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Hello, my name's Eli. I'm 23, he/him. I'm looking to write Supergiant's Hades. I have a large preference for staying in the Hades universe, but canon divergence or AUs within the universe (such as hanahaki, soulmates, etc.) would be fine with me.

I'm fine with any ships, as long as it's canon x canon. You'd have to convince me when it comes to OC's (most likely I'd do it if there's doubling involved).

I would kill for a Megaera, but I'm also up for any ships so please come to me with literally any canon character.

I tend to write at least 2-3 paragraphs and can go up to 10+ if desired. I usually mirror my partner, so the length they pick is the length I tend to average myself.

(Underlined are characters I could play, these are just a few of the ships I enjoy.)
Zagreus x Megaera
Zagreus x Hypnos
x Thanatos
Zagreus x Dusa
x anybody honestly
Hypnos x Megaera
Eurydice x Orpheus

I also play other characters and accept lots of other ships. Just reply here or send me a DM, don't be shy. If you'd prefer for me to send the DM, you can like this post.

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