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Realistic or Modern Shot in the dark (MxF)


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Lorenzo Falconetti

  • Only 18+ RP'ers

    I'm 25+ y/o, she/her, GMT+1

"Welcome to my personal kind of hell."
I am currently on the search for someone who would like to write/rp as the female against my male character. I feel most comfortable with this kind of pairing, though writing the male as my first and only main is kind of new.

As far as idea and theme, I hope you are at least 18+, or preferrably somewhere around the end of 20's.
I would love to either indulge in the setting of my main male being the leader of a homicide squad, or the head of a mafia gang. Who is your character? A simple civilian? A state attorny or lawyer? Another criminal who's mission is to serve the head of my muse? A well-known celebrity that took the wrong turn or said the wrong word? The daughter of a wealthy business man/ politician, sold off? You see, you can run wild and free here!

I love a good twist and I love some really dark themes with that. Though, everything should be written with the utmost respect and there should be no general romantisation of certain topics. Added to that - I am not interested in the "damsel in distress" kind of roleplay. I'd love for the female muse to be somewhat headstrong, and not all too naiv and gullible.

If that seems like something you'd like to go for, we can chat and exchange ideas. Note that I am rather communicative and like to chit-chat. I like moodboards for the roleplay, exchanging music, memes, whatever seems fit. If that is a hard no for you - that's alright. Just tell me. But plotting is a must, obviously.



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