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Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
So I know this is odd as it is functioning at first as a goodbye post. But I want this thread to be a bit of a beacon honestly. In this section I see nothing but the negatives of Rping on this site. So I figured this could double as a thread for people to give their gratefulness to others on this site. Unfortunately I don't recall every user on the site I have interacted with but I may as well try

Kylesar1 Kylesar1 P Paint The Wind Safety Hammer Safety Hammer Birdsie Birdsie FireMaiden FireMaiden

I honestly know it has been a while since I contacted you all. Lots of hiccups had happened and I know I disappeared suddenly but I want to start with you guys.

Honestly you guys were the first people I RPed with. Yes at first I was an edge lord desperate for attention at first but you guys made me want to improve my writing. I honestly have you guys to think the most for me wanting to enter a field in English. That way I can write characters and stories I will grow to love like the old Valerian days. If you all are still on the site this is my thank you to everything you have done for me. I hope all goes well for each of you on this site.

Crenando Crenando Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Ethan Hart Ethan Hart

Honestly I can only remember you three from my Mutliverse days, I mean hey that may be good because you stuck out the most!

But in all seriousness I know some bad stuff had happened, but I like to remember the good... Even if I do cringe at some of my own actions in the Mutliverse things. Shame we never figured out how we could make one that could last. Unfortunately work and the like got in the way alongside college and real life stuff.

Not sure what your up to but I hope all goes well for you guys.

Ms. Sparrow Ms. Sparrow Blackrose7 Blackrose7 explosiveKitten explosiveKitten Inheritance Inheritance Xanto Xanto

Well this may be the most awkward given it's still recent how I left you guys... Honestly I'll start with an apology. I let my negativity grow too large in the RP. I am really sorry for what I did. If you still see me as dishonest with this that is fine. In the end I screwed up and hurt quite a few of your guys feeling.

In the end at first I had lots of fun with you all and I think it hurts the most knowing what I did and knowing I can't come back due to this obviously being a goodbye post. If not for my now destroyed interest in Text based RP's you know I would try to make it up more then this just to try and get a chance to stay with you guys. But in the end I wish well for all of you. Try and take the big bad down. I'll be there in spirit!

Baku the Shipping Lord

The lord of shipping
Oh lord I realized last night I abrubtly for forgot some people. Apologies to this group I was on Melatonin, and had to cut the post short so I did not fall asleep on it.

Minako Minako Assailant Assailant AvidElmV2 AvidElmV2

I know I'm missing Nether so apologies about that the mention system won't go through with his name. If it won't work I'll find him and PM him.

Honestly I know for a fact I may be able to keep contact with you guys in the future but I still should bring you all up, I loved being in Herotales for the small amount of time, but even with it gone I loved just hanging out with you guys. May try to pop back whenever I can to fire a message or two when I am available. Kinda sad for some of the things that did happen but I have you all to thank for quite a few things. And getting me into DnD. it was fun the odd few things we did together. I'll try my best to close the distance off site.


Glory be to Horde Prime!
Oh dear, where do I even begin?

Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Crenando Crenando Birdsie Birdsie Bixir Bixir Garficcino Garficcino Ethan Hart Ethan Hart Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Verite Verite Birdsie Birdsie Topless Topless

Literally all of you are great. Beyond Infinite Crises is a blast to (sort of) be a part of thanks to you lot. You’re all great at writing in some shape or form, fun to talk to OOC, and overall just good people.

I’m really sorry you’ve had to put up with my sorry procrastinating ass.

Nightwisher Nightwisher FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun Attesa Attesa Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara ManyFaces ManyFaces Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins

There’s way too many people across all of the The Chronology Series roleplays to tag here, but shoutouts to them and these people in particular for being fun to write and roleplay with!

marc122 marc122 Haz. Haz.

Thank you for being fantastic writers and putting up with my goofy self throughout all the time we’ve known each other. Especially Infant. I’m sorry you had to receive half the mentions over Discord that were addressed to you throughout the short life of RPN TitM.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore

Thank you for being an awesome GM figure in TCS, and a great fellow roleplayer in BiC. You put up with way more than you should.

RedLight RedLight

Your unique sense of humor is appreciated.

And these are just the people from the stuff I’m currently in! There’s a lot more people from previous roleplays and all that I’d love to tag but won’t so this reply doesn’t stretch out to the ends of the universe.


Off to a Better Place
wow just wanted to say thanks erin haha

i suppose ill tag those on here who have made my rping experience specifically on rpn so great lololololololol

FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla

So, I'll start off things by thanking you first. Buddy, you've been with me since... god, I mean, lol. You were definitely by my side in MCRP even with all the dumb drama that happened, and now here you are, an admin of my group. You're probably the best friend/admin I could ask for (aside from my other staff because I don't pick favorites :|) and ah, ya know, thanks lol.

arthur morgan is cool

Nightwisher Nightwisher

So uh, yeah. You're definitely a huge help in the series, even though I don't wanna admit it sometimes. Like, I mean, you probably help out WAY more than you have to, and you always go above and beyond when it comes to doing anything you're tasked with. Like, seriously, sometimes I feel like you do more than I do! And that's a good thing, trust me. Plus, you're a great friend outside of work. You're always a great person to talk to when I'm stressed, sad, mad, or when I just need a friend.

marc122 marc122

My last, but certainly not least, admin in Chronology. Even though you're busy so often, you're always a big help, Marc. The way you go above and beyond with your duties is so good to see. Sometimes I'll come home and see you've done something that, while I didn't ask you to do it, is just always a blessing to see. Not only that, but bro, you're an amazing rper. Seldom can people make the transition from first to third person so seamlessly, but oh my god, you're such a master at it. You're a great guy, Marc.

Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara T The Man With No Name Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch

i know you guys irl so uh, hello.

Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun

You're an amazing writer, Nessy. The effort you put into Chronology and posting in general on a daily basis is literally heartwarming af. You're constantly active in chat, checking the rp, complimenting others, or posting. Your dedication is just... amazing, really. And it doesn't help that your posts are nothing short of amazing. Seriously, every one of your posts is absolutely a blast to read.

DapperDogman DapperDogman

Mate, you help me with my rp so much. I honestly love how much you love to help out with the series. You've helped give me so many good ideas, and honestly, like... dude. I love your dedication to Chronology as well as your own rp, and the fact that you care enough to give me the advice you do is just flattering on its own. Also, your OCs are amazing. Better than any schlock I could make.

Haz. Haz.

Yeah, I give you a lotta shit, but like.... dude, you're an amazing writer. I love your posts and even though you're my biggest punching bag (besides Sayo), it really is all in good fun. I always look forward to your posts, and even though you haven't in a while, you're also an amazing GM.

now bring back rodimus

Jeremiah Jeremiah

Dude, you've been there since the beginning. You were there when all the shit went down in Convergence, when I was making Chronology... pretty much for everything the past two years, you've been there when no one else was. You're one of the best writers I've ever met, to the point that every time you play a character I know (which is a lot), it's BASICALLY like reading an actual script from whatever they're from.

FoolsErin FoolsErin

You're also a great writer. I just met you recently, but your contributions to Chronology have been greater than you realize, I think. Especially killing Deathstroke ;D. But seriously, you're a great writer, no matter who you be playin'

Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins

I forgot to mention you.

Skrubbins you are genuinely one of the funniest and yet somehow nicest people I’ve ever met. Your writing is also amazing as well. Like, your Medic? Mmm... that’s what I call a spicy meatball.

Attesa Attesa


Dude, Eric, oh my god if I was saying you didn’t have one of the most likable OCs ever I’d be lying to myself. Because, my god, Eric is such a fun character to read.

Not only that, but you yourself are also an amazing guy. Like, seriously mate, you’re just so kind and sweet. You are legit probably THE person I would ever get very sad over if I were to get angry at you. Not to mention you’re also extremely funny to boot.

(got in the mood to add more : ) )

QizPizza QizPizza

fuckin' a, man. fuckin' a. you're just... such a good writer and a pure boy. i mean like, mad respect for all that you do mate. especially in the server, you're just a genuine good fella to talk to, lol. Seriously though, thanks for being such a great writer and friend.

delsausage is also pretty cool

Verite Verite


So it's been a while since we interacted, lol. But, even though we've had our... glaring differences in the past, to put it lightly, I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with my shit for as long as ya did, and for being a good writer and funny guy on top of that. Look forward to interacting with ya in BiC!

Garficcino Garficcino

So, I don't really know you that well, but in time time I have known you, you've certainly been one of best writers I've had the pleasure of playing under. I mean, like, you write a version of Superman that I'm genuinely interested in and is likable. Like... dude, that's hard to do. Also, like, you've just been really chill to talk to in the time I've gotten to actually talk to ya.

Chungchangching Chungchangching

Another person I give a lotta shit for shits 'n giggles. Chung, you were legit the first person who believed in my dumb idea of a roleplay series. (Well, you and Marc were equally, I suppose). So for that alone, I thank you. It was support from people like you who have really just... generally gotten me through Chronology and turned it into the success that it is now. Plus, even though I pick on you about your thighs, you really are a great writer and it is always a joy to read your characters, whether it be Tandem or Shadman or CN-Tan or Vitan.

mahouko mahouko

Even though you like, don't rp (no matter how many times i ask you >:( ) you've still been a great friend in the short few months I've known you, Liz. It's always fun to shoot the shit with you in a call and watch your weird antics, or just fuckin watch Love Live! or Star vs. with you, or even just build IKEA buildings in Minecraft with you. I really appreciate our friendship and like, for realz, you're pretty epic.

Sleek Sleek


Even though we've certainly, CERTAINLY had our issues in the past (a lot of which is on me), I can definitely say that since you've come back to Chronology and we've been talking again, it's been a blast hangin' with ya. You're just so cool and down to earth and genuinely hilarious at points. Not to mention the fact that you're just a cool dude in general. And I stand by the fact that you sound exactly like Tucker from Red vs. Blue... don't @ me. But for real, Sleek, I'm lucky to have someone like you in my group.

L3n L3n

So, despite your horrible taste in men (kidding!), I really do appreciate your presence in the group. You're just such a joy to be around and Mami is always so heartwarming to read. It doesn't help that like, for real, you're just such an... enigma. Kinda like the female Benedict, in a way. And that's saying something, because I know Benedict IRL and he's JUST as enigmatic as he is online. But enough about him!!!

What i wanted to say, for real Len, thanks for being a part of my group. Your crazy, wacky antics are always fun to be around, and just keep being you, ya crazy bih.

SheepKing SheepKing

Literally just a hilarious person. I mean, seriously, fuckin' A. I don't give you enough credit, but MAN you always make me laugh when you come into chat, Sheep. Your characters are always just... a joy to read as well. There's just this charm to them that always makes me smile. Probably because, I mean... you always play innocent ones who do nothing wrong. BUT either way your posts always make me smile when I read them, ya goof.

ManyFaces ManyFaces


Many oh my god you're just so good. Legit, every time you post in Chronology it's like I'm eating a dessert filled with fudge and candy and sprinkles, except here I never get full and wanna throw up. And I don't just mean Zim, either (who is fucking amazing). But like, no, ALL of your characters haven't just been hits. They've been home run, swing em outta the goddamn ballpark hits. Zim, Marvus, Hater, Peepers, and even Hopper (yeah i remember the one post you did as them). Seriously mate, kudos and hats off to you.

Zerulu Zerulu

great writer funny man

and i wanna do like 20000043984932084092384903282193257348957 other people but like.... i cant, sorry. i love you, you know who you are <3
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Fist of the Phantom Star
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore is a badass

thatguyinthestore is a man who smokes his grass

thatguyinthestore, you've really been a good friend to me


DapperDogman DapperDogman thanks for being one of the kindest assholes I've had the pleasure of meeting in this cesspit of a worldwide platform we call the internet

Nightwisher Nightwisher haven't known you long but I deeply value the profound conversations we share on the human condition and philosophy, and am envious of the passion you hold for your original writing

Crow Crow thanks for being the one guy in Murder that tolerated all the pony shit. stay weird and don't let the world change you

Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva darkred darkred for somehow being the same lovable weirdos you've always been. shine on you crazy diamonds and always write straight from the heart

I’m pretty garbage at stuff like this but uh here we go anyway.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
He is a great writer and I just so happen to know him in real life.

Nightwisher Nightwisher
Really nice and fun to talk to. Also yet another great writer.

Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch DerpyCarp DerpyCarp Birb Birb FoolsErin FoolsErin PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss Sleek Sleek Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins
I definitely probably forgot a few people here, but they are all great writers and really fun to roleplay with

Attesa Attesa Haz. Haz.
Even more great writers and quite frankly I’m pretty jealous of how well these people can write lol

Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
I almost forgot for a second! My memory is terrible sorry! Nessy is a great writer as well who puts a ton of effort into their writing!​
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New Member
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
Firs one that came to mind!
To the writer that got me into rping in the first place with her thoughtful, high quality, packed with thought and character posts. Through aegis which was full of quality writers... and more specifically your writing. you inspired me to write, in a style similar to yours that I adore. needless to say, you being anywhere in an rp makes it all that much better because of it! Never stop writing, never stop having fun, and I hope you never stop enjoying writing.

also goes to the many many people of that project that I read all the way through like a nerd. May you keep writing.

and to the group of The chronology series... I got no specific mentions except that you all are fantastic and it has been really fun to be around you all even when I'm in my writing slump. your posts are so good and entertaining, I'm glad to have been invited


Green Light
Just gonna put a little disclaimer for all the fuckheads who don't know me, and may think I'm not taking this seriously. Disclaimer: I don't like expressing my feelings, so I'm keeping this short, but genuine. And perhaps spiced with a little "Red Goodness". There. Bold, italicized, and underlined, bitches.

In no God damned order.

Nightwisher Nightwisher
Thanks for being such a great pal. I really appreciate you. You're the easiest person to talk with about my emotions and all that homo shit. But maybe because you're the most adult person I know in TCS. Please let Fac hang out with me at Uncle John's Strip Club. No touching. Just sightseeing.

FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla
Fuck you, buddy. But I love you the most. I wish you the best in life. But still, how the fuck do you have a car, and I don't have a motorcycle? We're supposed to be broke together. This isn't part of the script. Smh

Haz. Haz.
I slid into your girlfriend's DMs last night. Actually, why don't you ask her. I love you, man. Don't ever forgetti what we talked about in our DMs. That's as real as it gets, homes.

L3n L3n
What's up, baby girl? Anyhow, about your question last night. I think I'm feeling better now. Maybe I just needed some sleep, and something else -- which I'll get to later. You're a great person, Len. I fucking love your energy. I seriously believe you're gonna go far in life.

Chungchangching Chungchangching
You're a great person, Chung. Don't ever forget that. You help my day get better, and I appreciate your existence, motherfucker. So, am I still taking you to that date?

2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B
When are we going to play Paladins again? You're one of the best mates I've talked to and know. And you're fun to be with. No wonder why the ladies are flocking over you. But let's not say the N-word.

Zerulu Zerulu
Honestly, I oppose the opinion of others. You're vital in the TCS Discord. It's not a group of friends without that one weird fucker who gets everyone into trouble. It's just Yin and Yang, yo.

Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
I first met you when you gave me a Well-Written react, and I just felt good about myself. It was a bumpy start because of the shit I said. But so far, this friendship has been a great fucking ride for me. Not sure if you feel the same, but hopefully you continue to ride the waves with me and the lads. And I really love the nickname you gave me. Sop-sop. It's like the noise my belly makes.
That's flop-flop.
But, like, can I date Riri in the sides?

At this point, I'm just pulling out random people from my ass. I just know a lot of great people from The Chronology Series. That's right, I'm kind of a big deal there.

GearBlade654 GearBlade654
You're a great pal, and I genuinely love your drawings. Especially Braum, who got into the Hall of Fame. But I don't think we'll get along in a Warhammer RP, because I'm a Noise Marine fan. Oof

darkred darkred
Hello, Jak.
I hope you have a great weekend, bud. Maybe get a pizza. Some sodas too, y'know. Watch Seth Rogen movies. Fuck, that's the life.

QizPizza QizPizza
You may not like me and my bullshit, but I absolutely love you. No, not because you're a pizza. But because I think you're a fun person to be around with. Your insults are promising, and fucking bomb. You're a great friend to all of us, Qiz...Calzone
Fuck, when are you changing your name?

marc122 marc122
Besides Fac, I think you're the one who has been dealing with my ass the longest. Man, how many dramas lol
But thank you for being there as a friend. You're like Infant, but better. Or maybe Infant's better. I don't really know. Still though, when am I getting that tippy-top role?

And of course, the thing that brightened up my day. After waking up, I checked RPN, and see that I was tagged by the least person I expect to tag me onto something. She's been tolerating my ass the most, but I'm not really sorry for that. And that's what makes her a great friend to me. I really felt appreciated after seeing what this person said. But I think what really struck me is how I felt like I'm being remembered. She could've tagged other people.

Your unique sense of humor is appreciated.
But she inserted me in her post. And one thing that gets me good is when someone tells me, "I think you're funny."

There's waaay more people that I want to show my appreciation to. But I have fucking projects, man. University and all that. So I'm just gonna tag a few more.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore DapperDogman DapperDogman Jeremiah/The Smoking Peanut ManyFaces ManyFaces Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss Crow Crow jigglesworth jigglesworth L Laix_Lake LilacMonarch LilacMonarch Noivian Noivian SheepKing SheepKing Sleek Veradana Veradana

There's still more of you dickheads, but I think I'm gonna eat breakfast now.

From the depths of my feelings,
I love you all so much.
And get that muhfucken' guac.
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I want to say that without a few people throughout my RPing life, I wouldn’t be here today. They are the ones I owe my online RPing career, so here goes.

Attesa Attesa
The right man in the right place can make all the difference. This is how you've introduced me to crossover roleplays by way of Tear in the Multiverses back in 2015, on ROBLOX where I've played since my childhood. The way you GM'd, the fun feeling of TITM, and the sense of endlessness, it was what hooked me in the first place. Granted, I was only barely getting by at the time, but that's what led me to take the path I am on now. And now, five entries of that series and then an introduction to RPNation, and some more, the two of us have come very far. In fact, I think you are one of my favorite RPers thus far, and I cannot be anymore grateful.

Thank you.

Haz. Haz. FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins FoolsErin FoolsErin jigglesworth jigglesworth Henrypika Henrypika Zamasu Zamasu GearBlade654 GearBlade654 Perambulation Perambulation doggodaily doggodaily Roxasarass Roxasarass DailyRoLord DailyRoLord Zerulu Zerulu
Here we are, several years later, and we are still together, even if some of us may not be around as much as we used to back in the day. You are whom I've had fun with the most over the years, and to this day I am still thankful I got to RP with you. Seriously, you were part of the crowd who made RPing in TITM exciting, and you continue to make the RPs I’m in what they are: Fun. Without you all, I wouldn't be here—or if I somehow was, I would be very different from the person I am now.

TheRockInception TheRockInception
Last one's for you. Remember me? Well, to be honest, I miss you very much. Remember all the collaborations, as well as the times I've been in your RPs? Well, to be honest, I want to go back to that, hopefully with the two of us being able to do more together. And through that, I have learned a few things about collaboration, as well as the RP creation process, even if I don't make RPs all that much anymore. Wherever you are, I can only hope you get to read my message for you.

And now, for the rest of you.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
You are one of my favorite RP creators. Your 'mini-RP' concept that you've came up with has proven especially effective, probably because it seems almost endless when you put it to good use. Because of this, TCS has become one of my favorite RP series, right up there with TITM.

And as we speak, Blake, Pichu, and Ruby have sent their regards. Godspeed.

Nightwisher Nightwisher
You are of of my favorite people to talk to, and to RP with, even if our characters don't interact with each other that much. You are always a joy to talk to, and you should take that into your pride. Your characters have been a joy to read through, especially Shilo.

Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
Your RPing is among one of the most detailed, and one of the best, that I've ever experienced. Seriously, just the way you write brings your characters to life, and at times, I even wished I could write like you. Not only that, but you are overall a good person to be around with, even if it's only online.

Centurion_ Centurion_
Even now, Darkness is still my shit. Just want to say.

RedLight RedLight DapperDogman DapperDogman T The Man With No Name Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara 2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo darkred darkred Crenando Crenando Rhysie Rhysie Noivian Noivian Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva Veradana Veradana Birb Birb Chungchangching Chungchangching Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack QizPizza QizPizza Tamotsu Tamotsu Crow Crow Caffeine Freak Caffeine Freak Thepotatogod Thepotatogod PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss fRick fRick ManyFaces ManyFaces June Verles June Verles
AND AS FOR Y'ALL. Thank you. Just, thank you for making my time in the RPN a good time. I only hope you can keep it up.

And for a few others whom I might've missed, thank you!​
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Yubi Yubi
Aight. Guess we're doing this.

Corrosion Corrosion

You're LITERALLY the first dude that I ever had the pleasure of making a 1x1 RP. Your shitposting world of Badassia from MDnD is simply the greatest to laugh at considering a rule there is to abandon all logic. I enjoy our Colosseum encounters that we never got to actually finish except for a select few(My crappy Commando OC and JNPR Vs. Tryhard Team uhhh respectively.), wonder if we'll actually be able to actually finish a battle if we actually tried? ;3

Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Crenando Crenando Birdsie Birdsie
The Multifandom or the BIC Gang, ayyyy. You bois are great writers at your core, and are planning every single step of the RP at the speed of god knows how. I wish I had your genius minds so I could post quicker.

Haz. Haz.
I encounter you less frequently during my earlier days but look at you now; owner of the legit fun RP series that you'll need to have a lot of free time to actually keep up with! Seriously though. You're awesome. Hopefully I can keep up in the next one!

Topless Topless
You OwO loving son of a gun. Your shenanigans are hilarious in the Discord chat.

That should be everyone important. Y'all made me grow not just as a writer, but an Artist as well. So you could say I've accomplished my goal somehow, but The Only Way To Go from here is Up, amirite?

heartshapedsprinkles heartshapedsprinkles Spider-Venom213 Spider-Venom213 @Ryan_Ports
Ayyy the og TOWTGIU gang that I actually remember! I can't promise a reboot yes, but when I do, it'll be as great as I can be!


Still Learning
Okay I'm not sure how go about this. I should start by saying that this is in no particular order, and that if I don't include you just be like "Hey Len wtf where am I" and I'll add something for you! I'll try to keep these short and sweet, but sorry in advance if I write too much.

First off, Zerulu Zerulu , Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind , QizPizza QizPizza , and Chungchangching Chungchangching ! You four I absolutely love joking around with. I find all of you pleasant to be around, and I don't feel awkward trying to hold a conversation with y'all which says something from me. You guys are so chill it's amazing!
. . .
- Zeru I was a little intimidated by you when I first joined which was definitely weak of me, but you're such a delight to talk to. 80% of the time I find myself laughing. Thank you for the great conversations!
- Fero I love your tentacles, keep being you boo. You're actually really good at drawing them too which is an amazing skill. Thank you for messing with Infant with me!
- Bacon you're really interesting. I'm never not intrigued by what you say. I love how when I joined you sided with me being a Dom. Every conversation with you is a 10/10, and I enjoy every second of it! Thank you for the thigh pics!
- Chung you're the first person I met from TCS. Joke flirting you was so fun I joined so I should give you credit for the amazing memories I've made here. You're great dude, though not as great as your thighs. One day you'll say "ily Len" just wait b. Thank you for the fun times!

Second off, Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch , and FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla ! I don't talk to you two that much, thats why I couldn't really group you with the previous four, but I really do enjoy the times when we do! For the most part its short lived jokes which I can definitely appreciate.
. . .
- Bene ah ah ah. Thanks for being you!
- Faction you're actually pretty easy to talk to, and I respect you a lot. I love your writing! Thanks for the jokes!

Third off, marc122 marc122 , Crow Crow , and GearBlade654 GearBlade654 ! You three have all interacted with me in the rp and it meant so much to me that I remembered! The Cosmos was my first TCS rp and you guys made me feel included at times when I felt like an outcast!
. . .
- Marc you were actually not only one of the first ones to rp with me but to message me! You did it so casually and it really made me feel special, so thank you for that. I love your ideas! Thank you so much for reaching out to me when you did so!
- Crow you are like the person I've interacted with Mami. Even though your posts come out really fast all of them are a joy to read. Ben is so precious, and the way he and Mami interact is so adorable. It means so much to me that someone wanted to interact with my character. You get a really big thanks for that!
- Gear thanks to you, and your character, I dont have to worry about writing a long dramatic death scene for Mami. Thanks for you to reaching out to me in DMs about the rp! It makes me feel important haha.

Fourth off, SheepKing SheepKing , Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins , and Haz. Haz. ! The three of you are so good at writing. I love to read it, it makes me feel emotions, and it makes me sit there and go "oh shish I need to get good." I love your character choices, I love your vocabulary, your writing styles, just everything about your posts makes me fall in love. Not only are you gods with words you three are so sweet and hardworking!
. . .
- Sheep you were one of the people who've interacted with my character but I decided to place you here because I freaking love Ravio, and your posts are so well written! Like all the work you did for our band post made me realize how little people appreciate your skill. One of the top writers in TCS I'd say. Thank you for the awesome interactions!
- Skrub I love Medic so so so so so much. I love the way you write his accent, I love the energy he gives off, I love that you even use a font with the word German in it. YOUR POSTS ARE SO WELL WRITTEN! I've never found them boring, too long, poorly executed, or anything. Just everything about your writing is so above the standard. I've never played TF2 but you've made me love the character. Thank you so much for those amazing reads!
- Infant you don't get a little blurb cause you stink. Hahaha just kidding. You're so good at writing. You really do have such a way with words. I'm honestly jealous. You mean so much to me, yadda yadda insert more sappy romantic stuff here, and I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this server, its rp, and its wonderful people!

Fifth off, Nightwisher Nightwisher , and thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore ! I hold so much respect for you two. You've both been nothing short of welcoming! You're so kind and sweet! I also love both of your senses of humour. I look up to you guys! Thank you for being easy to talk to, and understanding!
. . .
- Night you seem so mature, responsible, and well put together. I honestly hope to become like you as I age. You're an amazing writer too! Like everyone loves Shilo. If everyone enjoys a character you write you know you're doing something right. Thank you for everything you do!
- ThatGuy you're one of the better GMs I've met. You're approachable, hardworking, and so so dedicated. I love how you can keep a well balanced pace. Never once have you been to rude to me, and even though there's been a few questionable times I love the RP and the server you and the others have built! Your posts kind of remind me of dancing in a way. The way they flow is so wonderful to read, and they have this bouncy happy feel to them. Thank you for GMing!

Sixth off, Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun , Tamotsu Tamotsu , Jeef_jones Jeef_jones , and Riri! We may not all interact as much as I'd like but you guys are the people who if TCS lost it wouldn't be the same anymore for me. I love seeing you guys talking to everyone else. You're all full of so much character and energy I love it. The chats wouldn't be the same without y'all!
. . .
- Ness you're one of the more active ones, and its amazing how much dedication you have! I like to pretend whenever y'all are talking about Len (the character) you're talking about me. It makes me feel popular. Thank you for your positive energy!
- Tamo this can be summed up to your tea sipping gif. That's all. You're cool dude, keep being you! Thank you for !tamo!
- Jeef my man ily! You're so fun to talk to! Just like me more than Infant kthx. But seriously I hope we keep talking because I love our conversations! Thank you for befriending me, and for getting to know meee Im not blackmailing you to I swear!
- Riri Im not sure if you'll see this, but in the chance that you do, you're sooo adorable! Your relationship with Ness makes me so happy. It's just so pure and wholesome I cant help but be happy for you both. You seem like such a kindhearted person. Thank you for sweetness!

And last but not least, RedLight RedLight ! You get your own one because you expressing your feelings led to me wanting to make this. I swear if you say one more kind thing about me I'll cry. I never thought people talked about me when I wasn't around till I saw my name on the list of people who you thought would have a bright future. Not only did you remember me then, but you kept going. I don't think I've smiled that much for awhile. Thanks so much for making me feel special, but not only that but just being yourself. You saying you believe in me makes me motivated to do better! And just reading your "You're a great person, Len." makes me so so so happy. I couldn't thank you enough!
p.s. I'm glad you're feeling better now! Sometimes sleep does wonderful things!

Okay okay thats it for now! Thank you guys so much, it's been lovely getting to know everyone and I hope to continue! Again if I forgot you just yell at me!


Chaotic Neutral
Haz. Haz. FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins FoolsErin FoolsErin jigglesworth jigglesworth Henrypika Henrypika Zamasu Zamasu GearBlade654 GearBlade654 Perambulation Perambulation doggodaily doggodaily Roxasarass Roxasarass DailyRoLord DailyRoLord marc122 marc122 Attesa Attesa

roblox gang, what can i say except wow. It's been what? 5 years? And we are all still here, crazy shit man. im tryna make this brief cause i aint good at appreciation but if it weren't for u guys so far back when i dunno where'd id be rn, its funny cause ive had real life friends leave faster then yall. You guys are the people i feel comfortable callin family, not just friends.

Nightwisher Nightwisher

i dont really know what to say, i just feel it can be expressed with words. so, heres a thumbs up 👍

RedLight RedLight

red i love u please dont ever change please red stay the same i like u how u are :)

L3n L3n Chungchangching Chungchangching

there arent alot of people im comfortable around being a dickhead but yall make it so easy for me to shoot the shit, props to you two :)

Dylan.thomas7 Dylan.thomas7 Centurion_ Centurion_


thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore

one of the only people who is able to put me in my place, thanks for putting up with my shit for so long man, you patient mother fucker

cool people


*indeeding intensifies*
You're LITERALLY the first dude that I ever had the pleasure of making a 1x1 RP. Your shitposting world of Badassia from MDnD is simply the greatest to laugh at considering a rule there is to abandon all logic. I enjoy our Colosseum encounters that we never got to actually finish except for a select few(My crappy Commando OC and JNPR Vs. Tryhard Team uhhh respectively.), wonder if we'll actually be able to actually finish a battle if we actually tried? ;3
fucc don't mention the cringey shit pls m8 jk i love you. Also for actually getting me to like anime somehow (yeah I know I thought that was impossible).


slayerslade666 slayerslade666

Thanks for being a great partner for the past year or so and also for being willing to do another of those cringe RPs with me. Non-serious RPs where basically anything is possible just because is so much more fun.


Not Quiznos
Let's start off with the OGs:

GearBlade654 GearBlade654 Kabboom Kabboom Trappy Trappy LoneSniper87 LoneSniper87

I remember I met you guys back in Heirs: Sigma, my first RP on RPN. Honestly, I was a pretty trash writer back then, but Zapf00l and Trappy, you guys really inspired me to write those thicc posts I write now. I really appreciate the two of you running Fading Flames and putting up with my edge, it was a blast when we first kicked off and I'm sad that it's died since. At the very least, we got a new RP going, and it's seriously nostalgic to be writing with you guys in an RP like Heirs again. Gear, when I first met you, you were writing one-liners and just as bad at being an RPer as I was, but dang am I proud to see how much you have grown since Heirs. I had my doubts about you when you joined TCS, but you quickly put them to rest with how much you've gotten better, just like how I did. I really love all the enthusiasm you have for making OCs, and it reminds me of my own enthusiasm when making OCs.

Sushi Muncher Sushi Muncher
You deserve a mention too, my potato boy. All the mad pl0ts and the amazing posts you've written have seriously been an inspiration. I still don't feel that I'm at your level of madladery when it comes to creating lore and super descriptive posts, but you've definitely pushed me to be better.

Now for the people I met through MCRP and TCS:
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
Ngl, when I first met you in MCRP, I thought you were kinda a prick, but since I joined TCS, I've been seeing a whole new side of you. I have mad respect for you for endeavoring a huge project like TCS. You meme a lot, but I find it funny a lot of times. You're a pretty chill guy, now that I got a decent opportunity to talk with you and I can't wait to see what you have planned for TCS in the future. I've come to see you a great writer and friend as well.

Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch
You two's characters are the funny bone of TCS. I always laugh to myself when reading Dib and Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch's posts, so good on you two for being hilarious writers, each in your own way. Ah. I must also mention that I appreciate my position as an agent, my good sir. Indeed, it is one of the great pleasures of TCS.

RedLight RedLight
Don't worry man, I hate you as much as I love you (no homo). You have those moments where I think you're a complete idiot, but there are also those moments where I genuinely enjoy talking to you. I can respect people who can take as much as they dish out. You're an alpha chad in my eyes, my boy. Also, every time Nessy calls you Sop-sop, I imagine you as SOPMODII from Girls Frontline, so take that as you will.

marc122 marc122
Since I first met you in MCRP, I always thought you were one of the more reasonable admins. From then I found out you are just as nerdy as me when it comes OCs. I love hearing you talk about your OCs and I'm really looking forward to seeing them be brought into TCS if possible. I feel your pain when you struggle with Spanish, I barely crawl out of my language classes with passing grades. Learning a new language is rough, but props to you for keep on going at it.

Nightwisher Nightwisher Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
You two are seriously two of the most awesome writers I have ever met. Night, your writing really encouraged me to go out on a limb, start playing my OCs, and really develop them further. I love all of Team 73 and am really glad you're helping me flesh out the Guardians. You are the best mom MCRP and TCS could ever have and I really appreciate all the deep talks we've had before.
Nessy, just like Night, your amazing OCs really bring a smile to my face when you put so much effort in those amazing posts of yours. I need more Thae and Alexis interactions in my life ala;sdflsj. You are like the heart of TCS with all of the enthusiasm and energy you bring to TCS. It's contagious, and I never fail to find myself enjoying talking to you. By extension, Riri is also like this; he brings just as much energy as you do to TCS; I couldn't imagine TCS without him or you.

Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins Haz. Haz.
You two dudes are amazing writers, just like Night and Nessy. Skrubbins, you medic is so well written and has so much personality. I'm shooting for that kind of writing, even if it'll take me longer that I already take to write my posts. Quality over quantity. Keep at it, and expect to lose more souls in the future ;). Infant, you've always been a great writer, and I appreciate the days you've given me at MCRP to get better at writing and really enjoy RPing with a larger group. I think you're a lot more comfortable writing as a player than a GM, and

FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla
Why u bulli me? Jk. You're a great writer and a cool dude, even if you threaten everyone with bans every other day :(. I just remember trying to make Marcus and Delsin a team in MCRP. That was a cool idea; would've been nice to see it actually turn into something.

2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B
You're a pretty cool dude. I don't know what else to say, I haven't talked to you much except via the bot. Kagutsuchi says, "Screw your Dracula girl."

L3n L3n
I gotta say I enjoy every conversation with you too. You're a funny person, and you got dem thighs. Stay funny my child.

Chungchangching Chungchangching
Great thighs But seriously, I gotta appreciate how long you stayed around despite the thigh jokes. You seem like a pretty chill dude whenever we don't bring up the forbidden subject.

Attesa Attesa
You are a cinnamon roll. I love how you draw Eric's faces for all your posts. Eric is an iconic OC just like Shilo, and those drawings just make those posts that much more enjoyable.

darkred darkred
I really appreciate you for putting together the Terminator event in the Cape and I can tell that you really pour your effort into your posts.

Sleek Sleek
Sleek, my man, you got all those weird furry pictures, but I don't judge. My first memory of you was having Emile tag along with Jerome, and I wished that we could've done something more with it, but sadly, MCRP did a big dead (Am I right, I feel like I might be mixing my memories up, lol). You play Alpha really well, and I need you say something in Ashes, cause it might as well be a me and Night's 1x1 by now

Anyone else I forgot from TCS, I am sorry. I will add you if you ask, I was pretty brain dead when I wrote this.


And don't you dare go hollow....
I’ll try to keep this short, but I tend to be a talker, so I doubt that will happen. Also, I like to use the word “so” a lot. I apologize.

artemisaro artemisaro
We’ve known each other for so long now. It’s been a crazy five years. I’ve seen you grow so much through your writing -- with strong, intelligent, and perfectly polite Combeferre to your sweet, kind, and resilient Crutchie to angsty, emo, and adorable Nico -- I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters I’ve seen you play and will never get enough. You’ve been like a little brother to me from the beginning and I am so proud of you for getting to where you are now. You’ve grown into such a wonderful, strong, intelligent, ray of pure sunshine. Thank you so much for giving me Shiferre and Jaxie. I’ve read your story about the former so many times and it makes me so happy and so sad all at once, it’s utter perfection. I cannot express how much they both mean to me and what they’ve gotten me through throughout the years. It’s always such a joy to talk to you about history and musicals, and I’ve learned loads and loads of stuff from you. Shilo had grown so much from you and I can never thank you enough for riding these last five years with me.

Recko Recko
You mean more to me than I think I’ve ever told you. I’m still surprised that I somehow managed to catch your fancy enough in Fugitives to get you to ship Kade with Shilo. I’m also surprised I was able to talk you out of killing him so we could actually keep the ship going. Your writing, character portrayal, everything has been such an inspiration to me throughout the years and I am so honored that you still find me interesting enough to role play with. Kade and Shilo mean such a great deal to me. The fact that these two jerks have come to where they are now has been such a blessing in my life and I cannot get enough of them. Vincent and Thea are the greatest power couple to ever exist and anyone can fight me about that (inevitably losing, because it’s true). And Xander and Aixa are so precious and so heart achingly adorable -- and tragic -- that I just want to keep going until they’re happy. Your ability to come up with these brilliant and heartbreaking plot points is so much fun and I get so excited for each and everyone. Outside of role playing, you continue to amaze me with your wit, intelligence, and overall amazing personal character. You’re one of the smartest people I’ve had the honor of talking with and I’ve learned more from you than I am able to put into words. Thank you so much for writing with me and teaching me everything that you have. You’re so talented, so smart, and so great.

Noivian Noivian
We’ve been through thick and thin together, and have put our characters through so much more. I’ve seen you grow so much as a person, and as a writer, it’s amazing to see where you’ve come. Arceus and Carmen are always such a highlight on my role playing past and I love reminiscing about them and the utter shit shows we forced them into. Felix and Dax coming back together on Paradox Isle after so long apart was such a touching moment and meant more to me than you know. To this day, you are one of my best friends and I absolutely adore you. You’ve brought so much to my attention, like Understale, Homestuck, and countless different kinds of music. You broadened my horizons on more than one occasion and I will always be thankful to have you in my life. I know we don’t talk as much as we used to, and role play even less, but every time we talk it’s such a great time, and every time we role play, it makes my life so much brighter. Thank you for being you, and thank you for letting me be me.

GinkyGotBack GinkyGotBack
You mean a lot to me. I know we haven’t been able to talk too much recently, and I apologize for that, but you’re such a great friend. You’re unique sense of humor, your writing style, your great characters; I love it all. You are so much fun to talk to and so great to have around. You keep me humble, even though I really don’t want to be. I appreciate all of the talks we’ve had and the friendship that we’ve built. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me, and all the rants you’ve had to sit through. Being able to come home from work or from long trips and talk to you -- even if it wasn’t for very long -- was so helpful in keeping me out of my head. You’re an amazing friend, Ginks. I honestly cannot express how much you being there for me means.

DapperDogman DapperDogman
We got off to a rocky start, but where we’ve come in our friendship means more to me than I can put into words. You’ve given me so much advice and helped me so much through so many different issues. I genuinely cannot say “thank you” enough. Your writing style is so unique and so much fun to read. Your characters are always entertaining and well made. It’s astounding how you can go into every little detail every single time. I’m always inspired after hearing you talk or reading one of your posts. You make all of them so personable and so amazing. Hearing about them and getting to know them, and just knowing that I’m someone you feel like you can talk to about them, means a lot. More than that, you’re an inspiration to me over all. Whenever I can make you laugh, or make you seem genuinely interested, or beat you in an argument, or really any positive feedback, I know that I did something right. I’ve come to respect you and your opinion as much as I respect my own, and I know that sounds kind of egotistical, but I’m kind of egotistical so… But in all seriousness, thank you for being you and allowing me to be your friend. 💜

FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla
You’ve been by my side since I started at MCRP, you were one of the first people I talked to there and you proved yourself to be loyal and of outstanding character. I remember coming into MCRP and thinking I was such a good writer and being absolutely floored by the content and quality of your posts and realizing that I had so much to live up to if I was actually going to write with you. You’ve inspired my writing since then, over a year now, and I continue to grow because of it. Your ability to dish out amazing post after amazing post, with serious characters like Frank Woods to hilarious characters like Claptrap and have them be in character always is just so much fun to read. You’re an amazing person, you mean so much to me. I will never forget you getting excited with me over me figuring out tabs, fake or not, it meant a lot for my excitement to be received that way. You’re so much fun to talk to, you’re so much fun to role play with, and you do these things out of the blue sometimes that they just stick with me and make me smile for days. Thank you for conquering that keyhole for me.

marc122 marc122
You’re amazing. Your writing is always so good, your shitposts are absolutely hilarious, your imagination is so out of the box -- it’s always such a blast to hear your ideas --, and your knowledge and want to know things is inspiring. You’re so much fun to talk to and very easy to argue you with. You hear points and make your own, incredibly respectful of opinions you don’t agree with, you inspire me to be just as calm and just as patient with everyone as you are. You’ve been a joy to have in my life since MCRP and working alongside you in TCS is like a cherry on top of the entire experience. You’ve inspired me in so many ways, from writing to personal life, and I’m so glad to have met you and be your friend.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
When we first met, I’ll admit, we didn’t get along and I didn’t like you very much. But, I always thought you were an amazing writer. In MCRP your character portrayals were always so much fun to read and your writing made me want to be a better role player. In TCS, you continue to force me to fall in love with your characters, NPC or otherwise, and you have been amazing to work with. We bash heads some times but you’re always receptive to what I have to say and very willing to compromise on issues, something I know I often have trouble with and appreciate your patience. You run such a large role play so well and your GMing skills are a huge help in teaching me. I was so nervous for my first GMing experience and being able to do it alongside you was an honor and a treat and I learned so much from you in such a short time. You’ve truly become like a little brother to me. You’ve constantly been a person I can turn to when I need help or need to vent. You helped me through a total breakdown, and I will always be thankful to have you as a friend. We might bash heads, we might rub each other the wrong way at times, but I know you’ll always have my back and I’ll always have yours.

Sayo-Nara Sayo-Nara
First of all, Dib is awesome. Second of all, you’re a sweetheart. Keep being you, Little Bro Sayo.

Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch
You have such a unique way of presenting yourself and it’s such a joy to interact with you. You’re hilarious, quick witted, and there hasn’t been a moment where I’m not laughing at your role playing. Even on more serious topics, you’re easy to talk to and great to be around.

T The Man With No Name
I love your role playing style. Every conversation I’ve had with you has been so genuine and so great. I very much enjoy your existence, and I’m always happy to see you around. Thank you for everything you bring to TCS and thank you for being such an amazing person.

Attesa Attesa
You have always been one of the people that make the hard days more bearable. Your sense of humor and just adorable personality are always so much fun to interact with and just watching you be yourself is like watching a little brother shine. Eric is, hands down, one of my favorite characters of all time. Your writing is such an inspiration to me. You have a way of mixing humor and your great skills to create posts that inspire me every single day. You’re equal parts realistic with fantasy, it’s genuinely fantastic and I really wish you saw that more. Moreover, when I was going through a really hard time you were right there for me to talk to and more than helpful with it. Thank you so much for being you.

QizPizza QizPizza
I love your writing, your characters, your sense of humor, and just everything. Your sense of details to your posts has helped me so much with my own writing, I can’t thank you enough. The way you mix incredibly powerful characters with realistic human traits, and manage to make them all so distinct and so well written is amazing to watch and read and hear about. You are so funny and so sarcastic. But your ability to drop that and be serious when you need to be is a skill I’m still working on. Your patience and understanding of other people is such an inspiration. Though we have very different views on the world, I have always enjoyed our discussions on more serious topics and your ability to talk about things that you hold so dear without lashing out at my critics is not something that I see very often and I’m so glad to have met someone that makes me genuinely think about things and shows me how wrong many of my biases are. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

Haz. Haz.
You were the first GM I ever had and will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. You introduced me to a new kind of role playing and I am so thankful that you did. I know MCRP had its kinks, but I absolutely adored it and genuinely enjoyed a lot of the different things you tried. You are ambitious, and I love that. You are such an amazing writer and such an inspiration to my own writing. I’ve learned so much about writing detailed, in depth posts from you, and continue to do so throughout role playing at your side. Moreover, you’re so smart and so much fun to talk to. You’re cheeky sense of humor, quick wit, and over all snark are such a highlight to any server I’ve been in with you. Genuinely, the best son a mother could have.

GearBlade654 GearBlade654
You are great to talk to. You create such great characters and it’s so fun talking to you about them and going back and forth with little dialogue that create great interactions between our characters. I have so much respect for you as a role player and so much respect for you as a person. You care about everyone. Your heart is always in the right place. I love being able to talk to you about your characters and I’m happy to be someone you can bounce ideas off of. Thank you so much for being so caring and so nice and inspiring me to try and be the same way.

Zerulu Zerulu
You can take things too far sometimes, but I love your sense of humor. I also love the characters that you play, and how you play them. Sev has been great fun to read and I hope to be able to interact with him more, and I do hope that Shilo can live up to the leader she wants to be for him. Gaige is fantastic, you capture her character amazingly, I love her. One of my fondest memories of you is the fight between Shilo and Sterlock. It was so frustrating because dice rolls are such a bitch, but looking back on it now it was so much fun to have them fight. Thank you for that.

2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B
I didn’t really talk to you too much in MCRP, but getting to know you better in TCS has been an absolute blast. I love your writing and your characters. I cannot wait to get to know you better as a friend and create a genuine relationship between our characters, whether it’s a rivalry or a friendship. You’re both hilarious and great to talk to, and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to interact with you more and more. Keep on keeping on, Dio.

DerpyCarp DerpyCarp
You are such a sweetheart. I’m sorry we don’t talk as much as we used to. But I have loved reading your posts throughout EtC and Fulgore will always hold a special place in my heart. You are so much fun to talk to and have such great ideas, play such interesting characters, I love every second of it. I hope everything is going well on your end, Derpy.

L3n L3n
I haven’t known you for very long, but I love you. You’re so adorable and so funny. I cannot express how glad I am that you joined TCS and that I get to talk to you. Thank you for existing.

BoltBeam BoltBeam
You are so sweet and so nice. I love talking with you. I love your role playing style and the characters that you play. I’m so glad to have met you and so honored to be able to role play alongside you.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
I haven’t known you for very long, but I am so glad to have met you. Your insight on the world and knowledge over all has been such a great addition to my online life. Your ability to contain so much information about so many things has inspired me to do even more research into the things that I love and I thank you for that. You’re so smart and so great and just thank you playing Paladins with me and talking with me and being who you are.

FoolsErin FoolsErin
You are so great. You always do such a great job at portraying the characters you play and I hope to get on your level some day. I love the effort you put into your characters and the humor that you bring to TCS. You’ve had some of the most hilarious and savage lines I’ve ever seen and it is such a joy to read them. I hope to God I’m never on the receiving end of your wrath. I can’t wait to get to know you better and to read more of your role playing.

PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss
You’re one of the newest to the group, but it’s great to have you here. You ask so many questions and want to learn so much. You’re open to just about everything I have to say, I only hope it’s actually good advice. I know you’ve been here long enough that a welcome isn’t really in order, but welcome to the group nonetheless. I can’t wait to see your characters grow and develop.

Chungchangching Chungchangching
You are so great to have around. I love your sense of humor. You always play outside the box characters and do it in such an amazing way that I love every single one of them. Your character portrayal and your writing over all such an inspiration to my own writing and my own character development. I hope that I can someday portray out of the box characters in the fun loving, edgey, and great way that you do. I’m so glad that you’re apart of this group. I can never get enough of your over the top, hilarious reactions. I look forward to seeing you online everyday and talking and teasing. You’re such a good sport and such a kind heart. Thank you for everything you bring to TCS.

ManyFaces ManyFaces
You’re such an interesting person. You’re super funny and super fun to talk to, always. I love your sense of humor and your ability to swing with so many jokes. You are the perfect mix of adorable and dark and I cannot get enough. You’re the best daughter in the world and I’m so glad that I have someone to fangirl over the great Zdunich with. You’re my perfect little Lap Dog, I promise to treat you better than God treated his. I love you so much, never change (unless it’s for the better, but you can’t really get better than perfect).

Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins
I absolutely adore your writing. Your ability to bring your characters to life in awe inspiring. You play Medic so fucking well. Your posts are so much fun to read. On the server, you are amazing. You’re so smart and so much fun to talk to. I still think back on the conversation we had and smile. I love talking with you. You’re hilarious and genuine and sweet. I’m very glad to have met you and I hope that we continue to grow as friends.

RedLight RedLight
If Faction wants to go to Uncle John’s Strip Club, he can. I’m not his keeper, he doesn’t have to ask me for permission. However, that is the gayest strip club name I’ve ever heard.
Thank you for all the humor you bring to TCS. It can be a bit much at times, but it does help keep things light and funny. You’ve helped me come out of my shell quite a bit about a few things, and I genuinely appreciate it. I really enjoy having you around and I’m really glad that we’ve become friends.

Critic Ham Critic Ham
We don’t talk too much, but dear God, I love your characters and you sense of humor. I’m always so excited to see you’re online because I know hilarity is sure to ensue. Doomguy is the best dad.

darkred darkred
You’re fantastic. I love your characters and your sweetness. You’re so great to talk to. Your writing is so unique and I always adore reading your posts. The Terminator plot was such a blast and I can’t wait to try my hand in the sequel -- I just hope that I’m not super busy and can actually participate. I’m so glad to have met you. Thank you for all the kindness you bring to every server I’ve seen you in.

Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind
I loved working with you in TCS and how willing you were to go with my crazy idea. I think you’re super adorable and super funny and I love it whenever I get to talk with you. You’re a great sport when it comes to teasing, which is something I always admire. I love reading your posts. You have such a great writing style and you’re always so much fun.

jigglesworth jigglesworth
You are so much fun to talk to and role play with. If I remember correctly, you were one of the first people to join my harem and I remember feeling so honored that you had. I’ve always really enjoyed your presence in any server I’ve been in with you. Your calm, cool, and collected attitude has always been so great for me to be around. You’re so nice and such a sweetheart. I’m really happy to have met you.

Crow Crow
We don’t really talk all that much, but you’re a cool guy to have around. You’re very open to talk about things and compromise about things, I really appreciate your easy going personality. Watching you handle the Digimon fiasco with everyone, and you keeping your patience with it, was genuinely amazing. I don’t think I could have done the same in your position with that. I can’t wait to see you as the GM and go through your plot.

Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun
The detail that you put into your characters, your writing, and your code is so inspirational it’s hard to put into words. Thank you for the effort you put into everything and being such a driving force for me, personally, in everything that you do. Thank you for the help on my codes, I appreciate it more than I can say. You are so much fun to be around and such an absolute sweetheart. I love talking with you. I’m so glad to have met you. You and Riri are so cute and it makes me so happy to see you two interact -- it truly warms my ice cold heart. You and Riri, both, bring so much to the TCS community, it is always so great to see you guys online.

SheepKing SheepKing
You’re hilarious and I quote everything you say. Your memes are a highlight of my TCS experience. Your characters are fantastic and I also hope one of them dies someday.

Birb Birb
Whenever I think of people who are sweet, you always come to mind. You are so kind and give off such a positive vibe, I love talking with you. Your characters are always so much fun to read and your drawings are so great -- thank you for sharing them. I'm glad to have met you and for you to be a part of TCS and PI.

Veradana Veradana
We haven’t talked much, but I always enjoy when you’re on. You have so much insight about so many things and it’s a lot of fun to hear you talk about them. You’re an amazing writer and I love all the posts that I’ve read from you. I appreciate everything you bring to TCS and I’m so glad to have you as a part of the community.

Caffeine Freak Caffeine Freak
Boi, I have never seen someone take the characters that you use and create such genuinely amazing work out of them. You’re hilarious, an amazing writer, and so much fun to have around.
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I don't have much to say but...

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Garficcino Garficcino Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind Tamotsu Tamotsu Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka Karcen Karcen Zamasu Zamasu FoolsErin FoolsErin @Vsland Sil-Sama Sil-Sama King Crimson King Crimson

<3 I LOVE YOU <3

Ever since I was new to this roleplaying thing and as time went on, I begin to enjoy playing pretend on text. Yeah there were ups and downs, but I still enjoy it nonetheless. All those headpats and cuddles you all gave me were like a motivation to make me have fun. Thank you, not just the people I've mentioned but also the people here on both this site and on discord, be it have care for me or not, for making me experience how fun it is to roleplay. Maybe sooner I'll have my own RP, but you wouldn't know >wO

Mufu Muri Mufuri~ from the little annoying puffball-turned-mammal-turned-loli-who-is-also-Thanos



The God-Emperor of Mankind
This is the third time (or more?) that my name was spoken in this thread. As with all demons, I have now been summoned and feel obliged to post. Let's start.

The Valerian Crew
P Paint The Wind Baku the Shipping Lord Baku the Shipping Lord Kylesar1 Kylesar1 FireMaiden FireMaiden Safety Hammer Safety Hammer & others. Also, Archdemon Archdemon as an honorable mention.

On one eventful evening of oppressive boredom, a young, foolish bird found himself stumbling into a RP site, and beginning a hilariously spontaneous 1x1 with a random person. After engaging in meager writing exercises for like, three days (?) and becoming acquainted with the conception of forum RP, the bird felt it was safe and prudent to expand his horizons and push onward. It started with honing its ability to select sequences of words and then convincing that person to make it into a group roleplay so that others may share in the bounty.

It was then, that the young bird took to the skies, as he had found friendship on the internet for the first time... you know, not counting my other friends, but you get the message. All of you have a special place in my heart as the first group I had roleplayed with, and I will always hold onto that memory. If Guild of Heroes was my first "truly proper roleplay" then Tyranny of King Valerian was the prototype for that, and in a way, it's more dear to me.

Special mention goes to Archdemon, who I met very early in my "career" and who stuck around for some of my projects ever since, cropping up and out with an eldritch pattern. Although I haven't talked to you in a while, I truly appreciate your companionship during my early travails, and I appreciate that you found my early abortions of writing projects amusing enough to participate in.

The Guild of Heroes / Original Fantasy/Superhero Crew
Alteras Alteras Fyuri Fyuri Noble Scion Noble Scion Reinhardt Reinhardt Inheritance Inheritance Hanarei Hanarei HellsHaven HellsHaven Epiphany Epiphany June Verles June Verles The Fluffiest Floof The Fluffiest Floof Silver Wolf Silver Wolf Swire Swire & others. Also, IamNotLoki as an honorable mention.

Alas, Guild of Heroes started great and never quite regained its original shine, even after a dozen incarnations. It was a growing period, where personal taste didn't matter to me as much as the gratification of a job well done, which just wasn't plausible in those conditions. However, in retrospect, I found the exercise cathartic, and I cherish what moments I've shared with my friends and players. Turenval can go fuck a bee, am I right?

I've made friends with... pretty much everyone in this group, to varying degrees, though Epiphany is more like a second mother to me. Some are more or less active than others, giving me more or less of a chance to interact. Bullying Hanarei for not posting gets stale after the umpteenth time, though, I must confess. Nonetheless, it feels good to know there are people who'll always be there to help me when I get a dumb idea and want to make something out of nothing.

Special acknowledgments to IamNotLoki, who was one of the most creative and vibrant people I had the pleasure to know, perhaps ever. For whatever reason, I cannot seem to tag him anymore. Even today, I consider his character, Senor Fred, to be one of the most interesting and funny characters in all roleplay fiction. A writer and artist per excellence; I've also read some of his comics and found them to be positively exhilarating. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing: Godspeed.

The Multiverse Crew
Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Crenando Crenando Bixir Bixir Verite Verite Topless Topless Haz. Haz. Garficcino Garficcino Thepotatogod Thepotatogod FoolsErin FoolsErin marc122 marc122 Ethan Hart Ethan Hart Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind & others. Also, thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore as an honorable mention.

I don't even know where to start. Absolute units; pillars of the community, specialists and enthusiasts in various fields of fiction, whom I've consistently had the unbridled pleasure of working and interacting with. Though their tastes vary between different genres in fandoms, it is in the unification of these tastes that they have found a truly novel and unique community. The Discord chatter is always a pleasant distraction, even when I'm working, and the BiC is one of the more long-running and delightful projects I took part in that I can name off the top of my head.

Every person mentioned here is a great writer in their own right, on some level. There are exceptions, in that Topless' writing consists more of excited and beaming chatter so deeply infused with sugar and hearts and pinkness that it makes my head feel lighter. Some of them have come to me for advice, while I've learned much from others in departments that I lacked in: both in writing and in other matters outside of it. I've made some friendships here, and I hope they will last.

For my honorable mention, thatguyinthestore. I'd like to preface this with a repeated apology for complaining about your Tony Stark portrayal outside of your presence: it was rude, and didn't give you much of a chance to defend yourself at the time. In much the same vein, I'd like to say that although I've made such a rude remark, I also found your roleplays themselves to be rich in content, inspiration, and creativity; with the models themselves being excellent. I hold no enmity towards you, and I hope the opposite is true: I'd like for there to be no bad blood between us. I respect you as a person and as a fellow writer.

There are some other people, to whom I can't truly append a "category" or a status of belonging to one of the groups I mentioned above. I'd hate to brush over them and not give them the due attention by abbreviating their impact on making the site and my experience great, but frankly, if I really wanted to draw this out, this post would take up half the page, so I'll just end here.

Thank you for your attention.


... Also, since I'm already doing this, I might as well: Reinhardt, I confess to stealing good-looking fonts from your posts. You-don't-mind-right?-nice-thanks-I'm-gonna-go-before-you-can-understand-the-sentence-gotta-go-now-byeee~!

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My Internal Self-Doubt

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Questionable Life Choices

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A Post in an Appreciation Thread

And Guest Starring
This Sliding End Credits Sequence that Fyuri Gifted to Me

~ Fin ~


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A Spastic Collection of Characters and Ideas
fucc don't mention the cringey shit pls m8 jk i love you. Also for actually getting me to like anime somehow (yeah I know I thought that was impossible).


slayerslade666 slayerslade666

Thanks for being a great partner for the past year or so and also for being willing to do another of those cringe RPs with me. Non-serious RPs where basically anything is possible just because is so much more fun.
Awww, your welcome! Reading your posts is always a treat!


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
P Paint The Wind Baku the Shipping Lord Baku the Shipping Lord Kylesar1 Kylesar1 FireMaiden FireMaiden Safety Hammer Safety Hammer

I honestly cannot come to this site without thinking of the first actual unified RP group I've ever been in. Yes, Ari was an OP bastard and story an epic mess after the first one, but damn was it fun to RP the epic mess. I made my personal favorite OC ever in Misty. If any of you have another RP you want to get off the ground, don't hesitate to tag me as I'm currently RP starved.

It was from these RPs that launched RPing from a simple creative outlet to my go-to hobby of choice. I grew heavily in both my writing style and my world-building from these RPs and then the shitposting PM thread long after the RPs were over and you all spilled your mind at 3am that made me wonder if I'm the only mentally stable one here.

People like you make this site fantastic

mdebourg mdebourg

Currently involved in easily the best 1x1 RP I've ever done and it's all thanks to this person here. It is through this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP that I learn some pretty important lessons on not only RPing a fandom and how to balance a middle-ground between game mechanics, show interpretations, and RPing all of it, but also has me learning some incredibly important insights into mental health through the darker moments of the RP

I never knew how much I loved the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon aspect of the Pokemon world until this RP. It is EASILY my favorite aspect of the Pokemon World now. I absolutely adore the cottonball (though you're trying to be satan here) and the cute fairy bird.

PMD is quite literally the only Fandom I'm good to RP in and finding that out is all thanks to you.

RPers like you make this site fantastic


Say hi!
Birdsie Birdsie
Aw, thanks buddy.

Honestly, it's been awhile since I've been doing stuff but I'm starting to make a comeback.

Though if I'm gonna give people credit where credit is due...
Baku the Shipping Lord Baku the Shipping Lord pbtenchi pbtenchi Birdsie Birdsie Cosmos Cosmos and Moonsetter Moonsetter

Y'all been the best, if I had to say who my pals were on this site, it would be all of you guys. Anyways I'm glad to still be here after 5 years.
Oh man. I'm so touched. Honestly, I'm just a bag of issues and bad writing, but I'm beyond happy if I've made your experience a good one.

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