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Fandom Star Wars: Rising Tide [closed]

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Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka was disappointed not to be able to touch his hair, but it was precisely what she expected, as well. This was someone who covered up and hid – he wasn’t soon going to be touched, or revealed, in any true sense of the word. Not that easily.

She had little reason to doubt his statement about his armor, but nonetheless, as her hand dropped back into her lap, she wore her pout obviously, and said, “I doubt that,” as if some disbelief in his appearance would soothe the fact she couldn’t touch the hair. Or that it might possess him to prove it.

It probably wouldn’t it – at least not immediately.

Over time, it might grate on Ren enough to want to prove something. Despite his restraint so far, the undercurrents of his anger remained obvious enough.

Still, she’d brush it off, shift subjects, and not look at him. Pointedly so, now that she was denied. It was a bit of play, admittedly, but it usually worked in her favor, “So what brought you to this Snoke then? Or what brought Snoke to you, Ren?”


Poe smiled at the mirialan as they joined, taking a seat besides Azra so they could look at Poe. “I’m Poe,” he offered his hand across. “Good to meet you….”

“Vith,” the Mirialan offered. “You look a little young to know much about this.”

“Maybe,” Poe shrugged, “I was with the navy, though,” he didn’t say ‘New Republic’. Not out in the open. “Grew up on stories of Yavin 4 and Endor,” he said, “I try to live it up a little, but I’d hate to see a return to those days.”

The mirialan also was too young to know much about it, but chuckled, agreeing with the sentiment, even if there was something not quite so cheerful about that, “Not with the navy anymore?”

“No,” he shook his head, “I found something better.”


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Myka reminded Kylo of a petulant child who didn’t get the candy they wanted. The pout. The obvious fact she didn’t want to look at him. Stars, have I made a mistake?

No, there was no denying she was Sith, but it seemed she herself still had much to learn about not getting what she wanted.

But would it be so bad to allow her to feel his hair? To allow her fingers run through the strands?

“We had already discussed Snoke,” Kylo responded curtly. It wasn’t quite a subject he wanted to talk about, but then, he thought, if he satisfied her curiosity, he could ask her about her Sith master and her legacy.

He sighed. “Snoke offered to help me see my true potential, offer what everyone else was trying to hide or destroy.” They feared that he would become like his grandfather. “Then, when my old master tried to kill me, I knew then I had to go to Snoke.” Who, yes, also tried to kill Kylo, but those instances had been lessons for Kylo in the Force.

It helped him grow.

“What about your master, Phantasm? What brought you two together?”


Azra scooted over slightly as to make more room for Poe, who now sat beside her. So far, she hadn’t received any strange vibes from the mirialan, but why would she? She hadn’t known many non-humans in the First Order, and if they lived on Hays Minor, they would have no reason to want to join.

The mirialan in question, Vith, looked over at the woman. “And what about you?”

“What about me?” she raised an eyebrow.

They gestured lightly with a hand. “Where do you stand in all this?”

Azra straightened her posture and took a sip of the bitters. “I’m a journalist. I write what I see, and apparently I now interview flyboys.”

Seemingly satisfied, or finding nothing more to ask her, Vith focused back on Poe. “So what is it you found?”


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Snoke wasn’t his favorite subject. Snoke was likely not his favorite person, despite the fact he served Snoke. Myka could understand that, only too well, really. Ren wanted it all, and Snoke was in his way. That was a simplistic view of it, but she knew it cut deeper than that. It was in that rawness, of the act that it took to turn him towards Snoke in the first place.

But Snoke had been patient.

He knew he had a treasure.

He didn’t know how to show off that treasure to entrap others, but every Master had their flaws.

“Well, Phantasm had already gone through two or three apprentices before me,” Myka said, “There was no one out there that suited her, so she decided to make someone. Really, I think she just wanted to be a mother. She stole me as an infant, killed my parents.”

Phantasm was all she’d ever known.

She had no choice in that matter. She didn’t sound upset by that, or even bitter, that she hadn’t known her parents, or another life. No, that was her strength. She’d never known the light, as Phantasm had. “It was one thing she did right, really. People who know the light…they’re much weaker. She proved that, at the end.”


A direct statement of ‘The Resistance’ was dangerous, if Poe wasn’t certain. Not that he hid it, but he didn’t need to suddenly be surrounded by First Order operatives. The mirialan didn’t give any hint that he might be with the Order…and perhaps he wasn’t, but this was still a cantina. They weren’t the only ones here.

Still, he took a gamble. “We’re called the Resistance, with Leia Organa. Not quite official, but I think it’s making progress. Looking to grow, though.”

He could see Vith assessing his words.

He could see Vith’s group straining to listen in. “What about you, Vith? What is it you do?” He was either about to be shot at, or welcomed.

Or taken hostage, if they didn’t quite trust him yet. That had happened before.

Maybe he should have warned Azra. “Demolitions,” Vith answered, “of many sorts of things that need…cleared out.”


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At the end. It was unspoken, but understood, what happened to Phantasm. She hadn’t met a natural end, or one in some battle, but rather at the hands of her own apprentice. The woman she had raised and trained.

The other stories he read of the Sith, the apprentice had slain the master.

“And she was right.” People who do know the light are weaker. And every damn day he tried to push away the light that desperately clung to him. It still calls to him. This woman, maybe he could learn more of how to fully embrace the dark.

Maybe she could help him in ways Snoke couldn’t.

“The light is a weakness to be destroyed.” And he will. Destroy everything and everyone who continues to pull him to that light.

Kylo stared at her face, silently willing her to look back at him. “When did you know you were going to kill her?”


Demolitions? Maybe he used to work in the mines. That would certainly explain an expertise in demolition, and a desire to join the Resistance - to drive out the First Order from their world and from stripping it of every mineral there was.

Azra then wondered if his little group of friends, straining to listen, were work buddies of his. Or if she was reading them all completely wrong.

The glass pressed to her lips, and she took another sip, silent as she watched them. This was a conversation she would now stay out of, unless addressed or there was a necessary comment.

“And I have friends with many different skills,” he added. “But right now, our skills aren’t being used properly.” Although no one of the First Order was in immediate sight, his voice lowered, as to make sure someone who didn’t need to hear them did so.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka had half-expected Ren to disagree, or to claim the Light had its use. Her master had, when she began to regret Myka. When she considered the lack of conflict within her was actually her downfall, rather than the best thing that could happen to a person.

But when did she begin to know.

Oh, it was young. Myka knew that. Perhaps she hadn’t known the word then, or even the action, certainly, not really, what ‘death’ meant…but she had hated Phantasm for a long, long time. She had loved her, as well, but in the end, she had hated her, for she was between what Myka wanted more than anything else.

But Myka didn’t look back at Kylo, even though she felt his gaze. “I knew I would kill her before I had a name, Ren.” Of course, Phantasm had spoken of the natural order of the Sith, even then, but had also spoken of her grand changes to it, which would be seen through ‘my girl’. Her precious child. Her love.


“What about your first Master, Ren? Are they dead? Why did you need another after that?”


“Yeah,” Poe said sympathetically, “Hard to find good places to use skills, isn’t it? Why I got out of the navy,” he said, “You know, maybe we’d have a place for you,” he offered, “Some others from Hays found good employment with us – a…demolitions expert, and a mechanic,” Paige and Rose.

“That so?”

“That’s why I’m here,” Poe said, thinking a moment, adding, “and maybe to find the Ticos, if they’re…still around, anywhere.” That wasn’t expressly in his mission, but he knew Leia would want him to check. He wanted to check. Rose and Paige deserved it.

And with the situation on Hays Minor?

He couldn’t imagine the Ticos wanted to stay here any longer. They’d be welcomed in the Resistance, even if they couldn’t do much, like their daughters.


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Kylo still didn’t remove his gaze from Myka. Even more, her short answer created more curiosity for him towards the woman who sat beside him. What, exactly, was her full story?

“No, he’s not dead.” A sore spot. But, that will change soon. He will kill Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedis, and his former master who betrayed him. “I...had originally been trained to become a Jedi.”

What a young fool he had been.

“Now I am on a mission to find him and kill him, once and for all, as he had tried to kill me.” But Kylo would succeed where Luke failed. He just needed to find that map first.

“After I left him, Snoke trained me in the ways of the dark side of the Force as I sought to forget the teachings of my old life. With the Light.” And yet it still pulled at his mind. The more he clung to the dark, the more the Light pulled him back.


Vith’s interest did not waver once. He strongly considered Poe’s offer, as had some of his friends, who were all silent as they listened in further to the conversation.

Hays Minor had once been a beautiful, quiet planet, before the First Order invaded and destroyed all of that.

“The Ticos?” Another voice asked. A Twi'lek stood up from the nearby table and scooted into the booth beside Vith. “If you’re trying to find the older Ticos, their parents, I’m afraid you’re shit out of luck.”

An unexplained wave of sorrow clenched at Azra’s heart for the people she didn’t even know.

“They died a few months back. We were told it was a mining accident right outside their town, but we suspect it was the First Order, testing one of their new weapons,” the twi’lek continued, sadness lining her face.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Myka’s brows lifted with the confession that this Master was not dead. No wonder Ren needed a new one – he wasn’t very good at this.

Except, it made sense. “A Jedi…,” she said it with both reverence, and surprise. Not that she revered the Jedi themselves to any degree, but it was interesting, nonetheless, that he’d been on such a path – and that a Jedi tried to kill him.

“Not a very good Jedi,” she couldn’t help but comment, leaning back into her chair, and turning her head away from him, towards the viewport. “No wonder you do still feel so light though.” Despite his turmoil. His anger. Everything that should have screamed darkness – still, he was more like a night’s sky.

Lit up, at so many points, by pinpricks of light. “I’ve heard those teachings are quite hard to shake. Not even Vader managed it.” Which, considering, "You were taught by Luke Skywalker, then?"


Someone knew them. Poe hoped that someone would, but the news they had to offer was grim. Poe set his face as he looked at the twi’lek, and took in the news. It didn’t surprise him. Paige and Rose had been rebels even while here, but they acted alone. They got into trouble. It wouldn’t be long before it caught up with their parents.

It didn’t make him any happier.

His fist balled on the table. He lifted it, not high, and slammed it a short ways down onto the table as he leaned back against the booth he was in.



He was too late for them. “I know Rose. Paige.” He said, as his gaze left Vith and the twi’lek both to look out. His gaze had watered and he knew it. He didn’t need everyone else to know it immediately, either.

He took a moment to regroup, as Vith and the twi’lek exchanged a look. He let out a breath, and looked back at Vith, then the twi’lek. “It ain’t good news…but it’s something. Thank you.” He wouldn’t shoot the messenger.


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Kylo frowned, and his brows furrowed. Myka had only said what he already knew, but she didn’t actually have to say anything. She could’ve remained quiet.

He had a feeling that her mouth was going to annoy him a lot.

The Jedi teachings were indeed quite hard to get rid of. He didn’t know how much his grandfather retained, and how much he was able to completely forget due to the dark side. But Kylo knew he needed to work harder, try different tactics, to stop the split in his mind.

“Yes, I was.” His former master. His uncle. “And I am going to be the one to kill him.” And maybe, just maybe, a little more of that light will disappear from him. "What do you know of Luke Skywalker?"


Azra felt guilty. She didn’t even know about Hays Minor until several days ago, and she still felt guilty for the deaths of these people, just from her past.

It affected Poe greatly. She didn’t jump, but she did flinch, when his fist slammed on the table. Apparently he had wanted to find the parents of the two girls he mentioned, Rose and Paige.

And now he would have to tell them the bad news.

Azra looked at him, concerned, as Poe looked away. Should she place a hand on his shoulder for comfort?

She didn’t know. She wasn’t that great at comforting people. It hadn’t exactly been a desired quality in the First Order.

The twi’lek nodded. “I’m sorry it couldn’t be better news. If it means anything, to you or to them, they would always talk about how proud they were of their daughters.”

“And we would do anything to avenge their deaths, and the deaths of every other innocent civilian who lost their lives because of the First Order,” Vith added. They wanted in on the Resistance.

They were prepared to fight.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
It would be a good thing, for the internal struggle of Ren, to kill Luke Skywalker. Myka did not imagine that would be the end of it, of course. There was still this Snoke figure to contend with, but when the Masters were gone, the Apprentice was free to chase after what they truly wanted. To begin to define themselves, and welcome the darkness.

“I know he was the Jedi who turned Darth Vader to the light, and I know he was Darth Vader’s son,” familial relationships seemed to be a sticking point for most. She may have owed Phantasm her gratitude for making sure it was never an issue for herself.

Never would be an issue.

Attachments such as that were only hindrances. “I don’t know all that much else, really,” was there that much more to know? “I know that it’s strange he would try to kill you if he were a Jedi. Especially the Jedi who turned Darth Vader to the light.” Wouldn’t he try to save this Ren, too? “You must have done something unforgivable.”


Poe gave a solemn nod as the information was passed on. He would be sure that the two girls heard that – that their parents were proud of them, until the end. “Yeah. I guess,” it’d be better, perhaps, to hear it from those of Hays Minor. Those who knew her parents, who may have known of their efforts in their last days.

Those interested in avenging deaths and getting back at the First Order.

Poe downed the rest of his ale, “You know, I’ve had a bit of a long trip here,” he said, “I don’t suppose you all have any place to stay at, a bit more…you know…quiet? My head’s hurting.” His heart was hurting, really, but a quiet place? They could actually get into the details of arranging vengeance or putting them in touch with Leia Organa.

Getting them off this dying world where the First Order attacked civilians without interference.

“Of course,” Vith rose, “anything for a friend of the Ticos.” He added, as if that could truly obscure what they were doing. He rose, and Poe scooted out of his side of the booth as well, glanced back to Azra.

He wondered how this might fare in her calculation of stories, and what keeping information on the First Order was worth.


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Myka knew a little about Luke Skywalker. She knew what most knew about the legendary Jedi who stopped Darth Vader.

“He could see the darkness in me, and it scared him.” And naturally, that meant slaying a sleeping boy. “Maybe he was afraid that I would be like my grandfather.” Another Darth Vader.

The Jedi were never great at handling darkness.

“He failed as a master and lost his students. Some of them came with me, to join the dark side.” And the other burned or were struck down. “And now, I made it my mission to kill him, the last of the Jedi.


Wait, really? Are we going to crash at their place instead of just leaving? Sensing they were about to leave, Azra downed the rest of her drink, slightly wincing at the sudden onslaught of its bitter taste.

She followed behind Poe, ignoring his glance as she scooted out. She could guess what he was thinking, if it was the same as her. Of her dedication to her neutrality, or to truly determine who is good, and who is bad.

“I have a place not that far from here. It's quiet. You won’t have to worry about anyone barging in unannounced.” No one they didn’t need around should overhear them.

Do you need me to come along? She wanted to ask Poe, but where would she wait? And there was no telling how long they would be discussing the Resistance. So, Azra followed after them as Vith led them out of the cantina.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
The great master who helped Darth Vader see the light, was afraid of a little boy, with a little bit of darkness inside of him? Myka wanted to laugh. She wanted to rejoice at the stupidity of Luke for being so afraid of what he felt in Ren, but she did not. If this was what Luke feared, she wondered how Dark Vader really was.

Wondered, if there had been a time when Ren was less torn up.

He seemed to have taken some students along with him, though. A collection of torn Jedi to the Dark Side. How depressing. There wasn’t going to be anyone fun to interact with in the First Order, was there?

“I’m sure you will,” Myka imagined there was little conflict where it came to Luke. That would be easy. “A scared old man like that will fall easily enough when you find him.” Obviously, he didn’t know where Luke was, or he would have done it already. “And then there will be no more Jedi,” something she could support.

A smile broke out across her lips with the thought, “That’ll make my life easier.” She wouldn’t have to hide nearly so much after that, would she?


Poe couldn’t speak to the actual plan, though he saw the confusion in Azra’s gaze. He wouldn’t clarify right there, but nodded her along, as Vith took the lead out of the bar, and to this place.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too far.

Nor was it a home. Not really, once inside, although it initially bore the appearance of one. Vith walked to a round table at the center, and with a touch to the glass surface, it lit up, scanned his hand, and then moved aside.

“All right!” Poe couldn’t help but cheer that kind of technology, as a ladder down was revealed. “How long have you had this set-up?”

Vith shook his head, “It wasn’t originally meant for…this.” For bad weather. Not for First Order. But now he’d outfitted the basement area into something of a safe haven for them to meet.

Poe’s cheer faltered a bit in understanding, and Vith took the lead down. As he was venturing down, Poe glanced to Azra, "Don't worry -- we're not staying that long." Just long enough to pass on information.


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Kylo scoff. He wasn’t sure if he shared the same sentiment as Myka, that Luke will easily fall. Or maybe he will. Luke had been hiding for so long. Did he allow his skills to rust over the years?

He will find out one day, in battle. He will strike down his true enemy and end the Jedis.

One brow lifted, Kylo looked over Myka. “Were you in hiding because of one Jedi?” Wasn’t she the one to possess the knowledge of all those holocrons? To have been taught by the apprentice of Darth Vader?

And yet, she hid?

“Now you won’t have to hide anymore. Not when you’re with the First Order.” Or with me. They could fight together, side by side, as powerful users of the dark side of the Force. They could defeat Luke, and make sure no one stood in their way.


Azra shared similar sentiments towards the technology in the initially unassuming space, though she didn’t vocalize them. Her eyes had only widened slightly when the ladder was revealed.

The twi’lek, Tala, had followed right behind Vith down the ladder and to the familiar space for her.

Azra looked to Poe and shrugged. “I did say I was giving you so much time before I would leave, didn’t I?” Still, that didn’t mean she wanted to linger for too long, but she would keep her word.

Then, curious about Vith’s friend, Azra asked, “So he’s a demolitions guy, what is it you do?”

As they came into the secret room, Tala allowed herself to turn and face Azra. “Largely into the mechanical engineering area. I like to build stuff, fix stuff. Lately, I’ve been getting into weapons, new tech, that kind of stuff.”

Anything that could potentially help them against the First Order.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
“Not only one Jedi,” Myka answered, leaning forward and folding her arms over her knees, before finally looking back at Kylo. Looking up at him. “A good Sith is an unknown Sith.” Not even Palpatine had come out with what he was during his reign. “I’d prefer if it were otherwise, but to the general populace of the galaxy….”

Well, they had their biases. She knew this. And she knew she needed something other to get a foot in the door.

The First Order was going to be that. It had to be that.

“It’s unfortunate that such a thing still depends on your master, Snoke.” But perhaps Kylo would be more inclined to vouch for her than before. A shared hatred of Jedi had to mean something.


Destruction and creation. Poe liked that. He gave an approving nod to Tala, “So, how many of you are there? Approximate,” he added, a bit hastily.

Exact numbers were usually frowned upon in these opening stages of things.

“Not as many as we’d like,” Vith said, “Over thirty.”

Over thirty was more than Poe expected. Things had to be bad on Hays Minor. It obviously was – but worse than Poe expected. The First Order wasn’t good at keeping things from the populace any longer, which made Poe worried.

Would they soon be destroying it all?

“That’s good. Useful. And we could use all of you,” Poe said, “Only…not here.” Not on Hays Minor. The Resistance couldn’t help them, here.


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Kylo was finally able to look into her eyes when she turned back to him. He didn’t want to look away again, but he couldn’t explain why.

“Yes, it is unfortunate, isn’t it?” That, indeed, to do anything, he had to ask Snoke. Get his permission. Like he was still some small child.

One day, that will change, when the opportune moment comes along.

“But I am certain I can make him see the use of having you around the First Order, of having you assist me in certain missions.” They could find Luke faster, having two dark side users searching for the last remaining Jedi.

If she couldn’t stay? Well, that would just be annoying.


Thirty rebels in the middle of First Order territory. Azra frowned. Thirty souls who decided that what the Order was doing was bad enough to risk their lives trying to stop it. Thirty in one area.

She didn’t feel great.

Tala nodded, her sorrow evident on her face. “Understandable.” Hays Minor was a dying planet, and soon every town would have been shelled by weapons testing.

They had to do what they could to prevent that from happening to other planets.

“So, where would we go?” she added. This Resistance had to have had a base somewhere, and Tala would call it home if she had to.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
There it was. The commitment to try and make Snoke see that Myka belonged. Myka was pleased to hear it. She didn’t know how Snoke may react to it; she got the feeling this Ren didn’t come to the defense of many. It may set off an alarm in his head, or he may think to use it against Ren.

Myka would be curious to see how it turned.

“Certain missions?” Myka was curious, “What sort of missions do you tend to undertake, Ren? Besides crashing people’s homes, of course,” she wanted to think that wasn’t the norm, though it also wasn’t the norm to have a home on Korriban.

Ideally, it would be something more useful than that. Something that led to furthering power and control over the galaxy. It was to be seen. And she wondered how much downtime there might be to get to know Ren.

To teach him more about the Dark.

To shift his loyalty.


Poe hadn’t expected such quick agreement, and he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, almost laughed, but not quite. Many people wanted to stay and defend their homes. They didn’t see the hopelessness of the situation. They thought they could save what remained and keep the First Order off, on their own.

It wasn’t possible.

“Well, here’s the thing – I can get you a contact with the Resistance – Moradi,” Poe said. “She’ll get you coordinates to a backwater world, where we can vet you. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but you have to understand…the First Order can sneak into groups. It may be how they know where to target next. Anyways, Vi will clear you from there – the planet you’ll be at will be safe, you’ll be taken care of there – and once she has that done, she’ll get you to Leia herself.”

Vith looked to Tala. Then, to Poe, “And if we need transportation?”

“I’ll let her know,” Poe said. “Are you able to transport anyone off-planet on your own?”


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Myka continued to prove to be curious about his position in the First Order, and while he didn’t blame her, the constant questions were starting to irritate him a bit.

She would get her answers soon enough, if Snoke didn’t want her dead.

“Stealing holocrons,” Kylo answered as he relaxed into his seat further. He had intended to just leave her with that sarcastic response, but he decided to give her a little bit more. Still vague, as he didn’t want to reveal just yet what he did. Where he went.

Just in case.

“There’s much you will learn in due time, but we must wait and see what the Supreme Leader says about your coming to the First Order.” If Kylo revealed too much and Snoke rejected her, then Kylo could face repercussions as well, for saying too much.


Tala threw a glance to Vith before nodding. “We may be able to manage a few, but not everyone.” A few are a few more off the planet and away from the First Order, and with the Resistance. With hope for a free galaxy.

But they’ll need more help. They had lost much due to the First Order and their weapon tests, including resources.

“We thank you for allowing us to help,” Vith said.

Tala nodded her agreement. “We will pass on this information to our friends and prepare our departure whenever this Moradi contacts us.” And the two would exchange their contact information with Poe, as Azra watched from her spot, leaning against the wall in silent observation.

Sensing that the impromptu meeting was ending, she straightened up and made her way over to Poe. “I wish you all good luck.”

And she found that she truly meant that. No one deserved to live on the ruined planet, slowly dying from all the atrocious acts committed to it.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
Ren did not want to talk about what he did. Strange. She canted her head, having expected some discussion of missions he’d pulled off, some boasting. There was none of that. Again, he was so strange. ‘What shape do these pinpricks of light make up in you? What constellations make you?’

“Mmmmm, you’re right. It’ll be a shame if he doesn’t accept me,” she’d have to destroy everything around and escape, no doubt. That would be a tragedy. She’d hate to harm Ren’s face in the process. Or kill Snoke.

That should be what he did.

Cut it clean.

Like with his Master Luke.

“What is your name, anyways? Or is it Ren your name?” And the others just took it? She didn’t know. But it might help in front of Snoke if she knew that much.


Poe offered the information for Moradi, and connected them on the spot, as well, so the dialogue could begin. He hoped that he would see Vith and Tala again, in the future, but for now, he would let things move along with Moradi, and he’d get himself and Azra out of there. He had done what he went there to do – he had found the rebels. He learned what happened with the Ticos. And he saw evidence of the Order’s actions, as well.

He smiled a bit as Azra gave a parting comment to the pair of rebels, before they left.

“All right,” Poe said, once they put some distance between themselves and the base, “So is your ship closer, or is mine?” Poe didn’t know where Azra’s ship was, at all, “cause we gotta get back to one of them, and then to the other, to get off this planet.”

And so he could drop his ship off somewhere safer, and move on to his promise to show her what the First Order was up to. There was plenty to see – and maybe they could do a quick flyover of what happened here. If she had any doubts about what the Order was capable of.


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It’ll be a shame. And yet Kylo could sense more to her words. That her rejection would just be a minor obstacle to overcome.

And if she was rejected, Kylo didn’t know who he would help in the end.

Kylo considered Myka, one brow cocked. Didn’t he already come to the conclusion that she was a bit too curious for her own good? Though, he supposed a request for a name wasn’t unreasonable.

“My name is Kylo Ren.” Would she be able to sense that he wasn’t born with that name? Surely she would, just as she was given the name Darth Vesta later in life, so was Kylo Ren given his name.


Azra looked at Poe, then glanced around at the buildings around them. “Oh, it shouldn’t be far, it’s just…” she trailed off, a realization dawning on her.

Her ship wasn’t anywhere nearby.

“It’s parked in another town, about ten or so miles from here,” she finished. A light blush colored her cheeks when Azra recalled their earlier situation, her having to ride in Poe’s X-Wing. On his lap.

And if she wanted to get to her ship anytime before nightfall, it seemed that she would have to do it again.

“Come on, let’s go.” Azra turned and walked in the direction where they had left Poe’s ship, as her gaze avoided direct eye contact with the man.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
“Kylo Ren,” Myka repeated, tasting the way it rolled off the tongue all together. Ren was not the name she chose. Somehow, she knew that. Kylo was likely not the name his parents bestowed on him, with that thought in mind – yet it may very well have been a name he chose for himself, all the same.

She wondered at that, but did not inquire.

They both had complaints of the curiosity of the other. She had expressed it earlier when Kylo tried to get around viewing the holocrons, and he had expressed it not long ago.

Who was he, when Luke knew him?

Who was he, to parents that must have once loved him?

There would be much to learn. “Thank you.” She had what she wanted. What she might need, for seeing this ‘Snoke’. Now it was all determined on whether or not Snoke realized she was a threat, or if he cared enough to be worried, even if he thought she was.


Poe watched with mild amusement as Azra’s face began to color, realizing the situation she was in. He wanted to tease her about it, and bit the inside of his cheek against the first few comments that came to mind as they started to walk in the direction of his ship, over hers.

“Don’t worry, in my X-Wing, it won’t take that long to get it,” he said, noting the way that she was avoiding his gaze now.

This could be too much fun, “Although if you want to take the scenic route, I’m not opposed. There’s a few things we could fly over. You know. So you can get information for your article.” He couldn’t help it.

Even if BB-8 immediately beeped out that they would get shot at for doing that kind of thing. Of course BB-8 would miss the point. Or he was intentionally annoying Poe. He wasn’t exactly sure on that.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo gruffed out a noise that could only be described as a ‘you’re welcome.’ He turned back to the control panel, and his gaze focused back out the blurred stars through the viewport.

It wasn’t much longer before the system alerted them of their arrival. The ship exited lightspeed, and before them stood the Finalizer in its glory. Kylo gave his clearance codes, and he was accepted to disembark in one of the hangars.

“Your arrival is going to...surprise a few,” Kylo said as he stood up on his feet. “Stay near me as we descend the ramp, and don’t say anything unless questioned.”

Most would not dare question Kylo Ren, but he knew of a few, such as General Hux. Perhaps Phasma. He could handle them, as long as Darth Vesta didn’t make anything worse.

He just had to deal with Supreme Leader Snoke when he requested a meeting.


The tint to her cheeks blossomed into a flaming blush. Oh, that man was insufferable. Poe knew exactly what he was doing. Why did she ever agree to his idea?

“Thank you, beebee. At least someone around here has some logic.” Exactly. Yes. That’s why Azra didn’t want to ride in Poe’s X-Wing again. Not because she could feel his taut muscles of his thighs or chest. Or became hyper-aware of every inch their bodies touched.


But in a moment of boldness, Azra stepped closer to Poe, her face close to his. “Or is it you who wants to take the scenic route? To have a pretty lady in your lap, in your X-Wing?” Biting her tongue, Azra backed up and turned back on their path.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
The trip continued in relative silence from that point. Myka drew her legs up underneath herself, and shut her eyes to meditate a bit, letting Kylo handle the ship. She felt the shift as they came out of lightspeed, and opened her eyes to the scene.

So many ships.

It was not a surprise, but it was still nothing she had seen before. She canted her head, “Mmm,” she heard him, but she didn’t have much of a response at first, taking in the sight.

He may indeed have the power to take over the galaxy. She would have to find a way to integrate in, and get control over all of this. This would be…immensely useful to all of her plans.

She did snap back, though. Smiled at him. “Is it that rare that you bring a woman home with you?” She asked, “Is it more often men?” She was pretty sure it was neither.

Not if his Jedi teachings stuck around to haunt him.


Azra was bold, Poe would give her that. Also a tease, but not one he thought could play very long. Particularly given he wasn’t playing all that much. He laughed when she stepped forward, after addressing BB-8 about the situation, and walked in front of him, quite close.

He cocked a grin, “I wasn’t going to say it outright, but I figured it was a good win-win for both of us,” he said, as he brushed his fingers back through his hair when she stepped away, “You get to see some things about the First Order’s acts, and I get to enjoy a pretty lady in my lap, like you said.”

BB-8 beeped out something akin to ‘oh brother’.

“You don’t look that opposed to it, either,” if her blush was any indication.

Poe was a bit aware he was good looking. The jokes about making a poster boy had definitely fed his ego quite well. “Buuuut I’ll spare you answering that and we’ll just take the short route to your ship.”


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Kylo didn’t appear the least bit amused by Myka’s words. “It’s common that I bring back prisoners.” He wouldn’t dignify that answer with stating if the prisoners were male or female, for it truly didn’t matter.

He knew what Myka was fishing for.

“Come,” he instructed. Kylo wondered how the First Order would react to her. Give her yellow eyes, that slightly unnatural appearance, would they suspect her of being...something else, like Kylo had been easy to guess?

Snoke would know.

Once Myka had joined him and they descended the ramp, Kylo would immediately instruct the stormtroopers, “She is my guest. She is to be taken to my chambers and will meet our Supreme Leader.” Whenever he could get a meeting arranged.

Kylo surmised that that wouldn’t take very long.


Azra could only roll her eyes, though the faint hint of a smile twitched at her lips. Okay, yes, Poe was still insufferable, but he had a charm about him that was almost endearing.

Of course, she would never tell him that.

She wasn’t opposed to sitting in his lap, just as he said, but her dignity was spared. Her blush subsided some, but she could still feel the warmth on her face. No doubt it will only come back when they get to his ship.

Her body was a damn traitor.

“Let’s just get to the ship, Dameron.” So they could get this short flight over with. “I can see why you have this droid. I bet beebee keeps you on track.” And calls Poe out on his shit.

Azra liked BB-8.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.
If the Stormtroopers weren’t going to panic at the sight of Myka alone, there was a definite unease when she followed Kylo out, and floated her bag to her. She slung it over a shoulder as Kylo was telling them where she was to be taken.

Should she remind him he promised binders? Well, he hadn’t promised, just said it was likely…apparently he had decided she was more guest than prisoner. Enough so to be taken to his chambers, while he went elsewhere.

Quite a bit of trust in that.

The Stormtroopers, at least, didn’t question Kylo Ren. The few that had been given the order looked to her, and one spoke up, “Follow me, Miss.”

“It’s Darth Vesta,” she continued to offer that name over her other, and the Stormtrooper just nodded, before turning away to lead her elsewhere – to wherever this Kylo Ren’s chambers were.

She had a feeling they were going to be disappointingly minimalist. The bed probably wouldn’t even be that comfortable.


Poe could only laugh a bit heartily as Azra took the opportunity to evade the truth. The easy flush on her cheeks, and that twitch of a smile, told him enough – but he understood. They had only just met. He might be a bit used to the hook-up life thanks to this Resistance status and how impossible it made having an actual social or dating life, but that didn’t mean Azra was.

And he still wanted more than just that, as the ring around his neck constantly reminded him.

BB-8 chimed in with the affirmative before Poe could even get a word out.

“Yeah, Beebee is good for me,” Poe agreed. “Even if he’ll also encourage any and every reckless thing I do.”

BB-8 denied that, indicating how often he told Poe a plan was stupid. “Yeah, but you still help me, don’t you?” BB-8 almost sounded offended that Poe would suggest he wouldn’t.

They were friends. No matter how stupid Poe could be.


Coffeehouse Owner in the Ottoman Empire
Kylo watched through the visor of his helmet as Myka was taken away to his chambers.

He may later regret that, but it was the only place he knew of where no one could touch her. Namely, General Hux. The man hadn’t been seen yet, but Kylo knew his luck wouldn’t last much longer, not when word gets around of his unexpected guest brought back to the Finalizer.

“Prepare the conference room. I need to speak with the Supreme Leader,” he barked out at the nearest officer, who turned to fulfill the command.

Of course, there was the chance that Snoke wouldn’t approve of this decision. What then? Would he order Kylo to kill Myka, in some way part of his journey to the dark? Or would he prove to be just as interested in seeing what she offered as Kylo did?

As he stalked down the corridor, he knew he would get his answer soon enough.


Poe’s laugh served to only bring back the heat to her cheeks, as Azra found it infectious. It didn’t quite bring a chuckle from her, but only because she knew what he had been laughing at.

And so Azra hoped a change in subject would help her cheeks return to their normal color. How long had it been since one person managed to make her so flustered?

She laughed easily at BB-8’s and Poe’s exchange. “It sounds like you help enable him,” she told the droid. “Maybe you’re both the reckless ones.” BB-8 certainly didn’t act like any droid she ever encountered before. Was this typical of the droids in the Resistance?

Or were the First Order droids the abnormal ones? Most didn’t share quite this level of...spunk that the orange ball did.


Laudandum puellam, ornandum, tollendum.

Everything about the First Order was cold, for something that supposedly arose from the Sith-controlled Empire.

The people were covered up, in many cases, head to toe. The Officers seemed like they’d be scandalized to see a wrist, let alone a woman in thigh-highs. She got a few looks. She wanted more.

Myka wanted to shatter this cold environment like the ice it was. ‘Patience.’

She was taken to Ren’s quarters, and the door was opened for her, something she found a bit odd that a Stormtrooper was capable of, though she made note it was a Trooper in chrome who was awaiting them there. No words were spoken and the door whooshed shut behind Myka as she stepped into the room.


So much black, that Myka nearly laughed.

She walked around the quarters, through the living space, bypassing the refresher, and heading into the bedroom. She tossed her bag on the bed, and then paused, taking note of something just in sight, in another room.

Another helmet, though not one anyone was going to wear.

Myka couldn’t help but approach the charred remains of Darth Vader’s helmet, and lift it into her hands. ‘Stars….’ How she wished she had psychometry in that moment.


BB-8 beeped out a fierce denial of enabling Poe. “You kinda do, buddy,” Poe stated, and BB-8 countered that he just made sure Poe didn’t die.

He couldn’t stop Poe doing his foolhardy actions, so he could at least make sure to help him get out of them. Otherwise Poe would be gone. Then what?

Poe chuckled at BB-8’s assessment, but he could hardly counter it. “BB-8 has gotten me out of a lot of trouble, I’ll admit,” the droid was ingenious. He was far more than a simple astromech. He could work in multiple environments and situations. “I think it’s a thing with astromechs, though.”

BB-8 wasn’t pleased to be compared.

“What? Come on, you remember Artoo.”

BB-8 noted that was the only other abnormal droid.

“True. All right, all right,” Poe said, “I guess you are special.”

BB-8 seemed satisfied with that, as they reached the end of the city and left it, en route to the ship. “You have much experience with droids, Azra?” Poe asked.

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