Scientists have found...

Princess have found out that the lack of time oftenly causes being late. 

Also, back of, sansbone, I'm married.
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scientists have found that idea-kun is to blame and will be attacked by a nekofam
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scientists have also found that the thievs are impossible to be found
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Scientists have found Ami-chan will always come back, Idea-kun has faith in her.

Scientiss also found Idea suggests Tremtie sends him and Ami a PM so we stop making this game awkward...
The first person starts their sentence off with "Scientists have found" and finishes it off with something funny or illogical. Then the next person does the same thing, but it has to be related to what the previous person said.

Scientists have found that people keep ignoring this rule.

Scientists have also found that there is a new rule prohibiting doing multiple "Scientists have found" statements at once from now on.
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