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The Person Above Rolled a 1


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Your intelligence disappears, leaving you a complete idiot for the whole campaign.

I try to update my worldbuilding articles, but roll a 1.


We're all friends here, right?
you delete them instead. Way to go, genius.

I try to take over the world but I dropped the dice and it's 1.


Totally human, I swear!
You take over the world, sure, but now everyone blames you for all of the world's problems- Even problems that existed before you were born!
I try to pass out candy for Halloween, but roll a 1.


I need more bait.
You gave out poisoned candy. Let this be a lesson to you, read the label first.

I tried to breath and rolled a 1.


𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝓊𝓅𝓇𝑒𝓂𝑒 𝒮𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓅𝒽
You encounter a trick-or-treater dressed as Raichu. After comparing your respective lightning shaped tails for a moment, Raichu turns aggro and viciously attacks you.

I seek to master the arcane arts...but roll a 1.

official clown business

Hit 'em with the rat attack!
Whoever you decided to ask for directions pointed you towards the little shack at the edge of town instead of the academy for some reason. Still, the sweet old lady inside seems like she's willing to show you what she knows.

After a couple hours it seems you've got a little potential for arcane knowledge... but the real problem arises when the lady comes up and bills you $5,000 for today's session. You show her your credit card, but she doesn't take them. She won't let you leave either. Guess you'll have to find another way to pay off the debt...

I ask the doctor to tell it to me straight, but roll a 1.


Pikachu Dance
The Doctor says "I will tell it to you straight, you need to lie down." You do so onto operating table. The Doctor continues " You're perfectly healthy", as he jams a needle into your shoulder, paralysing you. "Which makes your organs very valuable on the black market."

I find a cure for cancer, but I roll a 1.

The Daydreaming Nightowl

I (am) probably messed up...
You accidentally glue both your hands to the wall while putting up the poster. The glue is super strong and you can’t break free. You are now stuck there for the rest of the day.

I try to make a drawing, but I roll a 1.
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*Throws scissors*
In the process of drawing, your last pencil breaks, then you go to go get your pen to finish your artwork, but you end up breaking it over your mouth and you ingest high levels of toxic ink and die. Also while that happens somebody takes your phone and steals all your personal info.

I try to access the restaurant WiFi, but roll a 1.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
The restaurant catches you trying to access the wifi and don't listen to your pleas that you didn't know it was staff-restricted. You are arrested on the spot and condemned to a 2 month stay in prison and an eternal mark on your record for a seemingly increibly petty crime.

I try to stick to a profile pic for at least a week, but roll a 1.


When seeing your pic on the site you dislike it so much you immediately change it.

I try to think of an action for this game, but roll a 1.
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*Throws scissors*
You didn’t know what you got yourself into. Since you didn’t say a specific action, you were sent to the pit of death. You fell down, thinking about your life choices, but then you were struck by lightning and died before you reached the end of the pit.

I tried to cast a spell, but rolled a 1.


It's okay, I can't read either
When casting the spell, you forget you are in Russia.. so the spell casts you.

I tried to pet a friendly looking dog... but I rolled a 1.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
The dog petted you instead, and then took you to his parents and asked permission to keep you, promising to feed you and take you on walks.

I try making a point in a discussion without causing drama, but roll a 1.


It's okay, I can't read either
Critical fail ~ This is the internet, there is always drama to be had when having a discussion! ;)

I tried to convince myself that I am normal but I rolled a 1.


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
You remind yourself that you are unique and special and that people really value having you around instead.

I try sleeping less than 6 hours a day but roll a 1.


Deer Lord
You end up oversleeping, and miss all of your appointments.

I try to get to work on time but I roll a 1.


You become so stressed you die from a heart attack on the spot.

I try to cover up my involvement in cookie's death, but roll a 1.

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