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Fandom Team TEAL {OC RWBY roleplay!)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance

Tiff the Odd

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Hello! Welcome to Team TEAL! This will be an OC team and I plan for this to be long term. If you aren’t here for the long term then please don’t join. I am semi advance and roleplay with 2+ paragraphs.

This will be a roleplay where we double up on characters! I have my two characters made up though I am currently working on my character sheets for them. Here are the spots I need:

T- Open
E- Open
A- Avalona Arthurian {Leader}
L- Lavender Starling

I am putting lots of detail into my characters so I ask that you do the same. I will post my characters below!

And remember:
•Be creative and interesting
•Semi advance, 2+ paragraphs
•Good grammar and spelling
•Please PM ME if interested

Now for my characters:

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