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Some things never changed,
and Logan decided that Nickie was one of them. She glanced between Nickie and the woman she was talking about -- Rory Hansen, although... maybe her last name had changed? Who knew, even if Nickie pretended to.

She glanced in Nickie's direction, frown pressing harder against her lips at Nickie's poorly placed joke. Poorly placed only because in some way, Logan was... jealous of Rory. Sometimes, she wished that Mike had run off and never came back. She wondered if her life would've been better had it just been her and Axel, but then she remembered what a little asshole that boy could be, and Logan knew that she had been doomed no matter what.

"How do you know all that?" Logan asked, glancing in Nickie's direction as she looked away from Rory Hansen. "About Rory after school? Do you secretly stalk everyone from high school?" she teased, with a half-hearted smile.

Nickie probably did -- but she'd also always been a gossip. It was one of the biggest reasons that Logan had disliked her so much in high school, because it was just... well, Logan had been the opposite. She'd kept her head down and her nose shoved in her books while she studied.

"Isn't Rory the one-- ahh... one of the ones whose brother died?" she asked as a side thought, and completely ignoring any mention of Slater. Because the less that you mentioned or remembered of Slater, the better.


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Whatever makes you happy...

As soon as her dad answered the phone,
Ellie started sobbing harder. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut. “They’re fighting and it’s because of me, Dad, it’s because of me!” she sobbed into the phone through chattering teeth. She sniffled loudly into the microphone and wiped her runny nose on the back of her hand. She rapidly heaved in and out shallow breaths. “They are all, like, yelling ‘n stuff, and they’re mad at me and I made it worse, and—“

As she shifted her legs again, her foot made contact with a hard object. She cracked open her eyes and saw a blurry image of a bright orange object. Curious but still struggling for breath, Ellie whimpered, “What…?” With shaky fingers, she reached out for the object and opened her eyes wider for a clearer view.

“An effing phone?” Ellie cried in distress, and that made her start sobbing again. “I-It’s broken, too—they’re gonna think I broke it or stole it or—“

She clicked the power button on and squinted at the screen. Her stomach dropped. “It’s, like, really broken, Dad,” she said, forgetting that she was hyperventilating. She stood up shakily, sniffling and still slightly crying but mostly distracted from her breakdown, and she started toward Margot again; she didn’t say anything on the phone.

“Maggie!” Ellie yelled, wiping under her eyes and smearing the wet mascara under her eyes. She held up the broken phone, letting her phone fall a bit from her face but keeping it close enough so her dad could hear.

She came close and held out the phone to her friend. “Margot, I-I found something.”

I Miss What I Have

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She'd hardly realized that Ellie had wandered off,
since Margot was so wrapped up in her bickering with Axel. Her head was swimming, the world was kind of tilting around, but she didn't let herself back down to Axel.

Sometimes, Margot did. But generally, at least at home, Margot did snap back at Axel. It was just that she rarely won and in public, she preferred to just ignore him the best that she could. Therefore, today's argument did draw the attention of some, although they were quick to look away once it was written off as a drunken argument between two siblings.

It wasn't until she heard Ellie's soft, shaky voice that she bothered to take a breather from Axel. The dark glower in her eyes fell away for something a little more concerned as she glanced towards Ellie, who'd just come walking out of the woods.

"What?" she said.

“Margot, I-I found something.” And Ellie held out the phone.

The orange rubber case, adorned with an assortment of faded stickers, was taken into Margot's hand. She frowned, turning it over in her hand to look at the broken, cracked screen. She pressed the on button, but it didn't unlock, and the screen didn't bother to light up. Margot flipped it over once again, examining the stickers on the back.

Among the faded Spongebob and assorted Marvel stickers were three letters, each a different style, but they spelled out a name all the same.

"Jay?" Margot read the name on the back. "Is this... Jay Freud's phone?"


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  • why you mad, bro?

    Axel’s eyes flickered to the mascara-streaked face
    of Ellie Woods, the anger flaring in his chest. “The fuck do you want?” he demanded, but the girl didn’t seem to hear. Her shaking hand extended an object, and Axel reached out to snatch it before his sister took ahold of it.

    “Look, sweetheart,” Axel started at Ellie, who looked at him with a fearful expression on her face, “I’m not—“


    Axel jerked his head toward his sister to find her reading off the back of the object.

    “Is this…Jay Freud’s phone?”

    His heart gave a solid kick in his chest. “Give me that,” he said, snatching the phone from his sister’s hand to squint at it in the low light.

    There was no denying what this was.

“Something’s wrong,” Axel said, suddenly serious, and he swallowed hard, frozen looking at the phone screen, looking at his reflection in the black, webbed glass. The error message—was this why?

    “Is—is it Jay’s phone?” Ellie asked, reaching a hand out.

    “Shut up,” Axel snapped.

    Ellie’s face squeezed together. “Oh my God, it’s Jay’s phone!” She reached out for it again. “But—but someone should give it to him! I bet he’s looking everywhere for—“

    “I said, shut up!” Axel interrupted again, gripping the phone tighter.

    Ellie recoiled, her shoulders shrinking. Her eyes looked teary, but she said in a softer voice, “I can take it to him, if you—if you want me to.”

    Baring his teeth angrily, Axel took a step closer to Ellie and growled, “Read the fucking room, sweetheart—Jay isn’t fucking around here, you get it? He’s gone, okay?”

    “G-Gone?” Ellie said. “What do you mean?”

    “Fuck if I know,” Axel said, “but he’s gone.”

    The tears in her eyes seemed to grow thicker. “Like—like, gone from here? Or m-missing?”

    The word made Axel’s stomach turn. “Take your fucking pick,” he said, flipping his wrist and dropping the phone on the ground, scowling, turning away, shoving his hands in his pockets, and walking anywhere but here.


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  • turn that frown upside down

    His... wife.
    A woman that she'd never had the distaste of meeting until now, but a woman that she'd known all too well for far too long. Perhaps it was because in high school, she'd been one of those people that everyone had known, just like her husband, and unfortunately, that had stuck with the couple until now.

    "Ashton," she echoed, the name rolling off her tongue with distaste.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you," the woman responded warmly, and she held out a hand for Beth to take. "Did you two meet at work?"

    It stung a bit, to know that he'd never bothered to mention her once to his wife. Although why would he? Telling his wife -- who, at the time, had been heavily pregnant -- would've caused himself nothing but heartache and a broken home. Clearly, he was fine with lying to himself and pretending he was alright in this sham of a marriage.

    "Something like that," Beth responded, giving Ashton's hand a quick shake. "I'm a writer. Beth Sterling? Anyway, he certainly... helped provide some research for one of my books."

    The book in question, of course, hosting a lead that vaguely resembled CK. Must've been a coincidence, though.

    crocodile rock

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Just getting by

The two idiots were, unfortunately, getting fucked up outside.
Mason was doing his best to try and ignore them as he smoked his cigarette, enjoying the silence of the outdoors.

Adriane had been dragging him around everywhere, hanging off of him like they were sixteen again, and he'd eventually grown bored with it and said he needed a break.

A break, which was briefly broken when he overhead one of the guys talking.

"Wh... Ellie, c'mon, deep breaths," Nate said into his phone. "What's going... phone...? What'd Maggie say?" Another pause, more silence, but Mason was listening now -- not for any particular reason. "Who? Jay? It's Jay's phone?" hepressed a hand over the phone, whispering to his companion: "Who's Jay?"

Now, Mason dropped his cigarette to the ground, grinding it into the ground with the tip of his shoe. He was starting up the steps back into the school, when the next thing Nate said caught his attention.

"Yeah... okay... yeah, we'll-- yeah, we'll come get you guys." Nate sighed, taking his phone away from his ear, before speaking to the other guy. "Margot's saying it's ahh... Jay Freud? Axel's telling Ellie that he's missing, and she's freaking out."

A sinking feeling fell in the pit of Mason's stomach. "Missin'?" he echoed.

"Yeah," Nate stated, "kids are at that party, and Mike's kid is saying Jay Freud is just... gone. They found his phone. All broken and shit I guess."

And Mason didn't wait another moment before he opened the door and stormed inside. He pushed his way through the crowd, panic now settling in his chest, as he searched for Adriane. All he could think about was Ariana at the party, and if something had happened to her -- and then, to a lesser degree, Mikey and Miles.

But as he shoved his way through, he found himself close to Ash and... unfortunately, her husband. Normally, he would've kept going, or picked up a conversation with Ash without acknowledging CK's presence. But in the moment, he was able to put aside a hatred for CK as he approached, placing a hand on Ash's shoulder until he got the couple's attention.

"I just overheard Nathan Woods on the phone with his daughter," he started. "She was sayin' that she found a phone in the woods, and Mike Reid's kid was sayin' it was Jay's and that he's missin'."


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  • smile

    Everything that was happening -- it was a lot of information flooding through her mind all at once.

    Because not only did they have some missing kid's phone, but Axel was acting really strange, and speaking in riddles. As he started to walk off, Margot went to grab at his arm.

    "What did you do?" she asked, her voice more accusatory than she had intended. But then Ellie was leaning into her, and Margot just wrapped her arms around her friend.

    "It'll be okay, Ellie," she sniffed as tears started to prick at the edges of her vision. "He's okay, we'll give him back his phone. Promise. Everything's gonna be okay and-- and..."

    But she trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

    Because what was the point of spinning promises to her friend that she knew wouldn't come true?


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  • day by day...

    Beyond the fact that he rarely wanted to have any conversations whatsoever,
    CK had rarely before wished that he had a button to escape a conversation. Currently, however, he felt himself wholly and deeply wishing for something like that as he watched his wife and…ah, a woman with whom he would decline to explain his relationship.

    But now, the subject got turned back toward him—and it was a question with far more running beneath than his wife surely picked up. Clearing his throat and dodging eye contact, Chelsea drew in a deep breath. “Well, I, ah...”

    His eyes caught on a hand that settled on his wife’s shoulder. Immediately angrily defensive, his eyes darted to the asshole who had the gall. Drawing in a long breath, CK coldly demanded, “Kindly—get your hand off of my wife, Rivera.”

    Rivera seemed zeroed in on something in particular to say.

    "I just overheard Nathan Woods on the phone with his daughter," he started. "She was sayin' that she found a phone in the woods, and Mike Reid's kid was sayin' it was Jay's and that he's missin’.”

    Chelsea blinked. After a long pause, he asked, “What?"

    this fffire

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  • turn that frown upside down

    She waited, so impatiently, for CK to attempt to talk himself out of this one.
    For him to slip up or, better yet, do exactly as she'd waited for years -- for him to to tell his wife that Beth was the woman he was really in love with.

    Unfortunately, a guy walked up, and the eager smile on Beth's face fell immediately into a tight-lipped frown.

    “Kindly—get your hand off of my wife, Rivera.” CK demanded, and a pang of jealousy pulsed through Beth. Right up until the guy spoke, claiming that their son was missing.

    (Wow, could she like, predict the future through her books?)

    And without so much as a polite goodbye, CK and his wife were taking off, and the guy even had the gall to leave. She huffed, arms crossing over her chest in a pouting fashion, before she glanced around for her sister -- and once her eyes settled on Tori, Beth headed through the crowd to her sister.

    "Remember how I told you about CK?" she started, after she'd shooed off whoever her sister was talking with. "Well, he was totally going to like, admit to his stupid wife everything that happened, but then some guy came up and was all 'your kid is missing' and next thing I know, he's running off without saying so much as a goodbye."

    With a huff, Beth pressed her lips together in a tight frown. "At least Colby isn't at that stupid party, if kids are missing again."

    crocodile rock

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Everything seemed to happen all at once.
Nathan came stumbling towards them and right behind him was her own husband, Mike. She'd frowned in disappointment, because of course, Logan had hoped they wouldn't come in.

She hadn't... wanted everyone to see what her life had become.

But then Nate had explained that Ellie was crying, and Nickie had snatched the phone from him to talk to her. And Logan had fumbled around with the small purse she had to pull out her own phone, but there was nothing from Margot. She frowned, holding the phone close to her chest as Nickie continued to speak on the phone.

Before CK Freud made his appearance with his wife. Her jaw tightened, but any kind of ill feelings towards him were put on temporary hold when she heard what Nickie said.


Now officially worried, she unlocked her phone and pulled up Margot's contact. She dialed and before the first ring had finished, her daughter answered.

"Mom, mom-- Axel is being so weird, I... I'm. Oh my god, mom," she wasn't crying yet, but Logan could tell that Margot was holding back sobs. "He said-- Axel, he said like... how does he know Jay is missing? He keeps saying he's gone gone, like missing gone, like why would he say that?"

Margot wasn't saying it, but Logan knew what her daughter was implying. And she was brought back to the many, many times that she was summoned to the school to pick him up after he'd gotten into whatever vicious fight.

But no, a fight was so--

It was--

"Just leave him be right now, okay, honey?" Logan said, and she kept herself as calm as she could. "We're on our way to come get you two, alright? Just... just stay by Ellie, and don't go into the woods. We'll be there soon, alright?"

After a little more comforting, Logan was able to hang up the phone. And she stared at her phone for a moment, before glancing at Mike.

"You don't... you don't think Axel did anything, do you?" she asked, her voice low.


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day by day...

Adrenaline kicked through Chelsea’s veins,
and each of his senses took in only what was necessary—the gym door, the door at the end of the hall, the pounding of his heart in his ears, his keys in his hand, the soft click as he remote started his vehicle. He shoved open the door to the parking lot and by instinct made a straight path to his vehicle. He opened the door and dropped himself inside, hardly waiting for his wife to join him in the passenger seat.

Nothing was happening to his kids. Nothing happened to his kids. But fuck, they acted like such idiots, and now he had to go and track them down.


Images threatened to flash in his mind—memories of twenty years ago, of the worst of worst cases—but he shut them out, buckling in and shifting into drive.

It was only then that he realized that he had no idea where he was going.

CK’s eyes flickered to a vehicle leaving, and in a flash of gut feeling, he trusted that that was Rivera’s vehicle.

Take me to the right place, asshole. This is your once chance to do something worthwhile.

CK tore out after Rivera. His knuckles wrapped white around the wheel. He swallowed hard, focused on the sounds of his engine, on the taillights of the man in front of him, and on nothing else.

His heart throbbed in his ears. His sons—his sons, Jesus, his sons.

It felt like ages but was probably only a few minutes before Rivera’s car pulled into a gravel parking lot. Drawing in a sharp breath, CK pulled in after him and parked on the opposite side of the packed lot, then immediately got out of his vehicle.

Thrum-thrum-thrum pounded his pulse in his ears.

Only now did he glance at his wife and instinctively, his hand reached for hers before he started out toward the woods.

His tailored suit restricted much quick movement and threatened to rip at each movement, but CK moved at the same rapid speed until he reached a crowd of teenagers who laughed and held cups and screamed along to music. A couple caught sight of CK and stilled, then elbowed those beside them who followed suit.

Cupping a hand to his mouth, CK yelled angrily, at the top of his lungs, “Donahue Freud!

this fffire

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in a half-hour, i'll be fine...

If you ate enough cheddar jack cheese cubes,
they started to taste mildly like plastic, Tori had come to realize, and not in an exactly pleasant way, if she was being honest, though she didn’t know how you could really say that anything that tasted mildly like plastic was pleasant. Who knew, right? And, uh, was it just her or did this punch have, uhm, notes of, uh, pineapple in it? And was that a hint of melted ice cream she sensed? Mm, it must’ve been gourmet punch. Delicious. It tasted almost as though it was fresh from the vine, except, uh, it was, you know, punch, and—

Okay, fine, Tori could admit it: she was bored out of her mind.

It seemed interesting enough, right: a night where she could come out and see all of her old classmates and chat it up about life accomplishments and who said what and oh my gosh, did you see Danielle?, but she’d forgotten that, for the most part, she didn’t really like may people from her high school. Don’t get her wrong, there wasn’t anything wrong with them, but there were only so many, Oh hey! Long time no see! How are the kids? Oh, you don’t have any? Sorry, I must have been thinking of someone else. How’s the spouse? Oh, you’re divorced now. Uh, my condolences. Sorry. Well, have a nice nights that one could have in a night before, you know, one’s eyes started to glaze over and one started to be like, I’ll just stand by the hors d’oeuvres for the rest of the night.

Plasticky cheese was better than plasticky people sometimes. Thank God Tori wasn’t like that.

Unfortunately—like at the moment—some new person wandered over to her refreshments table, and now, she knew that she would have to small talk for her rightful place as heir of the refreshments.

Thankfully, just as the conversation began to grow awkward (and before Tori would have had to give up her table in favor of, she didn’t know, camping out in the bathroom for an undetermined amount of time), her sister came up and politely managed to shoo the person away.

When the person was out of earshot, Tori clasped a hand over her chest and gave a dramatic sigh of relief. “Elizabeth,” she began as thanks, but her sister cut in with a question:

“Remember how I told you about CK?”

Tori dropped her hand from her chest and let out a long sigh, closing her eyes. “Elizabeth…”

Beth continued, “Well, he was totally going to, like, admit to his stupid wife everything that happened—“

“I’m sure he was,” Tori sighed with a roll of her eyes.

“—but then some guy came up and was all ‘your kid is missing’ and next thing I know, he’s running off without saying so much as a goodbye,” Beth finished.

Tori blinked. “Missing?” she repeated.

Beth frowned with a huff. “At least Colby isn’t at that stupid party, if kids are missing again.”

“I’m sorry, missing?” Tori repeated again. She held up a hand. “All of this is still registering. And—“ Tori clicked her tongue, giving Beth a look of warning. “Wait, hold up, start from the beginning. First of all…” She glanced around nervously, then leaned in and lowered her voice to hiss, “Didn’t I tell you that messing with you know who is a bad idea, Liz? Like, told you that word for word, blatantly, over and over again over the course of…how long has it been now?”

Tori sighed, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose before crossing her arms over her chest. “You never learn, do you?” she said, and then she remembered: “But also, whose kid is missing? What are you even talking about?”

Tori’s voice was a bit too curious on the last questions, her face a bit too un-angry.

She did have a nose for a scoop.

today is not real

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if i could, i would feel nothing.

“In another life,” Woods said, and Mike chuckled.
“In another life,” he agreed, taking a sip from his flask and drawing in a sharp breath.

Mike didn’t know if he believed in another life. If it was real, then he would probably wind up as some sort of cockroach as karma or some shit. But this life had been fucked ever since it started, too, so if he was honest, maybe he would be better as some cockroach living in some granny’s flour canister.

At least then he’d have a bed that didn’t feel like sleeping on a metal sheet, and he wouldn’t have his damn nagging wife, either.

To be honest, the roach life was starting to sound pretty damn appealing.

“What if I was a fuckin’ roach?” Mike asked, which made him realize, yeah, actually, he was pretty high, which made him chuckle a bit.

“Oh shit,” Woods muttered, and Mike glanced over at his friend as he was passed the joint again.

“What’s up, brother?” he asked as Woods pulled out his phone.

Woods slid his finger across the screen and held the phone up to his ear. “Ellie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh,” Mike sighed, rolling his eyes and leaning his head back against the brick wall. Of course it was his whiny kid. “What does she want this time?” Mike said, putting a hand to his head.

Mike knew that Nickie wasn’t really Ellie’s mom, but Jesus fucking Christ, Ellie whined as much as her stepmom.

Woods really could’ve picked anyone better than the bitch he chose to marry, but Mike supposed he wasn’t around for that time, anyway, so touché.

“Wh…Ellie, c’mon, deep breaths,” Woods said into his phone after a moment. “What’s going…phone…? What’d Maggie say?”

“Oh, Maggie’s there, too,” Mike said, intending for it to be question but it instead coming out certain and unsurprised.

“Who? Jay? It’s Jay’s phone?” Woods said into the phone, and then he turned and whispered to Mike, “Who’s Jay?”

Mike held up a shrug. “Fuck would I know?” he said.

Woods continued on the phone. “Yeah…okay…yeah, we’ll—yeah, we’ll come get you guys.”

Fuck,” Mike hissed through his teeth, as though he’d been punched, and he sighed deeply. “We’re the fuckin’…rescue team again?” Mike asked, grinning slightly but his slight agitation coming through in his voice.

“Margot’s saying it’s ahh…Jay Freud?” Woods said.

“Freud?” Mike laughed. “Is that that prick Chelsea’s kid?” His high school enemy number one for all of Mike’s freshman year of high school, and that asshole really hadn’t changed, from what Mike could tell.

“Axel’s telling Ellie that he’s missing, and she’s freaking out,” Woods said.

Mike sighed and handed the joint back to Woods, then took a swig from his flask.

Before he could comment, some dickhead stepped up and butted in, “Missin’?”

Mike spared him a glance, but he didn’t really recognize the guy—at least not this moment.

“Yeah,” Woods responded, “kids are at that party, and Mike’s kid is saying Jay Freud is just…gone. They found his phone. All broken and shit I guess.”

The guy turned away and left, and it clicked who it was: Rivera. “Ah,” Mike said, and then he grunted, “asshole.”

And then, “Fuck, I wish I’d realized who it was. I haven’t gotten into a good fight recently,” he half-joked, grinning crookedly. He sighed, then looked over at Woods. “So Ellie was crying about Axel saying someone was missing, huh?”

Woods put out the joint and said, “Guess we should go get Logan and Nickie, huh?”

Mike waved his hand dismissively. “Fuck it. Axel’s sense of humor can be a little fucked sometimes, we all know that. He’s playing some sort of joke. I’ll talk to him later.” But still, Mike sighed and capped his flask, slipping it back into his belt. He knew he would have to be the fucking one to save the day, because he always was, because kids could never fucking control themselves. Jesus Christ, he couldn’t even have one sort of nice night out. “I’m following you,” he said glumly, and he did just as he said, following on steadier feet than he would have liked to have had through the crowd.

“Ellie called crying,” Woods explained to his wife. “We gotta go get her from that party.”

And then, all hell broke loose, and to be honest, Mike was too a-little-past-buzzed to give a shit about all of the goings-on. Nickie was flipping out, Freud came up and flipped out, something something, yada yada, now Nickie was begging Woods to go, who was his fucking ride, and…

“Fuck,” Mike muttered, as his wife dialed some number.

The voice on the other end of the phone was just loud enough for Mike to make out his daughter’s voice but far too quiet for him to actually understand what was being said. He could assume, though: Axel’s being weird, Axel’s being an asshole, Axel this, Axel that, come pick me up Mom I’m scared.

Whatever. It was always Axel’s fault somehow according to them. And the kid was an ass sometimes, sure, but damn Margot always exaggerated.

Logan said some words of comfort, and then said, “Just leave him be right now, okay, honey? We’re on our way to come get you two, alright?”

“Fuck,” Mike muttered again.

“Just…just stay by Ellie, and don’t go into the woods,” she said. “We’ll be there soon, alright?”

Some more words, more words, yada yada, he zoned out. And he was zoned out until Logan looked over at him.

“What?” Mike asked in a defensive voice, assuming she was going to gripe at him.

"You don't...you don't think Axel did anything, do you?" she asked, her voice low.

Mike sighed. “Logan, what would he have even done?” he said. “It’s probably some stupid thing he thinks is funny. It’s nothing to worry about. Ellie cries over nothing and that makes Maggie cry. I’ll talk to him later about it.” He shoved his hands in his pocket. “We gonna go or what? Your friend,” he said slyly, and he glanced at Nickie, who was still tugging on Woods, “is about to piss herself over there.”


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  • Like father, like son

    Throughout the night, he hadn't really done much.
    Except wander about, taking hits off joints here and there, sips of people's drinks, but never bothering to get his own. Because if he wandered near the coolers, he was sure that Micky would jump on him. And this whole Colby and Micky thing was far too funny.

    He was such a good cousin to both Ari and Micky, and as he stood with a few guys, he overhead someone yelling for a certain little dude that had ran off with Ariana. And Miles, in his very messy state, failed to notice the looks that cross his friends' faces. Looks that would've let him know not to say anything-- except he didn't.

    "Oh, you're looking for Donna? Well..." Miles chuckled, eyes closed as he turned around to finish speaking, not realizing that the teens he'd just been talking with had all scurried off. "Can't believe you didn't hear this -- I thought everyone knew that he always leaves these parties with--"

    And his words stopped when he opened his eyes, and realized the man yelling for Donahue Freud was not a teenager by any means.

    His mouth was still opened as he stared, the rickety gears in his head struggling to come up with a way to save his cousin's ass and most importantly, his own.

    Miles glanced over his shoulder, but his friends were gone.


    "Well, would you look at the time -- my uncle said to be home by ten," he said, chuckling uncomfortably as he pretended to look at his wrist for a watch. "Good luck looking for ahh... for who was it? Daniel?" And he tried to walk away.

    Nailed it.

    come hang out

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  • turn that frown upside down

    Colby had been killing it with Micky tonight.
    She was so freaking into him that you had no idea just how into him she really was. Like. They were gonna be boyfriend/girlfriend by the end of the night.

    And he was gonna make a move on her, you know. Kiss her on the cheek or something, because Colby didn't wanna push things too much, when he heard a loud voice over the crowd.

    "Michelle Isla Rivera," and the dude sounded really mad.

    Colby was so ready to tell the guy off, but then as he looked up, the smile on his face died fast, and his eyes widened.

    "Dude is that your dad?" he hissed at Micky. "Oh shit, I ah... look my parents will kill me if they know I'm here so I ahh... I gotta..." he gestured behind him, before holding a hand up to his face. "Call me? Yeah?"

    And with that, Colby was hurrying off as fast as he could go to find Axel and tell him the good news.

    You know, that he was totally going to score with Micky.

    crocodile rock

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  • smile

    It was... dumb-- dumb to think that her son could do something terrible.
    And even worse that Logan would allow the idea to float through her thoughts, about her own child.

    “Logan, what would he have even done?” Mike said. “It’s probably some stupid thing he thinks is funny. It’s nothing to worry about. Ellie cries over nothing and that makes Maggie cry. I’ll talk to him later about it. We gonna go or what? Your friend,” he said slyly, and he glanced at Nickie, who was still tugging on Woods, “is about to piss herself over there.”

    "Yeah... yeah, you're right," she mumbled, shaking her head to try and dislodge the nagging feeling. Axel hadn't done anything -- he hadn't, she promised herself. Even if he'd been a violent child, which had involved into a somewhat violent teen, he wasn't... he wouldn't have done anything. His dad had never done anything, and Axel was basically a copy paste of Mike.

    She exhaled slowly, gathering herself back together. The girls were worried, but he was right -- and Margot's words had been a little slurred, so... it was evident that maybe they weren't thinking too straight.


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day by day...

The thunderous music, the assaulting scent of cheap booze
, mounds and heaps of teenaged kids, but where the fuck was his son?

“Donahue!” CK boomed again, calling even more attention to himself and fighting through a crowd of startled, bewildered kids who all started fighting to get past each other and to their vehicles.

As he came to a bit of a clearing, he yelled again, “Donahue!”

“Oh, you’re looking for Donna?” cut a voice slightly above the pounding music, and CK looked down to a mop-headed, likely drugged kid with closed eyes. “Well…can’t believe you didn’t hear this—I thought everyone knew that he always leaves these parties with—“

CK was rod stiff as he attentively listened to the boy’s words. The music cut off in the background, leaving only the sound of his pulse in his ears.

But the kid’s eyes opened, and his mouth froze open. He looked over his shoulder, and then his other.

“Well?” CK demanded.

The boy chuckled uncomfortably and looked at his wrist as though searching for a watch that was obviously not there. “Well, would you look at the time—my uncle said to be home by ten. Good luck looking for ahh…who was it? Daniel?”

The kid went to step away—

CK’s fucking kid was gone with someone.

In a flash of anger, CK reached down and seized the shoulders of the boy. Forcibly turning the boy around, CK hunkered his shoulders and stooped slightly, setting his feet so he was steady and at the same height as the boy. “Listen here, dipshit, I don’t play around. Where is my son? Who is he with? What do you know?”

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turn that frown upside down

Tori was totally focusing on the wrong side of this discussion.
Which was not about an allegedly missing child -- whose parents were probably just worrying for no reason -- but rather on her, who'd been so rudely deserted by Chelsea.

“I’m sorry, missing?” Tori repeated again.“All of this is still registering. And— Wait, hold up, start from the beginning. First of all…” her sister glanced around nervously, then leaned in and lowered her voice to hiss, “Didn’t I tell you that messing with you know who is a bad idea, Liz? Like, told you that word for word, blatantly, over and over again over the course of…how long has it been now?”

Beth huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and rolling her eyes dramatically in response. "Just because you decided to settle for some guy with a beer gut and like, no money, doesn't mean I have to do the same. Okay? Okay, great," she gave another huff, tossing her totally not dyed red hair over her shoulder.

“You never learn, do you?” she said, and Beth shot herself a cold look. “But also, whose kid is missing? What are you even talking about?”

"One of Chelsea's," Beth responded. "I think the older one? Him and his wife took off as soon as that other guy -- you know, knockoff CK Freud -- told him that he overheard that Druggie Woods and Dickhead Reid's kids had told them that they couldn't find one CK's kid or... I dunno, something like that. It's probably nothing."

crocodile rock

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  • Like father, like son

    His uncle had always told him not to talk to strangers,
    but Miles took after his dad in more ways than one. The whole weed thing was just the tip of the iceberg -- the whole opening his big mouth was another.

    Before he could get too far away, the man grabbed his shoulders, and spun him around before leaning down so they were level. “Listen here, dipshit, I don’t play around. Where is my son? Who is he with? What do you know?”

    Miles stared into the guy's eyes, his own eyes widening a lot as he tried to stay focused. Of course, he didn't feel scared or anything -- just mildly inconvenienced, 'cause surely he wasn't going to do anything to Miles right here with all these witnesses. Plus Miles was a kid. He had ahh... kid proofness.

    "Chelsea..." the woman beside him started, and Miles snorted.

    "Your name is Chelsea?" Miles snickered. "Ya got a little girl name? Damn your parents must've really hated you."

    The grip on his shoulders reminded him that maybe teasing the big scary man wasn't the best of ideas.

    "Okay, okay, okay, I'll tell you, jeez," he huffed, trying to shrug off the man's grip. "I dunno where they're at, but he's with Ari. Rivera. Ariana Rivera." He gave a nod of his head. "Yeah and I can call her, 'cause she always answers me, although she'll probably be all mad like 'omg Miles why are you bothering me while I'm with my totally not boyfriend Donna?' But it's okay, 'cause I'll do this for you just this once..." and here, he giggled again. "Chelsea."

    come hang out

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screw off.

Okay, so sure, she had been standing here talking to Colby
for, like, thirty minutes, probably, or maybe more, and sure, she was adding a bit of flirtation into her speech, which she generally held back from conversation with Colby because, yes, the dude was a crusty ratty desperate wannabe (and her opinion—no, knowledge of that fact hadn’t changed). And sure, she, like, didn’t like the guy at all whatsoever and wouldn’t realistically touch him with a fifty-foot-pole so sure, you could say she was staining him along, but, like, [link=[MEDIA=youtube]COX7FeCeQX0[/MEDIA] would too for a bag.[/link] So, like…if this was what it took for her to get some nice luxury shit, then she could let this guy fawn over her like a little obsessed puppy for a bit. That would just be what it was. It wasn’t like she had to actually like him. All she had to do was put up with him just a little bit, and not even that, really.

But of course, right before she got to the really juicy part (aka, right before she totally made sure that she would get what she wanted, aka, rich bitch stuff)—

“Dude is that your dad?”

Micky whipped her head to face the direction that Colby was looking, and—

Oh shit,” Micky grumbled, at the same time as Colby said, “Oh shit, I ah…”

“You’ve gotta go,” Micky said, stepping away from him and turning her shoulder.

“Look my parents will kill me if they know I’m here so I ahh…I gotta…” He gestured over his shoulder and then made a phone with his hand. “Call me? Yeah?”

In your wet fucking dreams maybe, she thought, holding back a sneer, scoff, and eyeroll, and she said, “Yeah, sure.”

As Colby swept himself away, Dad approached with an angry look on his face. “Micky,” he snapped.

Micky’s brows knit together. “What are you even doing here?”

“Have you been drinkin’?” Dad asked.

Micky scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Great deduction skills.”

“You’re not seriously mad at her for drinking at a high school party?” Adriane asked. “Do you not remember that one party when you drank a wh—“

Adriane, shut up,” Dad hissed.

Micky’s upper lip raised in offense. “Don’t tell Adriane to—“

Dad’s angry eyes turned to her, and she shut her mouth as a feeling of unease tickled her chest.

“You guys gotta come home,” he said.

Micky’s face contorted sourly. “Why?”

“There’s…I dunno, but you need to come home,” her dad said.

“You dunno?” Micky repeated.

“Where’s Ari?” he asked. “And Miles?”

“Miles left me,” Micky said with a shrug. “Just look for smoke. He’s probably there. And Ari is out screwing her little rich boy toyIshouldn’tsaidthatactually, I take that back.” Micky was smiling coyly by the end of her sentence.

If Ari tried to kill her late, Micky could blame it on the stuff in her system (but that was really only a small fraction of the reason).


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i know you want me.

Nickie in distress was a force to be reckoned with.
Like a tornado, Nickie with heightened emotions tended to take out everything and everyone in her path and then, in the end, herself dissolve. Add on top of it the hormones from being five months pregnant, and…

Her husband fumbled through his pockets for the keys, and Nickie was growing more and more agitated and panicked by the second. Finally, her husband held them out to her, and she snatched them out of his hand.

“Do you wanna…drive?” There was a hint in his question, and that hint pissed her off even more.

“My fuckin’ God,” she mumbled, and then a bit louder she said, “yes, your pregnant wife will drive your inebriated ass to go pick up your crying daughter.”

“Where are we going?” Nate asked.

Nickie paused for a moment, and then pulled out her phone. After tapping her screen a few times, she held up a map with an icon of Ellie’s face on it for him to see.

Mike laughed, and Nickie shot a glare at him. She noticed tears in her vision. “What?”

“You track your kids?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, because I’m fucking responsible,” she snapped, and then she angrily grabbed her husband’s hand. “Now let’s go.”

Angry, anxious tears pricked Nickie’s eyes as she made her way out to the vehicle. With a bit of effort, she lowered herself into the vehicle and clicked on her GPS.

Without adjusting the seat or the mirrors and hardly even waiting for the other passengers to enter the car, Nickie sped off.

What Was I Made For?

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in a half-hour, i'll be fine...

Tori clasped her chest defensively
at Beth’s comment about Zeph, her mouth gaping for a moment. Regaining control over herself, Tori sniffed indignantly. “I did not settle,” she clarified. “Money isn’t everything, you know. You can just say you’re jealous of my hot husband, but at least be honest.” Tori reached over to the refreshment table and grabbed a cup, then ladled some punch into it, only spilling a bit onto an exposed bit of the floor, which she quickly stepped on and streaked across the floor in hopes to make it evaporate quicker.

She took a sip from her cup as she listened to her sister explain the part about the missing child, her eyebrows raising curiously the more her sister talked. At the end of the sentence, she sighed. “Yeah, if it’s involving those…” She couldn’t decide what to call them, but none of the choices she had in mind were kind, so she chose to refrain from referring to them as anything. “I doubt it’s anything at all.”

She gave her sister a disappointed look again, taking a sip of her drink again. “And you’re upset this man left because his kid is missing? You’re upset that he got out of an awkward conversation because his kid is missing…? You would rather him stayed and suffered and you have just stayed and…what would that have accomplished, Elizabeth?” She sighed again. “You really never change.”

She watched as the clusters of people that her sister mentioned left the room, and then, curious, she looked at her sister. “By the way, have you seen my ‘beer gut’ husband?”

today is not real

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day by day...

Chelsea’s grip tightened on the boy’s shoulders.
His gaze intensified, not wavered, as the kid made a crack at his name.

Tell me where my fucking son is.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll tell you, jeez,” the boy said finally, shrugging his shoulders in an attempt to shake Chelsea off; CK’s grip only tightened. “I dunno where they’re at, but he’s with Ari.”

“Ari who?” CK demanded, not even allowing a beat.

“Rivera. Ariana Rivera,” the boy said simply.

The name sent a flare of anger in CK’s chest. His nostrils flared; the veins in his forehead popped out. “What?

The boy continued, “Yeah and I can call her, ‘cause she always answers me, although she’ll probably be all mad like ‘omg Miles why are you bothering me while I’m with my totally not boyfriend Donna?’ But it’s okay, ‘cause I’ll do this for you just this once…” He giggled. “Chelsea.”

“How do you know this?!” CK demanded, gripping the kid even tighter. “Where are they—where are they?”

“Chelsea,” his wife’s voice came, “you can let him go.”

CK glanced back at his wife and loosened his grip, but he did not fully let the boy go.

“What about Jay?” Ash asked. “Do you know where he is?”

“Nah,” the boy said, shaking his head. “‘Course he usually hands ‘round the cheerleaders and I don’t really hang ‘round them, ‘cause you know…cheerleaders can be real bitches.”

“Kid,” CK said shortly, “call the girl.” He let him go but gave him a clear, testy look that warned that he was unafraid to restrain him again. “Tell me where she is.”

this fffire

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Just getting by

Micky's words made his blood damn near boil.

"Ari has a boyfriend?" Adriane gasped from behind him, and putting the actual word to the... person just pissed him off so much more.

"I'm calling her," Mason stated, and he dialed her immediately. The phone rang once, twice, three times... four times... and then it went to voicemail.

He swallowed the fear in his stomach. Of course he could track Ari, but he also needed to know who exactly she was with. If she was in any kind of potential trouble, and he--

Well, yeah, he was maybe thinking about the worst.

He clenched his jaw, leaning down until he was eye to eye with his daughter. A hand reached out, grabbing her shoulder.

"I am going to ask this only once, and if you don't fuckin' tell me, you're goin' be grounded until you're married." he stated through gritted teeth. "Who the fuck did Ari run off with?"


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Nate glanced back at Mike,
with a roll of his eyes and a kind of can you believe this? Such as ya know, in a women, amirite? before he wandered off after Nickie.

Nickie was clearly panicking, and Nate wasn't too great at this. He fumbled to open the door, climbing into the front seat as his wife took off before he could even pull his door closed.

He picked up the phone, eyes squinting at the screen. "Take a ahh... a right up...?" he paused, squinting and lifting up his glasses as he leaned in closer to the screen. "No wait, shit, maybe that's a... huh..."

"Oh for..." Logan grumbled and then leaned forward, snatching the phone from Nate's hand. She leaned forward, holding the phone. "Take a right up here -- I think they're at that ahh.... looks like they're about at the old fairgrounds?"


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