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Vagabond Spectre

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Nula Dopplers

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Asher was a brand new face. Despite appearances he seemed friendly, rather too friendly. Greeting her with open arms as if he just met an old friend. She could only maintain eye contact for so long before she would meet eyes with the floor again.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again... You are... Not ma—“

It was only the the start of a habit. Apologies are something of a quirk she possesses. Her eyes widened in surprise with the sudden lift off her feet as she was meet with a warm embrace from the faunus. She could not move her body in the sudden moment. While not accustomed to warm hugs she is however familiar with head pats. Nula did not understand the purpose until Asher’s answered came on cue. She was eventually put down where her heavy breathing eased as a progress that her shoulders no longer move obviously.

She was suggested to take a seat which she followed without question.siiting down on his previous chair without knowing it belonged to the young man. Now to think about it, Nula did attempt to guess just what kind of Faunus is he? Horned, with a tail, body temp is abnormal. Nula guessed a reptile hybrid, looking back to him to assure details. It was rude to ask directly in her point of view. Taking attention instead to the weapon laid nearby. A sword big enough to be a claymore type yet it had modern mechanism attached to what appears to be a cannon launcher of sorts. Slowly her eyes examine the laid weapon from bottom to top. It was an impressive good design contrasting to her pistol that is in her holstered leg.


Chicken Nugget
Indigo Moon

Indigo stifled a chuckle as Atomic's face began to glow red. Between that and the hand slapped over her mouth, it was clear she had let slip more than she intended to. “Okay stunning, I understand family business being personal” as he spoke his flirtatious smile slipped into one much softer. “I won’t drag it out of you, but if you do decide you want someone to talk to I’m free to listen now or whenever”

Apparently the saying 'when it rains it pours' would be proved true as another pretty girl appeared. The new girl was also a gorgeous Faunus, a brown-haired rabbit with brilliant eyes. Though if Atomic had been looking bad then this girl looked even worse for wear. Almost as if…

There it was, and here he thought you put the lunch in the plastic bag before you ate it. He wouldn’t say that aloud, but the thought did amuse him. “That’s a cute way to spin it,” Moon returned the brunette's wave with a light chuckle, “but jumping around like that might not be the best thing for a sick stomach, Bun"

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Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."
"You can?" Ichor mumbled, perplexed, Chocoberry didn't exactly look the type to be able to wield such a large weapon, but then again, most people tended to assume she wielded a rapier, or generally just a smaller, less violent, weapon of some kind.

And then Warutsu confirmed that he did attend Shelter Basic, but was always training in martial arts? To impress his younger brother...?

Where did that sound familiar...? She was sure she had to have at least a combat class with him.

(Did he have one of the fangirl cult followings? That might explain it.)

Suppressing a groan at her failing memory, Ichor shook her head, and tried hard not to sigh.

And then, an offer of a potential spar, cookies... And friendship?

She hadn't become delusional had she?

["...I loved them to the point of 𝒊𝒏𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏." She remembers her father saying, eyes full of nothing but longing as he looked at decade old weapon schematics for three distinct weapons.

Ichor had always wondered, distantly, if he felt that same type of love for her, for her mother, for anyone other than his old team.

Icarus Sable had always been stuck in a past Ichor had no chance of being apart of.]


Offered by two different people, at the same time?

Either she was dreaming, or she was about to die.


Well, no one ever said you couldn't indulge in a bit of happiness.

"Thanks," Ichor's smile practically 𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘥 as she gingerly took one of the cookies from Rai's hands, "cookies are my favorite desert! And... Well, I don't plan to loose if you hold up on that spar."
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The answer is Fireball
1626721561708.png "You're welcome!" Rai stated with a smile as the pair took their cookies and thanked him. He was relieved at having pacified the suspicious Lucoco, if only for now. "Lucoco are you alright?" He faked concern as he noticed her turning pale before running off. He had noticed she wasn't feeling well earlier, but he didn't expect a bag of cookies to be enough to set her off. Still it was made so he didn't need to worry about another person with his facade. "Goodness I hope she'll be okay." He stated as Lucoco ran off. "At least we're almost there and she can get medical help if she still doesn't feel well when we land..." Rai stated to put a more positive spin on things to lighten the mood.

He looked back over at Ichor to see that she was thinking about something, perhaps trying to remember him or something else. "I was usually crowded by people asking to team up with me during basic, so perhaps you didn't see me because of that." He explains with a rueful smile... he didn't mind crowds but constantly being flocked like that was a pain especially when one was trying to advance themself, but on well. "I'm glad you like cookies! I'm normally not a big cookie person but nothing beat's mom's cooking." He stated with a wide smile. "I don't plan on losing either, but I don't mind teaching you if you want to learn a new weapon. They say teaching is the best way to improve your own understanding."
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Dmitri Tolenka

Sic Semper Tyrannis
The girl blooms like an Argus moonflower under the gentle rays of the setting sun. Tanner can’t help himself, her smile is infectious. “Aye I enjoyed it, loved it even! There’s always something new to see an do around the next bend. Whassit like though.” he said and paused. He tried to grab the words, and started twice only to stop before he got a single word out.

“Magnificent.” he finally managed, halfway through a competent answer. It would have to do. She didn’t seem to mind?

“As fer what I enjoyed. Oh, plenty of things. Food for instance! The best Mistrali food I ever had was in Atlas o’ all places, this place on the Luisenstrasse in Walzburger Port - little out of the city centre there’s this bunch of migrants that set up shop there. Turns out the best way to eat Atlesian kraken is to get some fur-wrapped Mistrali to season it fer ye. Sure the plates were the size o’ beer mats and ye need ta take care not to order the spicy variant unless ye already mix up napalm an mouth wash anyway.” he said, with a half lidded stare as he journeyed through memory after memory.

“Mistral itself is a mixed bag. Me pappy an mam mostly plied the Atlas to Windpath route, so I can’t speak much o’ the southern bits, so don’t take this as a review of the whole place. ‘S the biggest kingdom after all, and that means something aight.” he prefaced, taking a quick gander around to make sure he didn’t step on any patriotic toes.

No one from Mistral heard him?

Apparently not from what he could see. Though that bunny girl might want to calm down, they were almost there.

“So. Windpath. Now sure, on the surface it’s banger with white beaches, sunny skies, cheap drinks and theme parks that’ll bring out yer inner child faster than a coathanger. On the flipside, according to my highly accurate nav charts most of Mistral is ‘bout five miles away... from the surface of the sun. Now while I got no problem with the UV, after all the best way to look at clouds is from above, there’s the heat problem. The average temperature in Windpath is enough to instantly fry eggs while inside the shell. I know the pictures are all green and planty but don’t be fooled, the city is basically one giant ant under a magnifying glass. Then there’s the crime. Wha’ever you imagine it’s like, it’s worse. The touristy bits are kept nice and clean just like a farmer takes care o their bowhegh, I mean cattlehouse, the other bits are a lot less civilised. Never felt happier sleeping ‘hind a fat plate o’ armour with the options of just cutting the lines and buggering off. So yeah, mixed bag fer sure.”

Tanner hoped she wouldn’t press on what exactly they ferried there. Anyone that really wanted to know could check the most definitely above board and entirely accurate manifests in the admin section of the Windpath Harbour Authorities. The one buried beneath three other folders, in a locked cabinet in a basement with a broken stairwell behind a door that read ‘beware of the Ursa.’.

“Also, brace, we’re about to turn to starboard.” he stated matter of factly. The route was on display, anyone could see the ship was about to turn, yet to some it still came as a surprise. The sensation didn’t do much more than lightly tug at a person, the lumbering airship leisurely arcing around to begin the final stretch before she’d glide into the docks.

“So tell me then, what was your youth like? What’d ye do on yer mountain island other than watch the sunrises?”

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Beautiful Disaster
Sapphiria Blackwell

  • saph.jpg One word encapsulates the boy's adventures but his short summaries of his pit stop were even more thrilling to Sapphiria. Several thought bubbles over her head imagining every single detail she could manage. From food to scenic views and even the state of the environment. She's felt summer before but it was rather warm than the usual heatwave. She couldn't even fathom the concept of what intense heat felt like only the dangers of what comes with it. Regardless, the idea of various thieves isn't so pleasant if it were under those conditions. She's never even encountered one herself and prayed her lifetime she never will. If only she had the luxury of traveling to such places. Judging by what they said, Beacon will be a chance to deliver her wish. She couldn't wait to see beyond the horizon. Sapphiria frowned upon learning Atlas and their secretive ways. She wondered why they were so high on the pedestal.

    The teen proceeds to paint a vivid picture and one of them happens to be the beach. If anything is like home it's portside with a vast sea and seagulls flying overhead rather than crows. A bungalow would complete the setting if it were livable. "I've always wanted to see the ocean. The way it sounds to the salted sea scents and splashing waves. It sounds like paradise." She cooed. "I really hope beacon isn't just studying for us first years and we can at some point take missions away from their vicinity." She sighs content lost in thought of her own fantasy toning out the warning her new friend made about bracing herself. "Hmm, what?" Before Saph could answer his question about her youth, the ship curves slightly causing her to stumble back and forth until she collides against him clinging on for dear life in hopes to stable herself. Once the turbulence was over, Saph opens her eyes relieved to catch herself on the sturdy figure. She looks up realizing what held her steady is none other than her companion. It took a while for her to process the closeness. Her face grew ten shades of red and pushed herself away. "Oh my goodness! I-I'm so sorry. I-I mean thank you for catching me. Had I paid attention, this would all be avoided." She tosses her hood over her head and tugs the strings to hide her face of embarrassment.

    Dmitri Tolenka Dmitri Tolenka

Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."
"I don't plan on losing either, but I don't mind teaching you if you want to learn a new weapon. They say teaching is the best way to improve your own understanding."

Ichor's excitement made her smile persist, giddiness apparent to anyone paying attention.

"Oh, I can't wait! I learn everything I can from our fight, and I'll get to see your weapon, and..." Trailing off in her babbling, bringing the cookie to her chest, she hopped up on her toes and grinned a bit like a madman, and then proceeded to squeak a bit as the ship proceeded to arc sideways just a bit, making her lose her footing for just a moment before recovering a second later, like a good Huntress-in-training would.

"Forget that happened!" She demanded seriously, rising to her full height with a huff, "Never happened! Nada, zilch, zero, I'm innocent of all fumbling until we reach Beacon! You hear me!?"

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Asher Cobalt
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Asher would smile again seeing that Nula had appeared to have calmed down and taken his suggestions and sat down actually she had sat on the seat Asher was previously using but the male didn’t care whatsoever. Though he did take note of how she apologised all the time it was a little odd prehaps she was just a clumsy person and was used to having to apologise for damaging stuff? Nula seemed content to just sit there hoodie sorta up staring at one of Asher’s weapons that being the “cannon-sword” thinking about this it reminded him to say something. “ apologies if things get heated my semblance makes my body temp unusually high” He‘d comment in an almost rehearsed since it somewhat was putting one hand in his pocket as he spoke to Nula. Attention shifting over to his own weapon again since the girl was still looking at it. ”nice bit of kit isn’t it? I’ll admit wasn’t something I made myself one of my family‘s clients returned the weapon since they didn’t really like it much, can’t blame em, but hey it’s want they ordered, been modifying it over the years though” he’d pause realising she’d probably not be too keen on him rambling on about weapon modification and other such gubbin‘s given the change Asher could ramble about weaponry for hours. “of course I see your more on the side of reliable weapons nothing wrong with that I mean I ke.. Welp there I go again” Asher spoke he had started again and just chuckled lightly to himself shaking his head and before picking up the cannonsword and settling down on the seat to the left of Nula. “ sorry if my weapon ramblings boring ya should be at our destination any time now lease I hope


Beautiful Disaster

Headmaster Blanche Vos (Hologram)

60bd15647205138d00ba7ab5de89d446.jpg The lights from the ship dim and the windows begin to cover leaving the floor in darkness until a computerized noise echo along with a blue glow emitting from where the windows once stood. There, a hologram of a figure is on display. A wry smile etched on their lips. It was hard to tell if the person was a child or not from the hologram, but it was evident that they are someone important. "Salutations everyone!" He chimed. "I am your headmaster of beacon academy, Blanche Vos. You must be confused as to why you haven't docked and or noticed the ships have been circling over the lake. That is because you're not necessarily my students as of yet." He wags his finger gesturing 'no'. "My academy is the most prestigious because it prepares you for the real deal and I know that each and every one of you has unique skills that will be honed to their true potential and proudly wear the name Beacon and the weight of the innocent on your shoulders. I have faith in each of you whether we've met or not. You have been recommended and chosen to meet the harshest conditions. That is why I put together this idea of killing two birds with one stone by giving you the exam, an initiation to see if you are fit to be in my school as well as finding your life-long team as a Huntsman." His serious demeanor turns to a devilish one. "So, your exam will require you to survive, and push through the forest filled with Grimm and make it to campus where I will be standing by waiting for your arrival and welcoming you with open arms." As the headmaster explains in detail the requirements, he also kindly displays a map in case anyone needed an idea of where they will go. The downside is there were many routes that lead to dead ends with only one leading to Beacon. "Now, any questions?" If anybody were to raise their hands, they would be considered bamboozled. "Trick question! Good luck, your belongings will await in the gym." With that, he signs off leaving everyone in the dark until the floors from below open as quickly as a trap door dropping off every candidate from onboard from a large height into the lake.

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Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."

Cursing every Religion she knew, a few incredibly inventive Gods, and her own shit luck. Ichor let out a terrified shriek of surprise the moment the floors of the Bullhead fell out from underneath her, her cookie falling from her grasp the second the lights went out, her hand lashing to grab onto the only solid bit of support she had near her, that being Rai Warutsu's bicep.

Only to have it ripped out of her grasp not seconds later.

The fall, from there at least, was... Oddly peaceful? Sort of like skydiving, just without a parachute, and therefore far more deadly.

Biting back another scream from rising into her throat, Ichor's mind began to 𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦, with ways to survive this shit show of an initiation, what little of the layout she had been able to memorize of the lake before her attention had been taken up by conversation, a dozen thoughts dedicated to the shoddy will she had prepared based on her father's insistence, (everything monetary was to be left to Noire Schnee, as she was sure the boy would, at the very least, use her stockpile of funds for a decent life in the countryside, and everything of sentimental value was to be split between her father and her nanny Helia), a dozen different ideas on how to reduce her Aura outtake in the next few minutes so she could survive hitting water at terminal velocity, and finally, complete and utter panic at the fact that she could very well die in the next few seconds, (or minutes exactly how long did it take for one to fall from commercial height?) in if she did not 𝒂𝒄𝒕.

Taking what little air she could into her lungs, Ichor tried to find an odd balance, and promptly ignored the fact she couldn't swim for the time being, she could deal with that later, after she survived impact, and tried to get the beginning stages of a plan into her head.

𝘎𝘳𝘢𝘣 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘰𝘯, 𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘢𝘵, was her first real, coherent, thought after she began to free-fall, pushing aside her fear, her panic, Ichor removed Selene and Helios from her lower back, proceeded to shove one of the folded limbs into her mouth, bit down as hard as she could without snapping her teeth, and ripped at the buttons that held her coat closed.

The ensuing struggle to get out of the damnable article of clothing would honestly be a bit hilarious if it weren't for the fact that, at the moment, a good portion of them were in danger of actually dying.

Finally, once she got one if her arms free, the other one wasn't much trouble.

And the coat was fluttering all by itself in the air, and Ichor grabbed hold of her weapon, prayer to whatever God was listening to her internal screams if terror, and began to think if the next stage of her plan.


The answer is Fireball
1626756021627.png Rai laughed at Ichor's blunder before he began to respond, however their new headmaster soon spoke. He began to go on about people wondering why they hadn't docked, and Rai instantly knew: This was a test. He had expected as much, he heard rumors of things like this occurring before and he packed extra supplies into his sack he had slung onto his back. He stood up instantly and pulled out his halberd from his back and it unfolded in seconds. The headmaster spouted ideals and whatnot, which meant little to Rai, he was waiting for the instructions or que's of what was going to occur next.

He didn't fool himself into thinking the headmaster would answer anything, they were supposed to be ready. He summoned his thunder spirits in preparation for what was to come, as his sneaking suspicion that they were going to be dropped off at the forest was more dropped than off. As the headmaster finished speaking Rai's deductions were proved correct and the group began to accelerate. It was possible he would gain favors or extra points for rescuing others, and at the very least it would improve his social standing.

"You're being assisted, please do not resist." Rai declared before the thunder spirits quickly wrapped around Atomic and Sapphiria's waists. Ichor grabbed ontp his bicept, but unfortunately she did so right as he was raising his hand to command his semblance and her loose grip slipped since he was standing still on one of his thunder spirits while she wasn't supported. After securing the twins he quickly commanded his thunder spirit to catch the now falling Ichor by the scruff of her shirt. He, now no longer floating was met with a jacket to the face and began free falling before he landed on the snake that was holding onto Ichor. He looked to see the other falling below, he would try to rescue two more of them if not for the fact they were all now out of range of his semblance. They would have to fend for themselves, saving three others was already an accomplishment.

Now with the three of them safely secured he began moving towards the shore on the side nearest to Beacon. "We need to get to shore, as much as flying to the academy sounds like a good idea I've got the feeling it won't work. Aside I don't like having my entire semblance wrapped up in a combat scenario, especially one that occurs in the air." Rai explains as they quickly move towards the shore, beating those who swam. "Do you want to wait for others, or try and make it there with our current group?" He inquired as he held his Halberd at his side ready for any incoming Grimm. "It's best not to stay in the same place too long." He declared as he heard rustling coming their direction from all of the fear and noise coming from the others.
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The Lord of the Uneaten

"Ahaha, you are right." Lucoco laughed approvingly at Indigo's suggestion and gradually stopped jogging on spot. "I just think its fun to-"

Her sentence was cut short as the airship performed a sudden shift and Lucoco immediately covered her mouth with her hands. She felts like her stomach was being pulled from the inside but fortunately she already emptied it so she couldn't vomit anything else. The hologram of the suspiciously young principal appeared and he started delivering a short speech about exam. Lucoco could only focus on half of it but she got the gist. Survive and reach the destination. Simple.

The rabbit faunus definitely didn't expect all student to be dropped right away though. When the floor beneath them gave away, Lucoco let out a loud long screech as she thought she would be falling to her death, but then she spun around to see the lake below them and her scream of terror gradually change into a scream of excitement. Just like a kid enjoying their first roller coaster.

Lucoco switched her poses in the air several time, wondering whether she should dive in face first or legs first. In the end she settled with a fetal position, hugging her knees close to her chest as she start spinning in the air. Her aura unconsciously strengthen around her as she braced for the impact.

Remember what grandma said

She hit the water with a loud boom, causing a large area of the surface to ripple and water was splashed in all direction. Bubbles emerged from the lake and soon followed by Lucoco resurfaced with a wide grin on her face.

"That is awesome!!"

Lucoco didn't seems to rush getting out of the lake and just swam to the shore leisurely. Swimming was one of the favorite things she likes to do ever since she came to Vale. It's just... refreshing.

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Nula Dopplers

Huntress’s wit

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Her eyes swiftly looked away upon Asher’s mention of his weapon, mistaking that she might be looking at the weapon with the wrong impression. Although, he continued on as he told the origins of the sword laid before them. Taking a note on the comment regarding his semblance, related to heat perhaps? She could only stare into the huntsman student and the weapon occassionally, she was about to open her lips until the sudden interruption of an announcement. A hologram appeared to be a young looking man who introduced himself as part of beacon’s staff. Hinting of an oncoming test to qualify for the academy. An uneasy feeling came into her heart, beating harder at the announcement. Before she knew it...

The darkened floor opened and wind’s rush deafened the girl’s ears. A moment where she failed to scream as her eyes readjusted into the bright horizon. They were descending down fast as Nula tries hold on to her glasses and to her nearby classmate. Looking down reflected a bright shine from a vast lake ready to catch any student who falls to it. She faced down towards the lake as soon as her panicked mind ‘s rationality collected quickly halfway through the fall.

Her eyes rapidly searched everywhere for who knows what. Her anxious little face was only their vent out the panic in the mind. It was obvious she was piecing together her safety as well as the one next to her.

Without warning she embraced Asher by grabbing him closer by his jacket as she twisted them both face down towards the lake’s face. She reached her hand out as their faces where about to meet the fresh water within a few feet. A black gas like hole ripped through and opened itself for Nula and Asher. The portal was only a finger length apart from touching the lake.

Every entrance has an exit. 15 feet apart from the entrance portal point, south. A similar flat black hole was present also, sitting still in 45 degrees serving as some kind of gravity cannon. The two emerged from the black hole and with the carried over momentum from falling down. This was however not sufficient enough to get to dry land. They flew but not enough, Nula was still in panic from the motion of the whole scenario as she did not create a portal they could enter through until close enough to the waters, afraid of misplacing her portals.

Another 45 degree entrance to fall through again but this time the exit is right next to it, resembling the flow of an elbow tube. Fortunately, Nula’s use of her semblance placed them to a dried terrain where they rolled in the grass and dirt after being spat out from the exit portal. Luckily, Nula was not piled under the tall student. Safely laid on top still embracing as if still falling. Her face buried in his chest that is heating her at the moment.

“Huh? Eh!? uuuuhhhhh!!!”

It was a few seconds of silence before Nula lifted her face. Making accidental contact with Asher’s eyes as her face turned slightly pink as she immediately stood away from him.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry! I was...! I-i was— and then! And!”

Losing her words as she began to mutter and stutter again for simply saving them in the sudden moment. Her sleeves rubbed against the side of her hair as her face shown frustation.


Chicken Nugget

  • 712baf81176d119f110cc7b60cc960c2.jpg
    Chrysos Kane

    It struck Chrysos as odd, the way the airship continuously circled the same route. There was no way they were headed for the school, could it possibly be…

    No, surely the headmaster wouldn’t dump an entire years worth of students several hundred feet down into a Grimm infested forest on their first day. Then again, this was the headmaster of arguably the most prestigious school for training Hunters and Huntresses in all of Remnant.

    “Oh…” was all the wolf boy could manage as he realized that was exactly what the headmaster would do. No sooner had the word escaped his mouth when Blanche Vos, headmaster of Beacon Academy, appeared in the form of a hologram to confirm his suspicions.

    Chrysos' first move was to jot down a copy of the map in his journal, no use wasting precious brainpower trying to remember that throughout the entire exam. Just as he finished making the final marks his next challenge presented itself; surviving the fall.

    Making a triangle with both of his hands, Chrysos combined the fire and ice from each of his gloves to create water. “This is going to be a fun school!” the young blonde shouted as he froze the water into a solid slide, jamming one of his swords into the ice intermittently to control his speed. Using his free hand to spread the ice, he managed to skate his way ashore across a bridge of ice.

    “Beacon Academy, we're on the way!”

Dmitri Tolenka

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Tanner gave Saphiria a cheeky grin even as a blush crept on his face. She smelled lovely, a whiff of pine. And girl. This year was off to a great start!

"It's fine, it's fine. Speaking of catchin' things I never did catch yer name love. I'm Tanner Mannerheim, how ye keepin'?" he said even as she stepped back.

He practically growled when headmaster Vos interrupted the scene.

Tanner had seen their course, but in the same way he 'saw' a blue sky. They were in a bog standard holding pattern while they waited to dock. He paid it about as much mind as the airco. Maybe some other ship needed to clear their mooring, maybe some welcome party down below wasn't ready yet, maybe the crew needed to finish a riveting game of tetris first. Whatever. Not his ship, not his problem.

While the man babbled on about finding teams and whatnot, Tanner dropped to one knee. At his touch the floor rippled like water, and painfully slowly a red backpack began to rise out from the deck. An emergency parachute. He needed to hurry, only the Lady above knew when the man would finish. Come on, come on come on-

The floor dropped out from under him, the chute still stuck halfway through the floor. It popped right back into the pocket dimension when his hand, as well as the rest of his body, lost contact.

"Ah feck-" Tanner managed. He snatched Saphiria by the arm out of instinct and spread out like a starfish, maximising their hangtime. His other hand threw one of his bracing spikes up to a hand-rail at the top of the cabin. It snapped clean from the mounting point, leaving him with about a meter's worth of metal tube.

" -this-"

He desperately scanned the horizon for something, anything to latch onto. The ship already zoomed off, way out of reach. He caught a flash of blue out of the corner of his eye. Then Saphiria, quite helpfully, decided to stop falling. He threw his bracing spike on instinct and lassoed himself a- was that a feckin' snake?!

"GWUAARCK!" he managed as his arm nearly pulled free of the rest of him. What followed for most of the rest of the way down was an inventive if anatomically improbable critique of the headmaster's lineage, Vacuoan gut flora, and cheese. He tried to see if he could bag himself someone else that fell with another thrown spike on a wire, and managed to snatch one more person. Right as the rope pulled taut, he asked himself an important question:

Wait a minute, how much could this snake carry?

If by some miracle they made it to shore, his next priority was to get a really big gun. He kneeled and started to summon Skoane. Some fancy blue pants wearing man asked if they should move on or stay. He didn't appear overly cruel, or even concerned, yet made such a cold suggestion Tanner couldn't help but do a double take. This was the same guy that just saved them, how could he even suggest such a thing?

"Wait fer others. Safety in numbers, chance at some stress relief and it gives the snarly basterds someone else to chew on. Top o' that, it's poor form to ditch yer comrades first time a gust hits yer nose. Something 'bout being worthy and bearing a weight if memory serves." Tanner calmly said, sprinkled with just a hint of heckling. Slowly his oversized weapon came into existence. Maybe the lad just hid his fright well? Whatever, no matter what the others chose Tanner would stand his ground here until all of them were out the lake.

"As I happen' to be askin' when we got so rudely interrupted, who're ye then? Name's Tanner Mannerheim."

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Asher Colbat
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Asher assumption had been entirely correct as suddenly the principles face showed up explaining the situation... Ok so they needed to get past some.. Asher thoughts paused as he grasped what the principles had just said.. he was gonna drop them all out of the airship.. "wait what?" Asher didn't even have time to say much more when suddenly tthe floor became black and gave way underneath him, Pulling the male and his weapon out into a free fall and needless to say ashers cool demeanour disappeared and he was screaming not every day you got dropped out of a airship grabbing onto Nula as she'd done the same thing he kinda hoped she had something that would help em in this situation. They where so close to slamming into the water when some portal opened up and they where pulled through that instead Asher own screaming stopping as he was kinda relieved things could go better form here right? The pair being thrown form portal to portal over the water.

Within moment the ended up crashing into the grass completly dry and relatively unscaved aside form emtional damage. Asher sprawled out on his back weapon in one hand and Nula nuzzling his chest even more freaked out the he'd been, as she was still clinging on like a kid not wanting there perants to leave. Awkward silence followed and followed for a while, then suddenly Nula burst out into apologies over what she did Asher sitting up a little. "Wow that was amazing seriously Nula great job there" Asher would reply cheerfully seeing others where still seemingly dropping "Maybe we should help the other guy"


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Sapphiria Blackwell

  • 0433924596ea4f100d0a3a2d3173032a.jpg Sapphiria removes her hood finding herself perplexed by the change in lighting. She wasn't sure what to make of it until a holographic message was on display of the headmaster. He gave a speech of encouragement while also somewhat teasing them before he got straight to the point of the exam and it's requirements. A glimpse of the map appears for all to photographically remember. The students had to practically make it to campus on Grimm-infested plains. Sapphiria's tough exterior takes over ready to start, however, she did not expect to fall, and neither did the students.

    The fall was so sudden, for a moment Sapphira's life flashed before her eyes and the world was slow. To feel no ground and only the wind blowing as she fell sent her at an all-time high. She shrieked for the most part before being caught by Tanner. Her hand gripping onto his for dear life. She was discombobulated as they fell and the only thing that was keeping her calm was Tanner's ability to react. The lad struggled to be the one in control and keep it together while Sapphiria was acting like a flopping fish on a hook. Scanning around, most have already used their abilities to safely land onto the shore. The amount of pressure in mere minutes felt like a warzone even as she steadied. Then they fell once again only to be caught by some sort of snake. She curls up, shutting her eyes in trying to shield herself only to realize the girl was fine. The snake belonged to a white-haired boy claiming he was helping. A sense of relief overwhelmed her. She gasped wondering where Tanner was only to find him hanging on. Next, she searched for her twin. The feeling of terror surfaced desperately searching for her younger sister. "Atomic!" She cried out starting to freak out at the endless possibilities. if she were to lose her, she would feel utterly alone. She should be used to the distress, except Atomic was always at her side.

    The sight of her dear sister once again relieved Sapphiria as she was caught by the same boy helping her. The group had soon braced for impact into the waters and land on the shore where Sapphiria stumbles onto the sand. She groaned dusting off any dirt before glancing around to see everyone safely land and yet her sister was nowhere in sight. The shriek of a boy caught her attention. Saph looked around for something to help break his fall, however, any advances were unnecessary as Atomic blasted off into the air to save the fellow. It surprised the white-haired twin for Atomic wasn't the type to rescue anyone without being told so by father. Her movements were on point as always having to be the wielder of gauntlets has it's drawbacks and the sky is one of them. Thankfully, Atomic was quick on her feet. Her tactics had unfortunately forced her to take off into the woods like a race. It wouldn't be ideal, given the fact that staying overnight would probably prove difficult when Grimm is active and blend in with the dark but of course, Sapphiria was too preoccupied with finding her twin. A bit of separation anxiety since she was little and to this day is a bit of a bother. Up in the sky was a flying Atomic and a screaming boy in her arms being tossed around like some sort of doll. The pair fails to land onshore and move forward, deep into the woods. "Oh no, Atomic!" The girl didn't even bother to hear Tanner ask her name again and instead fled into the woods listening intently, hearing the sounds of fire crackle until there was nothing but silence. She stops and stares at her surroundings until she heard some groans. Quickly, she makes a beeline towards the sound to find her sister casually dusting herself off the ground after what seems like she collided with another boy. Sapphiria couldn't wait and tackled her sister into a bear hug. "I was so worried I thought I lost you. You jumped off without thinking and I got so scared that something bad would happen." Tears run down her cheeks feeling all kinds of swirling emotions. One thing is for certain, she was happy to find her sister safe even if they were off the route and far away from everyone else.

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Nula Dopplers

Silenced over Asher's compliment in regards to her semblance performance. She simply stood in silence looking back to the lake they were just dropped to. The screaming of Asher did send her to a state of panic but managed to pull through with her portals. This was only the beginning of her test to Beacon. Her heartbeat slowly calmed itself as she looked at Asher again with her hand over her mouth. Quietly she approached the young man to dust off the dirt of his back to save the embarrassment of stuttering. She could only watch the other students make their own way to safety, the student Asher mentioned, she watched them get rescued by another student. It did not cross Nula's mind if helping is even allowed. Her little arms attempted to lift Asher but little to no avail as Asher would have just felt a little tug on his clothing.

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  • b3734ca7ac3056aa75e7bb26ea92af3c.jpg
    Indigo Moon

    “-it!” Indigo finished his sentence with a groan, all the air escaping him as he was yanked by the scruff. “Atomic, my lovely knight in shining armor!” the boy was overjoyed to discover the gorgeous Wolf Faunus from the airship had come to his rescue.

    Even as she launched him higher into the air a bright smile bloomed on his face, arm outstretched as she flew towards him once again. Arcing through the sky with a trail of fire behind her, in that moment the dark-haired girl looked more stunning to him than anything else in his entire life.

    Granted, the fact she was the only thing extending that life beyond the next few seconds certainly added to his perception of her. “Good to see you again, miss Atomic" the young man greeted her as they met once more in the air, only to immediately be flung back towards certain doom.

    “Oh, she just wanted to kill me herself this whole time" Moon quipped to himself, giving a nervous chuckle as he once more plummeted toward the ground. All he was missing were the coyote ears and a comedic sign.

    Fortunately, his fiery savior snatched him up once again before he could become a delicious splat of blueberry pudding. “Oh, I knew you cared!” the Heir shouted with no shortage of relief and gratitude as he was once again pulled to safety.

    “Look out!”

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Lakeside a.k.a Shore

While recruits are busy catching their breaths and living in the moment, their screams set off a pack of Beowolves nearby. Their shrieks disrupting their peace into investigating the source. Upon arrival, they spotted children loitering on the lakeside. One by one seven Beowolves lurks through the shadows of the forest making growling noises until they surround the group revealing themselves from their concealing. Their glowing red eyes shimmer brighter than usual indicating their sights to kill. Some drooled, some howled with excitement closing in. They waited as though trying to corner their prey and intimidate them. One Beowolf found themselves impatient and lunged at Nula and Asher. The rest followed setting their sights on each teen.

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Deep into the woods, Ursas heard the sound of something crash, startling them into an aggressive state. A pair of Ursas wander towards the ruckus hearing two girls argue and two other boys complimenting someone. The Ursa's movements were audible from their breathing to the shuffling behind bushes. As soon as the group's scent was nearby, they heard someone speak cueing their entrance and lock eyes onto all four students. Their demeanor immediately switched to aggression. They stood on their hind legs and let out a roar of annoyance as if to show dominance. It's partner mirrors their actions. It was now an indication of attack before charging at the four. Nothing mattered except for their desire to destroy.

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Atomic Blackwell & Sapphiria Blackwell

05d1a1b8cf1af8c840f879630eee1aff.jpg Indigo's praise was not acknowledged while proceeding forth, Sapphiria was the one who did so with a cheerful smile. "She sure is amazing. She's so fast and witty like you would never believe." Atomic blushed lightly at the compliment. "I'm glad you two are up, safe and sound too. Hopefully you're not too banged up. Her landings can be harsh." Saph chortled, irking the wolf. "Stop fraternizing when we don't even know them." Atomic growls perplexing her sister. "But isn't that the point of why we're at Beacon?"

"We came to make ourselves true Huntsman, not make friends. Standing around is going to kill us if a Grimm shows up." As if on cue, the grunting and shuffling in front of her turned out to be an Ursa. Out of anything, an Ursa happens to be much more dangerous than a Beowolf in her opinion. Atomic steps back in a protective stance in front of Saph. "I guess I spoke too soon." She mumbled lowering her stance to the ground and activating her gauntlets to an electric glove. 0433924596ea4f100d0a3a2d3173032a.jpg Sapphira unravels her scissor swords from her back mirroring her sister. To her surprise, another Ursa appears nearby, closing in with a roar. "I hope you guys can fight." Atomic taunted as the Ursas charged in, both Atomic and Saph dodge, causing it to head straight to Chrysos and Indigo.

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Nova woke up on a shore, in front of a massive forest. She slowly got up onto her feet, stumbling for a moment. She pulls out her glaive, And sticks it into the ground, propping herself up. She looked around wearily, seeing a few people around, and a large forest, with Beacon academy far beyond that. As she gained her balance, she stood up straight, checking her pistols, which were completely loaded with 15 bullets, and raising her eyebrow while looking at some of the others


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Chrysos Kane
Indigo Moon

“Maybe a little roughed up, but a lot better now that I’ve been saved by your stunning friend there" Indigo called back cheerfully, helping the blond wolf boy to his feet. “How about you, blondie?”

“I'm alright, and I can finally say I’ve been part of a human bowling ball" the younger boy responded while pulling the twigs from his hair.

“Too bad we didn’t knock over any of the pins… actually, maybe that’s for the best" Indigo chuckled and gave the fairly large tree they hit a pat. “Thanks for the save Atomic, how are you feeling my fiery guardian angel?”

The ears on top of Chrysos’ ears stood at attention as the faint sound of a shuffling creature approached. Not a moment later, two Ursai appeared one after the other. “Awesome, our first fight!” he exclaimed in excitement as the twins both dodged the second Ursa, sending it barreling past them and towards the boys. Chrysos handed one of his swords, the flaming Vermillion, to Indigo as a plan began to form in his mind. “In the tree, I’ve got an idea"

“Well, I won’t complain about someone actually having a plan"

While the purple-haired boy ascended the tree the blonde charged at the Ursa, dragging his gloved left hand across the forest floor and leaving behind a thick icy path leading head-first into the large tree behind them. Meeting the beastly Grimm halfway, Chrysos dropped into a slide between it's legs.

“Alright lover boy, Just before it hits point the sword below and jump!”

Indigo was going to complain about someone actually having a plan.

“Jump out of the tree, land on the out of control Ursa, sounds fun" Indigo called back with some sarcasm, but had to relent when he saw the younger boy's puppy dog eyes staring hopefully back at him. “Why does every plan today involve trying to get me killed" he complained with a groan.
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Weldon had been napping on the airship, and so was not at all paying attention. He woke with a shout as he started to freefall out of the airship and towards the ground. His tired mind was suddenly wide awake and in full panic mode. Think Weldon, he said to himself once he had fallen a good distance, How can you survive this?

That's when he noticed that the branches of the forest were casting shadows onto each other all the way to the ground. He pulled his weapon off his back and used the recoil of the shotgun portion of the weapon to slowly move closer to the trees. As he made it to the outer edge of the forest he activated his semblance, allowing him to use the shadows to get to the ground at the border of the forest and the lakeshore shaken but unharmed.

He glared at the retreating airship and let out a rather colorful string of curse words before noticing that a large portion of his peers had gathered on the shore. He made his way over to them and let out a final, "Son of a bitch!"

"So what's the plan?" He asked the group completely unaware of the beowolves heading for the teens.

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Simply Kanna

"We've got a lifetime to figure it out."
Ichor for the life of her, couldn't stop the way her heart lurched into her throat the minute she felt something grab onto the scruff of her dress. Her heart beating like a small rabbits the more the feeling persisted, her small frame yanked up by the unknown entity before her descent began to slow considerably.

And then Rai's voice.

She owed this boy her first born, Gods above and below, and a profuse apology once they met actual land, as she caught sight of her jacket hitting him in the face not several seconds later from the corner of her eye.

She could see others finding their own landing strategies, using their Semblance's, incredibly on the nose thinking, or just straight up failing and letting their Aura take the hit for them.

Then their descent began to greatly slow, and they were moving in one determined direction, the shore nearest to Beacon.

"We need to get to shore, as much as flying to the academy sounds like a good idea I've got the feeling it won't work. Aside I don't like having my entire semblance wrapped up in a combat scenario, especially one that occurs in the air," Rai explained as they continued to move towards the shore, beating those who swam, "do you want to wait for others, or try and make it there with our current group?" He inquired as he undid his weapon from it's sheath and held it at the ready, as something in front of them began to rustle with movement.

"It's best not to stay in the same place too long." He told them, voice a bit distant as he focused in on the potential enemy.

Scrambling to detach Selene and Helios from each other, she flicked the mechanism that let them shift to a pair of dual axes, separating from the compound bow they were in before, and held them at her sides aloft, chest heaving, but Aura ready to tank what hits it could.

"I owe you my first-born at this point," she responded, between labored breaths, "so I'm sticking with you."

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