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Fantasy So you want to be a hero OOC


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yeah, sorry. i haven't rp'd in a while, and i need to get back into the flow of things
That’s fine a good writing tip for those who have trouble with detail is to have your character react to everything I put. So if I say in Korea react to then being in Korea’s maybe they have never been out the country maybe they speak Korean maybe they are racist against Asians. Then there is the fact that’s your luggage was taken, how do they react what was in the luggage that you needed, Maybe they didn’t have anything just a Carry on. Then is the plane. What a weird looking plane, maybe they have never been on a plane before so they think they all look like that. Then Mongolia, they airport there is shabby maybe they need to pee and have to try to find a bathroom maybe they are scanning the other students. Then there is the second post with the girl Lisa, maybe you ignore it maybe you will be like thespectacularstorm and try to figure out where you are going and how long you will be here. Just some advice
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If you ever need something to react to or guidance you can look at my post and react to that too 🤷‍♀️ I try to include as many things as possible so others have something to go off of so feel free if you need the extra boost to use me for reference outside of Aja's mystery posts lol

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