1. people who put too much effort into prolonging a scene that has finished its natural course by adding filler to the scene.

    people who post descriptions that consist of an excessively large list of repetition that involves abusing the thesaurus. get your details off quickly and clearly, even if your posts are shorter, don't repeat fifty times the lavender color and eevee print on your Japanese schoolgirl's pair of ruffled lowrise panties when i understood it the first time and don't care about them.
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  2. Thank you for putting into words a sentiment I've been feeling for the longest time now.
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  3. this is especially frustrating in 1×1 where your partner basically makes the same character type as yourself. like we can't both be the angry sarcastic girl. it doesn't work
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  4. I don't particularly like being told what picture I should use, if I use a picture, for my character. I understand setting comes into play but when it boils down to it I'll use whatever I want.
  5. IKR.
    I mean, if you're reading it and your able to respond to it, chances are that you're not illiterate.
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  6. Duuude I agree but ... Iirc some time ago a huge argument broke out about the true meaning of literacy. Don't invoke the dragon! XD
  7. Oh, sorry, didn't know that.
  8. Naah it's not worth apologising for XD At any rate if it does wake the dragon, im on your side and am more than willing to play cannon fodder
  9. The literacy conversation has been resolved it was more of a misunderstanding than anything. But the basic idea was basically - yeah we can all read and write stop being an elitist snob
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  10. I don't know how it goes for anyone else, for me if I'm interested in something on someone's roleplay request I will message them on their actual thread if they are okay with it or send them a PM I don't ask them to PM me especially if they specify one or the other. One of my peeves is if someone is interested in something on a person's request thread they'll ask the poster to PM them instead of actually getting the ball going.

    If I'm interested in something I'm going to inquire about it by sending a message. That's just me though.
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  11. Overuse and abuse of BBcode.

    I know you can make things look pretty, but how about making it somewhat... readable? Hiding your text under 0.5 size font and under a thousand clickable drawers and 50 gifs of an asian model isn't going to make it any better. Though, it does appears to attract more attention than anything else on this website.

    Maybe I'm just jealous because I can't code to save my life, but I don't really understand how actively making the actual content content harder to look at enhances or improves anything.
  12. The impatient person who replies multiple times before you can even reply to their first comment. That person who believes that by commenting more it will make you reply faster when all it does is make you take longer because you constantly have to go back and read so you can know how to reply to them. Trust me I will get to you, replying a thousand times is not helping any.
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    Passwords. I'm not super against having to include something on a CS to prove you read the rules. I can understand the justification for it. What really bugs me about the concept though comes from my experiences on other sites. I understand wanting to ensure others have read the rules you've set up, but don't turn it into a damn scavenger hunt.

    The worst offender I remember was an RP where the password wasn't included in the rules section at all. Instead, it just said something along the lines of 'the password is somewhere in this post, go find it yourself'. Turns out you had to hover over a single arbitrary word in the plot description to get it to pop up. And mind you, I was on a mobile device so I couldn't even see the pop up clearly. This person even went as far as to place 'fake passwords' all over the place to trip people up too. Needless to say, I abandoned that ship preeetty quickly.
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  14. I just realized one of my greatest peeves is when someone tries to limit or censor my creativity because they can't handle the situations that I took my time to create or because they are too sensitive.
  15. like they don't like them [ the situations ] or they think they're unfair? or like they have a specific thing that makes them uncomfortable?
  16. Comic relief characters. The vast majority of them are so unfunny that it hurts.
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  17. I haven't had one here on rp Nation yet but on other sites...

    1: Writers block. especially when my partner just wrote one hell of an post!
    2: One liners...Nothing kills an RP faster than a one liner.
    3: carrying an RP, this only happened once but there is nothing more annoying when you leave your response open for your partner to do something epic but instead they type everything up to that point and then stop. to me it's a waste of both parties time and ruins the pace of the RP. >.<
  18. ohmygodthatsoundslikeanightmare aaaaaaaaaaah
    • Purple Prose. I don't mind when people throw in some fancy metaphors every now and again, but when you're all like "her luminescent, lustrous azure orbs gazed over the mahogany deck of The Muffintop with the desperation and sorrow of the hopeless lost soul of a bride stabbed to death on her own altar, wearing a glittering white gossamer dress, blah blah simile blah blah..." that gets annoying and nigh impossible to make sense of.
    • Beige Prose. Nobody needs a 30 paragraph narrative of your character's mundane morning routine.
    • Unrealistic proportions. Try looking up the average measurements for your character's age & gender, or the actual height and weight of your faceclaim. I'm sick of characters who have the BMI of a Tim Burton movie character.
    • When characters who are supposedly "poor" or even jobless can somehow afford luxury purchases like new cars, lots of tattoos, extravagant parties and high-maintenance pets. I hate that so damn much.
    • Song lyrics everywhere. I don't want to read 6 verses of some emo ballad every time i read a post.
    • Unrealistic "natural" eye colors in real-life based settings. It's fine in a fantasy setting, but no real humans have naturally purple, red or lime green eyes. Some people with albinism appear to have pinkish or purplish eyes, but this is only because their irises are so light blue that the blood vessels are visible.
    • When someone quits after their character is romantically rejected, or after they lose a battle.
  19. I'm dead. You've killed me. Jesus christ xD
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  20. I just really want to name a ship The Muffintop now @Chimney Swift
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  21. Do it.
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  22. i'm sure i've posted here before, but i'll go again because the site and my perspectives have both changed with time.

    •premade or forced relationships.
    ugh. just ugh. nothing is more frustrating than an interesting concept that for some reason requires romantic relationships to either happen or have happened. i'm just not into it, and while i'm totally fine being the only single character if you are into shipping, i don't want the gm or anyone else deciding who i have to end up with.

    i know this is a genre some people love and i'm not knocking it. the only problem i have with pvp is when it's added to a roleplay that never mentioned it being a possibility it the sign up or interest check. i'm not comfortable with it personally, and i don't enjoy it so having someone randomly start fighting or trying to kill my character is annoying to say the least.

    •an obsession with realism
    honestly who cares if a character in a slice of life roleplay has violet eyes or unrealistic fashion... it's fiction. even in realistic movies, the characters generally look more interesting than reality, and i don't think roleplay should be held to some higher standard. expecting everyone to look like a 'normal' person is a bit ridiculous when half of the characters on here have powers and abilities that are totally impossible. i mean, does it really matter if the flying cat girl with the invisibility powers has pink or brown eyes?

    also, anomalies exist in real life. having characters be, say, 6'8 or 4'3 are possible even if those heights are unlikely. same with weight, i'm a real live person who's had a bmi of 15 so freakishly skinny people exist, as well as heavier ones, and if there's one thing fiction is known for, it's focusing on the extremes. i've noticed a lot of this in the past week, so i figured i'd say something.

    •this type of cs
    i don't know the name for it, nor do i really want to, but it makes accepting or denying the cs impossible due to lack of information.

    example from a different site:
    "-not a basic bitch
    -will wreck you and love it
    -anger issues to the max"

    i'm not sure why it's a thing because it literally tells me almost nothing about your character or why i should accept them. personality and backstory are in a cs for a reason.

    •romance in general
    again, there's nothing inherently wrong with it and if you like it that's awesome. the issue i have is that it's basically expected, especially in 1x1. it would be nice to see a few more platonic options as well, imo.

    •predecided faceclaims
    oh hell no. it's my character and i decided what they look like as well as their personality and other traits.
  23. I said it in my post, but I think unrealistic appearances are 100% okay (sometimes even cool) in fantasy or magic based RP.

    However, i don't want to see any pink-haired princesses in my American Revolutionary War RP.

    Speaking of which, I don't like Royalty characters unless the whole game is based off of them (like if everyone is playing as the Romanovs, it's fine. If one person randomly decides to be Anastasia when everyone else is a commoner, it's another story). They aren't inherently bad, but they really tend to be pretentious, entitled and overpowered.

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