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Fandom Star Wars: Rising Tide [closed]

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Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
The conference room was just as dark and cold as Kylo remembered. Large, spacious, with a slight reverberation at every noise made.

His footsteps echoed throughout the chamber as he approached the large, empty throne where the hologram of Snoke would sit when their meeting began.

And it would begin soon, as Kylo called for Snoke, to talk to him about what he found on Korriban. Who he found. A Sith.

When Snoke appeared on his throne, Kylo would greet him, down on one knee and head lowered in respect. “Supreme Leader Snoke,” he would begin, I found something of interest when searching for who managed to slay a Knight of Ren. On the planet, Korriban.”

He braced himself for any negative reaction by Snoke. “A young Sith.”


Azra could only laugh at their continued antics. She hadn’t seen a droid and a human quite act like they do before, and it was amusing. Entertaining.

The only astromechs Azra knew were the ones on the starships, designed to help security and uphold other procedures. They didn’t quite have the same personality as BB-8.

It was indeed a special droid.

At Poe’s question, Azra shrugged. “I have some, but nothing like you do. Just typical work droids at past jobs.” Yes, past jobs. “But I couldn’t help fix one or anything like that.”


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Snoke was anticipating Kylo Ren to return, and to tell him what was found on Korriban that had killed a knight. He was, admittedly, expecting something as simple as a Sith warbeast left behind, something Kylo Ren would easily deal with it.

He found his apprentice kneeling, as he ought.

But his words were not what they should be. “A Sith?” Snoke repeated the word, before a low chuckle came from his throat, a dark sound. A displeased sound, in this case, even if the slight twitch of his lips in a smile might have fooled some. “A Sith!” He repeated, before he started to shake his head.

“There are no more Sith. You have been deceived, my apprentice.” And he did not sound pleased that Kylo had been deceived.


‘Burned.’ Of course, that was expected. Myka had the ashes of Vader back on Korriban, but how had the mask survived? Who took it out of the fire, who made sure it did not burn all the way? ‘Phantasm?’ An answer she was likely to never have, unless she could get this back to her psychometric user.

Would Kylo allow such a thing?

And what did he see in Vader, that he sought to have the helmet, and give it such a place of honor? It did not retain Vader’s spirit. It did not retain his influence. It was no threat. It was not steeped in darkness. It was…empty.

Not like Darth Momin or others that Myka had crossed paths with, masks that held power and sparks within them. Memories.

She set it back down, but made note of it, before returning to walk around Kylo’s room. Pulling open drawers and throwing open doors. His closet was boring. His clothes were atrocious. His pants seemed ridiculously high, even considering Kylo Ren’s height.

His conditioner also seemed ridiculously pretentious, although that made sense with his hair.

She wasn’t finding any wigs. ‘I could use a shower.’ Well, she had time to waste, right? The conditioner would probably do wonders for her hair, too.


BB-8 chimed out that Poe couldn’t fix a droid, either, “Hey, hey, I’m getting better,” Poe insisted.

BB-8 noted that was only with instructions. From BB-8. “I listen well, don’t I?” BB-8 could at least consent to that. And Poe was good with mechanics in general. So he got points for not messing things up more than they were, and usually getting BB-8 back up and running when he was out of it. “Exactly.”

It wasn’t uncommon for droids to be in many sorts of jobs. “What did you do before becoming a galactic-trotting journalist, anyways?”

He wondered a moment if she’d gotten an education in journalism or media at all – or if this had just been some sort of whim.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo clenched his teeth, but he didn’t immediately retaliate against Snoke’s words. Someone was wrong, and Kylo had a strong feeling it was not him. He could feel her power. He saw a whisper of it.

“The dark side is strong with her,” he countered. “I saw a sliver of it. She has an impressive holocron collection.” Anyone could collect holocrons, but not anyone could open them.

And he offered one more bit of information that may help Snoke consider his stance on the absence of Siths. “She is Darth Vesta, apprentice to Darth Phantasm, apprentice to Darth Vader.”

Though Snoke could again say he had been deceived by her words, Kylo knew they were true. He felt no deception. And if Snoke again denied this, he could offer to bring Darth Vesta here, to introduce him to her and see for himself who she was.


Azra bit her lower lip at the question. She couldn’t exactly tell him she worked in propaganda before, especially not as one for the First Order, and she didn’t have to reveal her work history in order to become a freelance journalist. It was freelance work for a reason.

“I...worked in advertising.” Azra spoke slow as each word came to her. It wasn’t entirely convincing, but she wouldn’t confess to anything else.

It wasn’t an entire lie, anyways. Propaganda was a form of advertisement. Just...not a truthful one.

But, then again, didn’t that describe most advertisements?

She quickly directed the conversation back at him. “What about you? Did you have any jobs before becoming this fearless flyboy? Such as, Poe Dameron: the busboy!” Azra smiled at that thought, a young Poe working in some restaurant, a dirty apron on and arms piled high with dirty dishes.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Kylo Ren’s anger radiated only too easily. Snoke expected it. His temper was what fueled his power, his anger, an asset – even if it was utterly exasperating for Snoke to deal with. Constantly. He should have accepted his loss.

There were plenty still tied to the Dark Side, but the Sith had a certain…dynasty of power.

Which, it seemed, Kylo was privy to. He traced it back to Darth Vader, indicating an in-between. Snoke couldn’t help but feel some…disturbance at that. No ‘Darth Phantasm’ was known to him, of course, but he knew the way of the Sith, only too well. He knew there was some likelihood that Vader had taken an apprentice, and yet he had assumed they would have done something like challenge Luke, and perish.

This did not bode well.


Or perhaps it boded very well. Another, powerful Force sensitive could be an asset, if not to Kylo Ren, then to someone else.

“Bring her to me. I will see for myself.” Snoke decided. He could tear her mind apart. He could get to the truth of the matter himself.


Though Myka felt the waves of anger that were, quite obviously, Kylo Ren, it did not disturb her as she sunk into the deep bath. The shower thought went out the window when she realized she could fully submerge herself into the bath, and she opted to take time to enjoy herself.

It would have been better with a glass of wine, of course – which she was able to have delivered when she realized it, half-undressed. She just stepped out, told a Stormtrooper to fetch it for her, and it was there not long after.

Whether it was her state of undress, or the manipulation through the Force, was debatable.

Either way, Myka was able to return to the bath, and let her hair soak in the conditioner while she sipped at wine.


‘Advertising?’ Poe arched a brow. That wasn’t a far-cry from journalism, he supposed. They were both pushing something – a product or a story.

He wanted to ask what she advertised, but didn’t have a chance.

He shook his head, “I’m afraid I’ve always been a flyboy. My first job was with the navy,” he said, “and then with the Resistance,” he hadn’t done anything else, even if he’d picked up other skills in his life, and learned plenty on-the-job that wasn’t, strictly speaking, piloting. “Put me in anything, and I can pilot it.”

It wasn’t a boast he made lightly.

He was positive of it.

“But what were you advertising, huh?” He asked as the X-Wing came into sight.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
“Yes, Supreme Leader,” Kylo calmly said. When he was permitted to leave, he set off for his chambers, suddenly apprehensive to how Myka may have destroyed it in his absence.

Or what she could have touched.

Upon arrival, he carefully looked around. No sign of destruction, no sign of anything missing, but also no sign of her. But then he felt her, before he heard a small sound coming from his refresher.

Thinking she may just simply be browsing through what he had, Kylo stepped into the refresher without a knock or announcement.

And he instantly regretted it.

Myka lounged in his bath, in all her naked glory, and he saw too much. Kylo was thankful his helmet could cover the deep reddening of his cheeks, as he quickly diverted his gaze and looked away. “The Supreme Leader wants to speak with you,” he said, turning his body away.

And yet he wanted to look back at her so badly. Kylo forced himself to look at something else. To ignore his body's response. “So I suggest to hurry.”


“Always a pilot, huh?” A little boring, but also admirable. Poe was passionate about being a pilot, and he pursued it relentlessly. “Let’s see if you can keep up with that claim with my ship.”

Azra knew he could, though. If she could manage to pilot it without it breaking down every week, Poe could easily work with it.

And he wasn’t going to back down on her past ‘job.’ Azra sighed. “It was different things through a big company.” Technically not a lie either. “Nothing I ever truly agreed with. I liked the security of the job benefits and pay.”

And then came a point when she needed to see beyond what they were telling her.

“But I was tired of the lies, and I needed to see more.” A light frown pulled on her lips when they approached the X-Wing. Oh boy, here we go again.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka managed not to laugh at the quick way Kylo’s covered head diverted from looking directly at her. It was adorable, really. She didn’t think he wasn’t looking out of respect, but more out of sheer embarrassment.

The desire was there, at least. That was compliment enough even if he attempted to turn away, even with his body. She did allow a chuckle as he finished his words, about hurrying, “Why, is there not time for you to get cleaned up, as well? You must be awfully hot in all that black armor.”

She knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

She still rinsed her hair before stepping free of the tub, letting it all drain away, and shamelessly walking in front of Kylo Ren to retrieve one of his towels, even if she could have grabbed it with the force. “I don’t mind if you look, Ren,” she couldn’t help but add, even as she would wrap the towel around herself to go find something to wear.

She could only torture him so much. “I’m not ashamed of anything.”


Poe had all zero concerns about being able to pilot whatever hunk of junk that Azra had picked up. “Maybe I’ll be able to improve it,” he muttered, wondering how bad off it was, and if he could improve it without spending too much. Probably not. He’d just have to get her to the Resistance and then he could have some fun with it.

Or Jess could, anyways.

As it was, he was more interested in this large company and what she must have advertised for them that was a lie, “What, is this some kind of fancy hair company? Like that Veruna brand?” Poe mused, thinking of how he’d tried that on his hair.

It did nothing for him that a regular conditioner didn’t do, but Leia swore by it. He thought she was just paying a ridiculous premium for branding.

They had reached the X-Wing, and Poe opened the top of it, and was quick to get in – and help BB-8 in, from the cockpit, as he waited for Azra to join him.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo wasn’t hot under the black armor, until Myka had to go and ask him. And the image of her naked body popped in his mind. Yes, he was hot under his clothes, but a shower wouldn’t help.

“I’m fine,” he gruffed. “Just get ready.” Before he could leave the bathroom, he just had to see her naked again. She just had to walk past him to grab a towel.

And how he wanted to just continue to stare. Yes, she was beautiful and ignited some desire within him that was foreign to him, but Snoke was waiting.

Yes, that was his reason.

“I have gathered that.” He walked out of the refresher and back into his bedroom before his skin could spontaneously combust. “Just hurry up.”

Oh how thankful he was the helmet was on his head.


Azra heard Poe’s comment, but she said nothing. If he wanted to improve it, she would let him, as long as he didn’t completely destroy it. Or she would have to harass him for a new ship.

It was the only reliable thing she had. Well, somewhat reliable.

“You can say something like that,” she muttered as she watched Poe climb into his X-Wing. Azra took a deep breath before she started to climb as well.

Once she was on top, Azra slowly lowered herself into the cockpit, mindful of where she stepped. One hand instinctively grabbed onto his thigh as she situated herself in his lap, but the hand quickly pulled away when she realized what she had grabbed. “Okay, let’s just get there without that scenic route.”

Even if she did find herself not hating the position.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka was terribly amused, and it kept the smile on her face as she walked out of the refresher and into the room where she’d tossed her bag. “I’m sure Snoke doesn’t want me to show up with dripping hair, Ren. Have some patience,” Myka wasn’t all that concerned.

Perhaps she should be, but really, she was always the one who kept people waiting. If Snoke asked, it’d be easy enough to tell him she’d needed a bath. Korriban wasn’t the cleanest of planets. Sand got everywhere.

She took a seat on the bed and drew her bag towards herself, drawing out different articles of clothing, until she found one she liked, “So, do you want to talk about Vader’s helmet? Maybe that will distract you,” she said as she rose from the bed so she could let the towel drop, and change into the new attire.

The poor dear needed a distraction. “I want to hear about Vader’s helmet and how you have it. Why you have it.” She added.

The outfit wouldn’t really cover that much. It was a black dress with a deep cut in the front, and slits up either side, although it did at least go to her ankles, giving the illusion of coverage. She thought being a little decent would be a good idea with Snoke.


Poe tensed as her hand gripped his thigh. He definitely enjoyed that pressure, and the heat that flooded him following it, but now was not the time, and he took a deep breath to try and re-center himself for flying. Flying under the influence of certain emotions was also not the best thing.

“We won’t, we won’t,” he managed to laugh as Azra settled into his lap. He adjusted himself a bit, straightening up and reaching around her so that he could get the ship started. “Try not to get too comfortable – you have to direct me to where we’re going, after all.”

Poe would get them into the air, and he would force his focus onto Azra’s directions when she started to offer them, to get them headed in the right direction for her own ship.

Even if he wouldn’t have minded a scenic route.

Or staying grounded for a bit longer.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
I’m sure Snoke won’t care if you have dripping hair. Kylo bit back the retort and stared at the wall, an attempt to not look back at Myka.

Stars, what had he gotten himself into with her?

With the mention of the helmet, Kylo did shift his head so he could look in its direction. There wasn’t much he wanted to say to her about it yet. Maybe he would give more after they talked to Snoke. “I have it because I wanted it.”

It was the truth.

And she still didn’t know of his lineage.

Kylo shifted on his feet, the heat in his body finally abating. “Maybe I’ll tell you about it later.” Talking about the helmet would not distract him enough, he realized with a small groan. “Are you dressed yet?”


“I think I can manage,” Azra chuckled, not too sure of her words. She could imagine sitting in his lap, her arms around him as his own arm wrapped securely around her. His scent already filled her senses.

Clearing her throat, she redirected her mind to giving him directions. “It was west of the city,” she started. And from there, she would direct as needed. First, starting them in the direction of the appropriate city, then to its small spaceport.

“Do you often fly women in your X-Wing?” she asked out of the blue, as the thought popped in her head. “I’m just curious, if you use it as a pick-up line or something.”

She wouldn’t blame him, or the women, really, for using it. In another scenario, Azra would’ve enjoyed such a ride. Not that she wasn’t now.

But this whole thing was business. That’s it. She gets to see war crimes up close, and Poe gets more information about the First Order.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka was rather impressed that for once, Kylo gave an honest answer. It wasn’t the full answer, but it was likely more honest than any reason he could concoct. He wanted it. Why he wanted it was another matter, but that didn’t matter so much as he wanted it.

Myka approved.

The temptation to coo ‘good boy’ was there, but she didn’t. He was already so terribly ruffled, after all. Even if she might want to ruffle him further, she supposed she should meet this Snoke first. “I hope so. I have Vader’s ashes,” she opted to mention, “I am surprised anything survived, so I’d love to know more.”

As to whether or not she was dressed…, “Not by your standards, but I’m dressed enough to leave the room and meet Snoke,” she said, although as she said it she did pull her hair back into a ponytail, floating a tie to herself from among her things – and then her lightsaber.

Like hell was she going without a lightsaber.


Poe turned the X-Wing west, and got them off to a good start, trying to keep focused on the view ahead, and not just off to the side. It didn’t work too well with the question she decided to ask, though that did illicit a surprised laugh, “Well, not often,” Poe said, “but I may have done it a time or two.”

Some women liked to see the view from higher up, and Poe traveled in his X-Wing more often than not. “I don’t usually fly other ships but my X-Wing when I’m out, so if someone wants to see the planet from higher up, it kind of leads to that.”

He tried to make it sound innocent, even if his smile said it wasn’t innocent at all.

It did work, after all. “I tell them upfront that I only have a single-fighter, though. No surprise,” he added, in case Azra wanted to think he was a jerk about it. Nope. Every party knew what was involved. “Why? Jealous?”


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo’s head tilted at the information Myka gave him. She has Vader’s ashes? But how? “And I would love to know more as well.”

Maybe there would have to be an exchange. A story for a story. That only seemed fair. And maybe, if he played the game right, he could have those ashes as well.

Kylo turned to face the woman again, and he could immediately feel his face burn once more. No, she was not dressed decently, but at least she was covered.

And, again, his face was covered, so she couldn’t see how he stared at her and her indecency. Or how his pupils dilated at her exposed skin. Oh yes, this was definitely a mistake.

Kylo didn’t even argue about her bringing the lightsaber. “Follow me,” he instructed before turning and making his way to exit the room, when he would then proceed to lead her down the corridors until they were back in the conference room, and back to facing Snoke.


It didn’t surprise Azra in the least that Poe did that sort of thing. In her eyes, he completely seemed like the type. A playboy. Just like every other flyboy she knew.

She scoffed. “Jealous? I hardly even know you. I was just curious.” No, she wasn’t jealous. She just wanted to try and see what kind of person he was, if he was so easy to flirt with every pretty face.

It seemed that he was, but dammit if she still didn’t want to tug on those curls, or feel if his lips are just as plush as they looked.

Azra cleared her throat. “There’s a small spaceport in the south of the city, near the outskirts.”


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
The mask may have covered Kylo Ren, but his lingering when facing her told Myka enough. ‘Have you never seen a woman before, Ren?’ Somehow, she didn’t think that was far from the truth. Which was a shame. He had a pretty face.

More things for the man to learn, one day, when he realized that this ‘wanting’ things was good. For now, she’d let him play the good little dog to his master, and she’d follow along after him. Though she couldn’t help but be pleased with the looks she got from others as they made their way.

No silver trooper again, though. A shame. Myka was quite curious about that one.

Eventually, they made it to this conference room, and she frowned, looking around, “I don’t think we made him wait at all,” she didn’t realize she’d be dealing with only a hologram.


Poe would believe Azra on that, for now. They were just in the ‘knowing’ stages, after all, but he wondered if she might eventually start to feel pinpricks of jealousy over his past. It wouldn’t be the first time. It probably wouldn’t be the last, either.

But that all depended on if they even reached that kind of point. Azra may be enjoying this, but that didn’t necessarily mean they were going to go far.

He was interested in seeing how this all developed with her.

If nothing else, he did want her to see the cause of the Resistance as a good one. Something she could support. That was his main goal.

And so he took her directions towards the spaceport at the outskirts, “That the one?” He asked as the one he thought it was, came into sight. With the affirmative, he’d start the process of bringing them down, and finding Azra’s ship.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo could hardly wait for the questions that came his way when word got around the officers about his new ‘visitor,’ one who paraded around the ship with a poor excuse of a dress. Especially General Hux when he sees her, and hears of what she is.

Another powerful Force user.

He saw the confusion in her gaze. “He’s not actually on this ship.” He made his way over to the communication panel, where he sent a message to Snoke for their meeting to reconvene. “Snoke is on his own flagship.”

Kylo walked back to his position in front of the throne, taking a knee as he did before, but he wouldn’t tell Myka to do the same. He will let her decide how she should greet Snoke.


Azra looked down at the spaceport Poe pointed out, and she nodded her head in confirmation. “Yeah, that’s the one.” But she did get comfortable, and she didn’t want to get up.

Of course, she would never tell Poe that. Someone like him wouldn’t let her live it down.

She directed him as close to her own ship as they could get. When the top opened and lifted, Azra carefully maneuvered herself off of Poe, unintentionally grabbing his thigh once more before her hand grabbed onto the edge of the cockpit, and she lifted herself out.

“So, Takodana, right?” Azra did a small hop off and her feet landed on the ground.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Well, Myka supposed that made sense. Someone who was Kylo’s master was someone she should have sensed through the Force. She was disappointed not to be meeting them in person, but she would keep that to herself and let Kylo set it up.

It didn’t take long, and he took a knee.

She managed not to scoff. Or comment that it was a rather nice position for him.

She remained standing when Snoke appeared in the hologram, larger than life. She looked up, feeling both a twinge of pity, and disgust, at the sight of him. The dark side had truly fucked him over. He didn’t know how to master it – it had mastered him, twisting his form terribly, scarring him deeply.

He didn’t seem impressed with her in the least. “You claim to be Sith?”

“I am Sith. Darth Vesta.”

“From Darth Phantasm, from Darth Vader….”

“From Sidious, Plagueis, Tenebrous – should I continue?” For she saw in his eyes that he knew the names. Which was curious. “But you know. I know the lineage. So do you.”

“I do.”

“But you’re not Sith.”

A dark chuckle escaped him at that, “The Sith are a relic of the past, something that like the Jedi, should be disposed of.”


Poe really wished they could take the X-Wing – but he knew that in spite of his momentary enjoyment of how she gripped his thigh on getting out, and getting in, it could be problematic if they came under fire. Or had other issues. So he wouldn’t mention it, or press it, just let her out and hang over the side a moment as she went to her ship.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “Do you know where it is, or do you need me to send you the coordinates for Takodana?”

Sure, it was a popular enough world, but that didn’t mean everyone knew it. He wasn’t sure if she was among those who did. She didn’t seem the type – but then again, she was also just getting into this business of journalism. It was a good place to start and get ideas. Rumors clung to Takodana, after all.

BB-8 didn’t quite refrain from making a comment about Takodana being dangerous. “Not to us, Beebee.” Usually. Maz liked them. Mostly.

Maz was also friendly with some of their enemies. Like Terex.

It was annoying.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo raised his head to look in curiosity at Snoke. Even if the Sith are to be relics of the past, no one could deny the benefits Myka would bring to the ship.

Which really seemed heavy-handed as she stood next to him in a piece of fabric masquerading as a dress.

“We cannot deny what she could offer us, offer me.” Kylo rose to his full height. “How she can aid in my training.” As he still struggled with the Light, the Sith could help with completely obliterating the Light that still tugged at his mind. That still offered conflict within him.

And he hoped Snoke could see the very same.

“Her presence could be beneficial to us all, as we hunt down Luke Skywalker.”


Azra glanced back at Poe, as he hung over the side of his cockpit. “Nah, I know where it is.” She had been a few times, and it was one of the first planets she flew to after leaving the First Order.

Anyone could go there, and Maz’s Castle was a hotbed of information. It was only natural she decided to start there for her new life.

Her ship was right where she left it. Azra smiled as she walked up to it, only a few feet away from the X-Wing. “I’ll see you there soon enough.”

She did entertain the thought for a few seconds of not arriving in Takodana. She could leave if she wanted, but Azra knew she didn’t. She wanted to figure out more about Poe Dameron, and she wanted to see what it was exactly he wanted to show her. “Try not to miss me too much.”


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka and Snoke both observed Kylo’s response, his interjection, to Snoke’s declaration about to what the Sith belonged. Myka was careful, this time, in hiding any reaction, anything resembling pleasure or satisfaction. Snoke would see that, and he would likely understand much better than his apprentice.

She’d be condemned on the spot, certainly.

Snoke let out a thoughtful hum, not seeming entirely convinced, as his gaze flickered to Myka, “You are steeped in darkness,” he commented.

‘And not twisted by it.’ Myka didn’t say that.

She did, however, think of a response, “I am open to learning new ways, just as well. Perhaps there is a reason you and your apprentice find yourselves on a different path, beyond dynasties,” she reached for her lightsaber, and lit it.

It was not the crimson of the Sith, of the darkside, but magenta spilled out of both sides.

Snoke tilted his head up. “I did not make my blade bleed,” she told him. “I have forsaken some of my teachings. I am willing to teach what I know, and willing to learn what I should, if you would allow me time among the First Order.”

Snoke considered a moment, looking from Myka, to Kylo, and again considering the influence someone of Vader’s dynasty could have. It could be good. It could also be terrible if she exerted too much influence on his apprentice. “We shall see,” he allowed, and she withdrew the blades from sight.


Thankfully, Azra knew where Takodana was. Poe was glad for that, and let his gaze avert to her ship, internally cringing at the thought of piloting that, and wondering if it would together. Well, he’d get to see it soon enough, and check out what sort of piece of work it was.

He didn’t have high hopes.

He laughed a bit at Azra’s parting comment, and straightened up, “I’ll try, but no promises,” Poe said, adding, “You smell nice,” before he ducked into the cockpit of his ship and let the top cover him once more, so he could get it started, and get it back up in the air to leave for Takodana.

To leave her on that positive note, and positive thought. He could only hope she’d continued to be a bit bothered, and frustrated, by his presence.

He didn’t take long in getting his X-Wing up, and setting the coordinates for Takodana. He did have a concern that she wouldn’t show up, and he was certain he’d get there first. Nonetheless, he’d at least use the time to get back in touch with Leia, and let her know what he’d found so far, and who he hadn’t found, on Hays Minor.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo waited, with bated breath, for Snoke’s reaction. So far, he didn’t outright condemn anything. If anything, he seemed curious, just as how Kylo was curious.

She took out her lightsaber, something Kylo thought would be a foolish move until he saw the ignited blades. His eyes widened just slightly, in slight awe of the magenta blades.

Indeed, she had to be beyond the teachings of the Sith, adaptable to learn more. She didn’t wield the traditional red of their sabers, the red that even he had.

Snoke’s words were promising. If he didn’t outright dismiss her, then the chance for him to say yes was still there. He was nearly convinced. Kylo looked at Myka, then back to Snoke. “I will prove to you that this was not a mistake.”


Azra froze for a second at Poe’s comment, then scoffed and shook her head, lips stretching into a small smile. If she could’ve responded quicker, she would’ve said something along the lines of Your thighs provide a nice seat.

She didn’t take too long to get in her ship and get it ready to leave Hays Minor. She didn’t wish to linger on the planet much longer.

It was only a few minutes after Poe had left when Azra took her ship up, punched in the coordinates for Takodana, and flew amongst the stars on her quiet ship.

It wouldn’t be quiet for much longer, when Poe and BB-8 joined.

Given Poe’s head start, she knew she arrived after he did. Her ship docked in a spaceport, and Azra disembarked, stretching her arms as she looked for Poe.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Of course Kylo would step up. Snoke was not surprised. Someone with ties to Darth Vader would be a draw to him. He saw the advantages, and the disadvantages. Of course, he knew what Kylo was meant to become…and for that, this could be useful. A Sith, to prepare him for his ultimate role in the galaxy.

“It had better not be,” Snoke glowered, “She is your responsibility, Ren. Your…apprentice.”

Myka managed not to laugh. Barely. “In all things relating to the First Order, and survival in our new galaxy,” which they would carve out, soon. “Should she fail, it will be your failure, as well.” He stated firmly.

He would suffer the consequences of her failure, as if they were his own.


Poe had landed his X-Wing some minutes before Azra, and got on the comm with Leia. He let her know directly about the allies on Hays Minor, though it seemed like she already knew. Vi must have already gotten to her.

He also mentioned the Ticos, which saddened Leia, but she promised to break it to the girls herself. Poe was relieved to not have to shoulder that burdened, but still wished Leia luck in it. Not that she needed it. She’d written enough condolence letters with each Rebel life lost. She knew, by now, how to break terrible news.

No Rebel was ever just a number to her.

Poe saw Azra’s ship as it came into the spaceport, “Hey, she’s here, Beebee,” he said, and lowered BB-8 down then, before he hopped out of his cockpit. “Hey! Az! You made it,” he was relieved as he crossed to where she was stretching, BB-8 rolling to catch up.


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Kylo clenched his teeth, but he couldn’t argue Snoke. He nodded, accepting his new position as Darth Vesta’s...master.

It didn’t feel right, but yet it was his role.

Their being on equal roles felt more appropriate, and maybe beyond where Snoke could see them, they would be.

“Of course, Supreme Leader.” He lowered his head in respect, before raising it. “I will not let you down.” And he would hope that Myka did nothing to bring him failure.

And once granted permission, he would lead Myka out of the conference room.


Azra heard the familiar voice call out some atrocious nickname for her. She looked over to see Poe headed her way, and despite the nickname, she smiled at the sight of him and BB-8.

“Of course I did. I did agree to our little arrangement, did I not?” she asked, as if she didn’t have a few seconds of doubt that she really wanted to go through with this.

Who knew how long she would be stuck with Poe, resisting every urge to run her fingers through that mop of curls. Or to grab a taut thigh again.

“Did you need to do anything while we’re here? I’m all set to go.” She had fuel and food, but if Poe still needed to do something, Azra figured she could always grab a drink while waiting.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Snoke was quick enough to dismiss them after that, with no word of advice, instruction, or mission, to Kylo Ren. Myka could surmise from that, that Kylo must know what was expected. He was likely on mission already, given this talk of Luke.

As they stepped out of the conference room, Myka couldn’t help herself, “So, Master,” she let it roll off her tongue, no mockery, but something playful in her saying of it all the same, “What are your instructions for today?”

She probably needed to learn about the First Order a bit. Or at least this ship. This ship was larger than the entirety of the temple on Korriban that she had made her home. She had a feeling it would be difficult to get lost in it, once she understood it.

It seemed like a lot of straight lines.

And everyone they went by seemed to know where they were going.


Poe shrugged his shoulders at her statement of agreeing. People tended to blow off agreements, and given her hesitation with all this in the first place, he’d not be surprised, but he would have been disappointed. “Nah, there’s nothing I need here – er, actually,” he glanced at his ship, “I should tell Maz that she’s sitting here for a bit.”

So she didn’t worry and call Leia.

“C’mon, we can get a quick bite to eat, too,” before they set off and had to eat whatever she had in her ship, or hope they came across food on the worlds they went to.

He started on towards the castle, “You come here much?” He asked, “Met Maz herself?” He figured almost everyone did. Maz liked meeting people.


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Kylo rolled his eyes under his helmet, but he wouldn’t comment on Myka’s emphasis on the word ‘master.’ It would only be fueling her.

Though he did like the way it sounded coming from her.

“Today? My mission for today is finished, so perhaps the rest of the day is to help you acclimate to the First Order.” Tomorrow he would restart his mission for Luke Skywalker.

“I suppose you don’t have any preferences for where you wish to start.” Kylo was slightly sarcastic in his words. Someone like Myka? He was sure she had many questions or many requests for where they started, and he was curious as to what she would pick.


At the mention of food, Azra’s stomach began to rumble in protest. “Okay, a quick bite to eat doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Her body had been through much since her last meal, such as running from stormtroopers and dealing with frustrating flyboys.

She also wanted another drink.

Azra followed beside Poe. “I haven’t been here that much, just a handful of times. I met Maz on my first visit, and I swear she could figure out my entire life history.” It had been unnerving, the way Maz stared at her during their initial encounter.

She just knew Maz quickly figured out she was from the First Order.

“What about you? Do you come here often?” Noting the people filtering in and out of the castle, Azra flipped her hood up. Just in case.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
It seemed that she had been Kylo’s only plans for the day. ‘And you didn’t have time to go through more holocrons.’ She thought to chastise, but didn’t. He apparently had other things to do tomorrow, though Myka would wait for then to hear about them.

Or at least until later today.

For now, it seemed he was leaving her to determine how to start. Her mind created a list: she’d need to know the important people on this ship. She’d need to know where she was staying. The closest place to get food, and the closest place to take a bath if her room didn’t have one attached to it. Training grounds. The Bridge.

There may be things she didn’t know about, that she needed to know.

But, left to her own devices, “The silver Stormtrooper.”


Poe chuckled at Azra’s deductions about Maz. He decided not to tell her that it was quite possible, given Maz’s own Force sensitivity and knowledge from her years alive. Maz could tell things about people quite easily. “Yeah, Maz is a bit intimidating for someone so small.”

Their way of the stairs was lined by flags of all sorts – those that still existed, and those long extinct, like Alderaan’s flag. Poe couldn’t help but look at it, and wonder if Alderaan was visible from Takodana. He hadn’t asked Leia if that was one of the places she went to, still, to go see Alderaan.

“Often enough,” Poe said, glancing back down to see Azra had flipped her hood up. ‘Definitely running.’ But he’d leave that alone, for now.

Plenty of good people were running.

Through the doors was plenty of sounds, plenty of people, but Poe made his way right to the counter where the protocol droid Emmie was taking orders and helping. “Hey, Emmie!” He called out.

The droid looked over to him, “I need Maz for a second, can you get her for me? And also some water and uh, do you got any nuna?”

“We do.”

“A couple of drumsticks, then. Az?” He looked to her to see if she wanted to chime in.


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Kylo knew she would have to have many questions, or perhaps didn’t even know where she wanted to start. There was much for her to learn, and he suspected many questions would be easier to answer while they were sitting somewhere.

So he directed them back to his own chambers for now. She should have her own space ready soon.

“The silver Stormtrooper?” he repeated, but once he said the words, Kylo knew whom she was referring to. “Oh, Captain Phasma.”

One of the few people both he and General Hux would agree on being competent.

“She’s one of the highest ranking officers here on the Finalizer, and she commands the Stormtroopers.” And a fierce warrior in battle, one he could respect.

And maybe fear a little, if she’s angry.


Azra’s gaze scanned the room, observing the variety of figures who claimed Maz’s castle as a temporary sanctuary. Everyone from all corners of the galaxy often visited her place, knowing it could be one place of temporary reprieve.

These rumors were the reason Azra first sought out the place when she left the Order. Well, and a place like Maz’s Castle was a great one to pick up stories.

Poe asked her a question, and Azra drew away from looking around with a small, ‘mmm?’ But it only took her a second to realize what he asked. “Oh, um, just get me whatever he’s having,” she said to the protocol droid.

She trusted him enough to have ordered something edible.

“Oh, and a bitter,” she quickly added before the droid turned away.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Captain Phasma. It was almost like Phantasm, and Myka wondered for a moment if that was mere coincidence. Too much wasn’t when it came to the Force that it was hard to be certain. In either case, it seemed the woman was a well-respected member.

“So that’s how Phasma was able to unlock your room,” when Kylo wasn’t there to do it himself. Phasma had clearance.

Myka might have insinuated Phasma had more than that, a certain influence gained by questionable activities, but she wouldn’t sully the name of this Captain already.

Besides, Kylo didn’t seem aware enough.

“I want to get to know Phasma,” she decided, “though I suspect that isn’t what this day will entail, will it?” No fun times meeting this Captain Phasma.


Poe arched a brow as Azra tuned back in, apparently not having heard what he said. He wondered if she even knew what a nuna was. Well, they’d find out. Poe gestured to stools, as he took one himself. It would be a hot minute before Emmie returned with drinks, let alone Maz.

Maz was either free, or busy.

There was no in-between. Poe wasn’t sure if they’d have to wait long or not. “So is bitter your drink of choice?” He, obviously, wasn’t going to be drinking. He had to fly the ship, and it was a new ship. “Oh, I actually meant to ask – does your ship have a name?”

BB-8 questioned that, noting his X-Wing didn’t have a name.

“Sure it does – Black One!”

BB-8 didn’t think that was a name, just a callsign. “My callsign is Black Leader.”

BB-8 still doubted.


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Kylo hummed his affirmation to Myka’s assumption of how Phasma unlocked his room. Her and Hux could do that to his room;no one else. Well, no one else on this ship.

“No, that won’t happen today.” He could hardly fault her for being curious about Captain Phasma. She was an imposing figure who inspired curiosity from those she didn’t scare.

He had been one of those curious.

“She has a very busy schedule, though I suspect you will be able to meet her one day soon.” Kylo wouldn’t promise anything. Any of their schedules could change at a moment’s notice.

They came back up to his chambers, and Kylo unlocked the door. “Your chambers should be ready soon. For now, you can wait in my room.”


Azra hopped onto a stool as Poe offered. Well, if they were going to be there long enough to eat, they may as well sit.

She shrugged, “If I just want alcohol but don’t want to spend time looking over a menu or thinking too hard about all the choices, it is one I normally turn to.” But she wouldn’t oppose other drinks.

It was a familiar one for her. A comforting one.

Azra raised an eyebrow, and glanced down at BB-8. “Don’t worry, I’m with you on this one. I, too, doubt this.” She gave the droid a wink before turning back to Poe. “Nah, the ship doesn’t have a name. Why, is that a dealbreaker for you, Dameron?”

It was only a light joke, but it led Azra to start thinking if Poe would put it upon himself to give her ship a nickname, just as he seemed to have given her one.

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