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Fandom the search for TWD (canon x oc + doubling)

Sub Genres
  1. AU
  2. Dystopian
  3. Horror
  4. Realistic
  5. Romance
  6. Zombies


trying to get back into the swing of things.
hi again homies! i’ve been really craving a roleplay based on the walking dead (preferably canon x oc with optional doubling) lately i blame it on the fanfiction and my everlasting urge to do a zombie apoc themed rp.. so here’s a lil search thread for it haha!! also, just in case it matters to you, i do believe i’ve seen every currently-released season of twd, but it’s been a little bit since i have.. so i may need refreshers here n there if we heavily follow some canon events! anyhoo, please message me if you’re interested, or comment here if you’re unable to pm me. thank you! :]
(my original/fandom search thread is here btw!)

looking for: daryl dixon or glenn rhee
could attempt: probably anyone (ask n i’ll see!)​

NOTESplease read all of this - don’t skip anything.
  • i’m 21 currently and would greatly prefer if my rp partner were to be at least 18 or above.
  • i write in third person pov and my reply length depends on my energy/excitement levels, but i always write at least a paragraph. i’d prefer if you could write in third person pov and at least be a little descriptive in your writing - it doesn’t have to be super long, but absolutely no one-liners.
  • i prefer to only play females unless we double up, in which i may attempt a male if you’d ultimately prefer.
  • romance is a must! for my side i’d prefer MxF, but i can attempt any other pairing for your side; however, please know that i tend to need a good plot for FxF, and some convincing for MxM and other unlisted pairings. my apologies.
  • i’m a slow responder and may even disappear for a few days or longer without much warning because of my health and forgetfulness - nonetheless, i always try to message once i return. you’re allowed (and even encouraged) to bump me if i disappear, but please don’t continuously spam me.
  • ghost friendly, i think? like i always appreciate a goodbye, but i understand if you are unable to give one.
  • i tend to view the rp as dead if you don’t reply for over a week. if i ever assume incorrectly, please do feel free to message me again once you’re back if you’d still like to rp with me.
  • i usually prefer discord, but can try to do things here (preferably in PMs) if you’d like to. i just can’t promise how often i’d be able to get on and reply if it’s here.
  • i don’t really have any limits, i don’t think.. but absolutely no smut, please. if anything related to that happens to come up naturally in the rp, fading in/out is needed.
  • please be communicative about the rp and yours wants, and at least a little talkative about other things. i tend to ramble a lot, so i’d really appreciate it if my rambling was able to have some of your input!
  • doubling up is welcome ofc!

IDEASnone of these necessarily have to be used, n any can be combined w another - feel free to suggest your own ideas if you have any! we could even just jump around from scene to scene rather than follow a specific storyline too, if you’d prefer.
  • prompts
    • AU where (insert canon character) has a younger sister, M/C.
    • M/C ends up getting badly injured and seeks safety in a random old house, only to soon be found bleeding out by Y/C.
    • Y/C and M/C were very close childhood friends, but were eventually separated somehow; however, they both meet again some time after the apocalypse begins.
    • M/C is a member of Alexandria, having been so for a bit now. At first she struggles to get used to Y/C because of the great difference in their ways, but eventually she gets used to it/them and even forms a crush on them.
    • AU where M/C was also at the hospital Rick was at in the very beginning.
    • AU where M/C happens to be immune.
    • M/C used to be a member of a random survivor group but left as soon as she learned about their evil tendencies. Now, unbeknownst to her, the survivor group is hunting her down.
  • AUs
    • high school / college au
    • au where the apocalypse never happened
    • some kind of supernatural/fantasy au
    • au where certain/all characters don’t die


trying to get back into the swing of things.
I can be Glenn if you can be Daryl for me!
i can try to play him for you! though i can’t promise my portrayal will be any good, as i’ve never played him before n i might have trouble w his way of speaking haha :’3 but if you’re okay with all that, then please do go ahead and shoot me a message so we can discuss things further!

I'd be down! Just started a rewatch so my knowledge is pretty fresh!
awesome! i’ll try to send ya a message in a moment here once i figure out how to LOL.. it’s been a hot minute and we can discuss things further! c:


trying to get back into the swing of things.
I can be Daryl for you if you are Rosita for me.
sick! i can most certainly try my best to play her for you! small disclaimer though, i’ve never played her before so my portrayal may not be very accurate n a lil wonky at first. but, if you’re still willing, then great! nonetheless, i’ll shoot you a message so we don’t clutter this thread too much haha. c:

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