1. @spookie spook what is pvp? never heard of it before and i'm a little curious.

    @Hollycrest I see a lot of people mention this BBC code thing is it very big in groups then? It never really comes up in 1x1s but I've seen a handful of people complain about it so I'm just curious if it's just something that is cropping up in groups that I'm not aware of.
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  2. pvp is player vs. player, aka combat roleplay like what you'd find in the colosseum area of this site.
  3. It's kind of nit-picky, but if every sentence starts with the same word over and over again, I lose interest in a heartbeat. "He walked ___. He thought ___. He saw ___. He didn't ___." Can't stand it.
  4. When people put their fandom RP in the fantasy or futuristic section.
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  5. unrealistic characters

  6. i think you mean characters that don't make sense within the context they are provided. because many fantasy characters aren't realistic. for example, a Senran Kagura 21st century schoolgirl kunoichi in a setting that was like Medieval England
  7. Yeah I sort of mean characters that are constructed to be "too perfect" or characters that just don't make sense. I.e. nobody is without flaws. It's more of the personality being 'unrealistic' that I meant compared to situation or idea of a character in a setting.. if that makes sense
  8. When you're happily working on a plot idea and then another idea pops into your mind, all impudent, and starts demanding your attention.

  9. Antagonist characters that are so fucking edgy that they have never in their life showed a bit of humanity and are totally unscared by murdering someone.
  10. My biggest RP pet peeve is me. Why can't I be a better GM? I need to make more take to post.
  11. This one time, I had a guy become incredibly obsessed with my character and kept asking if he could romance her.

    As himself.
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  12. Well then...

    My biggest pet peeve has to be one-line replies. I know sometimes that might be all the player can think of, but when my post is multiple paras long, it can be a bit disheartening to say the least.
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  13. When talking things out in the ooc, is more of a challenge than battle toads.
  14. When you can role play one-liners with your rp partner more than the actual paragraph role play with the same partner. It's nice, but at the same time we both mention that it's easier to do that when we're both busy and sometimes we'll have more inspiration to do one-liners. It's a bad habit we've grown into :D

    anyone with me?
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    I don't like how unstructured it is, two players just going back and fourth, it works for conversation but not much for anything else. Games that I run usually have a command structure with Admins, Battle Admins and Moderators. Conversations do go back and fourth like normal Role Play but changes of scenery and results to player actions against non-players is all decided by non-partial staff who work to run the game. I get not everyone likes the God Mod Mod but you can set up some really cool games that way.
  16. Roleplayers that are afraid (?) of... well, roleplaying. Every post is just a direct response to whatever my character was doing, nothing new gets added, making the whole roleplay feel rather one sided... Boring!
  17. Somehow one-liner RPs progress better and faster than a multi-paragraph RP. Like, what the hell.
  18. The people who claim their character retired from one path for another but are totally still top of the line in their last job.

    I get that old pro line of thought, but Christ atleast put some rust on the gears. It's a hard thing to explain, but i'm seeing it often.

    Puppeting has to be my most hated thing, if you want plot to move forward while having a character involved, talk to the damn person, hell maybe a collab, but never just take the wheel.

    Only Jesus can take the wheel without asking.
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  19. If I specify don't control ANY character I create please don't get get all twisted up about it. I have plans, ideas, plots for everything I do every character I make and even if I don't it doesn't matter. Don't do it, have some bacon instead.
  20. I can't completely agree with that. Maybe they are faster, considering both parties are online at the same time and write back and fort. But they definitely lack the depth. For people who start role playing it's a good way to dive in but more experienced writers need more. I started from one liners myself and now when I am inspired I can write even a 1000 words reply without much problem and I love it. The devil is in the details :hornstongue;
  21. It really depends on the partners. When there's a ton of unneeded exposition and over-detailed responses it does drag things out. Definitely, one liners do lack depth but character interactions and relations are expanded more upon. It's hard to find a good balance between interactions and depth :^)
  22. Oh it definitely depends on the partners and what they like. It's easier to find that balance with constant RP partners but a lot of people seem to be too impatient and due to that they can loose a really great partner and story.
  23. whewww~
    my pet peeves are that it absolutely sucks when people think I'm weird because i rp!!

    and then when other people say this *hits her no block or dodge* and stuff like that!!! >:(
    but then i just parry them :)
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  24. Do you mean when they post in that particular format or when they just auto-dodge/block whatever your character is doing with no effort? Or a combination of the two?

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