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  • High Moon
    High Moon
    Boriiiiiing, met some great people though, French, Russian, Romanian, German... I now have a list of contacts all over the world
    Where were you at? London was pretty entertaining even without going to tourist attractions.
    High Moon
    High Moon
    London, Dulwich, summer school
    I have returned - or something. I wasn't doing very well these days, been there, done that. Lots of school, lots of people problems, but whatever. Sorry for all the contacts I cut in favour of moping over my miserable existence. :(
    So when do you wanna start that collab post?
    Just about now! :D I had a lot school work these days that needed to be done ASAP and so I couldn't write anything. :( Sorry for that. 
    today i learned that the people who write :3 are probably the same people  drink children's blood for breakfast.
    Khadame on the streets, khadabae in the sheets

    No fucking wonder I'll never get a boyfriend.
    The brain is truly an amazing thing. I can recite every single stylistic device on earth if someone randomly asks me, but when it matters I just

    Every team game ever

    A, B: "hey uh would you mind not doing [thing]"

    C, D, E: [do thing]

    lose game

    B: "why did you do [thing]"

    D: "dunno lol reported"

    Might as well take up smoking because that shit gave me cancer anyway
    drinking game ala video games

    - take a shot everytime you hear a choir in the background during a boss fight

    - two shots for every quest you have to look up what to do cause you skipped the npcs dialogue

    - three shots everytime you accidently play dialogue again (four shots if you can't skip it)

    - drown the bottle if you fall into a pit you didn't see

    - drink a can of gasoline for every ice level
    It is the year 2568

    America and Russia ended each other in warfare

    Nuclear winter settles over Europe, millions die

    Half life 3 released

    Sombra ARG still going
    Fuck that ARG
    At least they continued it somehow

    That timer was fucking stupid
    A countdown to another timer that counts down to one single strand of anonymous text?  WHAT A GREAT IDEA. 
    When u find a story with a great premise but its riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

    Finally I can put my Kitty Kat Katarina skin to good use :J
    Yea, they're on the PBE. Should be on surrenderat20 already.
    God, fanfictions are becoming more fucked up as time goes on. How did we go from coffee shop AUs to unironically impregnating men? Jesus fucking christ, man.
    Parks and rec is a blessing to humanity


    On an unrelated note, i want to carress ron swansons beard and whisper sweet nothings in his handsome manly ears
    Born too early to be the next Faker

    Born too late to play in beta

    But born just in time to see the release of Bard Bard

    Fucking amen riot games
    When you plan on an intense 10-hour gaming session but don't want to get up to go on the toilet

    >get a pack of chips

    >leave them on the sofa

    >turn on radio

    >proceed to sit on chips

    >chips fall to the ground when i stand up

    >how could this happen to me starts playing on the radio

    This is what I suffer everyday.
    I have turned from the dead! On another note, the Ace Attourney games are fucking great. They saddle me with unnessecary feelings. [COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/COLOR]

    I love those games!

    Also, welcome back to the land of the living!
    I recently found out that girls actually existed. I turned the voice chat on and lo and behold; a female homo sapiens spoke into the mic. I thought they were but a myth, and that everyone was a man, but I was wrong. And then I found out there's MILLIONS of them. My world view is shattered. Please, someone say that this is a lie.
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