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Temple of Hyxia, a pathfinder adventure

Dice System


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Greetings brave travelers! The land of Paladina is rife with monsters and treasure. There’s a great mystery that you’ve been asked to undertake: the lost temple of Hyxia. Find it, and be lauded with riches and honor in the halls of the Dominion.

I am currently looking for two players to join my group of heroes for this campaign. I ask that you have a good grasp of tabletop adventure games and can generate a sheet in the pathfinder system. If you’re experienced with dungeons and dragons but not pathfinder I’m sure you’ll make the transition easily. It’s very similar to 3rd edition dnd.


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Here’s a lore thread for those interested



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Sure, lets do this thang bruh.

Whats allowed and such? Gonna look through lore rn.


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Right now we have a wizard, ranger, and a fighter type. Looking for a cleric or some type of front line character

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