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Realistic or Modern The Show

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Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ, Mystery, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


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    Evergreen, Massachusetts is a small town on the east coast, known for nothing except its wide variety of opportunities for students to express themselves through the arts. Evergreen High School, home of the Otters, is putting on what they hope will be their best show yet. The people in charge even booked an outdoor venue... a large stage on a nice field with an array of trees behind it. Not quite big enough to be considered a "forest," but big enough that "sketchy" things have allegedly happened in there without anyone even noticing. This includes drug deals, assault, and even a few potential murders. Rumor has it that a strange man lives in a shed in the woods, and that's where all the missing people are... either locked inside or buried underneath it.

    This shitshow will start with auditions and go from there, following the chaotic lives of the high school students involved in the drama club. Visits to the outdoor venue will involve potential murders, missing people, and chaos... just enough to make the already tense cast and crew explode.

    Discord IS a requirement, so if you can't join the server for any reason, please click off now. (If there's something wrong with the link, though, please let me know.)
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id be interested but im on hiatus, looks cool though! big thing that caught my attention and how my mind went to the song by the same name by Jack Daniels

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