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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

Xavier had just checked his schedule before he felt someone bump into him from behind. He heard his name as he turned around and gave a big smile to Aaron. He was just as happy to see the boy before him. "Hey Aaron! I'm glad to see you too bud" He said, before noticing Aaron looking over his shoulder. He moved himself so Aaron could sit down if he wanted to. Breakfast wasn't as strict on sitting with your house as dinner was. "Sit down buddy" He said with a smile. "This is my class schedule, you should have one too I think they were with your robes" He said, showing Aaron the paper.

He didn't realize how much he'd miss the light brown haired boy until he literally bumped into him. Hannah nudged his side with her elbow and smiled. "Glad ya found him" She said before finishing her food and leaving the two boys and the table as well.
Aaron raised his eyebrows and blinked, surprised that Xavier was offering for him to sit down at the Hufflepuff table. He was a Gryffindor. Was this allowed? “You sure I can sit here with the Hufflepuffs, even though I’m a Gryffindor?” Aaron asked, hesitantly sitting down next to Xavier. “I’m really glad to see you too,” he said with a smile, happy Xavier was delighted to see him once more. “Oh! Schedule? Lemme check,” he said as he quickly dug through the pockets of his robes. Sure enough, he felt a folded up paper in one of them.

The Gryffindor boy smiled as he took out his schedule and unfolded it. Aaron was too busy looking at his schedule to notice the Hufflepuff girl giving Xavier a little nudge. He looked at his schedule for the first time and saw that he had Charms class first thing in the morning. “I’ve got charms at 8, how about you?” Aaron asked as he pulled over a plate of some scrambled eggs and bacon.
Xavier smiled at the lad when he sat down beside him. "Yea, lunch and breakfast are the two meals that they aren't as strict about other houses sitting together. In fact a lot of students study during that time." He said, moving himself closer to Aaron so they could compare schedules. He felt their legs brush against each other and he couldn't help the blush on his face.

"I've got charms then too!" He slid his paper over so that the two schedules were side by side. As Aaron ate, Xaie looked over his schedule with a wide grin. "We've got all our classes together!" He exclaimed, nudging the other boy's shoulder with his own in excitement. He checked the time and smiled, it was only 8:15 so they still had time to talk and hang out for a few while Aaron ate and then they could make their way to the Charms classroom.
“That’s good, I didn’t know that,” said Aaron, nodding his head. He was glad he could sit with Xavier at the Hufflepuff table. Perhaps during lunch he could take Xavier to the Gryffindor table and maybe he could introduce him to his roommate Jacob. Underneath the table, Aaron felt the two of their legs brush together and touch. His face lit up as Xavier said that he had charms class too. He was incredibly happy they’d be sharing a class together.

Aaron continued to eat as he watched Xavier take both of their schedules and put them together. He got even more excited and hyped up as Xavier had discovered that they shared ALL of their classes together. “What?! No way!!” Aaron exclaimed in disbelief. “That’s bloody wicked!” Aaron said with a big grin. “I can hardly wait! This is going to be a great year!” Aaron said, eating quickly to finish his breakfast.
Xavier nodded. "Yeah, my dad told me about it." He mentioned. He smiled as he saw the excitement cross Aaron's face as he heard Xaie's words. "It's great! I think we're gonna have a fantastic year!" Xavier said with an ear to ear grin on his face. He laughed as he saw Aaron trying to quickly eat. "Slow down bud, we have time" He told the lad.

He wanted to tell Aaron about Eric, but he didn't want to ruin the boy's happy mood. Maybe he'd tell him at lunch. They had a few more minutes before they should make their way to Charms. He looked back at his schedule to check the name of the professor. Professor Flitwick, he was the head of Ravenclaw and his dad told him he was a good professor and was rather easy going as long as you paid attention in his class.
Aaron wished his dad had told him more about Hogwarts. He wondered why his father never seemed to talk about his time at Hogwarts much or even just anything related to magic or the wizarding world. He bet his dad had tons of cool stories. Aaron slowed down his eating and chuckled as he realized he had more time than he thought and he didn’t need to be scarfing his food down like this. His mother would scold him and tell him he could choke if he saw the speed in which Aaron had been inhaling his breakfast.

“Right,” he said, smiling and slowing down. “Oh! Guess what, Xavier?” Aaron asked his Hufflepuff friend with a smile. “I met someone new last night, in my house! He’s my roommate! His name is Jacob and he’s really cool! Very friendly as well! I like him a lot maybe you can meet him!” Aaron said, happily telling Xavier of his new roommate and how they had been getting along very well and were already hitting it off.
Xavier listened to Aaron as the lad slowed down his eating. His excitement was contagious and it was one of the reasons he had felt drawn to the boy back on the train. He tilted his head as he listened. "What?" He answered before hearing the rest of his sentence. He was happy that Aaron's room mate was nice and Xaie didn't have to worry about him being bullied by the other boy. "That's great Aaron! I'm glad you have a great room mate. I'd definitely like to meet him." Xavier said, although he wasn't so sure. Was he going to be replaced by this new kid? He listened to the boy speak before he looked at the time.

"We should probably get going bud. We have ten minutes to class" He said, not knowing exactly where the Charms classroom was, but hoping it would be easy to find. He made to get up from the table, grabbing his schedule and clutching his books to his chest. He didn't want to ruin Aaron's first day with his own problematic room mate.
Aaron grinned, happy that Xavier seemed to react positively to the news of his new friend in Gryffindor and friendly roommate. He was very glad that Xavier even wanted to meet Jacob. Having his two new friends meet would make Aaron the happiest boy in the world. Still, deep down, Xavier was his number one friend. He’d met Xavier first. “That’s great! Maybe at lunch today!” Aaron suggested as he finished off the rest of his breakfast at a normal pace.

The Gryffindor nodded as Xavier suggested they get going to class now. Aaron was satisfied with his tasty breakfast and was ready to go. “Right then! Let’s go, shall we?” said Aaron enthusiastically as he got up from his seat and waited for Xavier to do the same. “Any idea where this bloody charms classroom is?” Aaron asked. He sure wished he had Jacob and his big map of Hogwarts now.
Xavier shook his head as he stood up. "Sure, sounds good." Even though Xavier didn't want to meet this Jacob boy. He did however want to see if he was as nice as Aaron said. "I don't know where it is" He said, heading out of the Great Hall. He wished Hannah was here, she seemed to know where they would be going. A boy their age was just behind them and must've heard their comments. "It's this way" The lad told them. "I'm Neville, nice to meet you two" He said looking at both of them.

"Xavier" He said, "And we'd love if you'd help us find it" He added as the boy, Neville, nodded. "Sure, I was headed there myself!" He made his way down the hall and Xavier looked over at Aaron. "Ready?" He asked the boy with a grin.
Aaron walked with Xavier out of the Great Hall. He frowned slightly as Xavier had said that he didn’t know where the charms classroom was either. He wished Jacob was here with his map now. Luckily, as the two boys left the Great Hall, they ran into a young Gryffindor boy who looked their age. The boy turned around, hearing what they had said and nicely offered to help them find their way.

Aaron grinned, thankful for the kind Gryffindor boy who knew where to go. He looked at Xavier and gave him a nod. “Yea mate! I am!” he replied before following the Gryffindor boy. “Say, thanks! What’s your name, lad?” Aaron asked the Gryffindor boy.
Xavier smiled at the boy while Neville looked over at Aaron. "Neville! What's your name?" He asked the other Gryffindor boy. Neville was happy to make friends even with other houses and he wanted to help them out. Xavier walked just behind the two Gryffindors, keeping an eye out for Eric albeit a little nervously.

"Here we are!" Neville announced, as the clock was at 8:58 and all three boys were in the class and one table was still open. "Want to sit with us Neville?" Xavier asked the boy who nodded with a smile. Xavier walked over to the table, taking the middle seat and setting his books on the table.
“Aaron! Nice to meet you, Neville,” he replied with a friendly smile. The three boys eventually made their way to the charms classroom just in time and Aaron sat down next to Xavier. Aaron nodded along as Xavier offered to Neville to sit with them and he was pleased that the fellow Gryffindor boy took the Hufflepuff up on his offer. In Aaron’s mind, the more friends the better.

Aaron looked around the room and eventually spotted Jacob. He was sitting with a couple of other Gryffindors and chatting about something. It made Aaron happy to see that Jacob too was making friends. Now all they needed to do was just wait for the professor to arrive and for class to officially begin.
Xavier was quite content with sitting in between the two Gryffindors before he noticed that Aaron was looking around the room. He noticed the boy's eyes fell on a Gryffindor with dark brown hair. That must be Jacob. Xaie felt an uncomfortable clench in his chest, that was odd, but his thoughts were drawn again to the possibility of Aaron leaving him behind to hang out with Jacob. His thoughts were interrupted when the Professor came to the podium.

He introduced himself as Professor Flitwick, which Xavier already knew, and that they'd be learning different charms over the year. They were to start with the levitation charm and that they had to levitate the feather in front of them using the spell "Wingardium Leviosa" and he pulled out his wand. "Remember to swish and flick, its all in the wrist movement" Flitwick said as he walked around the classroom.
Eventually, the professor entered the classroom. Aaron raised his eyebrows, surprised at the size of the little man. Their instructor, Professor Flitwick, was a very short fellow with a mustache and glasses. He had to stand on a stack of books when he stood at the podium to address the class. The talking died down as Professor Flitwick explained to them the first spell they’d be performing. Aaron felt excitement bubbling in his stomach. He couldn’t wait to finally do magic.

Today the class was learning how to do the basic levitation charm. They’d be practicing it on a light weighted object- a feather. Aaron paid close attention to Flitwick as he went through the incantation and wand movement. Then the class had a chance to try it on their own. Aaron grinned as he pulled out his wand from his robes and held it firmly in his hand. The boy cleared his throat before uttering the incantation.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” Aaron shouted as he gave his wand a great big swish. The smile slowly faded off of his face though as his feather did not lift up off of the table. “Wingardium Leviosa!” Aaron commanded again, swishing his wand wildly. Once more, the feather laid dormant and unmoving. Aaron sighed and frowned. “This is bloody hard…” he muttered. For the first day this seemed like advanced magic to Aaron.

Around the room all of the students, a mixture of Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, and a few Slytherins, tried the charm for themselves. The room was loud with the voices of children attempting to perform the spell. Eventually some students had gotten their feather to lift up off the ground. Flitwick was delighted when a Gryffindor girl named Hermione Granger performed the charm correctly the first try, awarding 10 points to Gryffindor.

As Aaron looked around the room, eventually he had seen that Jacob had managed to lift his feather too. Jacob gave a toothy and proud grin as he held his feather up with his wand, showing off to those around him. Aaron was both in awe but envious that Jacob had managed to get it but he still couldn’t. Aaron then turned to Xavier to see how he was doing.
Xavier had watched the other kids before he tried it for himself. He brought his wand up and pointed at the feather. "Wingardium Leviosa!" He tried, moving his wrist in a smooth flick. The feather shuddered but remained still and Xavier scrunched his face as he tried again. "Wingardium Leviosa" He emphasized the A at the end and moved his wrist. The feather shuddered again, before slowly rose in the air. He laughed as it danced in the air before fluttering down.

He heard Aaron get upset as his wouldn't move. He turned to the lad, watching him try it again. He ignored the others in the room and gently grabbed the boy's wrist. "Don't make exaggerated motions with your wrist. Its a smooth flick motion" He said, moving his hand and in turn Aaron's wrist in a smooth motion. "Also, try to emphasis the A in leviosa a little more." He added, smiling at Aaron. "Try it again! I know you'll get it" He encouraged the light brown haired boy with a grin.
Aaron raised his eyebrows and watched in awe as Xavier managed to get his feather to levitate on only his second attempt. He blinked, wondering what he did wrong as he looked down at his sad little feather. Suddenly, he felt Xavier grab his wrist and he couldn’t help but blush slightly at the touch. As Xavier spoke to him with a sweet and patient tone, Aaron couldn’t help but feel butterflies fluttering around in his stomach as the Hufflepuff boy gently guided his arm to do the correct wand movement.

Xavier’s kind gesture got a sheepish smile out of Aaron who nodded, grateful for the help and advice from his friend. “O- oh ok, I think I’ve got it,” he said softly. “Thanks Xavier,” he told the boy before taking a deep breath and drawing his wand, looking down at the feather. “Wingardium Leviosa!” he said firmly, emphasizing the A sound at the end and toning down his wand movement.

Sure enough, Aaron’s feather began to slowly lift up and off of the ground so that it was now floating. Aaron’s hazel eyes widened as his mouth opened, stunned at his own work. “I did it!” shouted Aaron triumphantly. “I really did it!” he said. “Xavier mate, how can I ever thank you?” Aaron asked, looking over at the Hufflepuff boy and grinning. He so badly wanted to give the boy a hug.

“Excellent work Mr. Collins and Mr. Hoskins,” said Professor Flitwick with a smile as he came by. “Ten points to Hufflepuff for assisting a student in need,” said the short professor as he looked over at Xavier, pleased with the boy’s show of kindness and mastery of the basic charm.
Xavier felt himself blush at the smile on the boy's face and he released his wrist watching Aaron try again. A wide grin came across Xaie's face as he saw the excitement and stunned expression of his friend. He felt that weird clench on his chest happen again as he heard Aaron asking how he could thank him. The young lad simply shook his head as he looked up at the professor who'd been walking by. He flushed as he heard that he'd won his house ten points and how well they'd done.

As Professor Flitwick walked away, Xavier threw an arm over Aaron's shoulders and gave him a side hug. "Good job! I knew you could do it" He let the excitement for his friend managing to do the spell over flow now. His smile was ear to ear and then he removed his arm from the other lads shoulder. He tried the charm again and again, awe struck at how something so simple could float just by magic.
When Professor Flitwick walked away to go watch over some of the other students in the classroom, Aaron felt Xavier sling an arm around his shoulders. Aaron blushed and again felt that weird feeling of butterflies in his tummy and even a feeling of warmth inside of his chest as Xavier touched him and held him close. He couldn’t help but smile shyly and giggle, his cheeks flushed a rosy pink color. “Thanks mate, but I couldn’t have done it without you,” replied Aaron as Xavier complimented him.

Aaron sort of wished Xavier would keep his arm around his shoulder for longer as the boy eventually let go of him. Aaron looked over at Jacob briefly who had certainly mastered the charm and was chatting and laughing with some Gryffindors about something, having a good time. Aaron then looked back at Xavier. “You’re going to be a real special wizard I think! You’re got a natural talent for this!” Aaron complimented him.
Xavier felt something else in his stomach when he saw the shy smile and heard the giggle from his friend. He also caught the rosy pink cheeks. The lad felt a swell of pride at Aaron’s praise and couldn’t help himself from smiling sheepishly at him.

“That’s what friends are for right mate?” He asked, his eyes twinkling. He realized that he hadn’t wanted to take his arm away from the lad but he had. He twisted his fingers together as he saw Aaron look over at the other boy again. “Thanks” He said softly at the compliment. He looked at Aaron and motioned towards the feather. “Try it again bud, see if you can get it a little higher” He encouraged him.
Aaron nodded, “Right!” he said. That’s what friends were for. It was no wonder his dad had told him before going to Hogwarts to make friends and establish meaningful relationships. As Xavier suggested Aaron tried to lift up the feather again, he was successfully distracted from looking over at Jacob. “Good idea! Gotta make sure that first time wasn’t just a fluke!” Aaron replied with a grin.

The Gryffindor boy then swished and flicked his wand as he uttered, “Wingardium Leviosa!” The feather once again levitated upwards and Aaron laughed, happy to have been able to perform the charm correctly again. “Bloody hell Xavier you’re a life saver mate!” Aaron said. “Look at me go! I’m a master at it thanks to you!” he said.
Xavier felt his heart rate increase as he watched him doing the charm again. He was cute when he got excited. Xaie smiled at Aaron, watching him complete the charm again. He flushed, hearing the words that Aaron had spoke.

“It’s not much, I was just trying to help. You did so good though bud!” He said, sliding his stool imperceptibly closer, their shoulders brushing as he smiled at the boy. Each contact he had with Aaron would make his chest clench and heart rate would increase but he didn’t mind at all.
Aaron enjoyed the feeling he got when he was close to Xavier. Closeness to his friend made him feel happy- all warm and fuzzy inside. He blushed slightly and grinned as Xavier complimented him once more. There was something so special about the feeling he got when Xavier complimented him. The headmaster himself could come and congratulate him and it still wouldn’t have the same effect as it did when Xavier said it.

As their shoulder brushed, Aaron once again got that fluttering feeling in his stomach again and he had to wonder if somehow, the eggs he had eaten earlier were enchanted. Aaron laughed as he tried the spell a few more times, doing it correctly each of them. Soon though, class was coming to an end.
Xavier smiled as he was quite content to watch Aaron practice his magic. There was something special about how excited he got when he did something or something made him happy. Xavier would move the earth to keep a smile on the boys face, which was weird but he was okay with it. Xaie noticed that the class was ending and their homework was to read up on their next charm.

“Ready for lunch?” Xavier asked Aaron as Professor Flitwick dismissed them. He got down from his stool and looked over at the boy with a grin.
Eventually charms class finally ended and Professor Flitwick complimented them all on a job well done before he dismissed them. There was excited chatter amongst the students as they got up and left the classroom. Aaron walked with Xavier out of the classroom. He blinked, looking surprised. “Bloody hell! Lunch already?” Aaron asked. He wondered what time it was. Charms class had certainly taken a long time.

“Can’t believe it,” he said softly, shaking his head. “Perhaps you can meet Jacob!” Aaron said with a big grin. “You should sit over at the Gryffindor table with me!” Aaron suggested. “Oh boy, what do you think they server for lunch here? The food is just amazing here!” the Gryffindor boy commented. Hogwarts certainly knew how to treat their students, at least food wise.
Xavier smiled at the boy’s shock and nudged him with his shoulder. “It’s a two and half hour class mate” He said with a grin. He felt his mood change quick before shifting back. “If he’d like to meet me.” Xavier said, still not convinced that Aaron wouldn’t replace him. “Okay!” He said, seeing the Great Hall just ahead.

“I think it’s sandwich’s or something” He didn’t know for sure, but that sounded as good a guess as any he could come up with. He found that he couldn’t stop touching the boy, either brushing their legs, patting his shoulder, nudging him and even holding his hand. Each contact had given him a jittery feeling as if someone set his nerves on fire and then fed him chocolate, sweetening the burn.

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