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Realistic or Modern Stranded with the Enemy [OOC]



you are gold baby. solid gold.

Welcome to the OOC thread!
Yes, it's new, lol.
Since the discord wasn't very active,
I went ahead and deleted it so that
we can have a slower paced ooc here.

I for one am still highly invested in this roleplay,
and I hope you are as well!


you are gold baby. solid gold.
Hey guys!

So I will be the first to admit that I am A-okay with slower paced roleplays. That being said, I don't want them to die (who does?) so I'm going to tag you below, with the last date you posted. If you need to drop, PLEASE TELL ME so I can try to find someone to take your role! No hard feelings! I'm trying not to be naggy or bitchy, so please don't take it that way. ><

@Kitsune2202, August 11th
me, August, 11th
@MadiRaiCat, August 10th
@myst.erion, August 8th

@iShyShy, August 7th
@Elf_Ruler, August 7th
@Sook, July 31st
@Lizy, July 23rd

If I bolded your name and date, we could probably use a post from you! If your name and date is bolded AND underlined, we DEFINITELY need a post from you! I know a few of you have mentioned why you haven't been able to post, so again, this isn't me trying to be a bitch or anything. Just a gentle reminder that this roleplay does exist, and if you don't have time for it, please let me know.

Thank you!
-Your GM, Goldie


you are gold baby. solid gold.
@Kitsune2202 @MadiRaiCat @myst.erion @iShyShy @Elf_Ruler @Lizy

So Sook hasn't been active in a few days, and I've sent them messages on here and on discord, none of which they've answered. I think real life may have gotten in the way, and I'd like to be able to move forward with the RP, so I'm thinking of bumping the interest check and trying to find yall another guitarist. Thoughts?


Yin&Yang = Pandas
It's up to you. I'd like to rp to live on and continue. If you have anyone in mind too that may be a good option.

Edit: I just saw the other post lol sorry. you have it covered already!


Yin&Yang = Pandas
Just to throw it the idea out there: One of us can double the spot until someone claims it maybe? I'm not sure if that's something you'd want but I wanted to at least bring it up.


you are gold baby. solid gold.
@Kitsune2202 @Elf_Ruler @MadiRaiCat @Lizy @myst.erion @iShyShy

So apparently your GM can't make up her mind-- I remade the discord. You all have a PM with the link in it, please join it again! ^^

@DarkiusHeavenstein and I decided that we'd pretty much ignore sook's chara. His chara can become an npc (maybe a fan who got past security?) and our new guitarist will be a little late (Dark's chara). So if you all are good with that, their post should be up soon!

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