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  1. Bronco

    Futuristic  Star Wars Bebop

    Howdy out there, I'm Bronco. So, recently I just finished Cowboy Bebop (had me until the end not gonna lie) and then I proceeded to rewatch the original not long after. Originally I was hoping to just rp in the universe that show presented, but for some reason I'm back on a star wars kick too...
  2. Snallygaster

    Fandom  New here, have a masterpost of uncommon fandoms

    Howdy Y'all! I'm Snally, and came crashing into this site to help facilitate my never-ending search for good stories and fun people to write with. In truth, the fandoms I'm asking for aren't TOO niche, but they're definitely not ones I see people roleplaying much. I usually write anywhere from...
  3. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Star Rangers

    This RP is inspired by the stories of the Texas Rangers. It is set in the future of an Expanse type setting long after the development of a jump drive. It takes place far from Earth among the Outworlds. The Outworlds are located too far from Earth to be within reach of the Law. They are the...
  4. Jagson

    Futuristic  Space pirates

    The Galaxy is on fire. The system that has held the peace for a thousand years has unraveled. Governments from across the galaxy do battle leaving trails of destruction in their wake. This is not that story In the wake of the Second Galactic War governments aren't able to protect civilian...
  5. GenericAlias

    Fandom  Sith and Jedi Dynamics? Scratch that Unlikely Friendship/Romance Itch today!

    Hello hello! I hope you're all doing well this fine morning/evening/afternoon/whenever you find this post! Just as it says on the title, I'm a major Star Wars fan, with a Sith OC, looking for an RP partner willing to play a Jedi! I've always been a fan of the dynamics that can result between...
  6. TheForce

    Multiple Settings  Cosmic Champions- The Zodiac Knights

    You were kidnapped, though admittedly not in the normal way one would think. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, some kind of light engulfed you and you could feel yourself come apart atom by atom and reform in a great chamber of metal and darkness. When the lights came on a strange...
  7. Zatahiri

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for a partner!

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this website. Have been roleplaying a lot in the past and I want to do it again. If you are interested, please send me a message. I'm interested in a lot of topics, so just hit me up and we will discuss!
  8. Cleocrypt

    Fandom  satisfy that star wars craving

    Ya girl is back on the hunt for another Star Wars roleplay or two. Or three. I have a massive craving, y'all. (if we've talked before and something happened, feel free to contact me again!) Here are the rules. Please read before you message me (I will ignore you if you don't read them)...
  9. Cleocrypt

    Multiple Settings  back on the hunt [one on one search]

    Yo, your resident nerd here on the hunt for some roleplays. Onwards! Das Rules (must read): Fandoms: Originals:
  10. TheForce

    Fandom  Star Wars-Something beyond

    Coruscant The Republic Senate building was abuzz with traffic as the Senators and their staff made their way in the building for the comming meeting. Leaders from over a hundred worlds even many of whom who did not consider themselves a part of the republic but were close to doing so. That...
  11. TheForce

    Fandom  Star Wars- Something Beyond

    Set 680 years after the Sequel trilogy the galaxy we know and love had changed considerably. The Galactic republic has consolidated its borders and has rebuilt to near pre clone war conditions. Separatist regimes and remnants of the empire still exist in the new territories and wester reaches...
  12. TheForce

    Futuristic  The Great Red Ring.

    *warning, this is a lot of lore. If you have questions let me know as I am new and this will help me understand what things players are looking for here. I’ll be figuring out how to put up character sheets, lore pages, and other important aspects over the next few days and if everything goes...
  13. TheSenate

    Fandom  A Star Wars Story (M x F)

    Time line: Prequel Pair: Padawan x Padawan Genre: Action, romance, adventure Additional info: We can go absolutely wild here! Time line: Original Pair: Jedi x Jedi, Jedi x Inquisitor (o.o), Jedi x Bounty hunter Genre: Action, romance, drama, adventure, thriller Additional info: Primarily...
  14. AussieAndCat

    Multiple Settings  Sci-fi or Soldiers? Active, long term, friendly

    Aussie and Cat This site hates me. Please drop me your Discord handle. I do check in here occasionally to Rp, *Cough* not really *Cough* Most of us start role playing on the playground. We don’t call it that of course, it’s “make believe” and the like. But between a few years of that and then...
  15. Lilu

    Fandom  "A distant Echo may be heard early" — CLONE WARS SEARCH

    Good time of day to everyone on the website! My name’s Lilu and in this thread I’m searching for, hopefully, a long-term RP partner for a specific platonic Star Wars plot I have in mind! Before we get into that, however, here’s a bit about me: — I’m currently 18 and have been playing for 6...
  16. Lilu

    Fandom  Big fandom search (Star Wars, Genshin Impact, Pokemon and more)

    Good time of day to everyone on the website! My name’s Lilu and in this thread I’m searching for, hopefully, long-term RP partners in several fandoms! Before we get into that, however, here’s a bit about me: — I’m currently 18 and have been playing for 6 years — English isn’t my first language...
  17. Jackson123

    Fandom  Warhammer 40k Imperial Navy RP

    Space: the final frontier...wait, wrong franchise Anyway I think it'd be cool to do a RP based on warships in the Warhammer 40k universe. For this RP we'll be using a Dictator class cruiser. The cruiser is the main ship of the line and the class that is the workhorse in the fleets of the...
  18. Cleocrypt

    Multiple Settings  on the hunt [a lonely search]

    Yo, your resident nerd here on the hunt for some roleplays. Onwards! Das Rules (must read): Fandoms: Originals:
  19. The_Enigma

    Fantasy  Children Of Contradiction

    So I've form an idea of story, and the very basic foundation has been placed down. (i.e setting, estimated power level, genre, and more) The Children Of Contradiction is going to be a group space-fantasy the focuses around the cast of people created from the illogical. As they journey into...
  20. Seren_Astrophel

    Multiple Settings  Scifi 1x1

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm bad at advertising myself. However, I have a couple storylines I wanna try out. I've tried one a few times but it's never made it far enough to satisfy me (either do to ghosting parters, busy life stuff, or other stressors) and the other is brand new. So, if you're...