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Fandom (Search Thread/20+/FxF) The Office RP *cue theme song*


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I'd better start with some rules!

+Please be 20 or over. I'm 26, and I really don't feel comfortable roleplaying with anybody younger than that -- sorry, that's a strict rule.

+I don't feel comfortable with smut scenes. When the time comes, I'd prefer that we fade-to-black.

+I prefer to RP over PM if possible.

+I'm looking for something pretty active, once a day would be ideal if we're not writing essays but I'm open to options!

+Please be committed, I'm into long-term things generally.

+I tend to really like slice-of-life, and I don't plan things strictly. If you're after action at all times then this might not be for you. I love fluff as well, haha

+ I tend to write a paragraph or so per post, so please keep that in mind. One or two sentence stuff is fine, as long as I can understand what you're saying.

What I'm looking for:
Okay, so I've been watching the US Office recently and I'm looking for somebody to play Pam for me lol.

Preferably in an FxF setting where I can play my OC.

In return, I can play anybody for you or even an OC; whichever is preferable!

I'm thinking this is when she's still with Roy, and there's some friction about for sure 😂

PM me or post here if you're interested~

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