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The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse (ALWAYS OPEN)

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A Very Good Boy

There have been plagues before, but nothing like this. If the people who got sick could just die, without taking all their neighbors down with them—literally—that would be just great. But that’s not how it is. No one knows what this is, or where it came from, but the so-called experts think it’s a virus. “Possibly an evolution of the rabies virus,” they say. But then why does it only affect humans? No answer for that one. How it spreads is clear enough, though. Infected saliva or blood. So don’t get bitten by an Infected, or let one bleed on you. In fact, probably best just to keep your distance from the Infected to begin with. Yeah, if only it were that easy. Those things are fast.

Things fell apart pretty quick. By the time anyone had any idea what was happening, the Infected were everywhere. Where did it start? Maybe no one really knows—it spread so rapidly—but signs indicate that patient zero was a perfectly normal someone in a perfectly normal town.

The sun is shining, birds are singing and your day starts off no different than how it usually does. Despite the lack of anything fun to do besides going to the movies or one of the local bars, living in a small Canadian town still has its perks. For one, going from one end of town to the other doesn't take more than twenty minutes by car. Which means your closest grocery store is never more than a short drive away! Whether you were running low on supplies at home, you were craving some snacks, or you just felt like getting out of the house, you decided to stop by your local Walmart. Everything you need at a low, low price, or so they would have you believe. Inside the Walmart was a small McDonalds for people who couldn't be bothered to wait until they got home to eat, or for people who just didn't feel like actually driving to a fast food place. Across the street was your typical dollar store with The Brick next door, a Tim Hortons, a Boston Pizza, and a Home Depot. There was also a hairstylist's, a nail salon, a dentist's office, an optometrist's, an EB Games and a Payless sitting shoulder to shoulder at the other end of the large parking lot all these buildings shared. Once again, everything you could have ever needed all in one convenient location.

It was a pretty average day, until you saw him that is. While you were shopping you may have seen or passed by a man who you could tell right away was not alright. He was sweating and shaking, walking aimlessly around the store with making sudden, jerky movements. If you had approached him to see what was the matter he'd respond angrily and shout at you, batting harmlessly at the air and getting more and more aggressive until you left. It wasn't until an employee came to check on him that he became violent, grabbing the employee's arm and biting it like a wild dog. The police were called and the man was taken away, while the employee was taken to the back, no doubt for first aid. From here on is where our story begins.​

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