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Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure

Dice System

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
The one armor that the explosions are taking place on is getting really tore up, but it is not destroyed yet, but it won't be functional for long. As far as the rank of the Zentraedi, you know that the women are usually officers, but to get more specific, you'll need to give me a Military Etiquette roll to identify their rank insignia.
Can I do that now? Or would that take an action?

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Observing the Soldiers in the video. Part of him wondering if the BTPB was around given her mecha was. But finding and taking out the highest ranked would help to further bring about more confusion, and give the zeeks another disadvantage.

Time to find out who to target first.

Military Etiquette: 81%


Princess Psychie
You are able to identify that one of the women is the Zentraedi equivalent of a major in their aerospace forces. She is the highest ranking member there.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
And last question! Are we at the end of the hall in the chamber? As in, are we able to move from it freely into the chamber to attack in one action? @Psychie

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Marlon noticed the insignia just seconds before the explosive went off,"Officer spotted. Will move to eliminate." He said.

Maybe it was his experience with explosives and timers, and the feel of D-40s. But his timing was perfect. At 00:00, Marlon triggered the thrusters of his battloid, adding some extra speed to his sprint, and charged forward from his spot beside Duenan.

Marlon knew he needed to get in there fast. The enemy wouldnt be surprised for long, and if they remained in the corridor they would be hard pressed to advance.

Right at the end of corridor, Marlon's Spartas leaped into the air into a long jump. Transforming quickly into Guardian mode, where he would land in the chamber, sparks flying from his feet as the Spartas skidded to a halt, and the barrel of the PPC trained directly onto the center mass of the Zeek Officer.

And as soon as the inertia ceased and his crosshairs were steady, he pulled the trigger to fire the PPC.

Main Body: 475/
Cannon: 150/
Arm L: 150/
Arm R: 150/

Arm Shield L: 500/

Arm Shield R: 500/
Leg L: 260/
Leg R: 260/
Pilot Compartment: 150/

In the Hover Tank:
Number of Attacks: 8, +1 attack per melee round at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 14
Strike Cannon: +11 (+2 UC)
Strike EU-11A L: +11(+2 UC)

Strike EU-11A S: +10(+2 UC)
Hth strike: +12(+2 UC), +14 damage
Parry: +14 (+1 UC)
Dodge: +13 (+1 UC)
Roll: +10
Perception: +9
Initiative: +2 (+1 UC)

105mm Shells
Plasma: 15
MPAT: 15
Canister: 0
Smoke: 3

105mm Cannon, Damage
APFSDS: 3d6x10
Plasma: 2d8x10, 25ft AoE
MPAT: 2d6x10, 50ft AoE
HEAT: 2d6x10
Canister(half range): 1d8x10, 25ft AoE
Canister(full range): 1d4x10, 50ft Aoe
Smoke: n/a, 100ft AoE

Rate of Fire: Twice per melee round
Payload: 48 rounds
Note: Typical loadout for the Hover Tank is nine shells of each kind except for the smoke rounds. Those have three rounds, unless something different is required for the mission.

EU-11A Gunpod
Single blast:1d84x10
Five shot burst: 1d6x10 +10
Range: 6000ft(L) 2500ft(S)

Ammo: N/A
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Princess Psychie
The particle blast flares out with deadly accuracy, and it literally burns a hole through the stricken woman, killing her instantly and knocking the body back a good fifty feet before the corpse comes to rest.

@Illiyasviel Von Einzbern is up

27 - Marlon
24 - Ryuko <====
21 - Female Soldiers 2-7
18 - Alan
15 - Gabi
13 - Deunan
12 - Male Soldiers 1-8
11 - Neo


Princess Psychie
As long as you don't mind me house ruling something, we can do this. I would say you can use two attacks to engage two targets at once with your dual blasters, but you will be making two strike rolls at a -4 on each roll. Does that sound fair to you?


Kaerri's Man. =)
Toph? I do believe there is a rule for that; I think both of them are wild shots. I can look it up when I have a book in front of me and let you know?


Princess Psychie
One of the shots hit their mark, but the second is off target, and all it does is tear into the wall behind the Zentraedi.

The soldiers are surprised, and unable to react, so we move onto Alan.

@Rykon is up

27 - Marlon
24 - Ryuko
21 - Female Soldiers 3-7
18 - Alan
15 - Gabi
13 - Deunan
12 - Male Soldiers 1-8
11 - Neo

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