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The Power of Threadmarks



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Threadmarks are a great tool offered here for your roleplay organizational needs. In this tutorial you will be seeing a live use of this tool and how powerful it truly is. If you are interested in better organization for your roleplays beyond the current tab system, you should really consider threadmarks. Not only do threadmarks allow you to easily index certain posts in a thread, but you can also link together posts much like the current roleplay tabs, only without limit!

It can be a bit confusing at first which is why it is highly encouraged you read the tutorial and test out the threadmarks system here.
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Making Threadmarks


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How do I add a threadmark to an existing thread?
At the bottom of an existing post, there is an 'Add Threadmark' option.

Or you can edit the post and at the bottom you can enter the threadmark into the 'Threadmark Label' text field.

How do I add a threadmark to a new thread?
When you create a new thread, at the bottom you will find an option to add an 'Initial Threadmark.' Click on the option to expand it and type in the threadmark label you desire.
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Making Threadmark Indexes


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What is a threadmark index?
This option sets up the ability to connect multiple threads together. A threadmark index allows you to set up a 'profile' for that specific index, such as a description and completion. If you are not planning on using threadmarks as a roleplay tab system, you do not need to create one.

How do I create a threadmark index?
First, you need to choose a single main thread that you will be setting up with a threadmark index. You cannot link together multiple threads with threadmark indexes! Only one may have a created threadmark index! If you have a thread you want to add, but has a threadmark index, you will need to delete the threadmark index.

You can set up a threadmark index on an existing thread by clicking the "..." drop-down menu and selecting "Add Threadmark Index."

You can also setup a threadmark index when you first create a new thread. Just expand the "Threadmark Index" option underneath "Initial Threadmark". You do not need an Initial Threadmark to create a Threadmark Index, but it is highly suggested.

Important! Do not use 'Additional URLs'! This is not an enabled feature of the tool and will not work nor link your content together. Additional URLs is not meant for your tabs!
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Making Threadmark 'Tabs'


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How to a use a threadmark index to create 'tabs'.
To 'tab' or link your threads together, you need to click on the 'Threadmarks' menu. If you do not have any threadmarks in a thread, you will not have this option, so it is highly suggested you create an Initial Threadmark if you are starting a new thread, or adding a threadmark to an existing thread or post.

Click on 'View All # threadmarks'. Please keep in mind the number here reflects how many threadmarks are in a certain thread. Your number may be different from the example.

A pop-up will appear, but you can always right click and open the linked threadmark index in a new window or tab if you find that easier.

You will need to click on the "..." to get a drop-down menu. You can also use the "..." menu located on the top right of a threadmark index information that is on display for the same options.
Click on the 'Add Content' option.

You will have to past the URL of the thread you wish to link/tab into the text field for 'Content URL'. There is a display order which you can alter, and should you dislike the display order you may go back and organize them later. Important! All your threads need at least one threadmark for you to tab them!

When you successfully connect the threads, you'll be taken instantly to the threadmark index. You can just navigate back by removing the /threadmarks from the URL or click on the forum path;

Now when you look at the top of the threads that are connected together, you can see the threads working like tabbed content. Please keep in mind that the threadmark index information will show more than just the tabs! It will show all the threadmark index information! Certain areas of the site will not display this - such as Hosted Projects - due to coding conflicts.
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It looks like threadmarks can also be used as tabs, but stronger. Do they work inside hosted projects?

The Dark Wizard

Ok, here's my question: why can't we meme the typo? /s

Real questions: What's the limit for threadmarks? What do those numbers after the threadmark mean?
The creator of the addon has a thread on his site 2000+ thread marks. So I don’t think anyone of us will hit a limit.
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XF add-on developer
The creator of the addon has a thread on his site 2000+ thread marks. So I don’t think anyone of us will hit a limit.
The two longest threads;

Threadmarks for: A Sword Without a Hilt: A Song of Ice and Fire/D&D 3.5 Crossover
  • 2.2m words
  • 3003 threadmarks
Threadmarks for: Sci-Fi - To Boldly Go... (a Starfleet quest)
  • 2 million words
  • 1295 threadmarks
Also, this is why it doesn't show every threadmark on an threadmark list and has a "..." filler line to load more threadmarks.

What do those numbers after the threadmark mean?
Word count.


Dannigan's Lady
You can use threadmark to tab any thread on the site, I believe. Some people have tabbed threads in the Archive, even (for reading but not replying).

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