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Multiple Settings SO MANY IDEAS~~ URHHHHHGGGGG!…. //OwO

Which idea(/s) are your favourite!~~ :3 XD

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w i ck e r b e a s t
Idea 1:
Just a normal College day!-…. uh, are you a magical girl?
A text based roleplay (as in the characters interacting over a fake social media app) to do with either human kids at a college where weird and potentially magical things start happening (would have scenes of none text obviously). To be expanded upon.


Idea 2:
The children of Kaiju
Set in a near distant future, giant monsters named Kaiju rose up and began to destroy the largest cities in the world, a war waged for almost forty years between the earths army's and these ancient beasts, but what finally stopped the fighting was not battle, but love. Years later a group of children collected at birth with their mothers are finally being 'released' into the real world, just like any other teenagers they're experiencing the usual hormone swings, hair in weird places- oh, and did we mention breathing fire? Set in a time of them adapting, the balance between two species mysterious peace and a world not yet ready to accept what makes them different, will this be the start of their normal human lives? Or the beginning of a war much, much larger.


Idea 3:
Hey! Monsters aren't all the same ya know!?
Essentially based around a group of monsters in a modern fantasy based world, where humans greatly outnumber and those of their species hold great power, this is the story of a group of other species children all with something that makes them wrong compared to the others of their kind, and what living with this is like in either a high school or camp setting. (either real life WELL RESEARCHED disabilities, or ones that are specific for the type) think, uneasy peace between humans but somewhat adapted by this point.


Idea 4:
We Are Not Monsters
A group of teen 'half breeds' (basically werewolves haha yeahhhhh) raised away from civilisation by a group of talking animals (yes, I know it sounds weird, it makes more sense with lore haha) suddenly come face to face with their oh so similar human kind when their home is discovered by a group of curious young adults out on a camping trip to get away from college for the weekend. Well- on both ends this is rather awkward.


Idea 5:
Welp, that experiment went horribly wrong! Oh well, surely nothing bad could happen, right?
Based on the premise of a military testing facility gone wrong and having a major incident essentially destroying the facility leaving the scientists convinced any subjects within were either destroyed or debilitated beyond threat, they abandoned it to move on, after all what they were doing was beyond questionable, even for the benefits they claimed would come of it for the government. Left cast out in what was now a closed off 'junk' site the experiments in fact were not in the state they believed, in fact the incident perhaps was not even so random. As so much the work of one kind hearted woman scientist who'd protected them before such happened. Now looking after a large group of 'monstrous' outcasts she has a large responsibility protecting them from the preying eyes of the world. However what would happen but three years later, where many now have ideas of the world outside their small barriers, and thoughts of rebelling. That, and the curious eyes of two young reporters who might've just gotten themselves into far more of a story than they could have ever imagined.

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Going to doctor not gonna be active
These Idea's all sound great, I Have an OC or two that might work with Idea 3 pretty well, depends on how you define wrong, like a physical abnormality that makes them different


Senior Member
Though if its story five... I CALL BEING A REPORTER!
If we do Story four.. I hope there's a kitsune. :csmile:
Story three? Meh. I can't form opinions...yet.
Story two? Same as Story three.
And story one.... Its lacking in elaboration. Lol. So same as Stories two and three.


w i ck e r b e a s t
Now I'm REALLY looking for some co-gm's to aid in all this! so anyone who would like to volunteer please do!! :3 also community feedback on world building, ideas and so on would be much appreciated!! <3


The Red One
I'm really interested in idea 1. I'd love to join, and I could potentially provide several characters if needed, or even co-GM and help on world-building, ideas and potential plots.


w i ck e r b e a s t
okay so it seems 4 and 2 came in first and second! 1 and 5 raced a tie in third and 3 came last! :3 I'm now looking for gm's for the winner! Haha! <3

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