angry. Xavier himself flinched, memories of Eric seeping through. Ryan went to say something when Aaron directed his anger onto Xavier. Xavier swallowed his fear and anxiety, getting to his feet and looking at Aaron, his own anger flaring. "What's the deal!? Seriously! He was being nice to me, you know how touch helps me calm down! Nothing more than that so get that thought out of your stupid head!" He snapped at Aaron. He didn't like being accused of anything, certainly not of cheating. Ryan had stood too his own fists clenched. "Oh, now he's your boyfriend? But the moment you get mad, you yell at him and leave him alone?" Ryan's voice was dangerously low. "Why don't you go back to your table and leave us alone!" He snipped. Xavier was angry, he was upset and he wanted to be alone. "Aaron, leave" His voice was low, his tone betrayed his upset. Xavier was one more snap away from pushing Aaron away and racing back to his room.
“MY touch calms you down,” asserted Aaron, glowering at his boyfriend. He didn’t take to kindly to being called stupid but Ryan chimed in at the wrong time and further pissed the fiery Gryffindor boy off. “Oi you, stay out of it!” he snapped at Ryan. “Nobody asked for your input!” he growled, glaring at the red head. “He’s MY boyfriend, not yours you dunce! Why don’t you get your hands off of him?” spat Aaron at Ryan. He then looked at Xavier and shook his head adamantly. “I’m not leaving! How could I leave when my boyfriend is getting all handsy with some idiot ginger?” Aaron said, making sure to harshly insult Ryan while he was at it. “It’s not your bloody place to butt in like the nosy little arse you are,” he said, directing this at Ryan.
Xavier took a step back. His head was swirling with emotions he didn't know how to begin to process. First Aaron snapped at him for being good at Apparition and trying to help, and now he was accusing him of cheating. Xavier's fists clenched as he glared at Aaron. "No Aaron, touch itself calms me down, I just prefer yours. But I don't know what crawled up your arse, but I don't like it. Just leave me alone" Xavier took his hands, un balled them from their fisted state, and shoved Aaron away. He probably didn't move him that much, but the point was there.

All Xavier could think right now was get away, survive and get away. Run, Run, RUN! Was pounding in his skull. So what did Xaie do? He ran. He raced out of the Great Hall like he'd been set on fire. Meanwhile Ryan glared at Aaron. "You know, from day one I tried to help him, giving him pointers and tips and to talk to you when he'd made mistakes. Clearly I can see that you two weren't as meant to be as I thought" Ryan bit out. He pushed past Aaron, following after Xavier. He didn't care what Aaron thought, his adopted brother was upset, and he would not stand for it.
Aaron was still angry but looked stunned as Xavier got up and shoved him away. He took a step back and looked slightly hurt at his boyfriend. He didn’t know what to say as he watched Xavier run away and out of the Great Hall, leaving him standing there dumbfounded with Ryan. He the looked at Ryan as the boy had some harsh words for him. They caused Aaron to grow red and angry in the face, balling his fists tightly. His words were like a slap in the face to him. How dare he insinuate that Xavier and him weren’t meant to be together? Aaron felt more hatred towards Ryan than ever before and even more anger towards his boyfriend who he felt was acting entirely silly. He knew this Ryan boy was bad news from the start.
Xavier kept running until he couldn't any longer. He was breathing heavily as he made to the common room. How, how dare he accuse Xavier of cheating on him. He walked up to his room, going over to the punching bag he'd asked his parents to send from his room back at home. He slammed a fist into it, over and over again. Tears flowing freely down his face as he pretended that it was Aaron's face he was slamming fist after fist at. Xavier was upset, angry, tired and above all deeply hurt. He paused as he looked at his hands, they'd split and his knuckles had begun to bleed. He sighed, walking to the bathroom to wash his hands off. Ryan came in a moment later as Xavier stepped out of the bathroom. "I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on in that head of his" Xavier said. Ryan sighed, wrapping Xavier in a hug. "I think its best if we refrain from contact outside of our room. Even if its merely platonic, clearly Aaron doesn't see it that way" Ryan said, before he broke the hug off and the pair got into their night clothes. Xavier popped a pill and laid down, his heart was broken and he ended up crying himself to sleep that night, all the confusion and hurt coming out in the form of tears.

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