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Hi everyone! Welcome to my ugly thread😌 I’m looking for more partners to write romance rp with me. I preferred fxf but can do mxf too because why not?

  • I don’t really care about our age, I’m 19.
  • I’d rather brainstorming first before we jump to the roleplay.
  • Preferred throwing our character sheets first but if you wanna go straight writing then I’m fine with that.
  • Communication is very important, i like chatting out of the roleplay and checking how’re you doing.
  • No pressure on when you can reply, because we’re having fun here.
  • Post length: i tend to write a paragraph, but i can match your length too.
  • Have fun!

Here’s some of my ideas:

1. Forbidden Love: Two women find themselves in a society or setting where their love is considered taboo or forbidden. They must navigate the challenges and risks of their relationship while trying to keep it hidden from those who disapprove.

2. Friends to Lovers: Two best friends, who have always shared a deep connection, begin to realize their feelings for each other extend beyond friendship. As they navigate the transition from friends to romantic partners, they must navigate the complexities of their changing dynamic.

3. Long-Distance Love: Two women meet and fall in love, but their relationship is tested when they find themselves living in different cities or even countries. They must navigate the challenges of distance, trust, and communication as they strive to keep their love alive.

4. Small Town Romance: In a close-knit and conservative community, two women find solace and love in each other's arms. They must navigate the prejudices and challenges that come with living in a small town while fighting for their right to love openly.

5. Arranged Marriage: Two women from different backgrounds are brought together through an arranged marriage. Despite the initial challenges and reservations, they gradually discover that they have more in common than they expected. As they navigate the complexities of their forced union, they begin to develop a deep bond and understanding of one another.

DM me if you interested, thank you😄
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