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New Member
Hello, My name is Titan and I am looking for a few rps to keep me from losing my mind with boredom. I am a literate role-player who can do up to 5 paragraphs and would prefer to be the male in a male X female ship. I am also fine with ghosting so if you don't like the rp you can just leave, no hard feelings. I also can rp anywhere except Discord and would love to be your friend even if you don't like rping with me. My rules are simple.

-No Furries.
-Find a good length to write posts.
-18+ fade to black.

Attack on Titan
I am looking for someone to be Mikasa, Sasha, or Annie. I can play Eren, Levi, Reiner, or Armin

Star Wars
Palme X Anakin with me as Anakin. Thats all I want for this fandom.

I am looking for someone to be Xu, Wanda, or Quake. I can be anyone except Loki.

Red Dead Redemption 2
I am willing to play Arthur against an OC for this.

I am looking for someone to play May, Dawn, or Iris (Older). I can do almost anyone in the series except the new games like Sun and Moon and X/Y.

Corvo X OC or OC x OC.

Game of Thrones
Jon Snow X Daenerys.​

Legend of Zelda
Link X Zelda.

I am also open to original plots. I base my Ocs off of anime characters if you are ok with that.

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