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Fandom Tabby's Roleplay Partner Search (Fandoms and Orignals) Craving some new rps!

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Welcome to my Partner Search!
Hello and welcome to my Rp partner search! To start things off, I'll tell you a little bit about myself; I'm 19 years old, and have been roleplaying for about 6 years. I started off on a website called Quotev, and more recently I have moved over to RPN. I'm always looking for new people to rp with, and I'm always up for making new friends! I like a variety of animes, movies and Tv shows, and if a plot is good I am even up for Orignal Rps sometimes. I don't really judge so feel free to suggest just about anything in an rp, I'm up for most situations!

I live with my boyfriend and work Tues.-Sat. so sometimes I'm not able to give a ton of replies, but I try to reply once a day, and at the very least 3 times a week. If I'm ever gonna be gone and know ahead of time I'll try to let you know, but life does happen and sometimes I have spur of the moment plans. I am in the EST time zone, so you can have a reference as to how far ahead or behind you I am.

  • ✦Rules✦
    I try not to really be all that strict, as rping is supposed to be fun, however, I do have a few rules that I enforce to make rps enjoyable.
    ✦ For fandoms I like to rp OC X Cannon, and normally I double up, but if you want me to do ships, I can to a ship for you if you play a cannon for me.
    ✦ For Original Rps I can either Oc x Oc doubled or FxF/Mxf but I if we're not doubling I would prefer the female part.
    ✦ I require replies to be at least 1 paragraph per character.
    ✦ Anything over a paragraph and under 4 paragraphs I will mirror.
    ✦ If we are going to be doing a multi-para rp, I expect to have enough information in your reply to base my own reply off of. It's impossible to create a reply if you give me nothing.
    ✦ Keep your replies for both characters around the same length, do not make the whole rp about you.
    ✦ I only Rp on RPN
    ✦ Please use proper grammar to the best of your abilities
    ✦ I curse in rps and ooc, if that makes you uncomfortable, just let me know!
    ✦ I have no triggers
    ✦ Please let me know if you are getting bored with an rp, or aren't interested anymore, don't just leave me hanging.
    ✦ I use premade Character Sheets, and I use BBCodes to make them, you must be ok with this, I spend a lot of time making them, and due to that, I am firm in using them.
    ✦ To ensure you read the rules, please send me a pm, telling me your time zone.
    What I Can do for you:
    ✦ I can rp any character from fandoms in my rp list
    ✦ Let you have the first choice in your Oc's love interest
    ✦ I can make up plots and UAs for us
    ✦ I can do any pairing(BxB, GxB, GxG...)

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