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Fantasy THE PRISONED MYSTICS - Action/adventure/modern/fantasy [open]

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Mystery, Romance, Super Powers


Architect of Worlds

Our characters have already been caught. . .


In this role play, our characters have either recently caught or changed cells. They are all meeting each other for the first time. Bars and soldiers keep them a part for the better portion of the day. Only on occasion are they let out for testing. Sometimes together, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, but it is always terrifying to leave the cell, as there is no prediction on what may happen. They could even make these characters battle each other just to learn new things.

Over time, our characters learn to bond and begin to devise a way out of the research facility. All evils will be NPC's controllable by anyone. Role players will not be allowed to have an evil as their main person, as I'll be driving a large portion of the story. But, you can make NPC's talk and do things as you see fit.

As for the cells, no cell will be the same as the one beside it. If your character's power, ability, race, etc, may be strong through touch, they could be bound to the ceiling to prevent them from touching the cell. If your character is a shapeshifter, then they may put them into a contraption to prevent them from shifting. This will become easier to understand when I put up the character sheets.

FURTHER DETAILS will be given once I see the interest level, say if you are below. I'm thinking that there should be about 4-6 role players for this. Feel free to ask questions here or pm me.

Characters can be anything from fantasy things, fairies, nymphs, satyrs, to metahumans (superpowers).
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Architect of Worlds
Just put an edit about the kind of characters there will be, so if those who are currently viewing don't see a change at the bottom of the post, please refresh.


Architect of Worlds
Okay everyone, here is the link so far. I have my character up as well as the CS. (Sorry, my character sheet was heavily rushed. I'll likely edit it later on.)

I'll announce in the OOC when the roleplay starts and other announcements that will be made. Please refrain from roleplaying until then. You are welcome to start building characters. Please, for now, only create one.

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