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Fandom RWBY: Uprising | Interest Check [Re-Opened]


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Beacon Academy. Said to be where the idea of huntsmen and huntswomen was born. An institution where young and upcoming huntsmen go to hone their craft and contribute to the ongoing war against the Grimm. Founded by Ruben Tallow, the Headmaster of said Academy.

Alas, there has been news of an organization purposefully spawning Grimm in towns and cities alike, therefore the need for huntsmen have been growing. A global doctorate has been signed in order to accelerate the educational process of the Huntsman Academies to counter this threat.

The time is now to Rise

Rp Rules

1. Up to 2 characters per player

2. Absolutely no godmodding

3. No bigotry unless it’s in-universe.

4. OOC Drama stays OOC


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Hey! If this is still open I'd love to join!

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